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List of Top 15 React Native App Development Companies 2022

React Native is a most trending framework for this year that allow developers to build app either in Android in iOS. However,...

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top react native app development companies

React Native is a most trending framework for this year that allow developers to build app either in Android in iOS. However, finding a top React Native developer is quite difficult. That’s why we’ve compiled a list of the top React Native development firms for you to consider for project.

2021 has proven a year of massive success for the react native app development companies—the technology developed by Facebook and came into the limelight in a very short span.

Various platforms global leaders get attracted toward it and rush to shift their business to the hottest platform.

We are hoping that you are also looking to adopt this same technology for your business app. Therefore, for your support, here we have curated a list of top react native app development companies that make your selection easy. 

With the top companies for react native app, you will enjoy information like, 

  • What is React Native?
  • How can you hire react native app development companies? 

Without further ado, let’s start;

What is React Native?

React NativeNative is an open-source Javascript-enabled framework used to build mobile and web apps. This framework, developed by Facebook, enables the programmer to build mobile applications for different devices such as Windows, Android, iOS in JavaScript. 

Released on March 26, 2015, its ready-to-use library with front-end java coding became the center of attraction for developers. Therefore, trendsetters such as Bloomberg, Ubereats, Airbnb, Instagram, and others shifted to react to NativeNative. 

List of Top 15 React Native App Development Companies

1. Rising Max

Rising Max is one of the pioneers in react native app development companies that featured among the top award-winning react-native companies. Owing to the top-notch services, RisingMax rightly deserved to be ranked number one. This React Native company is an experienced unit of 100+ engineers that support SMEs and funded startups to reach their ambitious goals. Over the years, this react native company proves its expertise with 30-50% faster project delivery than contenders. With more than 50+ apps delivery and 24*7 customer support, continues to be a leader of excellence in leading companies across the globe. 

Contact details : +1 (917) 451-3717

Founded in: 2011

Company size: 50 – 249

Average hourly rate : < $25


2. Suffescom

With around 800+ clients all over the globe, Suffescom has the expertise to deliver mobile and web software solutions using React Native, NodeJS, Laravel, Python, Flutter, Vue, Angular, and more. Suffescom provides react native app development services such as business analysis, web, and mobile software solutions, UI/UX design, product management, delivery, and support system.

The Suffescom team prioritizes all projects regardless of size, type, or criticality and steppings ahead for transforming clients’ lives on a day-to-day basis. Therefore, Suffescom ranked amongst the top react native app development companies.

Contact details : +1-844-899-0003

Founded in: 2013

Company size: 50 – 249

Average hourly rate : < $25

Clients: modani, WeGotLites, GEC, Lead Action, Fresh point, wishlist, Radtu, and many more!!!

How do these two companies embark on React Native App Development Project Journey?

Whether you are transforming your current business to this platform or embarking on a new project, it’s of utmost importance that how you begin. A well-planned project commencement leads to delivering fruitful results with zero time wastage. Therefore these two companies always focus on implementing the right strategy for every project. 

So, let’s know the secret of delivering successful projects for industry leaders. 

  1. Start with Research and validate your idea
  2. Experts conduct in-depth market analysis to find the best react native app example for your business or industry.
  3. Learning react-native capabilities and features 
  4. Engineers Design Wireframe, Mockup, and Prototype.
  5. The next step is to Design a Landing Page for your app.
  6. Create the Application Back-end.
  7. Create React Native App for Android or iOS or both.
  8. Perform Beta Testing.
  9. Launch or Deploy your React Native Development Application in the market.

Now. Let’s get back to the topic and find out the remaining 13 react native companies for mobile and web app development.

3. Miquido

Miquido is one of the best react native web and app development solutions, offering services to all business types. They operate a business from various branches such as Amsterdam, Berlin, Krakow, London, Zurich, Vienna, and Dubai. The company has delivered many successful projects, including mobile apps and web development. Currently, the company has more than 100 projects under its belt. 

Contact details : +48 536 083 559

Founded in: 2011

Company size: 50 – 249

Average hourly rate: $25 – $99

Clients: Abbey Road Studios, HelloFresh, Herbalife, Nestle

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4. Appinventiv

Appinventiv swears by its React Native development services with an amazing tagline, “Transforming Businesses With Innovation.” The React Native app development company is based in the USA and is well known for robust client handling. The company covers almost every phase of your app designing, such as strategic planning, product designing, prototyping, Quality Assurance, cloud services, and more!

Contact details : +1 646 585 0501

Founded in: 2015

Company size: 251 – 1,000

Average hourly rate : $25 – $49

Clients: Dominos, IKEA, KPMG, Hewlett Packard (HP)

5. The BHW Group

The BHW Group is a certified react native app development company offering outstanding services to global clients. The Austin-based web and mobile design have been offering qualitative development services for the past 13 years. Under industry specialist Brett Burnett, the CEO, the company claims to rule client-specific, feature-centric, custom-made mobile applications. The major focus of this react native app development company is to build apps across iOS and Android platforms. 

Contact details : +1 512 220 0035

Founded in: 2005

Company size: 10 – 49

Average hourly rate : $50 – $99

Clients: The University of Texas, CareCycle Management, Printglobe, Forester

6. Brainhub

The prominent software development company, Brainhub is a partner for many fast-growing companies around the globe. The company is well known for building scaled epic mobile, web, and desktop apps. In the world of React Native, the company has been developing solutions for well-funded startups. The brain hub has a team of experts that provides tech and agile consulting to product development. You can boost up nearly 200% speed and reduce software delivery time to 80%. 

Contact details : +48 60 905 3285

Founded in: 2014

Company size: 50 – 249

Average hourly rate : $50 – $99

Clients: National Geographic, Paradox Interactive, Beam, Venture Harbour

7. Intuz

The react js development company serves the industry with the tagline ‘We Develop Enterprise Mobile Solutions & Products”. The company started its journey under the guidance of Pratik R, head of a strategy. Now, it has become an earlier react native developer serving more than 42 countries. Intuz focuses on developing sophisticated, functional, and productive software, whether it’s for mobile or web applications. Being a leader, this react.js native company is redefining its space to React Native ecosystem. So, right from enterprise apps to customize apps in react Native, it provides all-around services. 

Contact details : +1 650 451 1499

Founded in: 2008

Company size: 50 – 249

Average hourly rate : $50 – $49

Clients: Cambridge Publications, Inc., SGC Investments Ltd., Tow Help Inc., Songwriter Pro LLC

8. The Frontside

The frontside is one of the leading brands offering a prominent React Native software development consulting company. Professionals are leaders in creating software for clients to grow in the future. When things come about technology, this company provides solutions to clients for app development under-react native platforms. Besides, This react.js native company is working on delivering user-centric feature-rich projects for clients. Therefore, the company excels in all niches of mobile app development. You can get the best solution here under the direction of Jason Van der Schyff, the CEO. 

Contact details : +1 800 493 4589

Founded in: 2005

Company size: 10 – 49

Average hourly rate: $150 – $199

Clients: Kasita, Alt School, Honeywell

9. Credencys Solutions Inc.

Los Angeles headquarter based Credencys Solutions Inc full-stack software development company serving all technology needs of clients. It assists the customers to drive profits and succeed through the end-to-end web, Cloud, and mobile app development services. Credence is fortunate to deliver more than 500 projects and over 200 satisfied customers who are getting positive results from all domains. The company serves 150+ skilled industry workers offering mobile and web solutions including PHP, WordPress, Node.js, Angular.js, React NativeNative, and emerging technologies like AR/VR, IoT (Internet of Things), and Chatbots. Credence also assists the customers in how they can boost ROI and lower costs. These amazing qualities make them suitable choices for users to pick among react, native developers. 

Contact details : +1 310 294 9973

Founded in: 2008

Company size: 50 – 249

Average hourly rate :$25 – $49

Clients: Unilever, Cisco, ABB, Samsung

10. Innofied

An award-winning React Native development company, holding a great experience in the world of technology. The company is serving with a team of 100+ specialists offering services to clients. Due to innovative actions and efforts, the company has won many awards. Sandip Saha, the CEO, works closely for innovative mobile apps solutions by using exceptional technologies. Nowadays, innofied has become a prominent place on the global map of developers who choose react native library for development purposes. 

Contact details : +1 866 941 5117

Founded in: 2012

Company size: 50 – 249

Average hourly rate :$25 – $49

Clients: Max International, Lafarge India, VSP Global, Kwikkopy

11. Systango

Systango is a top-notch software studio providing IT Services company headquartered in London, UK. The company deals with all-size business projects for mobile and web development solutions. Therefore, it’s also known as the best-in-breed technology committed to high quality and speed with world-class support to address critical business challenges. The company leverages AI, Machine Learning, and Blockchain to unlock the next stages of digitalization for all business models. 

Contact details : +1 44 125 354 7777

Founded in: 2007

Company size: 50 – 249

Average hourly rate :$25 – $49

Clients: Grindr, Deloitte, UberConference, SmilePass

12. WillowTree

WillowTree is an industry-leading mobile and digital product agency and has the experience to tame any innovative technology, be it react native mobile app development. The company outshines with worth mentioning services among other contenders—clients from the worldwide approach for iOS, Android, Web, Bot, Xamarin, SAP Development. The company delivered over 300 mobile solutions to global clients and for almost every niche. 

Contact details : +1 888 329 9875

Founded in: 2007

Company size: 250 – 999

Average hourly rate :$150 – $199

Clients: GE, Johnson & Johnson, Regal Cinema Group, HBO

13. eTeam

eTeam is a well-known name for developing personalized applications and software for clients and partners. The company has expertise in JavaScript (JS), Python, and Ruby, plus AWS certification engineers. From UX design, project management, development, and delivery, the company has covered almost every mobile and web app development niche. So, whether you are looking for an agile company or just a partner, eTeam is an excellent choice for all your needs. 

Contact details : +1 213 839 8499

Founded in: 2009

Company size: 10-19

Average hourly rate :$25 – $49

Clients: VanillaDirect Pay, InComm, Armatic, Taksware

14. Codebrahma

Based out of San Francisco, Codebrahma is a service-based React Native App Development company. The company offers numerous services, including Block-chain, Angular JS, Meteor JS, and Node JS. The company claims to set your business standards like Airbnb and deliver products quickly. Codebrahma has delivered more than 40+ products to global clients in the USA and New Zealand. The company also works for Cloud hosting for websites.

Contact details : +1 484 506 0634

Founded in: 2012

Company size: 50-249

Average hourly rate :$25 – $49

15. JustCoded

The JustCoded team has built a global reputation for building high-quality mobile and web solutions. Enterprises from all niched Online investment, Real Estate, Crowdfunding, Banking, Luxury, Travel, and many more. The major motive of JustCoded is to assist clients from scratch and overcome challenges faced through the process. Hence, app development from JustCoded helps your business stand out from the competition. 

Contact details : +1 438 300 9030

Founded in: 2018

Company size: 10-49

Average hourly rate :$50 – $99

Clients: Verizon, Nokia, L&T, Fidelity

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How Can You Shortlist Top React Native Mobile App Development Company?

Shortlisting the best react native app development company is one of the biggest challenges for clients. One wrong decision can waste all your resources. Even it can take your business a decade back. Therefore, here we have created a checklist for your assistance. 

If you have already created a list of top react native app development companies, Great!! Still, keep reading this to know whether you are missing something or not.

  • Check out development tools and technologies used by the company
  • Knowing the vision and mission of the organization
  • Read testimonials and comment section to find out satisfied clients 
  • Ask for their previous references
  • How many projects has the company has delivered in react native?
  • React native developer’s overall experience.
  • Find out their overall award and certificates.

Wrapping Up

Hoping the above information helps you to find the best react native app development companies for your needs.

Now it’s your turn to be a part of trending technology and flourish your business on all platforms. 

With this, do not forget to check out staff and industry knowledge of your selected company in different vertices.

Written by Alex Jamson
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