Game Development Outsourcing: How to Choose a Trusted Company

The gaming industry has witnessed massive growth in recent times. Many business houses have invested heavily in game development. If you have...

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Game Development Outsourcing

The gaming industry has witnessed massive growth in recent times. Many business houses have invested heavily in game development. If you have a game idea and want some help translating it into reality, you need a reliable team of expert developers and designers.

For this, you need a top game development company

In this article, we’ll explore the various factors you should consider when you choose such a company. But first, let’s look at some of the reasons you should opt for outsourcing game development in the first place.

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Benefits of outsourcing to a game development company

1. Cost-saving

One of the primary reasons for game development outsourcing is cost-saving. You do not need to hire developers and specialists. You only pay for the service and need not worry about the resources.

2. Less overhead

You just need to worry about the final product. All that happens in between is on the shoulders of the vendor.

3. Time effective

Game development outsourcing comes with the cushion of a standby team of developers and experts. You do not need to waste time on interviews. Instead, you can quickly start working with the vendor. Hence, it reduces the overall time spent on the development.

4. Flexibility and risk management

This is an absolute comfort offered by game development outsourcing. You can extend or cut short the number of hours spent every day based on the need. You can easily tackle risk factors associated with every stage of development.

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Ten things to consider when opting for a game development company

If you choose to outsource development, then there are various factors to consider while choosing an organization for game development outsourcing.

1.) Most active game development vendors in the market

Finding a list of active game development companies is the first task when looking for such vendors. You can make use of search engines to find candidates that are highly active in SEO. Some platforms allow you to filter game development companies based on rating, country, rate, etc.

Once you have decided on the list, you can browse their websites to collect detailed information.

2.) Overall experience in game development

The overall experience of the vendor is directly linked to the number of services that the vendor will offer. Companies that have been in the market for a considerable time usually have a vast list of services and can deliver quality games. Start-ups, meanwhile, will have lesser services, and their reliability hence comes into question. 

But the number of services is not always a direct indicator of overall quality. A much better indicator of quality would be the years the company has been developing games. Only companies that deliver quality consistently can survive in a competitive domain like gaming.

3.) Vendor’s portfolio

A portfolio provides detailed information about the company and its projects. In addition, it highlights the areas of expertise and details of the past projects. 

A strong portfolio is a critical indicator that a vendor can deliver the output you desire. Because if they have done it in the past, they can do it once again.

4.) Team size, art, and technology experts

A well-versed game development company is expected to have experts from numerous domains. A core team may comprise designers, art directors, programmers, animators, testers, and program managers. The team needs to collaborate and work as a unit until the delivery of the product. 

So one can safely assume that a company with a large team size can take care of all the game development requirements, all the way from concept to deployment.

5.) Organization’s process workflow to deliver to the project

A proper workflow within the team is vital for delegation, task assignments, and resource allocation for comprehensive project development. You should check for the following aspects:

● Communication channel

● Team composition and flexibility to swap the resource if needed

● Approval and feedback process

● Standard operating procedures

● Tools and software in use

● A dedicated SPOC, ideally a project manager

● Way to connect with the team if needed on an Adhoc basis

● Quality assessment procedures

6.) What are the terms of the agreement and guarantee?

When you choose a game development company, you expect a high level of commitment and professionalism. In addition, they must provide a guarantee of security and confidentiality to prevent unauthorized access, and the agreement should cover these parameters.

 7.) Pricing model

You can consider following pricing models

Dedicated team

This model is ideal for long-term collaborations. Here requirements can change during the initial stages regarding technology, methods, and resources.


This model is suitable for short-term projects that have clear goals and requirements. The vendor is expected to deliver within the scheduled time and budget.


If you are not sure of your exact requirements, many unwanted needs will surface during the implementation of the project. 

8.) Service cost

It is a competitive market out there. The overall cost of the development and service may differ from region to region. Hence, you can plan your budget and explore the options. 

You may want to opt for companies offering average rates. A high-priced company may burn a hole in your pocket, and a low-priced company may compromise quality. Similarly, a junior-level developer may charge less compared to a seasoned developer. 

Take into consideration all these aspects to get quality without having to go over budget.

9.) Reviews and testimonies

Assessing company reviews and testimonies is integral to proper game development company selection. It provides a vantage point for you to consider the pros and cons. Both positive and negative reviews let you envision the benefits and risks. In addition, you will get to know if the vendor is genuine and not a scammer.

Signs of an unreliable game development company

If a game development company is not reliable, we can find the following symptoms:

● Deadlines get missed.

● No proper explanation for these misses

● Your requests do not get addressed promptly

● Project costs cannot be estimated precisely by them

● Meetings and calls are not attended to

● You do not get to connect with the developers and other experts

● High rate of attrition


Finding the right game development company can make or break your game. It can be the crucial step between developing an idea you have in your mind into a game that people can play on their devices and entertain themselves.

However, you need to be careful with selecting the company to partner with. You need to follow a structured process that lets you weed out the wrong candidates and select the right ones with a strong portfolio and stronger team. 

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