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The aim of mobile app marketing is to target the ideal users for an app, communicate the value of the app, persuade...

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With the pandemic not showing signs of disappearing completely, people are still confined to homes. As people are now adapted to the new normal lifestyle, businesses, organizations, etc., have accepted hybrid workspaces. With this, people’s usage of smartphones has also increased rapidly. 

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There is no doubt that mobile marketing is now one of the most sought digital marketing tactics utilized by large and small-scale businesses. As of the first quarter of 2021, according to Statista,   Android users could choose between 3.48 million apps on Google PlayStore, while Apple App Store had 2.22 million available apps for iOS.

By 2022, mobile app downloads are predicted to reach 258 billion. Businesses will need to develop mobile apps and apply top-notch mobile app marketing tactics to flourish in this digital era.

This blog will give you insights on mobile app marketing, its importance, and how you can market your app. 

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How to market a new mobile app

Mobile app marketing is the process of marketing your app, making it discoverable, engaging more users, persuading them to install and use it, and eventually becoming regular users. 

Mobile app marketing aims to increase app downloads while also keeping current consumers. The race to provide the best services and maintain a loyal customer base has intensified among app developers and businesses. 

Pre-registration for apps and games is also available while most companies are still developing the app. Most app developers are marketing from the early stages of development because the competition in the mobile app stores is increasing rapidly. This provides businesses with information about what a potential user is looking for in the app they are developing to create hype. 

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Mobile App Marketing & Launch Strategy

Before designing your marketing strategies, consider the following variables of your target audience:

📱 Age
📱 Location
📱 Industry
📱 Interests and lifestyle
📱 Income
📱 Influential Leaders
📱 Web Presence

Previously, app marketing was limited to the App Store or Play Store, but mobile apps may now be promoted in various ways and on a variety of platforms.

When hype is created among potential customers and the app is getting utilized, the app tends to be reviewed on various platforms. The relevance of mobile app marketing persists long after the app is out; nevertheless, the marketing strategy evolves. This necessitates the creation of a well-thought-out marketing strategy when the software is still in its early phases of development.

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How to introduce a new app to the market

  • Pre-Launch Marketing

The Pre-launch stage is when the app is in the awareness stage. These are the to-dos in the pre-launch stage:

  • Plan the launch in advance 

It is better to plan the launch of your app in advance. The App Store’s app review procedure is more stringent than Google Play’s, which may cause your app’s release to be delayed. 

  • Do market research.

Your app should cater to the app’s customers’ needs. Prior to developing the app, it is critical to conduct market research. To reach and gain new users, you should research and determine the most influential groups, blogs, websites, forums, and influencers your target demographic frequent on social media networks.

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  • Define the purpose of your app

You can estimate the cost of producing a mobile app by identifying the app’s purpose. As a result, the goal of your mobile app must be linked to the value that app users derive from utilizing it. To entice people to download and utilize your app, you must clearly express its objective.

  • Buyer Persona

To design your Buyer Persona, you must first understand your target consumers, their pain points, and interests. It includes the buyer’s history, demographics, interests, mobile choices, and unique identifiers. In addition, buyer personas identify the user’s primary goals and obstacles.

  • Find Competitors

In the market, the app will encounter competition. As a result, you’ll need to compile a list of the leading players, their revenue plan, current price, user experience advantages and disadvantages, app store ranking, and reviews. This will help you plan accordingly and find out what can make your app stand out. 

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  • Create a landing page

There’s nothing new about video marketing methods. Many online video editor comes with all of the features required to create great videos. Without the trouble of data-consuming uploads, you may edit video of any size immediately in your browser. You may also check out our quick and easy Facebook Video Ad Maker before moving on to the video editor. Create a responsive landing page that introduces your app and the basic details. You can also use explainer videos to introduce the functioning of the app. A landing page also helps in better search engine rankings.

  • Distribute to marketing channels

An app’s success is determined by the number of downloads and usage it receives. To obtain such results, you must first identify and finalize the ideal distribution channels to provide you with the desired outcomes.

You should, however, be conscious of the platforms on which you are promoting your app. Every distribution channel isn’t necessarily the best for promoting your app.

  • App monetization

Even though you have to select a revenue model for your app, it is always good to offer some free stuff. Offering valuable features for free is an excellent way to attract more app users. In-app advertising is also an efficient strategy that you can follow to generate revenue. 

  • Outreach and promote

Connect with influencers, bloggers, and media to deliver honest reviews and acquire backlinks as part of your outreach strategy to sell your app. You can also promote your app on social media networks like Instagram, Pinterest, Twitter, and Facebook. (How to Get a Lot of Followers on Instagram Free) Promoting through social media will help you build your brand, drive more traffic, and increase conversions. 

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Mobile App Acquisition Strategy 2023

The acquisition stage is where you acquire users. This can be done in two ways:

  • App Store Optimization

App Store Optimization is done to rank better in search results and enhance conversions. Once your app climbs the search rankings, it will stay there for months. Higher-ranking apps are more noticeable to potential consumers.

The title and keyword selection are two aspects that affect ASO. For improved search engine rankings, you might include videos and screenshots.

Your app’s name is the first thing that will catch the eye of your potential customers. You can also use the area provided to provide a description for your app. 

Thumbnail photos of your app that are displayed on the app store’s search page and screenshots from its description are also necessary. Choose the appropriate app category so that users can find you easily.

  • Paid App Marketing

Paid advertising can be a good strategy for user acquisition. Paid ads can be effective on social media platforms, websites, and even on other apps. It can increase conversions and help you reach a larger audience. 

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Mobile App Retention Techniques for 2023

To turn your new users into long-term consumers, you’ll need to develop a retention marketing strategy. There are a lot of strategies that you can use in the retention stage. Let’s look at a few of them:

  • In-app communication

Using in-app communication can help in better communication with your users. This way, you can retain your customers, and they will use your app for a longer term. Alerts on payment problems, app troubles, or version updates are examples of in-app communications. 

  • Push Notifications

Users who receive push notifications are more engaged with their apps than those who do not. You may use the app to improve user engagement when the app goes live.

 You can enable a push notification service on your app so that your app users get alerts and notifications. Push notifications can be anything from timely discounts, offers to reminders to use the app, etc. 

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  • Email Marketing

Email marketing is a method of providing promotional offers to users on a regular basis. This mobile app marketing technique can help you boost app revenue and retention rates.

Your marketing content will only be available to individuals who have expressed an interest. You may reward your loyal users with one-of-a-kind deals this way. 

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  • Customer Ratings and Feedback 

Before downloading an app, everyone prefers to read reviews and view customer ratings. Incorporating reviews into your mobile app increases trust and transparency, which may inspire potential customers to trust and choose your app. When it comes to app marketing, reviews are quite important.

Pop-ups can be used to encourage your active users to give your mobile app a rating. To improve your app’s user rating, you should create better user experiences. The higher your app ranks in the Google Play Store and the App Store, it will receive more ratings. This is a more effective means of obtaining free promotion and awareness.

  • Social Media Marketing

With more people turning towards social media for reviews, brand information, etc., it is essential to have a social media presence for your app. 

Marketing your app on social media also lets people share your posts easily. This helps increase conversions, reach potential leads and raise brand identity. 

  • Guest Blogging

Using guest blogging, you can gain thousands of new app users. Inbound marketing entails guest blogging. This allows you to use inbound marketing to increase the visibility of your app and remain ahead of the competition.

Guest blogging allows blog owners to obtain helpful content while introducing your app to new users. In a nutshell, guest blogging may bring qualified visitors, authority, relevant links, leads, and sales to your app.

Wrapping Up

Mobile app marketing typically begins during the development phase and continues after the app is released. There are a variety of strategies to market your mobile app, and each one is important in ensuring that your app gets the attention it deserves.

According to statista, mobile apps account for half of all web traffic. The significance of mobile app marketing should not be undervalued.

What is the future of mobile marketing?

Algorithms are learning at a faster and faster rate every day. Because of the advancement of algorithms, learning stages for digital ads will most certainly become shorter over time, as will the time it takes to speed ad expenditure and conversions. Wearables, AI technologies, and intent marketing will play increasingly important roles in this evolution as digital marketing becomes more profitable, albeit more cost 2022

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