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20+ Ways To Generate Leads With Digital Marketing in 2023

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lead generation in digital marketing

It does not matter whether you own a small or a large business; success will not come to you easily if you fail to generate good quality leads. Here we will try and know how digital marketing and particularly an online video editor, can help you generate quality leads.

Top-quality leads serve as the lifeblood of thriving businesses. But the problem is that it is quite difficult to get good-quality leads. Almost 59% of marketers across the industry consider lead generation challenging.

But the reality is that it is not complicated to generate good quality leads. The only thing you need to work on is your marketing moves. Also, you must get the right tools that can help you identify leads with this strong capability of converting into loyal customers.

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1. Lead Generation in the Digital Marketing Arena

Lead generation must be right at the forefront of their digital marketing campaigns for businesses. It is also important for businesses to clearly understand what lead generation is in the context of digital marketing.

The present digital era has completely transformed the way people do business. Those days had long gone when business promotion meant launching flyer campaigns, knocking one door to another, and giving out advertisements in the newspaper.

Things have greatly changed these days, with businesses able to focus on their target audience and researching their behaviours and habits using different analytics tools.

Businesses can easily choose their target audience; who to hit with their digital marketing campaigns, when to hit, and how to hit. In other words, it has become easier for businesses to execute digital marketing campaigns with a lot of precision.

Considering the huge competition that prevails in the market, it has become crucial for businesses to keep up with and constantly adapt themselves to developing their digital marketing plans.

Search engine and social media marketing combined with quality lead generation. These procedures are important in getting businesses and their products heard and noticed. They also help set the stage for most of the marketing campaigns businesses deal in nowadays.

Here, we will be exploring some clever tricks and techniques that can help you as a business in generating and converting qualified leads with digital marketing:

2. Use Content Marketing for Establishing Thought Leadership

The lead generation plan of any company is incomplete without content marketing. Businesses need to produce top-quality content. That’s because studies put forward that more and more buyers are looking for content with a lot of input from the thought leaders in the industry.

It is also important to note that most buyers go through at least three to six pieces of quality content before engaging with the sales representatives. You can easily get a lot of leads by serving as an expert on pain points and topics related to your products and services.

Keep posting tips, blogs, and news regarding the niche you are serving on a regular basis. It is also important for you to deliver extensive guides for the visitors to download on their websites.

This will help you receive data from individuals downloading your guides. Further, you can easily enroll them into different lead nurturing programs while keeping them engaged simultaneously.

You can keep these individuals engaged by constantly sharing more information about your products and services. You never know – they might transform into loyal customers.

And yes, take online marketing procedures like social, email, and Search Engine Optimization into account for promoting your content. Remember, there’s no use creating good quality content if people are not able to find it.

Surveys have considered organic search one of the largest sources of top-quality leads. Therefore, as a brand, you must ensure spending a good time optimizing your content for the different search engines.

3. Use Some of the Smartest Tools for Generating Leads

Businesses can now make huge leaps forward with the introduction of automated marketing. The market these days is packed with AI-powered tools making the lead generation procedure more streamlined and targeted.

Imagine a certain visitor searching for something on your site and looking for useful information that can help them make the buying decision. AI comes in and identifies the best piece of information for the visitors based on the website pages they might have visited.

AI can even guide visitors on a completely personalized exploration track until the visitor becomes a loyal customer. This would genuinely make the buyer’s journey a lot easier. Isn’t it?

There are AI-employed tools available for generating quality leads. Such tools predict and apply the next best action for the visitors, offering all website visitors a seamless and personalized experience.

By offering prospects the precise content required for moving forward, these tools help marketers convert visitors into quality leads. Other lead generation tools help marketers in building high-transforming lead capture forms.

These tools feature in-built analytics that helps marketers better understand their leads and the performance of their forms. In totality, these tools eliminate all the guesswork included in the lead generation procedure.

So, these are some ways in which AI can help boost a business’s lead generation. 

New tools are being introduced every now and then with the objective of helping businesses garner better leads within a short time span.

4. Leverage the Power of Paid Social Media Advertisements

Undoubtedly, social media is one of the most powerful mediums of lead generation. But the process of using social media for qualified lead generation is not that easy. You need to invest a lot of effort and time in building engaged audiences to transform them into leads easily.

One major challenge you need to deal with is identifying the right tool that will work for your organization. You can easily run different paid social media advertisements on Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Pinterest, and Twitter.

The majority of people use Facebook, which is why more and more marketers are choosing this platform for acquiring leads and driving traffic. Facebook Lead Advertisements, for example, allow contacts to provide their information without leaving Facebook.

Different strategies for lead generation campaigns may include Limited Time Offer and Subscribe to Our Newsletter. Lead advertisements are one of the best sources of remarketing campaigns mainly because website visitors will often see the advertisements. Businesses can use this scope to provide incentives for sending visitors back to their sales funnels.

It is always a good idea to use Facebook advertisements for lead generation because the platform lowers the cost of lead acquisition and even removes friction. Facebook advertisements offer a great user experience and are thus instrumental in driving more and more business leads.

5. Come Up With a Podcast

Starting a podcast is considered one of the most dependable ways of generating leads. And there are more and more marketers going for this lead generation technique. Surveys prove that people these days are die-hard fans of podcasts.

They listen to podcasts at home, at work, and even while riding or traveling. Hence proved that potential leads and customers of a business are on the podcasting bandwagon. This means businesses not into podcasting are losing out on the huge competition.

Since it is easy to record and play podcasts on a continuous basis, they serve as one of the most constant sources of generating new leads. It is also important for businesses to understand that listeners need to subscribe to their series before accessing their podcasts.

This way, businesses will only get good quality leads: the leads that are on the lookout for solutions your products and services can offer. Podcasting is for the B2C and B2B marketers and business owners looking for business growth and lead generation but in the most cost-effective manner.

6. Optimize Site for Local SEO

There can be absolutely no doubt in the fact that organic search is one of the most valuable sources of long-term lead generation. But, sometimes, it can be very difficult to understand where to start considering more than 200 factors influencing how Google ranks websites within the search engine result pages.

A better option would be optimizing your site for local SEO because most customers into carrying out local searches tend to visit the stores within five miles of the location they searched.

Optimizing your site for local SEO can help your business tap into the surrounding community while helping users find your business when they need your products and services the most.

With mobile phones continuing to dominate the present scene, local SEO is here to make a huge difference in bringing in customers right to your doorsteps. You can start by ensuring your name, address, and phone number, which remain consistent on your site and also within the listings.

Yet another good idea would be asking satisfied customers for reviews or making it easy for them to provide reviews of your business. Such reviews on third-party platforms go a long way in increasing a business’s chances of being found by prospects without spending any money.

It is also important for businesses to ensure the Title Tags on their websites include one main key phrase they are willing to rank for along with their neighbourhood, city, or state. Give the whole procedure a bit of time to settle and bring in results.

Next, test your site by searching for relevant keywords and find out your standing on the Google search engine result pages.

7. Make Lead Magnets

Creating lead magnets is yet another beneficial way of generating qualified leads. Lead magnets are free services or items marketers provide to potential buyers and visitors on their sites in exchange for their contact details like email addresses.

These can be almost anything, starting from coupons and videos to eBooks. As a business, if you want to acquire quality leads, it is important to develop a proper email list. And for this, you will surely require a lead magnet.

You need to create a lead magnet that demonstrates the exclusive selling proposition of your brand. The moment the audiences get access to the lead magnet, they must be convinced about buying your products and services.

Your lead magnet should be highly valuable. It must add value to the readers. In this situation, it is always a good idea to use videos. You can make a high-quality video by using an online video editor. It works to use videos because they are liked by people and even the search engines.

You can even go for coupons and eBooks. Make sure your lead magnet offers the right solution to the problems individuals face. Remember, people online are always on the lookout for solutions for their problems, and if your lead magnet is able to meet their requirements, you can build an email list without further delay.

One of the best things about making lead magnets is every contact in the email list transforms into a potential lead.

8. Run Contests

People love participating in online contests. They do this to test the power of their brains or have their opinions count somewhere. However, if you are going for contests, ensure they are relevant to your niche.

One of the best things about conducting contests is you get the participants to give out all their information. And since people live with freebies, they will genuinely become subscribers.

Different Types of Leads in Digital Marketing

All leads aren’t the same. Different types of leads show up in different ways in your business, so it’s best to have a plan for each one.

Marketing Qualified Leads

In marketing, qualified leads are people who have looked at your marketing materials but haven’t yet been ready to talk to you about a sales deal just yet. A good example of a Marketing Qualified Lead is a person who has filled out a form on your landing page to get an offer, like 10% off or a free 30 day trail.

Sales Qualified Leads

Sales-qualified leads are people who have done something. As a business, this means the people who have shown more interest in becoming paying customers. People who have filled out a form on your website to ask questions about your products and/or services are examples of Sales Qualified Leads (s).

Service Qualified Leads

Service-qualified leads are people or businesses who have shown an interest in paying for customer service from your company. This could be a customer who wants to upgrade their subscription with you. Customer service would connect this customer to the right account manager or sales team member at this point.
These people have used your products and taken actions that show they are interested in becoming a paying customer.

Product Qualified Leads

Product Qualified Leads are the contacts who have physically used your product(s) and taken actions that show you a strong level of interest in becoming a paying customer.

It’s easy for companies to get these leads by giving people a free 14-day trial of their software or giving them access to a 10-day VIP area on their website. People who use your free version of your product but keep asking about the features that are only available if they pay for them are Product Qualified Leads.


Initially, it might seem challenging to generate qualified leads, but you must indulge in it as a business if you are bent on driving revenue. The above techniques and the use of an online video editor will help you out with this.

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