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Best & Simple App Ideas to Make Money in 2023

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  • Can You Make Money With Apps
  • How can you make money with apps
  • Here is The Top 5 Unique App Idea (Future Based)
  • Simple and popular app ideas but competitive too.
  • Advance app development ideas. (ML/AI/Metaverse)
Simple App Ideas to Make Money

Today’s article is very trendy, with more than 10000 people searching on Google “top app ideas to make money online.” I’m going to give you the answer to this question. Here we will discuss the top future app ideas and how can you make money with apps?

Everyone will have a different perspective on this, based on their own experiences. So this is my take on the question. So now on to the question, Can You Make Money With Apps? And my honest answer is yes.

Apple said earlier this year that developers made $20 billion in 2016. In App Store revenue, that’s $20 billion. So why aren’t we all rich? Well, if you scroll through the top-grossing apps on the App Store, you’ll notice that all of the apps are produced by companies or game studios, or at least most of them are.

If you want to earn by launching the app, you have to figure out the App Store or play store marketing and get exposure. So when a beginner asks me, can they make money with apps? I say yes, but I tell them all of these things. And, you know, I don’t want to sugarcoat things, I don’t want people signing up for my courses or learning with me, thinking that, you know, they’re going to be the next millionaire. You know, that’s. Below are the best mobile app development ideas for 2023. All the ideas are trending and have great potential to generate revenue. But you need an experienced mobile app development company to launch the updated and fully featured app. So choose your company wisely.

  1. Launch NFT Marketplace – Top NFT Marketplace Development Companies
  2. The Food App Ideas for Restaurants
  3. Apps Similar to Showbox
  4. The Healthcare and Telemedicine App Ideas
  5. Launch Opensea Clone App (Will dominate in 2023)
  6. The On-demand App Ideas
  7. Launch app like Onlyfans
  8. Free Cattle Record Keeping Apps & Software
  9. Fantasy Games Apps is trending these days
  10. Free Apps that can boost up the Performance of Any Business
  11. Liquor Delivery Apps in USA
  12. Turn picture into cartoon apps
  13. Launch Best Anatomy App For Medical Students
  14. Make Trading Apps Like Webull & Robinhood
  15. App & Websites For Virtual Trucks Customizations

Let See the App Ideas That Will Make Money For You

In this section, we are covering 35+ app ideas to make money like crazy. I’ve classified these easy app concepts into three categories.

  1. Here is The Top 5 Unique App Idea (Future Based)
  2. Simple and popular app ideas but competitive too.
  3. Advance app development ideas. (ML/AI/Metaverse)
  4. How to come up with new app idea to make money.

It’s time to connect on the best app ideas for 2023. At Make An App Like, we offer free advice on app development, app costing, etc. We love to dig into the fast-changing technology world. One of the things that I’ve heard from you the most is that you want more apps to create. So today, I will share five app ideas looking to convert in 2023.

Now, why should I share with you money-making future app ideas? Well, mostly because there are many different mobile app ideas to make money for me. And unfortunately, there’s no way I could execute against all of them.

And in an abundance mentality, you could think of a solution that is complementary or parallel to the solutions that I could think of. Plus, there’s so much between you and monetizing an app and making a lot of money; there’s so much work to be done. There’s so much market validation that has to happen. So if you can take an app idea to market, congratulations, you deserve every penny you earn from taking that app idea and realizing it and making it marketable—so good job. Please make sure you are ready for this article to the end; we will cover five main app ideas that will make money for you.

I want you to concentrate and read carefully. You might hear about the same opportunity; you’re going to develop different app ideas based upon the same market reports. So pay close attention, read the article to the end.

The demand for best money making apps concepts will rise in 2023. More companies will create simple, lightweight, tech-savvy, quick, and serve a purpose. So, if you’re looking to create your next business app, look at these ideas, analyze, and finalize.

  1. Simple App Idea for Retail Brands
  2. Sports App Idea
  3. Simple App Idea for Financial Transactions
  4. Simple App Idea for Writers
  5. Simple Mobile App Idea for Food Delivery
  6. Simple App Idea for Geo Tracking
  7. Simple App Idea for Weather Forecasting
  8. Simple App Idea for Healthcare
  9. Simple App Idea for Journalists
  10. Simple App Idea for Travel Industry

Top 10 App Easy Android Mobile App Ideas to Make Money

Money comes with ideas. Ideas that relate to the people. To earn through apps, you have to be attentive to what people like, what they need, and how your app can meet their expectations. Most app creators don’t pay attention to these simple, but crucial details.

We live in the era of globalization and technology. And you can take the thronged advantage of it and start to earn some passive income from day one.  

To help you, here are ten android app ideas to make money and take the first step towards your financial independence. 

  • Video Editing Applications- 

Most of the social media platforms like Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, etc., belong to pictures and video editing skills. And video editing apps have become famous for two reasons. First, they play a key role in blending images, and, second, they save most of the time for creators. 

Creators use video editing apps to make their content more emotionally connected to their audience. And it will sound genuine to say that video editing apps make up most of the jobs in the animation, music, and film industry. 

So, developing a video editing app genuinely sounds like a good idea. Who knows, your video editing app may become the best instrument for the advancements of content creators. 

  • Cryptocurrency Exchange Application ideas- 

Cryptocurrency has become such a rage all over the world. It is like no one hasn’t already heard about it, if not used or invested. 

With the popularity of cryptocurrency, another concept that has made its way to prominence is the cryptocurrency exchange.

Cryptocurrency exchange platforms provide a much more efficient way to trade the cryptocurrency for other digital assets. The apps that provide easy exchange will easily be the talk of the town as a result. Because exchange apps can provide the efficiency of buying and selling financial assets. 

The apps produce the maximum liquidity results for the users and offer them to manage their accounts. In more summed-up terms, exchange apps play a crucial role in evaluating the whole crypto ecosystem. 

  • Learning Applications-

Pandemic has introduced us to a whole new way of providing education. From adults to kids, not everyone has to leave their town, their country to get an education from the most celebrated institutes from every corner of the world. 

All of this is made possible by the learning application. Learning applications have grown as apps that connect people the most during and in the post-pandemic world and as the best android app idea to make money. As a developer, you can add thousands of attributes that users need to subscribe to. For instance, you can add different levels in your app, where the first level is free, while to level up users have to buy a plan or something. 

  • UPI Payment Apps For Businesses- 

When we are here talking about subscriptions and good app ideas to make money, how can we leave behind the idea that it is necessary to send and receive money easily? Yes, the next app idea is none other than UPI payment apps. 

UPI apps development process can be complex. But it is worth the hard work as an enormous number of businesses would love to have a UPI app of their own. 

Creating a UPI app can get into a profit share deal with the app store. The application can drive you to the revenue for your services, through the paid downloads and purchases made through your apps. 

  • Augmented Reality Apps-

Augmented reality apps allow users to have an interactive experience with real-world objects. If you are a technology person you already know the concept of augmented reality.

 Or if not, let’s understand it in this way: when you want to buy furniture for your home, you want something best suitable that functions well and matches the aesthetics of your home. Augmented reality apps let you compare the piece of furniture you like to the area of your home you want to place.

 AR apps permit their user to take photos and view them as a 3D model. Isn’t augmented reality great? If yes, it is indeed also one of the best mobile app ideas to make money. Because now users love this technology-powered reality shopping tool. It makes it easy for them to purchase by viewing the pictures before making decisions

  • Trading Applications-

Everyone loves to make money easily and trading provides an easy yet risky way to make money. Trading apps provide the concept that can create investment decisions based on market mood. The apps can calculate data and valuation of the trading market and invest on the users’ behalf. 

Companies and businesses look for trading apps that can invest on their behalf and make the best decision for them. So, your trading app can build a deal of the day. 

  • Schedule And Task Management Apps- 

Schedule management apps offer the user the facility to manage their day-to-day tasks and to-do lists in the most efficient manner. Because management is the world’s need today, the apps have become a showstopper. 

The use of these apps does not limit to the users, but it has also reached out to the business. Corporate businesses use the schedule and task management apps to maintain and keep track of their regular operations. 

  • Healthcare Applications- 

The world has realized the importance of taking care of their health. A health tracking application helps individuals to do it effortlessly. It takes care of their eating habits and records their exercise routines.

The apps are usually based on data provided by the health care experts or the diet experts to keep the disease at bay.  

  • Translation Applications- 

As the world is being more connected, these people are more struck by the language barriers. It happens in every field such as technology, education, healthcare, tourism, etc. 

Translation apps not only gained popularity as one of the easy app ideas to make money but also the most amazing one. Imagine yourself developing an app that delivers an easy way for tourists around the world to communicate. And besides this, companies can also operate the app to carry out their business transactions across the nations. 

  •  Podcast Streaming Applications- 

Podcast streams have exploded in popularity in recent years with almost every 2 in 5 people listing a weekly episode.  And without a doubt, podcast streaming apps create a convenient path for listeners to catch up with their podcast through just a few swipes.

 By developing a podcast listening app, you can offer free or paid subscriptions to their users. 

The market perceptions of the users are advancing so are their needs and demands. These apps ideas for some of the best app ideas to make money and buck up for new challenges in upcoming years. You set your goal with the help of these ideas and work hard to achieve them. 

Here is The Top 5 Unique App Idea (Future Based)

1. Wi Fi As a Service Help Desk App

Here we go, number one Wi-Fi as a service Help Desk app. Okay, so here we’re talking about Wi-Fi as a service help desk. So what the Market Report is saying is that a lot of companies, they’re not going to have their Wi-Fi in their office buildings; for example, they’re going to rely on some third-party provider, like Cisco or whoever, to come in and set up Wi-Fi in their building. So how fun is it when you need help desk support? Like you’re at your office building, you can’t connect to the Wi-Fi, you’re trying to reach someone, and what do they tell you to put in a ticket?

You put in a ticket on your computer using the Wi-Fi you can access. So if we had a Wi-Fi as a service, helpdesk app where you can put, you could submit your helpdesk request on your phone. Using your 3g, 4g, or your cellular data connection, you can get help more quickly and easily without having to worry about logging in and submitting a ticket. Otherwise, you have to like to open up your phone, and you have to like to log into the browser, and you have to submit the Help Desk request and check your email blah, blah, blah, well, if you just had the help desk app that can make that a lot easier.

The Wi-Fi is a service market size is projected to grow from USD 3.4 billion in 2023 to USD 8.4 billion by 2025. At a cumulative annual growth rate of 19.8%.

2. GNSS Simulator App

GNSS stands for Global Navigation Satellite System. So basically, what’s happening is we’re saying that there are lots of devices like wearables or other hardware that make use of a global navigation satellite system. And what we need to do is we need to be able to test those apps to see or those devices to see if they’re working correctly. So in the creation of devices that leverage the global navigation satellite system, we need to create and test these devices.

And to test them, we need a simulator app that mocks up the conditions of the Global Network Satellite System. The major factors fuel market growth, include the growing penetration of consumer IoT products, uncrewed aerial vehicles, and IoT applications. These factors lead to a rise in the need for precise GNSS simulators to test various consumer devices. The increasing demand for software-defined radio GNSS simulators provides a growth opportunity for the GNSS simulators market. So we need a way to test the growing portfolio of devices that leverage global satellite systems.

3. IoT middleware APP


So we’re talking about the Internet of Things, we’re talking about middleware that somehow connects different IoT solutions, devices with back-end processes and APIs, etc. So this market is expected to grow from 10 point 1 billion USD in 2020 to 25 billion USD by 2025. That’s a 19.7% compound annual growth rate. So pretty, pretty significant growth there. Markets and markets sites, increasing use of embedded sensors, and availability of fast cellular networks. That’s LTE and 3g, driving the adoption of IoT middleware platforms in healthcare and other verticals. So we’re talking about About middleware that handles device management, application management, and network management. So in all of the embedded sensors and other devices that can somehow connect to your application, we need to have common platforms of middleware so that we can easily plug and play devices into our apps. If you liked this idea, we have already sorted a list of top IoT app development companies. Have a look!

4. Security as a service

We’re talking about an app that identifies and assesses vulnerabilities in network security; huge market growth is expected in the next five years, from 11 point 1 billion USD in 2020 to 26 points 5,000,000,025. That’s an 18.9% annual compound annual growth rate. So lots of growth there, markets and markets, sites, key factors driving the security as a service industry, including mandates to follow regulatory and data protection laws, increased demand for cloud-based security solutions, and high cost and risks and managing on-premise security solutions. So companies have to spend a lot of money securing their data securing their user’s data; they have to spend money, basically showing that their networks are compliant because networks get a lot of cyberattacks.

And so, companies need some security as a service solution to simplify and reduce costs because they’re spending a lot of money on security right now.

5. Intelligent Process Automation

So here’s the thing, we’ve got people working from home more because of COVID. We’ve got companies trying to manage productivity, and companies have to have more paperless workflows. So again, according to markets and markets, the demand for paperless workflow is increasing the demand for IP solutions in its vertical. Due to the work-from-home scenario, most industry verticals face operational delays and employee supervision issues, impacting the need for an efficient operational model using digitization and automation. So some intelligent Process Automation app that will allow you to create your workflows, execute them, monitor them, and make it more efficient to hand off tasks from one person to the next person to the next person.

This market opportunity is expected to grow from $10 billion in 2020 to 16 point 3 billion in 2025. There you go, five market reports showing five major opportunities for you to create apps and make money in 2021. It is August of 2020. Right now, at the end of August. So if you are going to leverage these opportunities start now. So there you go, five market reports showing the five huge market opportunities; you could probably create at least two to three app ideas from each of those five market reports.

2023 Based Advance App Development Ideas (ML/AI/Metaverse)

  1. Simple App Idea for Landscape Designing
  2. Simple App Idea for Marketing
  3. Simple App Idea for AR teleconferencing
  4. Simple App Idea for Learning
  5. AR and VR App Idea for Healthcare
  6. Simple App Idea for Construction Site Management
  7. Simple App Idea for Repairs
  8. Simple App Idea for Interior Designing
  9. Simple App Idea for Shopping
  10. App Idea for Building Maintenance

Top 35 App Ideas That Haven’t been made

Here are 35 creative Android and iOS app ideas that haven’t been made for 2023 that you can start developing right immediately. Even beginners will find some of these suggestions simple to execute.

Individuals with outstanding ideas that had never been explored before produced popular applications. They searched out and met a need that others had, and in some manner made people’s life simpler or better. So, if you want to make apps that need to be created and become one of these inventive people, here are some hot-in-demand innovative ideas yet not invented, lets’s get started…

  1. Grocery Shopping App

The concept is among the best app ideas that haven’t been made to design a supermarket buying software that generates grocery lists with detailed budgets available.

  1. Mood Monitoring app

An Android and iOS software that allows you to score your day and check for mood-affecting trends. 

  1. Social Networking App for single parent

Single parents may use this platform to share their preferences, insights, stories, and ideas with one another. This is one of the best app ideas ever made.

  1. Brand Identifier App

Users will be able to discover more about a certain brand or product with this brand identification app.

  1. AR for school apps

The software uses Augmented Reality technology to help learners visualize and grasp difficult subjects.

  1. Presentation Apps

You may use the app to show your 3D models everywhere.

  1. Catering service apps

Customers may place their orders beforehand using a mobile meal ordering app.

  1. Celebrity Identification App

Just take a photo of the figure you want to discover more about. This is one of the best app ideas never made.

  1. Other recognition and Identification apps

Not only music or superstars may be recognized using the approach described previously, and also films, TV series, fragrances, and other items.

  1. Virtual Shopping apps

A virtual shopping program that allows you to construct a shopping list for a certain business.

  1. Contractor Finder apps

Users may discover contractors in any sector using this app.

  1. Note Sharing apps

The goal of this software is to provide a platform for users to publish, share, and react on fresh and innovative notes on a specific topic.

  1. Parking Spot Locator App

The smartphone app allows you to discover both public and commercial parking places near you.

  1. Voice activated mobile phone locator app

This software might help you save time by allowing you to search through all of the areas where you may have dropped your items. When you mention the code word, the app activates via voice activation.

  1. Social Attachment App

The smartphone app facilitates networking by assisting you in locating those who share similar interests in your area. This is one of the best app ideas never made.

  1. Table Booking app

An online booking app that allows users to reserve a spot at their preferred restaurant.

  1. Lost and Found app

The goal of this software is to reunite missing things with their rightful owners.

  1. Gift Delivery app

The concept is to develop an app that allows users to delight their dear ones with gifts delivered right to their door.

  1. Local Party and Event Finder app

The criteria, entrance info, duration, and location would all be documented in an event and event locator app.

  1. Social wine and dine app

A social networking smartphone app that links you with individuals in your area to have a nice meal or a drink.

  1. Expiration Date Tracking App

It’s tracking software that contains data of the foodstuff in your kitchen’s expiry.

  1. Travel app

A vacation advice software that is among the best mobile application ideas that recommend local sights to see, foods to try, and things to do depending on the user’s interests in a certain place.

  1. Reverse travel app

A travel app that allows users to specify their preferences and then shows them areas they should avoid visiting or foods they should avoid trying owing to health concerns such as infections, special diets, intolerance, and so on.

  1. Digital receipt app

A digital invoice application that keeps track of all the purchases you do within the app.

  1. Mall Navigation App

A mall travel app is among the best mobile application ideas which assist with displaying a thorough map of the shopping center.

  1. Supermarket checkout app

It is among the best mobile application ideas while shopping, a supermarket checkout app immediately scans the goods on your smartphone app. 

  1. Architecture and design app

An augmented reality-based virtual interior design tool that allows users to take a snapshot of a location and customize it digitally.

  1. Payment Reminder App

A tracking tool that sends automated alerts about the next billing date deadline to assist users to keep track of their debts, memberships, and installments.

  1. Delivery Apps

It would recommend to its consumers the finest delivery firms with the greatest prices for sending their packages.

  1. Language Exchange app

A social language exchange software that allows you to choose the languages you want to study or practice and is paired with people who share your interests.

  1. Social Dining app

A social dining app that allows you to connect with individuals in your region who want to get outside the home, chat, or wine and dine.

  1. Taxi Management app

The social entrepreneurial connecting app’s concept is that it enables users to locate teammates for their various projects in any area.

  1. Social Networking app for business

The social entrepreneurial networking app’s concept is to allow users to locate teammates for particular projects in any area.

  1. Public Transportation app

The purpose of this smartphone app is to inform users of the finest public transportation path to take.

  1. All in one social media

The concept behind the whole program is to unite various social media networks, such as Instagram, Linkedin, Facebook, and others, into one app where users can remain constantly updated, publish, connect, like, communicate, share, and react.

How to Come Up With New App Ideas to Make Money

The above app suggestions are still inconvenient. This area is solely for you. You’ve come to the right place if you want to learn how to develop new, good app ideas to make money and join the ranks of top app entrepreneurs.

  • Find a Problem to Solve with an App
  • Analyze your surrounding. Find issues in current apps that is being used in your local market
  • Browse Through The App Store to Find App Type
  • Study Outside The App Store to Find More App Ideas
  • Identify the Market for The App Success
  • Identify the Market for The App Success

There are a lot of apps that aren’t designed to make money. There are plenty of other ways to get money besides developing apps. Of course, we have provided you with more than enough app development ideas and how to create basic money-making apps, so we’ll skip over any business app ideas that aren’t intended to earn money and get right to the point. So you need a top developer to convert your idea into reality. Here we have created the list of android app development companies. Must Visit


So these were a few apps that need to be created and hence the above innovative ideas yet not invented can actually make your app that needs to be developed a success since these technologies are yet to be invented so why shouldn’t you be the first to invent these?

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