10 Crucial Tips To Rock Your LinkedIn Profile | How to Increase Linkedin Followers

Want to make your LinkedIn profile pop? Here are 10 important things you need to do - from creating a stunning template...

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how to increase connections in linkedin

Competition is tough on LinkedIn, and you may need some tricks to stand out.

In this article, you will see how simple it is to create a compelling profile to stand out and catch the attention of recruiters and hiring managers.

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Why use LinkedIn? (Linkedin Network Marketing)

As a professional, it would be crazy not to have a LinkedIn profile with over 774 million members worldwide. This number is more than just a bunch of people in a community. It translates to hundreds of thousands of opportunities to express how amazing you are as an individual. It also means the same amount of opportunities to be discovered.

LinkedIn is where you should be, whether just starting your chosen career, looking for a new job opportunity, or trying to re-enter the workforce. It is a fantastic tool to reach out to headhunters, hiring managers, and other professionals you want to be in the same network.

In this increasingly digital world, many employers are also trying to check the digital footprints of their workers and those who want to join their companies. They no longer rely on CVs and resumes to create applicants’ profiles. Instead, they open LinkedIn and use it to see if they match the skills required for the job. ‘

Hiring professionals looking for suited people from LinkedIn will be a waste if you do not groom your profile. You may Buy LinkedIn followers to expand your connection. You can only fully utilize this fantastic trick to create a profile that elicits a great impression.

Here are some tips to get you ready to be the modern professional and craft a profile that truly represents you and your capabilities:

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1. Upload an appropriate profile picture.

A LinkedIn page with a profile picture establishes trust and gets more views up to 36 times than those without. But aside from uploading a profile photo, you also need to ensure that it looks professional and shot in high resolution. The reason is that there are also fake profiles on this platform, and recruiters will not waste their time if they see a profile without a headshot or with an inappropriate photo.

Since you will not personally meet anyone who views your profile, you need to make an outstanding impression with an attractive photo of yourself. Contrary to what most people would suggest, you do not need to hire a professional photographer or spend a studio shot to have the best photo for your LinkedIn profile. You can simply use your phone’s camera if it takes high-resolution images. Make it look like a pro shoots it using nifty tools, such as an image background remover to remove the unnecessary background and change it to a suitable backdrop.

2. Add a background photo.

Aside from a profile picture, a professional-looking banner photo for a background will make recruiters think you are serious about getting noticed. Take this opportunity to get creative with your design skills. If unsure what to do, you can always search for banner templates and follow the examples.

3. Optimize your headline.

The first few seconds spent on your LinkedIn profile are usually spent reading the headline below your name. This is supposed to be for your job title, but you can effectively use it to list the roles. Use industry keywords that will you’re your profile show up in searches. Consider this a short sales pitch since you can only write up to 220 characters. Go ahead and search for engaging LinkedIn profile headlines if you want some creative examples to do this properly.

4. Craft a strong summary.

Granted that you have made a strong impression, keep the momentum and entice the visitor further with an engaging summary. Show what sets you apart from others by showcasing your skills and how you will add value to an organization. Add a personal mission statement that will create a bold first impression on your perspectives about life and career.  

5. Emphasize relevant experience.

Your LinkedIn profile is not a resume, so do not waste time blabbing about irrelevant things. Articulate more about your achievements, not by listing each award you got before, but by crafting a narrative about how you contributed to your team’s success. The point is to paint a clear picture of what you can do to impact any organization positively.

6. Keep contact information updated.

Do not lose the opportunity to connect with prospective employers by updating your contact information. They can see your email address, but you may also want to add your website, blog, social media links, and phone number if you are comfortable. You will hardly miss any opportunity if anyone can reach you on all platforms.

7. Keep your profile active and public.

LinkedIn is also a networking social media site. You must be constantly active by logging in at least three times a week; to fully benefit from its features. You can check out posts within your connections, join groups with your industry and professional interests, and engage by leaving thoughtful comments. Make sure to set your profile and posts public so the whole LinkedIn community can see them. You may customize your LinkedIn URL to make it easier for others to find your profile. Check out these resources for tips on how to customize your URL:

8. Make connections.

Aim to get over 500 connections to avoid displaying an exact number on your profile. Getting to 500 will show that you have 500+ connections and imply that you are a hotshot on LinkedIn. Just make sure to do this the right way.

Ideally, you have to grow your connections organically instead of spamming invitations. Connect with people you know, worked with before, or have met professionally in various settings, like seminars, trade shows, exhibitions, and other similar events. Value these connections because you’ll never know who among these people can make a significant influence in your career in the future. Expand your network with second to third-degree contacts and be polite about it. A simple note explaining who you are and why you would like to connect should do the trick.

9. Manage your endorsements and recommendations.

Although it will be great to discuss your skills, it is even better if other people will tell you all about them. Skill endorsements and recommendations let the viewers know that you are telling the truth about your skill sets. 

Start by listing all your skills with the top three highlighted. This shows what the sort of things you do are and will also give them an idea about which skills you are exceptionally good at. You can also take a skills assessment test to get the coveted “Verified Skills” badge that will increase your chances of getting hired by up to 30%.

Regarding earning endorsements and recommendations, spend some time commending other people by clicking on the “Plus” button on their skills. They would usually return the favor, but asking them to do the same for you would be great. You can also initiate recommendations by writing one for others then nicely asking them to leave one on your profile. Aside from expanding your network, this is actually one awesome way to connect as you support each other’s professional endeavors.

10. Check Your LinkedIn profile strength.

LinkedIn has a Profile Strength Meter that gauges how strong your profile is. This is a 5-tier scale, namely: Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced, Expert, and All-Star, which shows the completion level of your profile. You can ace it if you follow all the tips above and take the time to enhance your profile. At least 87% of recruiters rely on LinkedIn, and an All-Star profile will make the odds turn in your favor.

FAQ Related to LinkedIn Followers & Connections

How to get followers on linkedin 2022?

  1. Update Posts Regularly.
  2. Share your View through Comments.
  3. Follow a Genuine Influencer.
  4. Write an Article.
  5. Get Social and Help

How to increase connections on LinkedIn 2022?

  1. Create a powerful profile – it’ll serve as your elevator pitch
  2. Highlight your achievements – create a great first impression


Being able to craft a LinkedIn profile that attracts attention means having the ability to write the right things on your page. Your profile will catapult your connections with the right people. In the end, it will help you land your most sought-after job.

These ten tips are the starting point for building an excellent LinkedIn profile. Ultimately, you need to remember that YOU are the magic formula. Everyone has equal chances of getting discovered on LinkedIn but showing a unique career journey will make recruiters read more about you.

Create a compelling profile that the viewers will appreciate but never lose sight of keeping it authentic and showcasing your unique brand.

Written by Shelly Solis
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