Tips to Retain or Improve Customers Retention, Strategies & Techniques 2022

The economic and financial crisis which has gripped the world in the last few years of this decade has had a significant...

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customer retention management 2022

The economic and financial crisis which has gripped the world in the last few years of this decade has had a significant impact on businesses across various sectors. Companies have found it tough to manage their day-to-day activities, let alone thinking of increasing their customer base. In such a scenario, how do you attract customers when there is no money in their pockets? While it’s true that during these hard times your marketing budget will be constricted, it is by no means impossible to retain existing customers and attract new ones. Here are some tips that can help you do just that. 

tips to retain improve customers retention

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Client maintenance is one of the main pieces of your business. Yet, when challenges gain out of influence and you’re attempting to keep your head above water, does client maintenance take a rearward sitting arrangement? Anyway it’s simple in testing circumstances such as these to commit errors that can harm your relationship with existing clients and at last lead to them searching for another provider.

1) Go beyond the Transaction

Engage Your Customers by Eric Dalius. The importance of focusing on relationships in business cannot be over-emphasized. You can gain your customer’s trust by working on building a long term relationship with him or her, rather than focusing solely on the transaction. This means go beyond the expected and do something which will leave a lasting impression in their minds.

An example of going beyond the transaction might be offering discounts for loyal customers when sales are down significantly, or sending complimentary items to new customers who have just started using your service/product. In case this is not possible because you require all your resources to meet your goal targets, consider compensating them in some other way such as providing additional benefits without any additional costs. For instance, offer double the warranty time period for free or extend the size of the warranty without any extra cost to you.

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You could also offer attractive referral schemes; or run contests that are easily affordable, but will encourage more people to talk about your brand. For example, before the recession Audi ran a contest on Facebook in which Audi owners were asked to post photos of their cars and tag friends who would want to own one. The person with most “tags” won an all expense paid trip for two, while some other winners also received free upgrades on used models at Audi dealerships across America. What’s more? A number of customers said they bought new cars because they were drawn by the chance of winning the contest!

2) Be a Learner: Listen To Your Customers, Gather Their Feedback

Now that you’ve engaged your customers and the sales numbers are dropping, this is a good time to learn from them. Ask them what they think of your product/service, how could it be improved and what is important to them in a product or service at the moment. This will give you very valuable insights into their mind-set and also help in better segmentation in future. Its best you ask for their feedback every once in a while so that it becomes a routine thing with no additional costs attached to it. Furthermore, when you have gained enough information about why people buy from you, you can also ask your salespeople to be more proactive in selling; and offer customized solutions.

3) Be Reliable: Deliver What You Promised

An important feature of any relationship is credibility, i.e., believing that the other person will deliver what he/she promised; even during tough times. Your customers are likely to do business with you again only if they know that they can rely on your brand for timely delivery of products or services without any hiccups. They need to feel that your company takes them seriously and their suggestions are listened to. A good way to earn this trust is sending out periodic newsletters with updates on your progress and suggestions for improvement.

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4) Create Opportunities for Interaction: Connect With Your Customers on Social Media

Social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, and Pinterest etc. create opportunities for people to connect with each other on the web. They are great tools to build relationships with customers too. As social sites give you an opportunity to engage on an informal level, you can stay in touch more easily than through traditional channels like email or newsletters that appear less personalized. You can inform them about new products/ services that have hit the market or send invites for exclusive events via these social channels without any added cost! This will not only help you in getting more leads for your business but also help you create a loyal customer base.

5) Keep It Personal: Be Local, Think Global

Further, if you’re planning to move to an online community and Facebook page, make sure that there is someone in your team who can personalize the interactions and add elements of fun and entertainment to it. According to Jeff Bullas , the easier you make it for people to connect with you; speak their language; and become part of their conversations (both online and offline), the better chance you stand at gaining new customers, especially during this time when they are looking for alternatives like switching brands or moving to online stores. Try not to besiege them with offers or attempt to misdirect them. Keep things straightforward and center around making an incredible item or administration that truly stands apart from the group.

6) Track your clients’ spending designs

In the event that somebody’s been with you for quite a while there’s no motivation behind why they ought to leave any time soon assuming you utilize the data accessible to you reasonably. Perhaps the most effective way of doing this is by following how much cash they spend on a yearly premise. This can come in many structures, yet may include giving steadfast clients uncommon limits sometimes.

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Customer upkeep is an advancing, unique philosophy for keeping customers getting back to your business. Expecting you manage your current customers generally alright, they will stay with your association and form into a reliable wellspring of pay as opposed to just one-timing bargains. The best technique is to start at the soonest reference point – by perceiving your most significant customers and setting up systems to screen them. By following their specific lead, you can take in where they come from (publicizing channels), what they like to buy (most unremitting purchase), how routinely they make go over purchases, etc. You can get more point by point information through follow-up requests later every arrangement.

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8) Continuously set out to find the underlying story

Probably the most effective way to guarantee you don’t lose individuals’ consideration is to screen what they’re discussing on the web. You can do this by setting up Google Alerts and comparable instruments which will email you at whatever point your name or brand springs up on any blog, gathering, article, video, tweet, and so forth Assuming you see specific names crop up at least a couple of times in any bad setting then it very well might be the ideal opportunity for you to bounce into the discussion or possibly reach out to them so they have your side of the story.

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9) Be Honest with Yourself

Ensure you have a genuine comprehension of where your business needs improvement so you can hold clients over the long haul. In the event that you don’t have the foggiest idea what these regions are it’s an ideal opportunity to ask somebody who does. Thusly, assuming circumstances get difficult later on, you won’t end up losing clients exactly when you want them most.

In the event that you make a guarantee, keep it. In the case of something transforms, you want to tell them straightaway.

10) Key Use of CRM Software

One manner by which organizations can further develop their client care is by utilizing CRM programming. This will permit you to perceive where your clients have come from and furthermore perceive how frequently they visit your stores or site. All together for this procedure to be fruitful, the CRM must program is easy to utilize and monitor. It is fundamental that you react to grievances or issues when they are raised, either for your own or by answering to a tweet shipped off you.


Remember, these are tough times for companies; and if you’re serious about growing your business, it’s important that you develop strategies to retain customers! If you can identify why they prefer your brand over others during the good times; ensure that there is no drop in quality or service levels during bad times (even though prices might go down); prove your credibility by meeting deadlines; offer customized solutions; make use of social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter etc.; and stay local while thinking global as per Eric Dalius… you might just be able to keep them hooked on to your services/products long enough for better days!

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