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Top 10 Best Android App Development Companies in USA 2022

From 2020 to 2021, we all have encountered a dramatic spike in android mobile app development demand. The development of an application...

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From 2020 to 2021, we all have encountered a dramatic spike in android mobile app development demand. The development of an application became extremely popular and motivated many brick-and-mortar shop owners to take their business online to meet the quickly rising demand. As the need for such applications accelerates, we can also notice the advancement of the technology trends simultaneously.

To capture, analyze, and discern patterns, mobile app development companies need to upscale their progression level as per the upcoming technological trends. And without giving any second thought, 2022 will be witnessing new advances in machine learning and AI, offering users an impeccable experience. To make that happen, one needs to consult or get in touch with companies that are highly skilled in android app development in the USA, and for your easement, we have listed some of them below-

1. RisingMax – NYC Based Android App Development Company

Risingmax is one of the best and established android app development companies in the USA for 2022. The company has HQ in New York and offices in Sydney, California, and Dubai. They believe in operating in synergy and growing together. You grow, we grow! That’s their motto as one of the best android app development companies in the USA. The product development lifecycle of Android app development at RisingMax commences with a strategic plan followed by crafting, designing, developing, testing, measuring, and evolving. RisingMax provides services in web development, UX, UI, digital strategy and offers a wide range of specialized services in the mobile space: developing iOS apps, Android apps, iPhone apps, iPad apps, native mobile apps, and much more!

2. Suffescom Solutions – Android App Development Agency

Suffescom Solutions being a top android app development company in the USA is the right choice for startups and emerging companies looking for innovative app solutions. The firm guarantees scalability along with expertise in everything related to Android app development. They offer a wide range of services like Android app development consultation, custom Android app development, Android software development, and Android UI/UX design initiative. The company relies on the latest technologies, methodologies, and high-level tech stack to deliver easy-to-use android apps. The firm with highly skilled Android app developers knows the secret formula to building apps that ensure a million downloads on the Google Play store.

3. Blue Lable Labs – Best Android App Development Company in USA

Blue Label Labs is a New York-based premier software development company with a focus on mobile app development. The passionate and experienced Android app development team of Blue label labs is known to craft groundbreaking applications with unique UX design and features for their clientele.

The company has successfully built and launched over 350 apps across a multitude of devices. The company gives clients the convenience of hiring Android professionals for their projects. At different stages of app development, the team offers inputs to clients to ensure they get maximum value in terms of revenue, user acquisition, and brand awareness. Blue label labs aim to do the right thing for every project.

4. WillowTree, Inc – Android App Development Companies USA

Willow Tree is amongst the leading Android app development companies in the USA holding years of experience in providing the best services globally. With high-end expertise, technical knowledge, and next-level skills the team at the company managed to work beyond the expectations of the clients. With a wide range of varied services in a development company in working in every aspect to gain a competitive edge. From mobile strategy, mobile design, native application development, mobile web application development, mobile enterprise, mobile commerce to cloud integration the firm is offering left no stone unturned in bringing business forefront to the technological world.

5. Intellectsoft – Android App Development in USA

Intellectsoft is a reliable development company to offer comprehensive android app development in the USA. By levering the new age technology and cutting edge solutions the company is helping businesses to unlock the potential of the modern world. The company possesses a team of dedicated developers who are focused to deliver quality projects on time. With world-class technology usage, the company has maintained its level to bring android development to the next level. The company offers a number of services ranging from custom software development, mobile app development delineated with all the modern technology.

6. A3logics – Android Application Development Company

A3logics is a global IT service, consulting, and mobile app development company delivering best-in-class services and helping worldwide companies to drive business efficiencies. The organization is known as a Software Center of Excellence and has set a benchmark for quality Magento Customize solutions. We combine our passion for perfection with expert technology ideas to achieve maximum client satisfaction, technology innovation, and enhanced time-to-market capabilities.

7. Octal IT Solution – Android App Development in USA

Octal IT Solution is one of the top-notch android app development companies certified by ISO. The company has its offices in the USA but also expanded its branches to UK, India, Singapore & Dubai. With the wide expansion, it is serving clients all over the globe and delivering them successful projects. Till now the firm has developed more than 1,100 Mobile and Web Apps making it the leader in terms of android app development. Moreover, the company possesses a team of around 150+ professionals who adhere to satisfy their clients to the peak. The company holds expertise in web design and development, mobile application development, custom software development saas development, and digital marketing.

8. ArcTouch  – Android Development Company USA

ArcTouch is the best android app development company in the USA, with a decade of experience in building exemplary android apps for clients worldwide. Leveraging a blend of customer-centric approach and engineering, the firm promises solutions comprising the latest technologies like machine learning, IoT, artificial intelligence, and much more. The company also has a solid team of high-end mobile app developers who have in-depth knowledge of the newest mobility technologies and tools. They have a cutting-edge infrastructure for developing and implementing technology-driven solutions that give clients more control over their enterprises at the most reasonable prices.

9. Hedgehog Lab – One of Best Android Development Companies

Another one of the top-notch android app development companies USA in our list is the Hedgehog Lab. They offer a complete cycle of android app design, integration, and management services. Whether you need a consumer-oriented app or enterprise-level solution, the company leads the entire development process from ideation to on-time delivery to beyond support. They helped many next-gen startups in tackling the modern age complex issues. Hedgehog Lab, with its team of dedicated developers, has served 200+ clients with innovative and extraordinary solutions.

10. Swenson He – Android App Development Agency

In this list of top Android app development companies USA, Swenson He is also considered the leading one that has been providing its app development service for the last many years. From design to development to testing to support, they offer end-to-end mobile app development services that help you build the most user-friendly Android App for your business. The company incorporated the Agile development methodology to ensure a quality product for its clients. With 150+ high-skilled designers and engineers, the firm is the next-level technology partner offering Android app design and development, including the latest technologies, thus enabling businesses to reach the next level.

11. ZCO Corporation – Android Development Company USA 2022

ZCO Corporation is the leading mobile app development company which is headquartered in New Hampshire and successfully running in other locating countries, including Nashua, Boston, New York City. From fledgling startups to Fortune 500 companies, their clients depend on them to deliver cutting-edge software that meets their needs of android development in the USA. With the vast knowledge, the company works on the latest tools & technologies for outstanding results and caters to them according to their desires. ZCO Corporation is a well-known firm famous for its app development services and successfully deploying Apps for Android, iOS, Web, IoT, Beacon, wearables, etc.

Top 100 Mobile App Development Companies in USA

Top Android App Development Trends For 2022

Android app development companies in 2022

Android app development in 2022 is going to be much bigger. Thanks to the latest technologies in the mobile app development industry that are continuously evolving. It is necessary to stay updated with the latest trends as it is the way to achieve success in the app industry. Are you ready to implement the latest Android mobile app development trends in the coming 2021? The below list of top app development trends is only for you as it is based on fact-based research.

Internet Of Things (IoT)

US based android app development companies

IoT is a hot trend that is gaining huge popularity in the app industry. It refers to the growing network of devices connected to the Internet, further delivering utmost convenience to consumers. In the coming year 2022, the IoT is poised for steady growth, and the revenue from technology will likely increase by 1.5 trillion in 2024.  In 2021, it is expected to see mobile apps with IoT in mind where automobiles, smart devices, and healthcare are the areas to keep an eye on.

5G Technology

5G will have a major impact on 2021 and the coming year 2022. This technology is going to change the way mobile apps are used and developed for everyone, right from developers, resellers, and creators. If we talk about 2021, it already has roughly three times more 5G connections as compared to 2020. It is expected that these connections will nearly triple by 2020. This means something big for mobile app development where 5g will help improve the speed and efficiency while boosting the functionality of mobile apps. Such a trend enables developers to add advanced features to the app without worrying about the app’s performance.

Artificial Intelligence

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Artificial intelligence and machine learning combined have taken the mobile app industry by storm. When we think about these technologies, virtual assistants like Siri or Alexa strike the mind. In 2022, Artificial Intelligence has the potential to make apps work smarter and enhance performance at all levels. Right from backend development to frontend user experience, AI will change the way apps will be crafted. Below are some of the examples of AI features that can be implemented into a mobile app:

  • Image recognition
  • Face detection
  • Text and image classification
  • Speech recognition
  • Predictive maintenance

Augmented Reality / Virtual Reality

Augmented reality is another hot trend that will continue upward in 2022. In mobile app development, the features of AR can be used for a variety of use cases. AR adaption is a top app development trend that is shaking things up in the world of mobile application development. On the other hand, VR technology can connect with wearables to enhance the gaming experience of robust mobile apps.


We hope this list will help you make an ideal decision for a trusted app development agency in 2022!

The above-sorted list is our take on some of the best Android app development companies in the USA in 2022. The goal behind preparing this list is to save our viewers time and effort in finding the best Android app developers most suited to their distinct needs. The above companies have been widely known for delivering the most robust, scalable, and innovative android app development solutions to clients worldwide. So get ready and prepare yourself well by gaining insightful information about some of the USA’s top android app development companies in terms of experience, expertise, etc. 

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