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Gojek Clone: Build Your White-label Multi Delivery App Solution 

Building a mobile app in 2022 is challenging in terms of technology and something more than that. You have to be careful...

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Gojek Clone App is more than just an ordinary app. It is called a Super App for many reasons, its assortment of services being one of them. Many entrepreneurs might not know what this Super App can do. It’s okay, we have got your back! This blog is all about this superior app. To help you understand what this app is all about, let’s move one step at a time. Here’s is what you will discover while reading through this blog: 

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Gojek Clone: Build Your White-label Multi Delivery App Solution 

  • What is Gojek Clone App?
  • Why must entrepreneurs invest in this business solution? 
  • What’s the cost of building the white-labeled multi-delivery app? 
  • Who builds the best app in the world? 
  • The process of developing and launching the Super App.

Let’s begin discovering the most interesting things about this globally popular multi-delivery app. 


Gojek Clone
Gojek Clone

Gojek clone app is the world’s most perfect app that holds a prodigious amount of exciting characters, features, and 70+ on-demand multi-delivery services that no other app has. It is very similar to the original Indonesian Gojek App is much more user-friendly, vast, robust, and made to offer a handful of services that one could demand. 

You will be impressed with its in-built features, the add-ons, and even the available integration services. Let’s cast a brief look at a handful of its features and services. 

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Gojek Clone App Advanced Features 

Listed here are only a handful of available features on the app.

  • Smart login with Face ID and Fingerprint Scanning 

It is this Gojek clone app-exclusive feature where Android smartphone users can login into the app with fingerprint scanning while iPhone users can use their Face ID to login. This feature has eliminated all the hassles of remembering usernames and passwords while logging into the app. 

  • Video call with the assigned service provider 

The app users can now initiate a video call with their assigned service provider, the Delivery Genie. Even the Delivery Genie can dial a video call to the user while purchasing items at a store or confirming their purchase. The user can view and approve the items on the video call and tell the Genie to buy them. 

  • Image gallery with multiple images and video 

This feature allows the store, restaurant, or small shop owners to upload multiple images and videos of their items on the app. These visual treats will help the customers form a clearer picture of the item and how it looks. They can then make their purchase decision based on the images. 

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Gojek Clone Palette of Services 

The 70+ services of on-demand app solutions are grouped into 7 major components. Discussed here are only a couple of them. 

  • Online video consultation 

It is the latest and exclusive service of Gojek Clone. Herein, the user can book an online video consultation session with doctors, lawyers, yoga instructors, and even astrologers. Then, the consultation fee is directly debited from the user’s linked credit card as this is the only payment mode available for the video consultation service. 

  • Service bidding 

In this service component, the user posts a detailed task for handyman jobs like fixing the faucets, furniture assembly, installing lights or electronic appliances, etc. All the local handymen from the selected category are then sent an invitation. They can now choose to either accept the job request, decline, or make an offer. 

The user and service provider can now start negotiating for the service. Users can then choose the provider who fits their budget, has enough experience, and portrays an excellent portfolio. 

  • Multi-delivery from stores 

Gojek Clone App is known for its multiple delivery services. Everything can get delivered from ordering pizzas to weekly groceries, Cabernet wine to arthritis medicines, and even flowers for your valentine. Users can place the order with the shop or store first then, the app will assign the delivery driver near the pickup location. The vaccinated delivery driver will then deliver the items to the user’s doorstep. 

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Entrepreneurs contemplating why they must invest in Gojek Clone 2022, here’s the core reason why – you can become a millionaire with this pre-built, mature, and market-tested app. 

With its two profit-centric business models and the revenue generated by Facebook/Google ad integration, the entrepreneur can earn pretty handsome money. The entrepreneur can earn a commission on every provider’s service through the app. The provider pays a certain percentage of their income-per-service as commission to the app owner. 

While the other business model is Membership Subscription Plan. It is here that the provider pays a fee to purchase and renew time-validated plans. On the other hand, Facebook/Google ad integration generates extra revenue for the entrepreneur as third parties pay the owner to showcase their ad on the app’s home page. 

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At this point, you’ll be intrigued by this ready-made multi-services app solution, aren’t you? Now, the question that you might be asking yourself is ‘what is the cost of building this Super App’? Lucky you, developing and launching these apps is fairly affordable than building the entire app from scratch. 

Building an app easily from the start requires you to spend at least a quarter to a million dollars. However, this app is cost-effective and only involves a simple purchase of a white-labeled solution that costs only a fraction of USD 250,000. 

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Moreover, white-labeled apps are pre-built, so the entrepreneur only has to get them rebranded according to their business requirements. The white-labeling experts will rebrand the base app with your company’s name and logo. They will also change the color theme of your app and web panel to match it with your brand’s color palette. It takes them less than a week to rebrand the App and customize it according to the entrepreneur’s needs. By the end of the week, your apps will be ready to be launched on Google App Store, iOS App Store,  and even Huawei App Store only if you want to. 

Yes, you heard that right. It only takes 1 – 2 weeks to go live with your very own  Gojek Clone App


Building a Super App takes a lot of practice, patience, talent, and an entire team of professionals are true experts in their field. If you ask who develops the best and world-class white-label multi-delivery app solution. 

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Why Choose Our On-Demand Multi-Service App Like GoJek? 

Read the following to know why app development company is the only white-labeling firm that builds amazing apps for multi-delivery businesses. 

  • The firm has already built its base app that is already market-tested over a thousand times. 
  • They use the market’s latest and the most advanced technology stack to build, rebrand, and customize their apps. Node Js, Swift, PHP, MySQL, are just a few. 
  • The firm lets entrepreneurs integrate their preferred languages, currencies, and payment gateway. 
  • They will rebrand their base app at no extra cost with the purchase of the package.  
  • The firm has been launching such pre-built apps globally for about 10 years now. 
  • They have launched more than a thousand apps already, and there is no stopping by. 


Step 1: Try their demo apps

Trying out the demo apps gives the entrepreneurs the chance to test the app in a real environment. Test how the app works in line with your needs! Try the demo apps for as long as you want to. 

Step 2: Discuss your needs with the Project Manager

Tell your customization needs to the Project Manager. They will then ask questions about the app’s launch and setup. After you provide the details, they will offer you a Scope Document containing details about what they’ll deliver to you with the package and a detailed breakdown of the cost of the package. 

Step 3: Review and approve the apps 

With the purchase of the package, the team will start working on your apps and deliver the trial on their Development Server. After you have approved the apps the technical team will launch the Gojek Clone apps. 

Step 4: Launch your own Gojek Like App

At this step, the technical team will launch the apps on Google Play Store and iOS App Store. Also, the firm will tightly stand by your side in case your app is rejected due to technical issues. 


Want to build your own Gojek Clone? It is now the best time to launch the app as people are always on the lookout for the apps that make their lives easier. Get started with the app development process today so that by the upcoming week, you’ll be ready to go live with the most popular, pre-built, mature, highly-optimized, and fully-functional app. 

Connect with Sales Representatives because they are the only industry experts who can help you build a unique and distinguished multi-delivery service brand in a jiffy!

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