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Top 20 Web3 WebSites Example

Let's see the popular web3 apps and websites. We have listed the popular web3 app, sites to watch in 2023. Example of...

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Still flourishing the web3 technology has come a long way. Now, users are seeing the emergence of these technologies in the shape of apps, websites, and games. Here, this guide will list 20 of these great web 3 apps and the sites that you should check if web3 is something that excites you. Without causing any delays, let’s get you started. 

Let see the popular web3 apps and websites

1) Uniswap


A peer-to-peer system, Uniswap is an open-source website for exchanging Ethereum-based currency or ERC-20 Tokens. It emphasizes anti-censorship, security, and the capacity to function without the usage of intermediaries, with the protocol built as a sequence of non-upgradable, ownership, and permanent smart contracts. You can consider this website as one of the examples of web 3.0 websites.

Its simple web-based GUI lets you utilize the protocol. It currently controls more than a third of the Defi market, with a market hard cap of more than $3.5 trillion at the time of writing.

2) Reboot Culture

The objective of Reboot Culture is to combine its commitment to a community-driven business with its love for the culture that helped it emerge to propel the accessible society into the future of the NFT sector. To highlight its best features, this website employs the same fullscreen effect that gives it a lively vibe.

The NFT art galleries include collaborations with artists, event organizers, fashion designers, & museum presentations. The entire pitch is based on key cultures such as art, music, & fashion, emphasizing the necessity for self-governance among people in the space.

3) Steemit


Steem or steemit is a social blockchain featuring a rewards structure to encourage users to create and interact with content on the network. Users can come to the platform and they can develop content. The new users join the platform daily, while existing users may remain engaged. As a result, more STEEM cryptocurrency is dispersed.

Users who upvote content on Steemit help to distribute bitcoin to those who add value to the network. But steemit will provide the reward based on voting or their worth. Steemit strives to reward either voting or posting based on their worth.

4) Compound


Yet another one of the best web 3 applications, the compound, is a marketplace. Compound Finance provides a marketplace where cryptocurrency investors may lend and borrow digital assets. As you expect, Compound runs on open source, community-maintained decentralized protocol. You can also help shape the protocol’s growth and future.

5) Audius


Blockchain-powered, Audius is a digital streaming service. It gives musicians more control over how their music is promoted and allows them to engage with their listeners.

An open-source development community holds the responsibility to run this decentralized platform. Audius is paving the road for the industry’s future with its musician-first platform and token $AUDIO. Even the design complements the motivating objective of giving musicians more power.

6) Kava

Kava is a three-in-one web3 DeFi website. There are three main goods on the Kava platform. It allows users to borrow $USDX stablecoins with their crypto assets as security. Here, users can earn incentives by lending assets from the marketplace. Purchasing and selling tokens on the Kava protocol is so easy. On top of that, you can earn interest to provide liquidity.

7) Sapien

One of the best web 3.0 examples, Sapien is a decentralized social media service powered by the Ethereum blockchain. You can consider it a feasible alternative to Google or Facebook. With it, you can design your own apps without paying or displaying adverts. Sapien’s platform gives consumers the tools to design and launch apps swiftly.

Sapien Provides apps, services, and technologies to web3 enthusiasts. Using a collection of self-sovereign tools enables users to interact, transact, share information, and build communities. 

8) Pancakeswap

If you like to participate in the Defi platforms, go ahead. Pancakeswap is here for you. It is a DeFi platform built on the Binance smart chain, which is a faster and less expensive alternative to the Ethereum network. PancakeSwap allows users to exchange bitcoin assets by tapping into user-generated collecting NFTs, liquidity pools, and winning cryptocurrency in a lottery.

9) Lbry

Decentralized file-sharing & payment network, LBRY is built on the blockchain powering social networks, including video sites.

It works as a digital library that stores many types of content on decentralized grounds. As a user, you can watch, read, & play on the site. To sum up, Web 3.0 projects support books, music, and movies.

10) IDEX

IDEX is a decentralized exchange. It prioritizes simple user interface designs to attract, reassure, and communicate trust signals to new crypto traders. If you look through the principles it follows, it is one of the best web 3.0 examples sites.

IDEX enables anybody with a technology platform wallet to buy and sell digital currencies without an intermediary. If you are a beginner, you shouldn’t jump into IDEX. If you don’t understand what you’re doing, trading digital currency on a DEX can be scary, especially when large quantities of money are at stake.

11) Beta Finance

Beta Finance, like most Defi networks, allows you to borrow or lend cryptocurrency assets while earning interest. The platform’s trading feature: traders can establish margin calls on Beta Finance of the most stable coins. 

12) Brave 

As a browser, Brave seeks to be a quicker and safer replacement to the popular browsers from the Mozilla Foundation. Due to its security capabilities, it is considered the most secure browser ever designed.

This open-source browser uses blockchain technology to preserve users’ privacy by eliminating unwanted advertising and trackers.

It also has anti-crypto hacking tools allowing consumers to support their favourite sites without exceeding their data limit. Customers can also sell their data for cryptocurrency.

13) Magic

Another exciting venture and one of the best web 3.0 website examples.

It is a cryptocurrency wallet allowing users to purchase tokens and then use decentralized apps via their Ethereum address. 

The very founder of the company, Sean Li indicated that the company’s name would be renamed to Magic in 2020. It also allows developers to integrate blockchain-based technologies into their products and an easy way to store Ethereum.

14) Cashaa

This web3 website promotes neo-banking. It has received extensive coverage in various media outlets worldwide, increasing the value of our brand and raising awareness about revolutionary next-generation, crypto-friendly neo-banking.

Cashaa has learned how to use social proof to get its ideas & ideas out there in a field that promotes doubt. You can see that confidence on its homepage which states something like this ‘better than your bank,’ and below that, you will see references and accolades from renowned names such as KPMG, BBVA, or TechCrunch.

It then presents information such as interest rates and all the benefits available in a simple but useful manner. 

15) BitClout

BitClout is a web3 social network and web 3.0 websites examples that blends speculative trading and social media. It was built from the ground up itself as a customized blockchain. It has a similar concept to Bitcoin but can store sophisticated social media information such as posts, profiles, followers, and so on.

You can consider it an open-source effort and decentralized platform with no leadership from a corporation.

16) DEIP

It is one of the best websites for the creator’s economy. It aims to abolish publisher lock-in. The company’s solution has a portability feature that enables producers to move assets from DEIP to other protocols and markets.

This functionality enables other Web3 platforms to utilize the assets and recognize their value, improving both the asset’s availability and the product’s value.

17) Decentraland

Decentraland is a 3D virtual environment that users can use to create, enjoy, and monetize content while also trading digital real estate and goods. 

It became one of the first fully decentralized metaverses after its launch in 2020. The digital world remains in its early stages, but as more projects join in, the unlimited possibilities it may give become clear. Decentraland, a platform where blockchain and gaming fans can develop, explore, and trade, is one of the companies that recognized the expanding prospects in this field.

18) IOTA

The webpage begins with an animated backdrop. They alternate between Sci-Fi-style graphics and a real human while emphasizing the essential ideas. From here, one can understand everything there is to know about IOTA and its functions.

IOTA has fundamentally reformed distributed ledger technology, enabling the free and secure exchange of currency and data.

19) EPNS

The Ethereum Push Notification Service offers a decentralized system that allows Ethereum developers to receive notifications both on and off the blockchain. EPNS enables developers to build notifications for smart contracts, backends, or dApps. 

Amongst the many good things about the web3 ecosystem is one big flaw — the fact that it doesn’t have the infrastructure for push notifications right now. This is the problem that the homegrown firm Ethereum Push Notification Service has set out to solve. The company launched its own mainnet earlier this month and has touted to be amongst the most important early-stage web3 startups in the world right now.

20) CoinX

CoinX template adheres to a web 3.0 example websites design approach based on offering easy-to-read material, clear navigation, brand consistency, and directing attention to the site’s features.

Visitors may easily move from one part to the next, ingesting information fast without missing any vital details. It uses information compartments, smooth graphics, and seamless transitions.

I hope you have liked the guide. 

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