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Top 10 Web3 Messaging & Chating Apps

See the list of best blockchain-based Web3 chatting apps, web3 messaging and web3 messagers like Facebook and Instagram of 2023

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web3 social media apps 2023

Connecting to your wallet and messaging directly from your NFT collection marketplace is impossible with a web2 app. You need a dedicated web3 app to do this all for you. There are not a lot of web3 messaging apps available, but as web3 is emerging more and more, developers and other users are understanding the need for dedicated messaging apps. Here, in this guide, you will explore 10 web3 messaging apps that work according to your needs, maintain your privacy, and offer effective communication. 

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List of best Web3 Chatting and Messengers

  1. Nansen Connect
  2. e-Chat
  3. XMTP
  4. 0XChat
  5. BChat
  6. Protico
  7. Status
  8. Console
  9. Comm
  10. Web3MQ

1. Nansen Connect – Web3 Crypto-Native Messaging App

Nansen Connect offers a way for users to connect to their crypto wallet while maintaining their privacy. 

In the blockchain world wallet is an identity. Nansen connect lets you disclose specific features about you with attributes and if you are an advanced user can choose what entity to display to the public and what to not. 

Users can use Connect to log in with their crypto wallet, choose a username based on their wallet labels, join groups relying on crypto holdings and on-chain behaviors, and send DMs to other users (encrypted end-to-end), begins collection statistics and the user holding data in real-time, and eventually build OTC channels for more efficient trading.


2. e-Chat – Strangers Social Network, Online Chat & Dating Rooms

e-Chat is a messenger compatible with Web 3.0 and backed up by blockchain that provides a secure messenger. Because of its web3 compatibility features, it is also one of the most rapidly expanding social networks. 

Users have true independence by utilizing this messenger and may even send cryptocurrency with it. Also, it’s a good website to visit many chat rooms and connect with individuals worldwide. As a result, you will meet numerous web3 enthusiasts from all over the world.

3. XMTP – web3 communication platform

XMTP is a good web3 messaging app. It makes it easy for you to get in touch with the different wallets and services and vice versa. Most users do not face an issue when they want to get in touch with a dApp service, but they face an issue when a dApp or a service wants to get in touch with them. Here XMTP can help you. You can the same wallet you use to transact and sign in to send and receive messages. XMTP messages are encoded with an open content format, which allows for a wide range of display styles and application cases. All XMTP messages are end-to-end encrypted, stored, and delivered off-chain for scalability and privacy. 

4. 0XChat – Web3 Messenger

0XChat - Web3 Messenger
0XChat – Web3 Messenger

Yet another messenger app powered by web3. It is a wallet-to-messaging service allowing users to communicate with one another easily. The messenger app supports MetaMask, Wallet Connect, and Coinbase wallets so far, but soon its users will also be able to use other wallets.

As a user, you can create a nickname, mark contacts on your wallet, and display NFT and assets and the user timeline. 

Adding a new friend is simple; you can do it by entering the wallet address. No need to hush, or chat straightforwardly and safely. Further enjoy the features like messages on and off the chain progressive web app, simple and light, compatible with all desktop and mobile browsers.

5. BChat – Web3 Secure Messenger

Default Encryption, decentralized, censorship-resistant, no email, and Phone, free from surveillance, and no third-Party access features make the BChat one of the best Web3 chat apps. 

It’s a privacy-focused decentralized messenger built on the Beldex blockchain. isn’t simply encrypting your messages but also keeping them private to you. It does not collect personal information about you, such as your name, email address, phone number, or even location.

6. Protico – Web3 Chatting Network

Protico is the most popular Web3 Chatting Network. You can now utilize Protico to create true Web3 Chats using your Web3 IDs and Assets. It is one such creative app allowing you to create Web3 Chats across apps and websites. So, in any case, you feel perplexed as to why all Web3 talks remained on the unending Web2 social apps? Then, you can download the Protico. With it can you publicly and anonymously share/exchange comments about specific websites with others. Also, you may now use Protico to leave comments on any website with your wallet address. You can check for this app in your google chrome extensions. 

7. Status – Private, Secure Communication

Involve in private and secure communications with Status. It allows you to message, browse, and transact on your terms. Status protects your messages from third parties by utilizing an open-source, p2p protocol and e2e encryption. Further, you can also set your messages to private mode with the app. 

If you think that’s it, no. wait till you explore dApp ecosystems with it.dApp ecosystem includes marketplaces, exchanges, games, and a secure network. So, don’t forget to have your experience with status in a secure and safe browsing experience. 

8. Console | Web3 chat for decentralized communities

The console is a web3 messengers app that also offers secure, safe, and private communication between you and other users. Most messenger apps use bots for verifications, these bots can lead to serious data breaches sometimes. The app solves the entire bot-related problems by removing authentication with bots and bringing web wallet chat straight into the Console platform. Also, it provides a token so maintain your privacy even better. Token gating allows you to control who gets access to a Web3 community. Each Console community’s admins can set their own gating rules for better privacy. 

9. Comm

Comm is a creative crypto native chat app. It is more of a protocol that works in tandem with an app. Each community has its backend, known as a keyserver. 

Comm began as an effort to create a private, decentralized alternative to Discord. it maintains your privacy on priority, so you can freely sign in using your wallet. You can use the user’s ENS. Plus, you have complete control over your identity and data on Comm. The entire code of the Comm is open source. So, if you want to customize it to create your app, feel free to do so. 

10. Web3MQ – Web3 Messaging Protocol

Web3MQ enables native Web3 communications and value transfer. It transforms boring web3 chats into something exciting. You can connect and direct messages using your web3 wallet while communicating effectively in DAOs. In addition to this, it provides a chat facility for gamers to eliminate the need for a separate discord.  

Discover what only a Web3-native pass messenger can provide. Chat on several social media channels. Directly message users from NFT marketplaces and suggest transactions and join NFT marketplace user communities to communicate and trade with others who share your interest in a Web3 native manner.

These were the 10 apps that you can use to chat among your peers in a wb3 environment. Now, it is your turn to decide which one you prefer. 

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