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web3 marketing strategy 2023

2023 is just around the corner and web3 technology is reaching its new heights. It’s a great time for everyone to explore the web3 marketing strategies that can also give their business a web3 makeover. To understand web3 marketing strategies in its depth, you have to first get deep into its components. So, first, let’s take a look at them. 

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The Components Of The Web3 

Web 3.0 marketing makes it possible for marketers to dive into a whole new world of advertising and marketing that is full of new ideas.

Success in Web3 marketing strategy, like in many other businesses, depends on a strong network and for a strong network, you need different components aligned, and here are those components. 


Everyone is getting on the NFT bandwagon, from celebrities to brands. Because NFTs are one-of-a-kind, they can substitute web forms and protect purchasers from the risk of counterfeits. Businesses can provide fast access to material to NFT owners and allow NFTs to unlock additional perks based on their worth.

Limited edition NFTs offer an excellent method to interact with customers & communities. The NFTs can be collected as well as traded or sold. You can also use the NFTs to gain VIP access to an event and early product releases, or online content.

NFTs make digital assets that reflect ownership of products such as artwork, video games, and music. NFTs have adopted electronic ownership verifiable for the first time.


Blockchain is a digital, ever-expanding database of data records. A list like this is made up of multiple chunks of data structured chronologically and linked & secured by cryptographic proofs. Blockchain transactions take place on a peer-to-peer system of globally dispersed computers (nodes). Each node keeps a copy of the blockchain thus contributing to the network’s functionality and security. This is what distinguishes Bitcoin as decentralized digital money with no borders, no censorship, and no need for third-party intermediation.

Furthermore, blockchain also provides self-executing smart contracts that enterprises have used to simplify trade and business between two parties without the need for a middleman. This decreases the costs associated with using traditional approaches while maintaining authenticity and credibility.


The Metaverse creates value and a place, where billions of users access information, engage with others, & sell goods and services, but with a more interactive experience through easy integration of offline and online. Businesses can also utilize virtual reality to enhance attendance at events, exhibitions, and conferences.

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As the barrier between virtual & reality blurs thanks to AR and VR gadgets, the number of virtual influencers has increased. Real persons in real-time can create wholly imaginary CGI-rendered characters or an avatar operated in real-time by a real person. Brands can approach these individuals for marketing efforts.

So, the entire idea of the metaverse makes the 3D illustrations an integral component of web3 and websites, apps, and adverts. They make it easy for consumers to find them, making company brands recognizable. Today, You can find several providers out there that provide 3D models, plenty of which are readymade and fully customizable.

Social Media Platforms

Social media firms such as Twitter, YouTube, Instagram, Facebook, and TikTok have become the most powerful corporations today. While these popular platforms have altered how people communicate online and brought new features to improve user experience, they have also been accused of privacy abuses.

Facebook, TikTok, and a slew of other apps have thrived by gathering user data and sharing it with marketing companies for more precise ad targeting. However, since it became known that firms had been inappropriately harvesting their customers’ data without their agreement, media publishers, app developers, and e-commerce stores have been compelled to discover new ways to thrive. And these new ways are offered by web3 technology. Web3 technology offers more transparency and control over the user’s data than other technology can provide. 

To successfully go for any type of web3 technology marketing, you have to take care of these 3 components as these can help you achieve your web3 targets.

How is Web3 Marketing Different from Web2?

Businesses are now changing their marketing strategies as a result of the different shapes that marketing on Web2 and Web3 has shown to take. User data is the major source of power for Web2 marketing, whereas Web3 touches on a broad range of marketing strategies, instead pushing elaborate and imaginative experiences through tools like NFTs and the metaverse.

The Web3 marketing strategy is pushing for greater community initiative and participation, where companies believe it necessary to be a part of communities, connecting individuals with similar aims together, and providing everyone with an equal opportunity to make decisions, such as in DAOs.

In Web3, the categories of business, customer, and investor merge into a unified, community-focused group of stakeholders that are all tied economically.

The company that manufactures the product, the customer who purchases the product, and the investors who profit from the product’s success and sale are the three kinds of entities that are involved in both Web2 and traditional business models.

When a Web3 NFT project is properly designed, all of the community’s stakeholders are motivated to collaborate in order to construct and develop the project, evangelize (sell) the project, and expand the community.

Best Practice of Web3 Marketing

Web3 has an impact on all marketing tactics and goes beyond the use of websites and SEO. Furthermore, it enables advertisers to give tailored adverts and improves consumer experience through active publicity of a service or a brand. With that in mind, here are some of the best practices of web3 marketing techniques that you can use to advertise your services or products. 

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1. Cross Platform Support And Abilities

As a result, for Web3 to be universal, you can use it to create strategies that are accessible from any device and any application. However, it makes little difference if the number of internet users grows daily.

You can use this no limitations rule to implement the Web3 marketing plan, regardless of the time, place, or device.

2. Decentralization 

Web3 marketing emphasizes decentralization meaning no organization will have centralized control over data because it will stay available in multiple locations at the same time. Furthermore, intermediaries will no longer exist, reducing any chances of server failure and information theft.

In the centralized world, if for any reason, any centralized organization suffered significant losses as a result of the collapse. But, this situation will never occur with web3.

3. AI

Web3 and AI technology continue growing in synergy, and the Web3 platform will enable significant improvements in the AI business. AIs will crawl and correct data immediately thanks to blockchain’s distributed ledger technology allowing them to greatly enhance their learning process.

4. Virtual Reality 

Using virtual reality which is unquestionably an important component of Web3 can help your business to go to new heights. Metaverses have exploded in popularity in recent years, with numerous firms, including Nike, Facebook, and others, already establishing virtual brand empires. These VR technologies are opening up a whole new universe of possibilities for the marketing sector. Marketers can now make use of previously unavailable digital real estate. There are different possible uses of virtual reality that you can explore in the Web3 world. 

Web3 Content Marketing Technique

Blockchain technology, with its security & decentralization, serves as the foundation for virtual worlds and the web3 content marketing techniques that are being developed all over the internet. And here is how the web3 content marketing technique can help your business to expand your business. 

Content Related to Your Market 

There are no central servers, and information is shared between participants directly in the centralized system, these issues are addressed by blockchain. As a result, blockchain-based systems provide a more secure and intimate engagement with your audience.

However, you will have to perform your due diligence over the Web3 content marketing methods emerging as a result of this. You can even check how paid ads operate, as they will no longer rely on a centralized platform like Google. More importantly, you will have greater freedom to create a community not reliant on a single entity. This alone will create a plethora of chances for forward-thinking marketers.

The Use Of Big Data

Big data will only grow as information exchange becomes more democratized, especially true when you consider Web3’s security, which will make users feel more at ease online.

With big data, the impact on digital marketing becomes much more obvious. It provides helpful information about your intended audience to develop relatable content.

As web3 technology is growing at a great pace, new targeted opportunities are quite likely to emerge in the next few years. So stay up to date on big data innovations if you want to take full use of them.

New Way Of Content Optimization 

NFTs are only available to the wealthy and famous. Anyone can make one, and it can be an image, a song, or anything else that can be digitized. According to content marketing specialists like Gary Vee, everything will be an NFT in the next few years, from festival tickets to real estate.

That is, a simple infographic can transition from a content medium to an income source. 

You can earn money by converting any content into an NFT. In contrast to several other Web3 content trends in the market, you don’t have to wait long to get on board. NFTs are all the trend right now, therefore you should look into them

Rewards and Tokenization 

Blockchain-based projects use their crypto coins to invite people and generate awareness. By providing the reward to users, you are not increasing awareness about the project. In many cases, founders give them away for free to early adopters, a practice known as an airdrop. Users who engage in the project, like shareholders, keep onto tokens in the hope that their value will increase in the future.

Creating a crypto coin offers a much easier way to offer rewards and create engagement between users. Many developers can do it just for you, so if you lack coding expertise, you can hire one.

Granted, blockchains still work in their early stages, thus the entire industry is in flux. However, you can expect it will enter the mainstream shortly. You can be an early supporter and can pay off handsomely.

More Immersive Experience

Web3 brought Metaverse, which is a powerful way to promote your business and your content. Virtual worlds are going off, and computer enthusiasts are already flocking to them. They buy and sell Plots of digital land worth thousands of dollars. People gather in virtual squares and even shop for their avatars.

As dismal as this may sound, there’s no denying that the Metaverse has opened up a plethora of marketing options. Digital events, stores, and products are already playing as a big help used by brands to promote themselves.

At the time, none of the famous virtual worlds were bug-free or even close to reaching their full potential. That is why now is the ideal time to jump and be ready to welcome your audience when they arrive.

So, that’s all about the web3 strategies and technologies that you can try in 2023. Hope you liked the guide. 

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