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55 Types & Examples of Blogs That Make Most Money in 2023

We’ve curated the list of 55 types of blogs that make the most money in 2022. And we’ve added examples to each...

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types of blogs that make the most money

Everyone wants to create content that can drive them tons of readers as well as money. However, to create content, first, you need content. The content that can relate to your readers. Nowadays, more people love to spend time online than ever before because they can get the answer to all of the questions that pop up in their minds. The answer is the key, not only for the reader but also for the content creators. The more you try to provide precise answers to your reader, the more they will relate to it. 

Also, don’t forget there is quite a competition out there for content creators. So, every time you try to create content make sure you are breaking ground for your content. Research well, provide answers, and pick a proper niche that you enjoy writing down in your next blog. 

In 2023, Starting a technology blog is the most profitable, below are a few examples

  1. Start a Blockchain Blog & News Updates Websites to make money only.
  2. Start a product or services review website.
  3. You can start Cryptocurrency News Aggregator Websites. It is one of the best ideas that makes the most money.
  4. If you have the budget then you can start your blockchain business app. Here is the best Blockchain Business App Ideas.
  5. If you have a little bit of knowledge of bitcoin, start updating trading and signals blogs.

20+ Examples of Blogs That Make Money in 2023

If you are new in the content creation fields and have no idea which niche you should start with, don’t worry. In this guide, we will narrow down your focus to these 20 blogpost ideas. Not only are these blog ideas popular, but also the best types of blogs that make money. So, let’s get you started. 

How to Make Money With Web3

1. Web3.0 Blogs 

Technologies always make the talk of the town. And you should never forget it when you are a content creator. Web3.0 has birthed several other new technologies making it the most discussed top. If you are a technology person, make sure you consider this blog post idea. Because not only are these blog posts extremely popular nowadays, but they are also the best types of blogs to make money in just a short time. 

examples of blogs that make money
examples of blogs that make money

Example of Web3 Blog

  • Let’s Make Money With Web3.0 In These Three Methods
  • Why Blockchain Is Extremely Popular
  • Benefits Of Private Blockchain

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2. How-To Guides 

Show people how to do things with accurate and reliable information. How-to guides are based mostly on instructional nature. The post either guides the audience to either solve an issue or achieve specified goals with the help of step-by-step instructions.

The how-to guides make the ⅓ of the blogs on the internet. And they are extremely popular and the types of blogs that make the most money. How to guide, use the reader’s curiosity to hook them, and then reach the climax by providing them with a full explanation. 

Examples of how to blog ideas

  • How to Make Money With NFTs
  • How To Make Russian Salad At Home 
  • How To Calm Your Angry Spouse

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3. Money Making Guides 

Creators and readers both love to find the easy way to make money and you can use this as your next blog idea. Provide them the ways to make money. It is one of the most popular blog post niches that catch the eye of everyone instantly. They may not be looking for this content, but they will click it and try to find out what’s in it for them. So, use this money mindset well. However, ensure you are not writing on something that is not genuine. Instead, search well, find the content and then write it. Like you can write on the passive income sources, look at the examples, and then decide. 

Blog example of money making guide

  • Make Money With Youtube-3 Simple Steps
  • Generate Your Next Income Stream With Freelancing- Tips
  • Three Simple Steps To Make Money As A Fashion Influencer 

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4. List Guides

List Guides are fun to create and soothing to read. As a blog writer, you will not regret your time spent on these types of blogs. Not only do these blogs make good money, but also are an unconventional source of thought. By structure, a list post features several things. The blog revolves around a list of points that can explain something. You can even call them bullet list posts. In fact, you are right now reading one. 

Examples to make money from list guide

  • 10 Things You Need To Know Before Traveling To UAE 
  • 25 Products You Should Buy From Amazon
  • 5 Thoughts To Turn Life Into A Positive Direction

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5. Comparison Guides 

The next up to the list is our comparison guides. Everyone has the two things in life that confuse them the most. And they desperately look for solutions to get rid of this confusion. Use this as a core for your blog. Solve the confusion, get the reader, and make money with this guide.

And you may already have the idea to this point, that comparison posts do a comparison or review of the two or more products side by side to help readers decide which product will be best for them. 

Examples for comparison guide blogs

  • Pros And Cons of Using Mobile Phone 
  • What Should You Use A Plastic Brush Or A Neem Brush 
  • Is Going To Bali This Summer Is A Good Idea

6. Show The Alternatives 

Alternative blogs are also one of the best money making blogs examples. Alternative posts somewhat function as comparison blogs. But, when creating an alternative blog, you pick one product and show its multiple alternatives to solve the confusion, budget, time, etc., related problems. 

Examples of blog to show alternatives

  • 5 Best Amazon Alternatives 
  • 3 Best Zoom Alternatives 
  • What Can You Use Instead Of AC To Cool The Air

7. Statices Blogs 

If you want to grab strict attention from your readers then static blogs make the best choice for you. But, you have to craft the static blog around the facts and truths, so that your article can successfully deliver the element of surprise. Don’t miss out on the element of surprise as these types of blogs are known for them. 

Examples of static blogs

  • How the Pandemic Increased The Number Of Online Shoppers
  • What Stats E-commerce platforms Can Use For Their Growth
  • How Population Have Affected The Natural Resources

8. Covid Guidelines 

You can build a lot of content around the covid in very less time. To create a covid guideline blog, you can even mix up the how-to guide and stats guide to provide much relatable information for your readers. People want to know more about the covid so that they can spare themselves from this virus. Use this curiosity, create some genuine content, and wait for your reader to read it. 

Examples of covid guidelines

  • 5 Countries Who Have Beat The Covid
  • Guidelines To Save Your Family From The Virus 
  • Save Your Kids From Covid- Tips 

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9. Collection Blogs

Collection guides contain information about related things that can result in an explanation or answer, or solve issues. If you are a beginner you can surely try this guide. They are easy to write but can hold the power to impress your audience. 

Examples of a collection of blog ideas

  • Do This 5 Steps To Install A Keyboard Successfully
  • 10 Steps To Figure Out Personality
  •  Know Your Face Type  In 3 Steps

10. Explain The Technology 

These blogs do not stand far from Web 3.0 blogs. However, it is for you when you are passionate about the technology, and its benefits, and want others to understand everything about it. Explaining the technology blogs can include points like, how technology works, its advantages, its impact, and much more. The tech industry is a huge part of the economy, which means you have a lot of readers. So target them with your content. 

Examples of random technology blog

  • AI- The Future Alternative For Most Of The Jobs 
  • How IoT Can Revolutionize The World Around You 
  • See You Career In These 5 Technologies 

11. Interview Blogs

Now, you have to do a lot of hard work to work on this type of blog idea. But surely it will be worth it. You can carter this blog around a famous personality’s interview about their career, or a normal person describing their daily life and more. These types of blogs cover endless possibilities, so find your one.  

Example of interview blog to make money in 2023

  • “I worked hard every day to get to this platform”- Steve Michaels.
  • Let’s Know The Insights Of Rema- What She Has To Say About Her Current Relationship. 
  • Don’t get in trouble- Billy Hokins, Gets Emotional

12. Review Blogs

Review blogs are pretty easy to do, they either revolve around the experience of either yours or someone you know. These blogs do not have to hustle, you can easily write them. Because these blogs are based on real-life events. With these types of blogs, you can engage your audience from start to end. 

Examples of review blog

  • How This 16-Year-Old Teen Becomes Millionaire
  • Learn From This 10-Year Cancer Survivor to Win Every Battle
  • Do Not Make Money Make Memories- The Life Story Of A 52-Year Billionaire 

13. Educational Content 

Education blogs aim to deliver knowledge to people. Make a list of the things that you want to educate people about, do good research, and start writing your content. You can pick anything you like from finance to the art industry, but it has to be something you know fully about. 

Examples of educational content

  • Learn Periodic Table Easily With This Method
  • All You Need To Know About Web 3.0 
  • Know-How To Check The Temperature 

14. Finance Blogs 

Money makes the topics that excite people. And finance is everything people need to know about. You can consider writing finance blogs if you already have knowledge about the field and want others to know about it. But remember that mistakes have no place in this field. If you can master finance blogs, you can yield a huge sum of money. Because these make the best type of blogs to make money.

Examples of financial blogs

  • How to collect the debt
  • Save In Mutual Funds- Step Towards Financial Security
  • Buy The NFTs And Make Passive Money 

15. Entertainment Blogs

A section of entertainment is good to have in your content portfolio. Interest in entertainment can never go old. You can make a huge amount of money with these types of blogs in just a short time. Youth love to read about movies, series, and music. Help them with your blogs to stay updated.

Examples of blog ideas

  • 10 Series To Watch This Summer 
  • 5 Upcoming Mega Star Movies
  • Top 100 Music Videos Of 2021 

16. Traveling Blogs

You can make people explore new places with your writing. You can either write about your travelling experience or you can also write about a travel destination, spots to visit in it, what it is famous for, etc. However, when you choose these types of blogs to write, buckle up as you need a lot of research to do. 

Examples of travelling blogs blog website idea

  • 10 Beautiful Destinations To Visit In India 
  • Best Destination For Your Next Trip 
  • Know These Things Before Visiting Canada 

17. Health-Related Blogs 

People also love to read health blogs, so you can acquire them as your next niche. You can structure your guide around a disease, its causes, treatments, and other related information. Just make sure you create it with the help of genuine facts and research because these types of blogs can directly impact someone. So, never write health blogs just to write, write them to inform. 

Examples of a healthcare blog

  • 10 Research Centers For Cancer In the UK 
  • 5 Care Tips To Cure The Pain Of Pancreatic Cancer 
  • Treat Cold With These Home Remedies

18. Gaming Blogs 

Gaming blogs are not just limited to video content. They are also ideal content for content writers. Games make gamers go crazy, and addicted. And you can use this to make some money for yourself. Deliver good content around the games and start making insane money for you. These types of blogs to make money are crazy, but they are worthy ideas. 


  • List Of 22 Gaming Platforms For 2020
  • Pro Gaming With Nighthawk Router 
  • Beginners Guide To Clash Of Clans 

19. Routine Blogs 

These blogs are much more of a part of personal blogs, but just a much more elaborated version. You can use your pen or keyboard to reveal some of your details or your joint experience with someone else. Blogs define a good way to build an emotional connection with your readers.  


  • My Makeup Routine To Get The Glowing Skin 
  • 2 Things I Do To Win Every Argument
  • My And My Mothers Relation

20. Personal Blogs 

Personal blogs are all about telling your readers about your life. They can be about life experience, your favourite dish, your day-to-day experience, your office work style, how you go along with people you don’t like, and much more. These are of the easy types of blogs that you can do, but also are a great source of money. 


  • 5 Life Lessons My Grandmother Taught Me 
  • How I Cracked My Amazon Job Interview 
  • Life In An Urban Town With A Joint Family 
What are the best Types of Blogs That Make Money (With Examples)

These are the best blog types to make huge money.
1. Technology Blog.
2. Fashion Blog.
3. Petcare Blog.
4. Marketing Blog.
5. Health and Fitness Blog.
6. Mom Blog.
7. Food Blog.
8. Lifestyle Blog.

Which blogging topic is best for making money?

Blockchain and pet blogging is the best idea to money online.

What kinds of blogs are in demand these days?

Bitcoin and web3 blogs are in demand these days.

What are the Highest Paid Blog Ideas in 2023?

Insurance and software blogs are the highly paid blog ideas.

Wrapping Up

We have covered 20 examples of blogs that make money. You can take help from these blog ideas to cover your next content, even if it is your first content. However, be sure the niche you choose is passionate and exciting. Because writing about the things you love is satisfying on a whole new level. 

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