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The Top 7 Time Tracking App for Field Service Companies

Need help tracking employee hours accurately? Your search ends right here. Go through the list of the best time tracking apps for...

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Running a field service business? Have you picked a time tracking app yet? If your answer is no, then we must say, your business operations are more likely to suffer from severe mismanagement. And this could lead to a significant loss of profit for your company. If you look around, all the successful service delivery businesses are using time tracking Mobile apps for Field Service Technicians. And if you are not using one, you are missing out on important competitive advantages. 

Imagine this: You are running a field service business with the help of several field technicians. Now, a customer calls you and informs you that the assigned technician for his appointment has not shown up yet. Further, he asks you what is taking him so long and when can he expect the technician to arrive. Of course, as an efficient business manager, you would want to satisfy your customer with relevant information. But if you are still relying on the traditional paper-based business methods, you have no means to possibly answer the questions. Because you have, as a matter of fact, no idea yourself where your employees are. Worse still, you don’t even want the mishap of not reaching the job site on time in the first place.  

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The answer to all of these problems is simple. Just get a time tracking app for your employees. A time tracking app, commonly known as a time tracker, is a digital tool used to keep records of total work hours. It measures every employee’s working time and gives you an insight into how much time they have spent on different tasks, clients, or projects. It is an automated process that measures the total time spent on its own and eliminates the need for manual input, thus avoiding chances of manual error or professional malpractices.  

The benefits of this cutting-edge digital tool are boundless. First of all, it introduces scalability into your business process, which is an essential element for Field Service Management these days. Besides, it helps you keep a tab on your employees’ total time spent on the job, thus optimizing your resources more efficiently. 

With the market overflowing with different time tracking apps for different niches, it could be a daunting task to choose the right online tool that fits perfectly with your field service business requirements. But fret not. We have brought you a list of the seven most efficient and effective time tracking apps that would make your life easier and help grow your business further.

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Go Through the List of Time Tracking App for Field Service Companies

1. TimeCamp 

TimeCamp is the perfect time tracking app for organizations that require to monitor projects based on billable hours. This is why it is the first choice for large agencies. TimeCamp will automatically measure time and assign it to specific projects so that neither you nor any of your employees need to make a single manual entry. 

In addition to task management for projects, this app also has tools designed for attendance tracking and team management. It easily integrates with other apps you are already using to manage your tasks and projects. The app can also create invoices by automatically filling up the items based on your chosen settings, such as by hourly rate, task, or user. 

You can access all TimeCamp plans via desktop app, web app, and a mobile app. 

Pricing: TimeCamp is unbelievably affordable and easy to use despite the host of advanced features. It also offers a 14-day free plan available for unlimited users. However, no lower-tier plans have the invoicing

 or timesheet approval features. You will need to subscribe to the Pro Plan to avail those functionalities. 

2. QuickBooks Time (formerly TSheets) 

Perhaps QuickBooks Time is the best time tracker for tracking employee hours available now. Formerly known as TSheets, the software was purchased and rebranded by QuickBooks, one of today’s most popular accounting and task management software.  

All the things that people loved about TSheets are still there while it has been made better with the easy QuickBooks Desktop and Online Integration. You can now easily create invoices and streamline payroll using the advanced time clock feature. You can also integrate the app with the accounting software to sync your books and turn employee hours into billable client invoices with just a few clicks. 

QuickBooks Time also offers arguably the best mobile app on the market. It uses geofencing technology so that your employees can automatically clock in and clock out when they enter or exit a predefined boundary, without actually having to use the app physically. 

Pricing: QuickBooks Time plans start at $8/month per user with a monthly base fee of $15. For the advanced features such as project estimates and geofencing, you need to upgrade to the advanced plan of $10/month per user with a base monthly fee of $30. 

3. Toggl 

Toggl is the most user-friendly time tracking app for anyone looking for the basic tracking features. Although it does not have many advanced features like other leading time trackers, it does what is meant to do—simple time tracking. Whether making a new time entry or continuing with a previous task, you can manage your projects with just a single click using Toggl. The app helps you manage projects, assign billable rates to specific tasks, and give you a detailed report. It also offers data visualization features to determine labor cost vs. Profits and access to the team dashboard to see the level of your employee productivity. 

In addition to keeping track of login and logout, Toggl can also measure idle time. It also sends you a reminder if you forget to start or end tracking a particular task. Besides, it easily integrates with over 100 other project management and accounting software.  

The best part of using Toggl is that it is highly flexible. You can access the app via any device. So much so, that you can start tracking a project through your desktop and stop it on your smartphone. It is that easy and versatile. 

Pricing: The basic plan for Toggl starts at $9/month per user billed annually. If you want advanced features such as profitability charts, project management, etc., you need to go for the higher plan starting at $18/month per user.  

Toggl also offers a free trial period for 30 days. 

4. Harvest 

Arguably the best time tracking app for small businesses, Harvest is an all-in-one solution for project management, scheduling, and invoicing. It is known for its extraordinary simplicity and ease of use. You will know exactly how much time your employees are spending on specific tasks when they are working, when they are not, and even how productive they have been on the field. This way, you can also identify your most productive employees and find out who is being overworked. It is a great way to manage and optimize your resources. 

Harvest also allows you to view billable hours from the same dashboard, set automatic reminders, and approve weekly timesheets. The app can easily turn tracked billable hours into client invoices with just a click and integrates with PayPal and Stripe so that you can get paid on the go. 

Pricing: Basic plan starts at $12/month per person. You can save up to 10% if you opt for annual billing. For solo users, Harvest has a free forever plan as well. But you need to upgrade to the paid version if you want to track a team. 

5. Hubstaff 

If you are looking for a pocket-friendly option for employee monitoring and time tracking, Hubstaff is your best choice. It is the most efficient tool for employee productivity monitoring. It also uses GPS tracking, online timesheets, scheduling features, payroll tools, geofencing, and accounting tools based on time tracked. 

Pricing: The basic Hubstaff plan starts at $7/month per user. But to get the most out of Hubstaff and its features, you’ll want to upgrade to Hubstaff Premium, which starts at $10/month per user. However, all paid Hubstaff plans require a two-user minimum. So those plans technically start at $14 and $20, respectively. 

6. is another simple and cost-effective time tracking software. The service tracks employee hours for payroll and billable time calculations. It also has a leave management system for time off and PTO, allowing employee requests, supervisor approvals, and accrual calculations. You and your staff can track mileage, expenses, and upload receipts directly from your phone. 

However, is limited. It doesn’t offer advanced reporting or project management features. As the name implies, it’s geared more towards timesheets and employee hours instead of tracking individual tasks. 

Pricing: offers the most affordable pricing options on our list. It’s free for solo users and freelancers. For businesses, this time tracking software is just $4.50 per month per user. If you sign up for annual billing, you’ll get one month for free. Nonprofits get 20% off. There are no other setup fees, hidden fees, or long-term contract requirements. 

7. Field Promax – Field Service Management Software 

If you want a tailor-made time tracking app for field service management, then go for Field Promax. This smart, cloud-based tool is designed with field technicians in mind. And more importantly, it gives you all kinds of support to manage a remote team, including time tracking.  

Field Promax offers the all-in-one solution for field personnel management, from scheduling and dispatching to remote monitoring. It also offers time card approval, allowing technicians to submit their time cards for approval at the end. You can also get hold of the complete schedule of your technicians with the comprehensive calendar view with daily, weekly, and monthly formats, along with the days off planner, an incredible feature that lets you know which employees are available for the day’s task.  

Most interestingly, Field Promax offers an advanced GPS-integrated field management app that allows you to monitor the real-time location of your employees. This way, you can always be informed about where they are working, how much time they are spending on a particular job, how long it is taking to reach one job site to another, and most importantly, how long will they take to finish the job at hand before they move to the next one.  

With Field Promax, you can easily integrate time cards with work orders to eliminate erroneous task entries and increase your total billable hours by correctly identifying any part of the technician’s time that was not entered in the invoice. 

Field Promax also integrates with QuickBooks accounting software, giving you the complete solution to manage your books, data synchronization, as well as creating and sending invoices taking billable hours into account.

The tool works on any device across various systems. You can access Field Promax via desktop, web, or mobile apps. The app is available for both iOS and Android. 

Pricing: Field Promax offers a variety of plans according to your specific requirement. The price starts at $49/month for 2 users. If you need access for more users, you need to subscribe to higher-tier plans which allow up to 50 users. But unlike most other time tracking apps, Field Promax offers a 14-day trial period completely free of cost, with unrestricted access to all its features. 

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Before We Wrap Up 

The Best Mobile Field Service App for time tracking is undoubtedly the one that takes care of all the hard work related to timekeeping and makes your life easy. But more importantly, it should track time without disrupting your creative workflow. While choosing a time tracking app for your company, make sure it takes care of all the critical components of time management, including reporting, monitoring, data analysis, invoicing, and everything else. An efficient time tracking app should simplify the user’s job by providing hassle-free features and services. 

At the same time, keep customer service and support in mind. No matter how smart or affordable your time tracking app is, you cannot deal with it unless you have the assurance of round-the-clock support and service. Besides, it must be easy to operate. Not just for you, your employees must be comfortable with the tool to use it without any disruption. Otherwise, the whole purpose of using a time tracker is defeated. 

Now that you have the list of the best time tracking apps handy and the pointers for choosing the right too, all is left to do is choose the Best Time Tracking Mobile Apps for Field Service Business. So, don’t waste any more of your valuable time. Go ahead and pick the one that best suits the needs of your business. 

And if you need any more information about top time tracking apps, check out this article.

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