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Top 10 Platforms to Host Metaverse Events

Looking to host an 3D event in metaverse? Here we have listed the popular apps to organize metaverse event. Now host Metavese...

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Platforms to host metaverse event

Metaverse events are live and interactive. They are a way for participants to engage with the topic at hand, learn new skills, and network with like-minded people in the industry. If you want to host your event, some websites can help you. Here, in this guide, we look at 10 websites and platforms you can choose to host your metaverse event. 

List of Apps and Websites to Host Metaverse Event

  1. DreamCast
  2. Adaptika
  3. Airmeet
  4. Almond Virtex
  5. Next Meet
  6. MootUp
  7. Breakroom
  8. Video Meet
  9. EventX
  10. Buzzlogic

1. DreamCast – All-in-one event platform

The Dreamcast is one of the best platforms to host metaverse event. It provides new ways to experience events and changes the way users interact with the world. It offers a unique experience for customers, as they can explore new worlds through virtual reality. They offer three services – custom events, immersive experiences, and interactive installations. The platform is an excellent choice for hosting metaverse events. It can host any type of event in virtual reality – from conferences to concerts to product launches. 

With this platform, you have many features that can benefit your virtual event. Some of the prominent features are one-on-one and group networking, live chat capabilities, and even business card exchanges. Dreamcast also allows you to run live polls, quizzes, Q&A sessions, and contests. There is one. AI matchmaking is a feature that enables attendees with the same goals to have virtual conversations with potential matches via audio/video chats and calls in real time.

2. Adaptika – Metaverse Campus

Another platform that you can include in your search is Adaptika to host your virtual event. Unlike other platforms, Adaptika doesn’t require any software installation or download. It offers a wide range of features to help organizers manage their events and increase the quality of their attendees’ experience.

You can host town hall meetings, speaking engagements, conferences, graduations, and other events. All the participants can participate in live breakout sessions, team-building activities, private meetings, and large keynote sessions with live or recorded speakers. The Adaptika’s virtual world is fully customizable, allowing you to brand the event with logos and signage on billboards and video walls throughout your MetaVerse.

Many features can stand out about this platform, but one particular is that it lets you track the attendee engagement, the most popular session, peak time, downtime, and attendance. Further, with this platform, you can improve your global reach as Adaptika is globally accessible to market and manage events. 

3. Airmeet – virtual and hybrid event platform

Airmeet gives the user an experience of being immersed in the event, with the ability to interact with other people who are attending the event, providing an easy way to host virtual events and conferences.

It is currently one of the most popular virtual event platforms. The platform enables the host to run different parallel sessions and is suitable for various events such as workshops, town halls, and meetings. If you want to host a big event, here is the good news: you can invite up to 10,000 people to a virtual event. Just not this, you can also host live broadcasts on YouTube and Facebook. Other features include a virtual banquet hall, table chat, and screen-sharing. So all and all Airmeet makes it easy to create, host, and attend virtual events and conferences so that hosting metaverse events becomes easy and simple for everyone. 

4. Almond Virtex – Virtual Event Platform

VIRTEX enables brands, organizations, and institutions to create engaging virtual experiences. It allows people to have a shared experience and talk about the things they love. Almond is one of the best platforms that entrepreneurs and developers like you can use to host these events.

You can host anything from conferences, exhibitions, R&R shows, community events, and launch events, to training programs, as well as other engagement-led initiatives. With this platform, all of your platforms will be secure, customizable, scalable, and extremely user-friendly. VIRTEX provides an exceptional return on experience by leveraging the power of data and analytics.

Almond Virtex further allows you to create your event with whichever features you want, including custom avatars and customization of the environment. It also has an integrated chat system so that participants can talk to each other throughout the event. And, they can enjoy the immersive experience. 

5. Next Meet – 3D Avatar Based Virtual Meeting Platforms

With the NextMeet you can solve remote working challenges and engage with your WFH team from the most remote locations. It enables the students, learners, and even employees to host virtual events and interact with each other in a 3D immersive environment. All and all, Next Meet holds every capacity to host a metaverse event. So, you can host our events online to attract people from all over the world. The platform can provide the space for every event, including launches, conferences, and trade shows. You can use this one of the best websites to host metaverse event for your enterprise deals, and even book a free demo to know what it looks like to host an event with the Next meet. 

Like any other platform, the avatar can interact with each other and a business, and you can display the brand name logo on the expo stands. In another feature, you get a networking launch, a help desk, and a universal chat house for your event. 

6. MootUp – 3D Virtual Events Platform

MootUp is also among the best apps to host events in metaverse to provide a completely immersive virtual events experience. The platform’s 3D web technology has developed over time to make 3D environments accessible on any device, including laptops, mobile phones, and VR headsets. 

You can host several events with the Mootup like a virtual product launch, virtual hybrid events, virtual team building, virtual conference, and even more. To organize an event you certainly don’t have to be a big company. You can easily organize and customize your event if you are from healthcare, education, NGO, or from any other brand. It makes no difference whether you use our cutting-edge features or the tools you already know and love, like Zoom. The “all-in-one” 3D platform MootUp provides the memorable experiences your audience is looking for.

7. Breakroom – Virtual Collaboration Networking

The breakroom is an easy-to-use platform that helps you host your event efficiently. It assembles your audience in a single, easily navigable, and fully immersive 3D virtual environment that fosters a sense of social and physical presence.

Breakroom tries to provide the full immersive experience it can provide. To do that, visitors are free to move around the virtual event space at their leisure, participate in presentations, visit exhibit booths, and interact and network with other attendees informally. Additionally, you have total control over the environment and user experience with Breakroom, opening up new possibilities not available with conventional 2D platforms and actual events. You can fully customize your event, space, and branding. Further, if you want to track the event analysis you can track the event’s success in the future. Take advantage of the spatial audio in our avatar-driven virtual world environment, which promotes unplanned networking.

8. Video Meet 

Video Meet enables you to host video conferences, much like Zoom. Along with hosting webinars, the platform also enables users to screen-share, record meetings, live stream, share documents, and create waiting areas.

It is one of the best and most effective platforms for hosting metaverse events. Just like any other platform, people can meet and interact with each other virtually and in the real world. Customize, organize, or put your brand’s logo, this platform also gives you everyone. 

The metaverse designs an environment where people can meet and communicate with each other in a way that is more natural than any other online meeting software available on the market today. You can check out their website to know more about this video hosting platform. 

9. EventX – Virtual Events, Exhibits & Online Meeting

A successful event requires successful planning and the EventX is here to give you that. But, if you want to make it easier for event managers to perform their duties, visit EventsX. With this platform, you can give your attendees an engaging and interactive online event experience. By making through that they have meaningful interactions, just like at an actual event. For the creation of incredibly interactive online experiences, they have created the tools that can help you organize the event you desire. Apart from this, you can also customize the venue of EventsX to an event planner’s specifications. Although it has many features to provide you, here are some features like AI-based analysis, data science-based reports, flexibility, modularity, and scalability to fit all kinds of events, especially to stand out.

10. Buzzlogic 

To make the most of the event if all you desire, you can also consider Buzzlogic. Whether you attempt to host a workshop, introduce a brand-new item, or plan a conference, Buzzlogic always targets a particular audience while staying within your financial constraints and picking the ideal location. It offers you a way to bring life to your brand and generate buzz for your events and products. It promotes greater engagement and interaction. 

Customization of the events, moderation features to keep track of the event, and networking features received with Buzzlogic. Your attendees will also receive a fully interactive environment where they can present their presentations and interact with the other event attendees. Further, you receive three different packages with Buzzlogic you can select which package you want after typing their free demo. The three packages are meeting and workshop packages, conference event packages, and custom metaverse event packages.

Wrapping Up!

The hype surrounding the metaverse cannot be disregarded because it is everywhere. Especially when you are in the business world, this technology can benefit you in unexpected ways. By 2024, it is predicted to be worth $800 million, so you can guess how big the metaverse is going to be. 

Metaverse features that allow users to interact, conduct business, and form connections using their “avatars” make it stand out as a more desirable technology. Think of it as the virtual reality equivalent of the current internet. Metaverse events offer you a very interactive way to gather your audience to distribute your message. The guide has shared with you the 10 host platforms you can check for your next event. 

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