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Top 20 Online Learning Platforms For Teachers, Students & Schools in US, UK, India 2022

Digitalization affects all aspects of life, but it is incredibly useful to the education sector. Are you planning to study online using...

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Digitalization affects all aspects of life, but it is incredibly useful to the education sector. Are you planning to study online using an online learning platform but aren’t sure which one to use? Don’t worry; we’re here to help. We’ve compiled a list of the Top 20 Online Learning Platforms in 2022.

If you are looking forward to learning new professional talents or want to learn more about a subject, online learning platforms are a fantastic choice to discover on your own time. You may also finish courses faster and save money by taking virtual classes rather than in-person lectures. In addition, compared to in-person learning, people learn 40 percent quicker on digital platforms.

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Some e-learning platforms provide certificates, while others are meant to help you improve your personal and professional abilities. The following are our picks for the greatest online learning platforms available.

The 10 Best Online Learning Platforms of 2022

  1. Coursera
  2. Udemy
  3. Skillshare
  4. MasterClass
  5. EdX
  6. Udacity
  7. Pluralsight

 1. BitDegree – Online Education Platforms 2022

BitDegree - Online Education Platforms 2022
BitDegree – Online Education Platforms 2022

BitDegree offers a variety of IT-related courses. Specifically in web development, high-level programming languages, game development, code theory, business and blockchain. Courses on this platform also include graphic design, data science, machine learning, and personal development.

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Interactive and game-based learning courses are used on the platform. BitDegree offers a wonderful pricing range that is affordable for everyone and a platform that is easy to browse and pleasing to the eye.

 2. Datacamp – Online Teaching Platforms for Teachers

This eLearning platform’s mission is “progress via technology.” Pluralsight is one of the best online learning platforms that gives you access to courses in web and mobile applications development, game development, cybersecurity, cloud architecture, and various other IT-related courses. The courses are of high quality, with in-depth analyses of the topics covered.

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 3. Udemy – Online Learning Platforms for Students

Udemy - Online Learning Platforms for Students
Udemy – Online Learning Platforms for Students

One of the platform’s advantages is offering a free 10-day trial, IQ exams, and an online AI coach. Furthermore, the cost appears reasonable, and industry experts teach the courses.

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Udemy is an online learning platform based in the United States that serves students and professors. It is the global leader in learning and teaching, uniting millions of students with the skills they require to succeed. 

Each class is charged separately because it is designed and taught by a different person: The cost of lifetime access to a single course can range from as little as $11 to $15 to as much as $200 or more.

 Udemy had around 50 million students and 57,000 teachers delivering courses in over 65 languages across 190 countries until recently. This platform has recorded over 295 million course enrollments, most of which are from the United States. Students have been spotted taking classes to improve their employment abilities.

 4. Edureka – Online Learning Platforms for Schools

Edureka - Online Learning Platforms for Schools
Edureka – Online Learning Platforms for Schools

Edureka is a user-friendly, web-based learning platform. It provides live, instructor-led courses that focus mostly on working professionals looking to better their abilities. The company was founded in mid-2011 and is located in Bangalore, India. Brain4ce Education Ltd runs it. They aren’t the cheapest or largest industry, but they have the greatest course completion rate. They ensure that all students finish their courses on schedule. They value intelligence, talent, and common sense. They want to promote learning while remaining dedicated to Edureka’s fundamental purpose since they are entertaining and hardworking individuals.

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 5. Khan Academy – Best Online Education Platforms

Khan Academy is one of the leading online education platforms that proves that everything can be learned. Maths, physics, engineering, computers, the arts and humanities, commerce, and finance are all available. In addition, there is a section devoted to college, careers, and more, which has a variety of educational movies on topics such as career choices, personal finances, college applications, and so on.

Khan Academy has been developed for early schooling, and the Khan Academy Kids programme is available for children aged two to six. The platform is completely free to use.

 6. BYJU’s – Online Learning Platforms for Schools

BYJU is an e-learning app that is one of India’s major educational technology and online tutoring companies. The company’s revenue was $5.4 billion in March 2020, and increased by $2800 million compared to 2021.

 This eLearning company is known for creating a K12 learning smartphone app with highly effective, adaptable, and engaging learning programmes. They don’t just help students in school; they also provide training for competitive examinations like IIT-JEE, CAT, GRE, IAS, and others. It takes a comprehensive approach to teaching methods. BYJU introduced its app in a few regional Indian languages in 2019 and a worldwide edition for English-speaking students in other countries.

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 7. TalentLMS – Best Online Education Platforms

TalentLMS - Best Online Education Platforms
TalentLMS – Best Online Education Platforms

TalentLMS is a well known online learning platform that helps its customers with tasks other than creating courses and clearing out instructional resources; the company enhances and supports the overall preparation process. This free learning management system is ideal for connecting people with interesting online training. It functions as a highly adaptable cloud-based learning platform that enables clients to use the internet to efficiently and successfully prepare projects, classes, and courses.

This LMS platform is ready to provide you with services in the manner you require. This software simplifies support for various document formats and media with ease. It has the most basic built-in devices that can benefit anyone.

 8. Podia – One of the Top Online Learning Platforms

Podia is a digital learning platform that allows you to easily create and sell online courses, subscriptions, and other digital items. Podia has a large library of materials and free tools for companies looking to start an online business, school, or website.

It is quite simple to use. The company offers custom choices for sales pages and affiliate marketing tools within the platform and the ability to create your membership subscription.

 9. SkyPrep LMS – Online Learning Platforms for Students

SkyPrep LMS is an award-winning online learning platform that makes it simple for an institution’s individuals to attend, organize, and manage education. SkyPrep works with over 500 companies from all over the world in various industries and sectors. Whether you want to train new workers, train buyers on your products, or stay compliant, SkyPrep’s completely configurable and intuitive platform makes learning simple and simple. Making courses is a simple process that begins with transferring current materials.

10. Dexler Education – Online Teaching Platforms for Teachers

The company, founded in 2001, is a one-stop-shop for learning management, talent management and increased end-user adoption. The company specializes in education digitization and education consultancy.

 Their online teaching services are ranked among the top lists, and in addition, their areas of expertise include ecosystems, scientific, technological, and language topics. They provide SAP services, content development, consultancy, and managed services via the digitalization of resources as one of the major LMS companies. Innovative learning solutions help corporations and students in achieving high rankings. They also provide design and development services.

11. WiziQ – Best Online Learning Platforms in the USA

WiziQ is a cloud-based education platform that allows you to study in real-time or speedily using your custom-branded domain. It provides live and on-demand webinars and is a popular tool for online course developers that want live training, coaching, or a classroom-like environment.

The platform provides e-learning analytics and reporting. In addition, it gives you the option of teaching in a virtual classroom. It has a mobile app (mLearning) for Apple and Android devices. The course writing is included, as well as test and assessment tools. Furthermore, it has eCommerce features and provides a white-label service.

 12. The Boston Group – Online Learning Platforms for Schools

The Boston Group was established in 1988 to provide leading multinationals and mid-market customers with software training and IT administration. The company’s services scope has expanded to include IT outsourcing, e-Learning, and a range of vertical market solutions, including e-governance. 

They now have offices in five countries and serve clients in the pharmaceutical, economic, insurance, automotive, higher education, banking, and retail industries. It is undoubtedly the best online teaching platform for teachers as well as students to learn with superior quality plus their passion for helping users, as well as their commitment to modern technology standards of unshakable quality, care, and trustworthiness, have helped them establish themselves as a leading provider of IT and e-Learning services.

13. Abara LMS – Online Learning Platforms for Schools

Abara LMS is a cutting-edge Learning Management System for businesses in the corporate, training, and eLearning sectors. In the Learning Management System area, Abara, which means mentor, provides an imaginative and sensible solution to deal with e-learning.

 It was created for today’s healthy work environment, and it employs a portable first approach in the HTML5 UI, making it accessible on iPads, Android phones, and computers. Abara is designed with structure in mind to provide a cutting-edge experience for both students and teachers, boosting the entire learning structure.

14. Academy of Mine – Online Learning Platforms for Schools

Academy of Mine - Online Learning Platforms for Schools
Academy of Mine – Online Learning Platforms for Schools

Academy Of Mine is a one-stop-shop where you can design and sell professional training, continuing education, and certification courses. You may change current features or create new ones with this platform’s API. PPT, PDF, video, and more formats may create interactive information.

It works with SCORM, plus its team of experts is quite quick to respond. Furthermore, it comes with a website builder that may be customized.

15. Linkedin Learning – Best Online Learning Platforms

One of the most frequently used and acknowledged learning management systems is LinkedIn Learning. It’s an online educational platform that employs trainer-led course recordings to help people discover and develop business, innovation, and imaginative skills.

 You may select, finish, and manage courses related to your field and hobbies using surplus courses and tailored suggestions. Once these courses and associated skills have been completed, one may add them to their LinkedIn profile, which adds a lot of credibilities.

16. SkillShare – Top Online Learning Platforms

Skillshare has over 16000 lessons in various fields, including design, business, technology, lifestyle, etc. There are both paid and free lessons available on the site and the option to apply for a scholarship. The platform primarily focuses on real-world projects and offers a 30-day money-back guarantee. With the offline access feature on your mobile app, you can learn on the go. It provides live and on-demand webinars and is a popular tool for online course developers that want live training, coaching, or a classroom-like environment.

17. Northpass – Online Learning Platforms

Northpass is developing a new type of learning management system (LMS). Managers may use this platform to teach better their staff, customers, and partners about their brand, product, and best practices. 

They’ve created features that enable non-e-learning business people to effortlessly produce and deliver original online learning material that connects learners and enhances business outcomes. Northpass is used by successful companies like Airbnb, Shopify, and Uber to teach over two million learners every day.

18. Udacity – Best Online Learning Platforms

Udacity offers “nano degrees,” which are courses that take four months on average to finish. When you enrol in one of these programmes, you will have full access to genuine counsellors who will help you develop your CV and work samples.

With programmes focusing on web development, programming, cloud computing, and data science, the platform is created as a version of the “code Bootcamp” learning method. There’s certainly a course at the proper level for you, whether you’re a total beginner attempting to create a new skill set or want to extend your knowledge of a specific topic.

Hands-on practice, real-world applications and examples, personalized code reviews, and genuine instructors and career counsellors that can address your specific requirements are all included in each programme.

19. Shaw Academy – Online Education Platforms for Teachers and Students

Online Education Platforms for Teachers and Students
Online Education Platforms for Teachers and Students

Shaw Academy provides unlimited education. It’s never too late to learn, whether you’re a full-time employee, a part-time employee, someone searching for a career change, or beginning your own business. They simplify obtaining genuine certifications that lead to real success, enabling hundreds of thousands of new students each month.

Shaw Academy is now concentrating on maintaining its expansion and providing an ideal learning environment. The Shaw Enterprise platform was launched in July 2021.

20. Pluralsight – Online Learning Platforms for Schools

Pluralsight provides courses on various topics, including software development, data science, information security, etc.

Individual courses are available. However, Pluralsight highly encourages you to follow one of their paths. These programmes are similar to mini-degrees. They contain a series of linked courses in a specific field of expertise, such as certain programming languages, security certifications, creative talents in specific software, etc. These pre-made pathways remove the uncertainty out of studying, and you can even conduct a fast pretest to determine your ability level, giving you even more flexibility.

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1Udemy  Launching Your First Course
2Skillshare  Teaching Creative Skills
3Teachable  Creating an Online School with Advanced Marketing
4Podia  Selling Digital Products and Memberships
5Thinkific  Building a Course from Scratch
6Kajabi  Marketing a Course on Autopilot
7Mighty Networks  Building a Paid Community
8Pathwright  Building Action-Oriented Courses
9Xperiencify  Gamifying Your Online Course
10Simplero  Managing Your Business
How We Chose the Best Online Learning Platforms

There are more online learning platforms than ever before, so it’s easy to get overwhelmed by many options. We have listed the top 20 online e-learning platforms for students and schools. Well, Coursera is the best online learning platform for students.

Which are the best Free Online Education Sites in 2022?

1. Coursera
2. Udemy
3. Udacity
4. Edx
5. MIT OpenCourseWare
6. Academic Earth

Which are the top ten e-learning course websites in the USA?

1. TED
2. Lumosity
3. Goodreads
4. Duolingo
5. StudyBlue
6. Coursera
7. The Paperfly
8. Lynda
9. Futurelearn
10. Codecademy

What are some top free online learning websites for students?

1. Airtract
2. Khan Academy
3. Codecademy


For exceptional support, educational institutions around the country are switching to SaaS-based solutions such as ERP and LMS. To make the cloud stage widespread, eLearning companies worldwide are effectively collaborating with the federal government, state governments, and educational sheets. You may use an open-source learning management system to help you create and deliver eLearning experiences. Anyone may create one of these by working with a mobile app development business that can help organize eLearning information in one place and provide unrestricted access to eLearning courses. We hope that the above list of the Top 20 Online Learning Platforms in 2022 will help you make wise decisions.

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