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Top 30 NFT Marketplace Development Company in USA, UK, India 2023

Top 10 White label NFT marketplace development company in USA, UK, India, Australia, Germany, Dubai, Japan 2022

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white label nft marketplace development firms
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NFT is a market that has introduced businesses, investors, users, and ordinary people to great opportunities. The industry is expanding, and there is still plenty of room for new players to enter and cater to users’ needs to sell any virtual property without fear of counterfeiting. 

While the market is flooded with companies offering NFT development services, we have brought our favorite list here. Our team analyzed and reviewed the NFT marketplace development service providers before coming up with our top 20 list. Please look at our list and get one step ahead of the competitors before time slips away from your hands. Let us begin!

NFT Marketplace Development Company in USA, UK, Germany and From WorldWide

  1. Suffescom Solutions
  2. Interexy
  3. RisingMax
  4. Codezeros
  5. Juego Studio

1. Suffescom Solutions – Top NFT Marketplace Development Company in USA, India

nft marketplace development companies 2022

Suffescom Solutions is a renowned NFT token development company on its way to serving numerous business owners looking for NFT marketplace development services. 

The company’s website talks about quality deliverables, a customer-oriented approach, and honesty & transparency. Right from Rarible, SuperRare, or OpenSea, Suffescom offers a wide variety of rich services to develop NFT marketplaces. 

A team of more than 150 professionals is outgrowing the market expectations in delivering first-class NFT marketplace development services. The client testimonials confirm its level of professionalism and dedication towards meeting the unique needs of the clients who are eager to enter the NFT market.

2. Interexy – NFT Development Company

Interexy helps companies obtain avant-garde solutions for the NFT market. The company’s innovations in NFT development extend its reach and provide NFT development services for art, games, fashion, sports, fantasy sports, real estate, infrastructure development, P2P sharing, music, domains, video, content subscriptions and more. Interexy is highly experienced in the latest technology advancements and ready to provide you with cutting-edge NFT development services.

Client reviews and comments are consistent with the company’s established market position.

3. RisingMax– Trusted NFT Marketplace Developer in USA

nft development companies in usa 2022

RisingMax is a leading NFT marketplace development company that provides end-to-end services to individuals, startups, and enterprises who want to design, build and launch the top NFT marketplace.  (For your reference only here is the list of top NFT Marketplaces)

With a solid reputation for helping businesses adapt to modern technologies, it’s no surprise that RisingMax is working within lots of niches and offering support for the development of unusual marketplaces. 

Leveraging the latest technologies and frameworks, the team delivers a great user experience by developing NFT marketplaces that suit the client’s requirements. Our tech review experts found out that the organization has acquired its business for retaining 75% of its clients. 

4. Codezeros – Best NFT token Marketplace Development Company

Launch a specific or a one-stop NFT Token marketplace with Codezeros. They are the leading NFT marketplace development company that offers the finest NFT Marketplace Development Services. Codezeros can help you develop and launch an NFT marketplace to sell a specific niche of digital assets from gaming inventories to the entertainment sector. Their developers are proficient at delivering crypto-based business solutions, which can assist you in developing independent and secure NFTs within an estimated time frame. Their experienced NFT developers’ frameworks in NFT development are Solidity and Ethereum. So, if you want to be ahead of the curve by embracing this technology, then Codezeros is the best and most reliable partner.

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5. Juego Studio

Juego Studio is a preferred NFT marketplace development partner for many brands worldwide. 

Using the latest blockchain and tokenization standards, Juego’s team of experienced developers creates custom NFT marketplaces. End-to-end design and development, support and maintenance, and smart contracts development and audit are some of the cutting-edge services the company offers.

6. The NineHertz

The NineHertz is a renowned NFT marketplace development company that delivers customer-oriented NFT token development services. The NineHertz company was founded in 2008, with offices USA, UK, AUSTRALIA, and UAE, with its development center in India. They work within lots of different niches, including games, fashion, sports, fantasy sports, music,  and art.

With years of industry experience, their NFT developers are proficient at delivering crypto-based business solutions and revenue-generating Blockchain solutions. They have served over 450+ clients globally, establishing themselves as a next-generation global technology hub, thanks to a diverse technological stack and a workforce of over 250+ creative minds working under one roof.
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7. Blockchain Developments: Prominent NFT token Marketplace Development Company

Contact Blockchain experts at Blockchain Developments to learn more about what NFT development could do for your business. Their team is highly skilled and has relevant experience in Blockchain Technology. It is a well-known NFT Token Marketplace development company serving clients across the globe & from different industry verticals. The company has created innovative, secure, smart, and revenue-generating Blockchain solutions. Their team of NFT experts delivers the epitome of quality & revenue-oriented NFT Marketplace solutions by utilizing their expertise and experience in Blockchain to the fullest. They have a team of more than 120 employees who are ready to work on any complex requirement and develop top-notch solutions using the latest technologies.

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8. LeewayHertz – One of the NFT Website Development Company

LeewayHertz has been in the market for the last10 years and has built over 100 enterprise-grade digital platforms used by millions across the globe. 

Their ready-to-deploy NFT marketplace assists NFT enthusiasts in launching their NFT marketplace while giving a platform to millions of users to display their NFTs. 

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Being one of the most reputable NFT development companies, its NFT marketplace caters to various markets like Art, Games, Music, Digital Collectibles, Sports, and Real Estate. Mainly caters to clients who don’t want to spend months developing their platform and are looking for solutions to get into action as soon as possible. 

9. Kellton Tech – NFT Marketing Development Agency

Kellton Tech is a team of experts with a proven track record and an excellent reputation for helping businesses and individuals get NFT marketplaces developed. 

The non-fungible token development company, founded in 2009, has multiple successful projects in its portfolio. It has an excellent track record, with a wealth of good reviews from the clients. 

The company can help you create a marketplace that possesses your favorite features from popular NFT marketplaces like Rarible and SuperRare. They are known for the reliability of their platforms and the delivery of scalable solutions to match the market growth.

10. Silicon IT Hub – One of the best NFT Development Companies

Silicon IT Hub is one of the most trusted blockchain development companies globally. It is led by a team of professionals with years of experience. 

They offer great UI and enhanced security features to keep the platform secure. Our team of experts, while analyzing the website, found out that the client testimonials and reviews advocate its market reputation. 

Silicon IT Hub provides end-to-end services to individuals, startups, and organizations and has a team to implement a complex project smoothly and efficiently. The Company is growing its base and covering a vast NFT token development services horizons. 

11. Hashstudioz Technologies – NFT Development Company

Hashstudioz Technologies is a global leader in product development and has a wide range of technology experts under the same roof. Having a team of engineers, developers, analysts, programmers, blockchain specialists, and intelligent workers, they have built many NFT marketplaces used by millions of users. 

The NFT token development company integrates every feature that popular NFT marketplaces contain. It aces the development of clones to assist companies in launching their own NFT marketplace and gaining popularity in the market. 

12. Appinventiv – Non Fungible Token Development Company

Appinventiv, a non-fungible token development company, started its journey in 2015. The company has a team of more than 650 professionals and is setting new records for NFT marketplace development. 

The company offers a rich suite of services covering different markets and develops solutions enriched with all the required features and functionalities. 

Its extensive set of solutions that aim to address the needs of NFT enthusiasts earn it the reputation of being one of the best NFT development companies. Appinventiv serves small players in the market, large enterprises, and startups. 

13. Technoloader – NFT Art Marketplace Development

Having a large stack on board and many experienced developers, Technoloader is a global IT solutions provider that is a reputable name in the NFT marketplace domain. 

Their conviction towards work has earned them a spot on the list of NFT development companies. They entertain requirements from clients from different markets seeking to develop NFT marketplaces. 

Clients’ testimonials and reviews reflect the company’s professionalism and dedication to building innovative NFT platforms. Additionally, its services are recognized by the world’s top research and review companies like Clutch, GoodFirms, Extract, Appdexa, Appfutura, and more.

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Next Best 10 Non-Fungible Token & Marketplace Development Company

Below list contain white label nft marketplace development firms from worldwide

14. Antier Solutions – nFT development company

Antier is a premium NFT marketplace development company having a solid foothold in decentralized apps. They help businesses build an NFT marketplace of their own to organize bidding, selling, and trading of assets backed by Non-fungible tokens. 

There are multiple types of assets for which the company provides on-demand customized platforms. The types of assets are Arts, Music, Real Estate, Domain Names, Games, NFT backed loans, Digital Content, and Investments & Collaterals. 

The NFT development service provider offers the building of clones to replicate the success of famous and leading marketplace platforms. Clients across the globe rely on them to develop OpenSea, Rarible, and SuperRare clone scripts to accomplish their business goals.   

15. Tech Exactly – NFT marketplace development

Tech Exactly, founded in 2014, serves clients looking for NFT development services. Several enterprise projects have combined most skills and built their central policy to solve complex problems. 

The organization possesses highly competent developers who conduct in-depth research to develop NFT marketplaces that suit their unique needs. 

16. Signity Solutions – NFT development services

Founded in 2009, Signity Solutions advocates a consultative-driven approach for providing end-to-end enterprise technology solutions. Their white-labeling services mean that clients can quickly and effectively launch a platform that their users expect. 

The client testimonials and feedback are in sync with the market reputation that the company has built. 

17. Softeq – White label NFT marketplace development

Having around 350 highly qualified consultants, engineers, and professionals, Softeq is an industry pioneer. With more than 100 customers, the company is moving forward faster to develop the NFT marketplace and help businesses enter the market with apps similar to popular apps like Rarible.

Customers communicate positive reviews about the company’s services and how they helped launch their own NFT marketplace.

18. Accubits – NFT marketplace development services

Accubits holds expertise in blockchain technologies hailed as the next big game-changer in the market. The company has a prominent place on our list as an NFT token development company trusted by clients worldwide.

The company’s portfolio boasts various rich solutions that simultaneously serve multiple users.

19. Blockchain Apps Developer – NFT marketplace development services in USA

Blockchain Apps Developer is the leading NFT marketplace development company that assists clients in quickly establishing their own highly secure blockchain-based NFT gaming platform with top-class features and functionalities to suit their organizational goals. 

With more than eight years of experience in the industry and a team of 150 dedicated Blockchain and NFT professionals, the company makes prompt project delivery. 

20. PixelCrayons – non fungible token development company

PixelCrayons has industry-best experts to provide clients with feature-packed blockchain development services to overcome their business challenges. 

The company focuses on customers’ ideas and how they can be better implemented. 

21. Maticz – NFT token development services

Matics has been in existence for more than five years now and has more than 50 employees at present. Whether for Art, Music, Games, Real Estate, or other Digital Collectibles, the company offers domain-specific NFT marketplace development solutions.

The company is known for embedding critical features in every application it develops for clients and launches them within a week. The most popular apps which the company clones are Rarible, OpenSea, Axie Infinity, Decentraland, Enjin, and Xeno.

22. Turnkey Town – NFT art marketplace development

Turnkey Town is a top-class app development company that masters NFT token development services. Clients can launch a peer-to-peer marketplace to trade NFTs. 

Various clients have sought their services to launch an NFT marketplace on Polygon, Cardano, Binance SmartChain, TRON, Ethereum, or any blockchain network.

23. Softeq – NFT marketplace development platform

Softeq is an industry leader among NFT platform development companies, with roughly 350 highly trained consultants, engineers, and experts. With over 100 clients, the company is accelerating the development of the NFT platform and assisting businesses in entering the market via products similar to Raible.

Customers rave about the organization’s services and also how they supported them in launching its own NFT marketplace.

24. Blockchain Apps Developer – NFT music marketplace development

Blockchain Apps Developer is one of those top NFT marketplace development companies in London that helps customers quickly build their own high-security cryptocurrency NFT gaming platform with cutting-edge features and functions to meet their business objectives.

The organization makes timely project delivery with more than seven years of professional experience in the sector and a staff of 150 specialized Blockchain and NFT specialists.

25. IDS Logic – NFT music marketplace development

Top NFT Marketplace Development Company in USA

IDS Logic has been a global leader in digital transformation since 2007 and has more than 500 satisfied clients across the globe. 

Regarding NFT marketplace development, the company has gained immense popularity, and business owners are choosing the company for seeking related services. 

With experienced resources, quick responders, customized services, proper management & security experts, the company is serving multiple clients across the globe. By drawing on the look and feel of popular NFT marketplaces like OpenSea and Rarible, the team has delivered premium quality solutions to the clients reflected in the ratings and reviews. 

Next Top 5 NFT Marketplace Development Companies in UK

NFT is a marketplace that has opened up incredible prospects for corporations, investors, consumers, and everyday individuals. The business is growing, so there is scope for young comers to emerge and meet the demands of consumers who want to trade virtual properties without the worry of fraud. In this blog, we will discuss the Top NFT Marketplace Development Companies

Let’s see the more NFT marketplace development service

Despite the fact that the market is crowded with firms providing NFT technology solutions, we’ve compiled a list of top favorites. Before compiling our top list, our team investigated and assessed the NFT marketplace development service providers. Take a glance at the list and try to stay ahead of the competition with other NFT app development companies before time runs out. Let’s get started!

26. Hedgehog lab – Whitelabel NFT marketplace development

Hedgehog lab is a well-known NFT token creation firm that is on its lead to productivity a range of business founders with NFT marketplace development. This company is also called an NFT expert in the UK and USA.

Superior outputs, a client attitude, and honesty and openness are all mentioned on the firm’s site. Suffescom provides a wide selection of rich offerings to establish NFT markets, including Rarible, SuperRare, and OpenSea.

27. NMG Technologies – Top NFT development company

RisingMax is one of the top NFT marketplace development companies in the UK that offers edge service to clients, firms, and businesses looking to create, manage and establish the best NFT marketplace. 

It’s no wonder that RisingMax is employed in a variety of sectors and provides support for the creation of unusual platforms, given its good reputation for assisting businesses in adapting to current technology.

28. IDS Logics – NFT marketplace development service

Since 2007, IDS Logic has already been a worldwide leader in digitalization, with over 500 happy clients across the world. IDS Logic has been one of those NFT platform development companies in the USA which have succeeded the most in their journey. 

In terms of NFT marketplace development, the firm has grown in importance, and business owners are rushing to it for associated services. The organization serves many clients across the world with skilled resources, rapid responders, specialized services, better control, and security specialists.

29. Infinite Block tech – NFT marketplace development services company

Infinite Block Tech is a corporation that assists organizations that have been leading the NFT platform development companies in the USA obtaining cutting-edge services for the NFT sector. Its NFT development innovations increase its reach and allow it to provide NFT software solutions for Arts, Entertainment, Clothing, Sporting Events, Professional Sports, Investment Management, Infrastructure Investment, P2P Trade, Media, Websites, Recordings Content Memberships, and more.

30. Groovy Web – NFT exchange development company

Groovy Web has been in business for ten years in the UK and has created 100+ firm digital platforms that are utilized by millions of people all over the world. Their ready-to-use NFT marketplace helps NFT fans build their own NFT community while also providing the opportunity for millions of citizens to exhibit their NFTs.

Being one of the top NFT app development companies, its NFT marketplace serves several markets like art, games, entertainment, music and Real Estate, etc.

31. Apadmi – NFT exchange development company

Kellton Tech is a group of professionals who have been among the top NFT marketplace development companies in London with a proven record of success and a great reputation for assisting businesses and people in the development of NFT markets.

The non-fungible token creation business, which was created in 2009, has a long list of successful initiatives. It has a great track record and a lot of positive feedback from customers.

32. Silicon IT Hub – NFT marketplace development company

Silicon IT Hub is regarded as one of the most reputable NFT app development companies and blockchain development firms in New Jersey. It is directed by a group of experts with many years of expertise.

They provide a superb user interface as well as extra safety tools to maintain the platform safely. While examining the website, our team of specialists discovered that customer feedback and reviews support the company’s market position.

Individuals, entrepreneurs, and organizations may benefit from Silicon IT Hub’s end-to-end services, and the company has a staff that can help them execute a difficult project as easily and effectively as possible. The company is expanding its market share and offering a wide range of NFT token creation services.

33. Appinventive – NFT marketplace development

Appinventiv in California began its journey in 2015 as a non-fungible token creation business. The firm now employs over 650 people and is breaking new ground among other NFT platform development companies across the world.

The firm provides a comprehensive set of services for a variety of markets and produces solutions with all of the necessary features and functions. It has holds the title of being one of the greatest NFT app development companies due to its broad collection of solutions aimed at meeting the demands of NFT lovers. Appinventiv works with small businesses, major corporations, and startups.

34. Chelsea Apps – NFT marketplace development company

Chelsea Apps, LONDON, a United Kingdom-based firm that was founded in 2009, take a gradual approach to offering final corporate IT solutions. Clients may engage their white-labeling services to rapidly and efficiently develop a platform that their users anticipate.

35. WeAlwin – NFT marketplace development solutions

WeAlwin Technologies is the most prominent NFT marketplace development company that offers specialized services to suit the demands of the clients. They have a separate team of blockchain and ethereum experts who deliver exceptional and market-ready NFT platforms for businesses and individuals. 

36. Infinite Block Tech – Best NFT Developer Across the Globe

The company, Infinite Block Tech, helps businesses get avant-garde solutions for the NFT marketplace. Its innovation towards NFT development is expanding its reach and providing NFT development services for Art, Games, Fashion, Sports, Fantasy Sports, Real Estate, Infrastructure Development, P2P Exchange, Music, Domains, Videos, Content Subscriptions, and much more. 

The NFT section is like an umbrella covering multiple services verticals going through its website. 

It claims to build NFT platforms that bring high traffic and manage failures efficiently. The team also brings their suggestions oke the end solution to a higher leveler than expected. 

37. Innowise Group – Well Know NFT Marketplace Development Company WorldWide

Innowise Group is a well-known NFT Marketplace development company established in 2007 with offices in London, United States, United Arab Emirates, and France. The company has deep expertise in web and app development, game apps, blockchain solutions, AR/VR apps, Salesforce, Artificial Intelligence, Data Science, and more are among the services provided by the company’s skilled staff of over 250 professionals. They have extensive experience designing cutting-edge mobile-based applications at a low cost. They help startups, companies, non-profits & government agencies.

NFT Marketplace Development cost in 2022

Using a popular clone script like Opensea to launch an NFT marketplace can save you money and make it more accessible to startups and entrepreneurs. Without understanding the requirements and specifications, an exact NFT app-making price cannot be determined, although the average price of the NFT marketplace can be estimated with the help of the below table.

ModuleTime Taken as HoursCost if $25 / Hour
UI or UX Development42 hours1050
Authorization & Security72 hours1800
User Profile42 hours1050
Homepage84 hours2100
Search & Filter96 hours2400
Product Page42 hours1050
Review & Rating48 hours1200
Shopping cart48 hours1200
Payment Gateway42 hours1050
Notification32 hours800
Etherium Integration96 hours2400
NFT Management96 hours2400
Inventory Management42 hours1050
Buyer’s Panel64 hours1600
Author Panel132 hours3300
Admin Panel85 hours2125
Total1063 hours26575
Logos of the top NFT marketplaces
  • The Minimum cost to develop NFT Marketplace like Opensea, Rarible, or Axie Infinity will be 26575
  • The whitelable NFT marketpalce can cost you near $18000

Listen Up!

Are you looking for a way to a breakthrough in the NFT world? These NFT development companies can tread the path for you. Do your homework to reach a decision that will lead to the development of the NFT marketplace to fulfill your entrepreneurial goals. 

We hope to have brought you the correct information through our list of companies that build NFT marketplaces. Our close analysis of the companies concluded that you can always choose the best service provider for NFT Token development. 

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