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Best properties to Invest in Metaverse

Do you know Decentraland sold the Real estate for record $2.43 million

Top 10 Virtual Land Metaverse NFTs

  1. Axie Infinity
  2. The Sandbox
  3. Facebook Meta
  4. Bit Country
  5. Aavegotchi
  6. CryptoVoxels
  7. Somnium Space
  8. GALA
  9. Star Atlas
  10. Meta Hero

CryptoVoxels, a smaller competitor of Axie Infinity, sold $2.68 million in digital land, while Somnium Space, a metaverse platform, sold $1.10 million in real estate.

What is going on guys? It’s me Niel back today with another trending topic: the “Top Location to Invest in Metaverse.”

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The Metaverse concept has been turning heads left, right, and center recently. But did you know that this new Metaverse concept has been turning heads left, right, and center in recent times? Indeed, I’ll have you know that Metaverse virtual real estate might be one of the space’s hottest and most undervalued sectors. So if you’re looking for the best land in the Metaverse, then this article is for you and cannot miss.

50+ Axie Infinity Alternatives and Competitors

Let See the Metaverse Background First

The Metaverse concept has been all the rage throughout the last few weeks, a sentiment arguably fueled by the announcement of Facebook’s rebranding to matter in late October. Soon after the Zuck spilled the beans about his interest in building his Metaverse environment, many NFT and VR-related tokens Shut up ridiculously in value in a short space of time.

Now while the majority of the attention in the media still seems to be focused on the development of the Metaverse as a concept, I’m keen to go the extra mile here and give you my insights. And potentially undervalued sectors within the metaverse ecosystem itself.

Virtual Land NFTs Trading Volume

best metaverse land 2022
Source: Business Insider

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Best Lands or Properties in Metaverse

Now I know what you might be thinking—virtual land, Metaverse real estate. Seriously, guys, you lost the plot this time. Well, hold your horses. Let me explain. The idea of spending real money on seemingly non-existent immaterial virtual real estate may sound ridiculous. Still, before you jump to any rash conclusions, there is a rather intriguing argument to be made here with regards to land purchases in the Metaverse.

Now, with the Metaverse building up steam and reaching what seems to be a mainstream level of adoption, even if only ideologically, many private and institutional investors are getting increasingly drawn to the idea of the Metaverse and Metaverse related tokens as a well-established asset class. When allocating capital to the diverse Metaverse ecosystem, the main go-to and most sought-after assets in this magical meta universal world tend to be in-game NF T’s and infrastructure assets.

Most Popular NFT Tokens in January 2022

Best Properties to Invest in Metaverse

Now, when it comes to endgame NFT’s, many play-to-earn games require users to possess at least some NFT’s to enter their respective gaming spheres. And this is primarily because the intrinsic value inherent in-game NFT’s is ultimately correlated with their utility as yield-bearing assets and their ability to act as entry tickets into some top-tier p2p blockchain gaming protocols, such as Axie Infinity, Decentraland, The Sandbox, and many more.

  • Metaverse, infrastructure assets such as Land, virtual real estate, buildings, and grid systems.
  • Pure Metaverse projects represent the underlying topographic architecture on which these NFT environments are built.
  • The economic proposition of buying and selling Metaverse land seems to be rapidly gaining momentum in terms of cultural and financial awareness.

Top five Metaverse Land Projects

For instance, just last week, New York-based company Republic realm, which invests in and develops virtual real estate and other digital assets, purchased a plot of virtual real estate on The Sandbox for a record-breaking $2.43 million. This record-breaking sale Trump’s the one set just one week earlier by the metaverse group, a subsidiary of For those who don’t know, it’s a publicly-traded company that invests in revenue-generating crypto assets associated with Defi, non-fungible tokens, and Metaverse land.

Before we jump into the top five Metaverse land projects, I deem it rather constructive to analyze exactly why Metaverse real estate is turning into such a hot topic in the world of blockchain investing. Now, based on NFT and Metaverse sales in the past week alone, the demand for digital land has outpaced all other items, art, and collections. And according to data from non-fungible comm, more than $300 million of NFT sales have been processed in the last week. Almost a quarter was derived from the Sandbox and Decentraland Metaverse digital land sales. But what’s the hype all about? Given the recent record-breaking sales and the ever-increasing price floors on some of these virtual land and NTS Metaverse.

Real estate might just be proving to be the next big hot commodity in the world of non-fungible tokens. And this could be linked to the fact that virtual worlds, even if only interpreted on a philosophical level, have up to this point only been a fragment of human imagination. However, with the advent of blockchain, Blockchain gaming, and NFT technology, the creation of parallel virtual realms, enriched by their suite of economic utilities and beautified by their very own aesthetic design and set of authentic in-world experiences, doesn’t seem to be too far off from becoming a reality. Thus, given the growing excitement produced by the development of VR and augmented reality spaces and their potential integration with blockchain and NFT ecosystems.

Okay, enough of the jibber-jabber let’s now crack on with the top five land ecosystems in the space right now.

So in this article, I’ll be covering.

But before we do, so I deem it only reasonable to note that I’m not personally associated with any of these projects, and I do not currently hold any of their land in my portfolio. That being said, I am very intrigued by all of them. So let’s get into them, shall we?

Detail on Axie Infinity Lands

  • The property just tops the average home price in Manhattan and beats out San Francisco’s average.
  • Metaverse coins have been skyrocketing, with Decentraland’s mana up nearly 60% in the past week.
Axie Infinity Alternatives 2022

Of course, the first land project on my list is Axie Infinity. Now Axie Fantasy was arguably the blockchain gaming protocol that originally kicked off the game-fi. And Metaverse trend several months before any of these tech giants even considered entering the Metaverse.

Now when it comes to the Axie infinity land ecosystem, it admittedly doesn’t possess the aesthetic appeal of many of the newer Metaverse projects out there right now. But it must hold a top-five position in my eyes simply because of its historical value as arguably one of the earliest expressions of endgame real estate.

  • The magical world of the Nursia comprises seven different land types, with each type having its metric of rarity, geo topographic location, and utility range.
  • In terms of pure rarity, Axie Infinity boasts four different item categories: common, rare, epic, and mystic. Each one holds its own individual set of aesthetics, utilities, and individual characteristics.
  • Now the seven land types within the lunacy of Metaverse include Savanna forest, Arctic, Mystic Genesis, and lunar landing.

TOP 5 Virtual Land NFTs

More About Decentraland Properties

Decentraland is a decentralized online VR world similar in many ways to The Sims and Second Life games. But the main difference here is that Decentraland primarily runs on the ethereum blockchain, and it was developed to support the creation hosting and the sale of virtual land plots as NFT’s.

Decentralized Metaverse environment follows a structured grid system of finite traversable and three-dimensional virtual spaces referred to within the Decentraland ecosystem as land tokens. Landholders can leverage their blockchain real estate to host exhibitions and concerts, run competitions and even monetize content creation. Now the land is represented on the chain as a non-fungible digital asset stored and maintained in an ethereum smart contract.

Specifications of Decentraland Properites

  • Land in Decentraland is subdivided into parcels which are identified by Cartesian coordinates such as x and y, and they are permanently owned by members of the community thanks to the proof of ownership contract wrapped within each land NFT.
  • Metaverse Land parcels can be purchased using Decentralized native token Mana and asset which saw extraordinary upside momentum soon after Facebook’s rebranding to matter.
  • Some land parcels can be further organized into themed communities called districts, which are essentially comprised of adjacent parcels that share user interests. By organizing parcels into districts.
  • Decentraland was initially created with more than 90,000 Land units, which were all purchased during the initial Decentraland auction. While this number is currently capped, it could very well be increased by the Dow through community voting in the future.
  • Each land unit is 33 feet wide and 33 feet long with an unlimited height. Adjacent land parcels can be merged to create what is referred to as an estate which constitutes a hybrid structure of parcels that can be interconnected directly through the Decentraland marketplace.
  • Once a user owns a parcel of land, a district or an estate they can also become Decentraland builders, allowing them to add scenes or entirely customized environments to their land spaces.

The highest land sale for a Decentraland land plot came from the metaverse group, which purchased a plot of virtual land for a recorded $2.43 million intending to develop and facilitate fashion shows and commerce within the exploding digital fashion industry. So look out for me sporting a swanky Decentraland Louis Vuitton man bag very soon.

The Sandbox

sandbos metaverse Best land in Metaverse

Next, we have the Sandbox. Now this pixelated Metaverse ecosystem has been turning heads over the last few weeks primarily because of its sky-high land prices and the activation of its alpha game launch from November the 29th to December the 20th of 2021. Now in a similar fashion to the Decentraland model. The Sandbox Metaverse comprises different digital pieces of non-fungible real estate called lands. Each land is a unique ethereum based ERC 721 NFT asset that can be purchased directly on the sandbox marketplace or major NFT trading venues such as platforms like open sea.

Specifications of Sandbox Real Estate

  • Now the sandbox Metaverse is made up of a total of 166,464 lands, and game designers and platform users can use the land to build digital experiences, such as games or 3d dioramas, or even populate them with asset tokens to customize and enrich their Metaverse real estate properties.
  • Multiple lands can be combined on-chain to form estates and can also be utilized to create a special kind of estate known as a sandbox district.
  • Both estates and districts can be leveraged by holders to host private parties, events, concerts, symposiums, and so much more.
  • Land on the sandbox can be accessed through a virtual map which can be found on the sandbox’s main website. Of course in a similar way to the traditional real estate market, the proximity of lands to large partners, and other well-known entities in the metaverse will play a major role in the gameplay visit account economy and visibility of the games built on those lands.

Okay, so that’s the top three land ecosystems covered.

Bit Country – The Next Metaverse

bitcountry metaverse

Now, onto Bit Country and Aavegotchi. The bid country Metaverse Network is an application framework and substrate-powered blockchain for user-generated metaverses and games. The network is built with the substrate with a rich set of primitives that allow developers to use powerful and familiar programming idioms to develop their customized Metaverse. Ecosystems.

Bit country recently won its para chain slot within the Kusama ecosystem securing over $100 million in locked KSM from over 25,000 stakeholders; rather impressive if you asked me. I find it fascinating that bit country will allow platform users to architect their personalized virtual worlds and land structures, essentially enabling them to create their own Metaverse experiences.

Aavegotchi – Enough land to buy yet

Aavegotchi is a crypto collectible game built on the ethereum blockchain. Participants can purchase and grow our ricotta cheese, NFT avatars used to explore and interact with the Aavegotchi verse. The platform draws on nostalgia for the handheld digital pet game Tamagotchi, enriching its classic gameplay, with Blockchain-enabled functionality defy gaming and digital land ownership. The ghost token is the primary utility asset of the RV Aavegotchi metaverse and is used to buy and sell goods within the RV Gottschee world, including RV garages themselves.

When it comes to the Aavegotchi metaverse, I find its land structure rather appealing as it incorporates one of the most cutting-edge iterations of NFT technology.

Pixel craft studios launched the very first land sale with a total of 16,000 land parcels called realms going up for sale using the ghost token on the polygon blockchain. All available parcels in this auction were placed in the Aavegotchi Citadel, which is currently the most sought-after topographic environment in the ecosystem.

Now realms come in three different sizes, but these are humble, reasonable, and spacious realms, depending on the amount of ERC 20 interest-bearing tokens nested within each plot.

And that’s the article done for today. Dear Readers, but I’m sure you’ll have many questions, so please don’t hesitate to let me know and shoot them down in a comment. And I have questions for you. What do you think of Metaverse land? Where do you think the space is heading? Are you looking to get a plot of land somewhere?

I’ll see you all again very soon. But until then, this is where I can find Facebook, LinkedIn, and Twitter. Subscribing to social channels will make your crypto life sweeter.

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