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Top Internet of Medical Things Companies Worldwide | Healthcare IoT Companies

The IoMT is a connected infrastructure of medical devices, software applications, and health systems and services. The Internet of Medical Things (IoMT)...

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Internet of Medical Things in healthcare

List of 10 Internet of Medical Things Companies in USA & Worldwide

  1. ScienceSoft
  2. RisingMax
  3. Contus
  4. Suffescom
  5. Oneteam
  6. DogTownMedia
  7. Mobiweb Technologies
  8. Softeq
  9. Eleks
  10. HQ Software
  11. CitrusBits

What is the Internet of Medical Things and How it Helping Medical Industries? 

The Internet of Medical Things (IoMT) collects medical devices and software that can use networking technologies to link to healthcare information technology systems. By linking patients to their doctors and enabling the transfer of medical data over a secure network, it can minimize unnecessary hospital visits and the pressure on health care systems. According to Frost & Sullivan, the global IoMT market was worth $22.5 billion in 2016 and is projected to expand at a compound annual growth rate of 26.2 percent to $72.02 billion by 2021.

Your guide to finding the top Internet of Medical Things companies among numerous providers available

Looking for the Internet of medical things companies who can craft IoT-enabled healthcare apps for clients, with digitization swaying the medical sector?

Not all Internet of medical things companies are equal, and not all can provide the necessary support for Cloud applications, hardware integration, and System Integrations, CMS ERP integrations. Our tech analysts have created the medical IoT companies for you to review to tackle this issue. Read through medical IoT companies’ descriptions, former clients, and notable projects to find the best fit for your IoT healthcare project.

Why Investment In the Internet of Medical Things are Worthy in 2021

Investment On Internet of Medical Things
Internet of Medical Things (IoMT) Market Size, Share & Industry Analysis

The Internet of Things for Medical Things (IoMT) has grown dramatically. Many companies introduced IoMT technology with healthcare, wellness, and medical equipment and applications. IoT-enabled healthcare apps can provide useful insight into symptoms and patterns, allow remote care, and give patients more control over their lives and treatment in general. Healthcare IoT applications allow more realistic and accurate data to be collected, resulting in better solutions and the detection of previously unknown problems. We’ve compiled a list of the top IoT application development companies with the potential to improve healthcare and medical device solutions after conducting extensive research.

IoT-enabled telemedicine technologies allow quality healthcare services, such as health evaluations and consultations, to be accessed remotely over a telecommunications system at a lower cost to the patient.

“The Internet of Things in healthcare is continuously growing. According to an Aruba Networks report, 87 per cent of healthcare organizations will be using IoT devices by this year.”

Remote patient monitoring through telemedicine solutions may help reduce the need for outpatient visits and allow remote prescription verification and drug administration oversight, potentially lowering overall medical costs significantly. 

So it’s time to make your current system internet of medical things enabled.

List of Top 5 Healthcare IoT companies the USA

Please note the position of the top companies is based on the clients’ reviews, the number of employees, completed IoMT based projects, companies turnover, testimonials, average hourly rate, etc.  Our tech analyst precisely considers all the factors.

1. Innowise Group — Healthcare Software Development Company

Innowise Group is a top-rated software development company engineering a full spectrum of custom MedTech solutions, including IoMT-based software, telemedicine applications, patient and hospital apps, EHR/EMR, medical device software, and medical image analysis solutions.

Based on the extensive experience in IT, Innowise Group delivers breakthrough IoMT software covering remote patient monitoring, hospital inventory management, remote care delivery, etc. The company ensures the HIPAA compliance and robust security of the developed software.

1. ScienceSoft – Digital Success Provider

 ScienceSoft is an international healthcare IoT company with headquarters in McKinney, Texas and offices in the EU and the Middle East. With 16+ years of experience in healthcare software development, the vendor has acquired deep practical knowledge.

An IoT provider since 2011, ScienceSoft builds reliable IoMT solutions for:

  •       Remote patient monitoring (e.g., for chronic disease management, diagnostics).
  •       Hospital asset tracking (e.g., medication inventory, equipment).
  •       Patient and medical staff tracking.
  •       Remote care delivery and self-management for patients.
  •       Smart hospital environmental monitoring.

ScienceSoft holds ISO 27001 and ISO 13485 certifications proving that the company has mature security practices and compliant healthcare software development processes.

2. RisingMax –  Dedicated Healthcare IoT Company

RisingMax, as one of the most dependable medical IoT development companies on the global market, offers a variety of digital solutions aimed at improving business efficiency. Under the slogan “Complete IT Solution Company”, this healthcare IoT company not only offers an efficient solution for business operations on the market but also works to improve customer interaction with the services provided. RisingMax provides solutions in the areas of IoT app growth, backend engineering, extension into IoT, enterprise and industrial IoT, consumer IoT, and hyper connection via IoT in the IoT space.

“Digital technology has evolved into something more than servers, desktop computers, and handheld devices since the IoT’s inception. Today, any “Thing” can connect to the Internet.”

3. Innowise Group — Healthcare Software Development Company

Innowise Group is a top-rated software development company engineering a full spectrum of custom MedTech solutions, including IoMT-based software, telemedicine applications, patient and hospital apps, EHR/EMR, medical device software, and medical image analysis solutions.

Based on the extensive experience in IT, Innowise Group delivers breakthrough IoMT software covering remote patient monitoring, hospital inventory management, remote care delivery, etc. The company ensures the HIPAA-compliance and robust security of the developed software.

4. Suffescom – IoT App Development Company

Suffescom is a multi-award-winning business software and Internet of Medical things consulting firm dedicated to delivering end-to-end IT services through Web, Mobile, and Cloud platforms. Their deep market knowledge and forward-thinking approach enable clients to take advantage of paradigm shifts in enterprise solutions to re imagine the intelligent enterprise’s potential. Their success stems from their ability to assist companies in adopting innovations that have enormous future potential and provide new opportunities. It also provides a collaborative, non-competitive atmosphere and cost-effective technical solutions that aid in the development of global brands.

5. Oneteam –  Internet of Healthcare Things Firm

Healthcare IT services are designed to motivate hospital personnel and assist in managing the healthcare IT environment with trust if a challenge arises while also securing data with cost-effective data storage solutions.

They provide a wide range of smart healthcare solutions, but IoT healthcare app creation is a key service they provide. They help with apps that intelligently link devices to track patients’ health condition with integrated medical IoT solutions. Some of their core products and services include RTLS (Real-Time Location System), M2M integration, Blockchain-based healthcare IoT applications, and various sensors.

6. DogTownMedia – IoT Firm for Medical and Healthcare

DogTownMedia is the next top company for the Internet of medical things services that can make a difference by providing next-generation IoT-enabled healthcare apps. 

Dogtown Media’s team of seasoned mHealth app developers can turn any healthcare app concept into a fully functioning and commercially viable reality.

Their software engineers are experts at troubleshooting, developing medical app functionality, and designing user interfaces. With their support, you’ll see your app concept come to life in ways you never imagined possible.

Let’s see the Next 10 Internet of Medical Things Companies

7. Mobiweb Technologies – Top Internet of Healthcare Things

Mobiweb Technologies is a well-known specialized firm that offers a wide range of specialized healthcare and medical IoT app development services—adopting cutting-edge technology such as mobile apps, blockchain, cloud, artificial intelligence, analytics, and the Internet of healthcare things to create integrated healthcare solutions. They lead with complete expertise in medical app growth, patient engagement apps, healthcare CRM, medical software development, and a variety of other healthcare services in the league, thanks to a team of professional and seasoned healthcare app developers.

8. Softeq – Health Care IoT App Development Company

Softeq assists clients in developing Healthcare IoT applications in no time, whether they want to make smart gadgets or convert analog products to digital using sensors. Prototypes are approved by the company, allowing clients to test their ideas before moving forward with full-scale production. The organization has both application and hardware-level experience under one roof, thanks to its committed engineers. Softeq uses high-tech business intelligence software to help clients configure connected devices, manage IoT systems, and analyze sensor data. Regardless of workload, multiple users, or enabled functionality, the company guarantees the scalability and efficiency of IoT solutions.

9. Eleks – IoMT Services Provider

Eleks is a preferred partner among several technology companies around the world. The business has offices in Europe, the United States, and Canada, and is one of the top 10 Internet of Medical Things production companies in the world. It employs over 5000 people who add value to businesses by providing comprehensive healthcare software development services. Eleks develops scalable and stable healthcare IoT applications for any company by treating security as an integral part of their framework. The firm has a long track record in designing IoT solutions for a variety of industries. Additionally, the firm enables you to recruit top IoT developers in California to meet your IoT-based app development needs.

10. HQ Software – One-Stop Healthcare IoT Solution Provider

If you’re looking to automate hospital processes or introduce new smart objects in your healthcare system, HQ Software is a leading IoT development company for medical things can help. The company has an experienced team of top IoT developers who can provide you with a customized solution for your company. The business has quickly risen to the top of the list of the best Internet of Things companies in the United States, thanks to its extensive portfolio of emerging IoT solutions. Industrial IoT, automotive IoT, agricultural IoT, smart cities, retail IoT, and other IoT solutions are available from the company. You may also request a free proposal on their website by answering a few questions.

11. CitrusBits – IoT Healthcare Solution Provider

Since 2005, CitrusBits has become one of the most trusted and dependable IoT software solution providers in the United States. It has the expertise to develop IoT for the medical industry. Not only for IoT technology, CitrusBits has expertise in mobile app growth, UI/UX design, digital strategy, IoT solutions, and augmented reality, and has helped everyone from startups to larger businesses.

Burger King, UCLA, Quiksilver, and Samsung have all collaborated with their diverse team of strategists, designers, and developers.

They’ve worked with over 100 startups and follow a customer satisfaction ethic, which means they’re not satisfied until their clients are fully satisfied.

12. Contus – IoT Developer in Medical and Healthcare

CONTUS is a leading healthcare IoT company and services provider. Device, online, and cloud-based applications are the company’s core offerings. They have been designing IoT applications for the medical industry and others for over 3 years. The company has provided upscale IoT healthcare app development services and smart healthcare facilities as a SMAC-based digital transformation company. CONTUS’s highly accurate and personalized IoT devices provide automated clinical workflows, remote patient monitoring systems, wearable devices to verify patient vitals, and IoT applications to measure, treat, and control the healthcare facility.

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