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Top 25 Certified Enterprise Blockchain Consulting Companies 2023

Over the past few years, Blockchain technology has proved itself the most promising development in finance. But now, the industry is not...

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best certified blockchain consulting companies worldwide

Over the past few years, Blockchain technology has proved itself the most promising development in finance. But now, the industry is not restricted to one sector only, it has proved itself in many sectors like real estate, medical, transportation, education, and more. It works like a database where information is entered into blocks that get chained together chronologically. The most prominent use of blockchain technology lies in building ledgers for digital transactions. Therefore, the demand for cutting-edge, custom, and futuristic blockchain applications is increasing rapidly around the globe. 

With this, the demand for certified blockchain consultants is also gaining huge importance. The experts at a blockchain consulting firm assist with marketing, PR, regulation compliance, ICO, IDO, STO, and more! 

Understanding the need of the hour, we have created this post containing top blockchain consulting companies based on company tech knowledge, performance, customer reviews, rating, and previous client experience. 

List of best blockchain technology consulting & development companies 2023

  1. Suffescom Solutions
  2. RisingMax
  3. PwC
  4. Innowise group
  5. IBM
  6. BestBlockchainDevs
  7. Accenture
  8. Hashroot
  9. Pixelplex
  10. Consensys
  11. Infopulse
  12. Intellectsoft 
  13. Chainalysis
  14. Kiwitech
  15. Boostylabs
  16. Zrix
  17. Fortunesoftit
  18. Belitsoft 
  19. Bairesdev
  20. Zrik

Detailed Review of Top International Blockchain Consulting Companies

1. Suffescom Solutions – Best Blockchain Consulting Company in US

Suffescom Solutions - Best Blockchain Consulting Company in US
Suffescom Solutions – Best Blockchain Consulting Company in US

Established in 2013, a blockchain networking experienced company stands among the top 5 positions of blockchain consulting companies. The company offers crypto and Defi solutions AI and core blockchain consultancy services for startup and enterprise-graded business solutions. Suffescom Solutions have deep expertise in developing blockchain technology-packed NFT, Trading, and crypto solutions. Therefore, looking for an ideal set of blockchain development consulting services looking at Suffescom can be a perfect choice. The company also delivered NFT, NFT Gaming Development, crypto, and more project that can be viewed from their case studies. 

2. RisingMax – NYC based Enterprise Blockchain Consulting Firm

RisingMax - NYC based Enterprise Blockchain Consulting Firm
RisingMax – NYC based Enterprise Blockchain Consulting Firm

Launched in 2005, RisingMax has grown from 10 passionate professionals into an international business consulting company. Along with software development, the company offers blockchain business consulting services to enterprise-level solutions. Currently, RisingMax is serving on more than 1300+ blockchain technology projects, where the majority of them belong to the NFT marketplace, cryptocurrency, Defi, and initial coin offering services. RisingMax also has experience building and auditing blockchain-embedded smart contracts. Therefore, for those looking for blockchain technology consulting, RisingMax can offer a one-stop destination for your needs. 

3. PwC – International Blockchain Consulting Agency

PwC Sweden is a market leader in offering blockchain embedded solutions for auditing, tax, and advisory platforms. With 2900 IT experts, the company serves 79 offices across the US. PwC aims to build trust in society and resolve clients’ problems. The company has served more than 36000 clients around the globe with different niche services. PwC has served public and private (all size) businesses with their rich experience. The company is also regarded as a blockchain strategy consulting company with technical knowledge and experience. 

4. IBM – Blockchain Technology Consulting Company

IBM is named among the top crypto consulting companies in the world. Founded in 1911, to build a smarter business. The company is not only known for development services but also for calling, building, designing, coding, consultancy, and more that involve the world’s most challenging problems. The company serves small to large scale industries in education, financial services, health care & medical, real estate, and legal sectors. The company’s major clients are WIPRO, INFOSYS, RUSH ENTERPRISES, TRACTOR SUPPLY COMPANY, PREMIER FARNELL. 

5. Innowise group – Blockchain Development Consulting

Founded in 2007 and currently working with 800 top-notch IT professionals, Innowise is a software development and IT consulting company. The company is serving IT and Non-IT companies to achieve their variety of goals with the power of digital technology and innovative solutions. Innowise offers enterprise blockchain consulting and development services for ICO, DAO, NFT, blockchain-based security, smart contract development, cryptocurrency development, Smart contracts, Tokenomics, Decentralized applications (DApps), Cryptocurrency wallets on the most popular platforms. 

6. BestBlockchainDevs – Certified Blockchain Consultant

BestBlockchainDevs is a trusted technology consulting company delivering AI and Blockchain embedded solutions for startups and enterprises. The company has expertise in Big Data, Data Science, and Data Analytics fields, Computer Vision, Blockchain, Machine Learning, and Natural Language Processing. The company also offers blockchain technology consulting services to energize legacy systems that drive business performance. BestBlockchainDevs claims to have the best blockchain developers in a team who prioritize your task, irrespective of project size. 

7. Accenture – Crypto Consulting Companies

Established in 1989, Accenture is known to resolve clients’ toughest challenges with strategy formulating, consulting, digital, technology, and operational services. The company has expertise in more than 40 industries to deliver transformational outcomes for the new era digital world. Accenture specializes in building Advertising & Marketing, Information Technology, Real Estate, Healthcare & Medical, and other blockchain development and consultancy services. 

8. Hashroot – Blockchain Consulting Firm

Delivering Beyondness since 2008, Hashroot helps organizations to assess their needs and plan. The Company supports small and medium-sized businesses to implement the right set of goals, budgets, and timelines. Hashroot provides Comprehensive Blockchain Consulting Services for Strategy Assessments, Custom Application Development, Swift PoC Creation, Expert Training & Advice, MVP Development, and Blockchain Solution Consultancy. For those who plan to have customized blockchain consulting services, Hashroot can assist you with project-specific requirements. Hashroot has been rewarded by The Bizz Awards 2019 And Crown Commercial Service Supplier And Becomes Consultant Of The Year 2015. 

9. Pixelplex – Top Blockchain Consulting Companies

Pixelplex - Top Blockchain Consulting Companies
Pixelplex – Top Blockchain Consulting Companies

PixelPlex is a client-focused software development company established in 2007 and is committed to delivering high-quality solutions to irrespective of sized businesses. The company supported global companies leaders and established its brands to boost performance and presence in the digital market. The company has a talented team of 100+ developers globally with modern technology such as IoT, Blockchain, AI, and others. The company also offers blockchain technology consulting services to meet the guidance needs of customers and their tech products. The blockchain consultancy services from the company can cut down management costs and streamline processes. 

10. Consensys – Blockchain Business Consulting

Founded in 2014, ConsenSys primarily works for the Ethereum software development company. The company builds consumer-centric products and enterprise solutions using blockchain technologies. Consensys offers products composed of Infura, Quorum, Truffle, Codefi, MetaMask, and Diligence to serve millions of users. The company also supports blockchain-based billions of queries on how to handle billion-dollar blockchain solutions. With the largest programmable blockchain in the world, the company offers services for Defi for Institutions, NFT marketplace, payment, and digital currencies, capital and assets management, and more. You can also read their clients’ stories to hear more about the company. 

11. Infopulse – Blockchain Strategy Consulting

A leading blockchain technology consulting firm with 30 years of IT experience and has 16 offices in 7 countries. The company is working with 2300+ experts and 250+ active clients to deliver top-notch solutions. Infopulse provides all kinds of blockchain development and consulting services for enterprises, SMEs, and product companies from all niches. To revolutionize your ideas, company, and business processes with distributed ledger technologies. During blockchain consulting with a company, experts analyze your business requirements and system architecture design and identify viable integration options. The in-house team with an array of R&D activities finds the correct solution for your business needs. 

12. Intellectsoft – Blockchain Consulting Company in NYC

intellectsoft Top Blockchain Consulting Companies
intellectsoft Top Blockchain Consulting Companies

Established in 2015, with the mission to support enterprises to accelerate their adoption of new technologies. Blockchain developers at Intellectsoft serve customers with enterprise-grade blockchain solutions, consultancy, and custom blockchain development services. Companies also have the proficiency to serve various industries like construction, healthcare, education, fintech, and more. Intellectsoft claims that they have a team passionate about utilizing technical capabilities, experience, and product mindset for the client’s growth. Experts at Intellectsoft also serve industry-oriented blockchain consultancy and development services. They have a plan for startups and enterprises. 

13. Chainalysis – Enterprise Blockchain Consulting

Chainalysis emerged as a top blockchain technology consulting company. The online platform has a curved niche market, especially when it comes to providing valuable blockchain consultancy services to clients. The company has the expertise to provide data, software, services, and research to government agencies, financial institutions, insurance, and exchanges. Founded in 2001, the company has delivered the world’s most comprehensive cryptocurrency investigation and transaction monitoring solutions in 70+ countries. These platforms are conducting $400 billion transactions per month. Consulting with a tech-driven company can provide a wonderful experience to business opportunities. 

14. Boostylabs – International Blockchain Consulting Company

Headquartered in New York, Boostylabs is a reputable blockchain consulting firm that provides a wide array of services that harness blockchain technology capabilities. The company also has offices in Berlin, Germany, and London, Great Britain. Along with consultancy services, the company has handsome experience in developing Blockchain and smart contracts audits and various industrial projects. The company provides your consultancy services through all stages of the process – from design to product delivery. Boostylabs have the expertise to deliver Solidity, Golang, Rust, C++, Scala, and Substrate programming language solutions. One can pick the desired language to build their solution. 

15. Kiwitech – Top Blockchain Strategy Consulting Firm

Canadian Kiwitech is an international blockchain consulting firm that strives to help startups and enterprises, and people assess how blockchain technology can transform their business. Innovative and cutting-edge applications revolve around blockchain’s use to help businesses enjoy future business opportunities. The company was established in 2009 and worked with US, Canada, and Indian teams. Currently, the company established itself among the top software development companies by serving 500+ portfolio startups, 3,000+ investors, and 200+ mentors. Kiwitech serves with tailor-made guidance, resources, and technologies. 

16. Zrix – Certified Blockchain Consultant in USA

A leading IT service provider in the USA, named Zrix, was established in the year 2006 to deliver high-quality web & mobile applications, software products, and cloud-based data-related services. With a highly-skilled team, the company focuses on bringing innovative ideas for multiple industries like Blockchain, Education, Real Estate, Social Networking, Healthcare, retail, etc. At minimum expenses, the company provides smart and skillful services that enhance the importance of the product and user’s expectations. Zrix also focuses on newly evolving technologies like Artificial Intelligence, Machine Learning, the Internet of Things, and Cybersecurity to bring economic revolution. The company is ready to accept queries 24*7. Leave your question with a blockchain business consulting firm. 

17. Fortunesoftit – Blockchain Development Consulting Agency

Fortunesoftit started its journey in 2009 and now has 12+ years of experience, 125+ happy clients, 490+ successful projects, and 2370 successful sprints. The company is leading in digital technologies for digital business transformation. The company has a physical presence in Nashville, US, Bangalore, India, Sydney, Australia, & Singapore. The core competencies of the company are in Fin-tech to deliver application solutions for ecommerce, churches and ministries, SaaS, mobile application-based AI, and blockchain solutions. Fortunesoftit starts the software development process with user research, analysis & design, then takes the complete engineering responsibilities. 

18. Belitsoft – Blockchain & Crypto Consulting Firm

DIN EN ISO certified company founded by Alexander Beresnyakov and Vladimir Tursin in 2004. According to Clutch’s review, the company ranked among the Top 10 Development companies. To exceed the Fintech and insurance expertise, the company developed industry grades software. Belitsoft is working with 200+ employees who have completed large and medium-scale projects with 2000+ hours on each project. The company provides top-notch quality application development services from the USA, UK, Europe, Israel, and other locations. Best of all, from development to testing and maintenance services, clients can get everything in one spot. 

19. Bairesdev – Blockchain Development Consulting Company

Founded in 2009 with the idea of developing scalable and high-performing technology solutions to meet modern clients’ business demands. The company’s tech expertise and cross-industry experience to evolve digital transformation. Presently, the company serves 3,000+ seasoned engineers in 36 countries that provide a whole range of blockchain consulting and development services to clients. Bairesdev includes research, analyzes, develops, and tests blockchain frameworks to translate business goals into roadmaps. 

20. Zrix – International Blockchain Consulting Company

Blockchain development services ensure secure data exchange, whether it’s for money or information. This company has all the expertise, technical capabilities, and experience as a leading Blockchain development firm in the United States to build and provide the best blockchain solutions, and blockchain technology applications for bringing transparency, efficiency, and automation to corporate processes.

10 Biggest Blockchain Companies Worldwide

#Company NameHead QuarterHourly RateEmployeeFounded In
1SuffescomCalifornia$25 – $49 / hr250 – 9992013
2ScienceSoftMcKinney, TX$50 – $99 / hr250 – 9991989
3Ripple Labs Inc.Atlanta, GA$50 – $99 / hr10 – 491997
4LeewayHertzSan Francisco, CA$50 – $99 / hr50 – 2492007
5BlockchangersOslo, Norway$100 – $149 / hr2 – 92015
6TechracersSão Paulo, Brazil$25 – $49 / hr2 – 92020
7ChromaWayElkhart, IN$50 – $99 / hr2 – 91997
8OpenLedgerKøbenhavn, Denmark$50 – $99 / hr50 – 2492014
9EzetechNew York, NY$25 – $49 / hr10 – 492015
10LimechainСофия, Bulgaria$50 – $99 / hr10 – 492017

Comparison Of The Best Blockchain Consulting & App Development Companies in USA

NamesHeadquartersFoundedRevenueNo of EmployeesServices

McKinney, Texas1989$25 Million700+Development of Smart Contracts, Private Blockchain, Blockchain wallets, dApps and DAOs, Blockchain Consulting, Blockchain Integration.
Ripple Lab

San Francisco2012$163.33 Million150Decentralized Financial Tool.

San Francisco2007$1 Million250Building Blockchain Application.

Oslo, Norway20151-5 MNOK6Blockchain Development & Consulting.

Wilmington, Delaware2012$10 Million51-200Information Technology services.

Stockholm, Sweden2014$2 Million13Building Smart Contracts and Dapps.
OpenLedger ApS

Denmark2014$1.6 Million60Building Blockchain Solutions and Products.

New York, USA2015$2.6 Million35Web Development and Tech Consulting.

Bulgaria2017$1.7 Million50Blockchain Development and Consulting.

San Francisco USA2014$4 Million40Building Cryptographic Ledger.

Palo Alto, USA2007$12.2 Million350Distributed Ledger and Smart Contract Protocol.

Wrapping Up!!

Hoping the above blockchain consulting firms’ information will assist you in choosing the right company for your business and project needs. Make sure you will get complete knowledge from experts about the right type of ethereum, Solana, polygon, hyperledger, or other blockchain technology before implementing your new project. 

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