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Top 20 Cannabis, Weed, Marijuana Online Delivery Apps in USA, UK, Australia

Top 20 Cannabis, Weed, Marijuana Online Delivery Apps in California, London, Sydney

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Marijuana Delivery Apps


  • What Is a Marijuana Delivery App?
  • How to Choose the Best Marijuana App
  • What Are the Best Weed Delivery Apps?
  • Get Weed at Your Doorstep Today

Cannabis is quickly becoming a popular ingredient in many products, and its usage and sales are skyrocketing. There are endless ways to access pot commodities online, such as through a weed delivery app.

 Marijuana dispensaries harness the industry’s potential by exploring digital avenues for broader reach. Computerizing their supply is effective in targeting more prospects and remaining competitive.

 From flowers, pre-rolls, vapes, brownies, gummies, and chocolates to CBD oil, online delivery offers a seamless way for customers to access variety.

 Discover which top weed-finding apps suit your needs best. If you want to try homemade cannabis products, start your cultivation with top-quality indica seeds for sale.

What Is a Marijuana Delivery App?

A marijuana delivery app is a mobile application software designed to run on a user’s smartphone or tablet. It lets you access weed-related information, products, processes, and real-time services conveniently on the go.

 These platforms allow you to find the nearest dispensary, order pot online, and get same-day delivery. Mobile apps are gaining traction as a means to boost online presence.

 A website is only the starting point of an effective online presence. Businesses are looking at other digital platforms to improve customer accessibility. All sorts of software are popping up, from fasting apps to gaming platforms and everything in between.

 The evolving cannabis industry is no exemption. In addition to accessing commodities, weed users can receive notifications about changes in products and services. These updates make life easier for consumers whose preferences shift over time.

How to Choose the Best Marijuana App

As more states legalize medical cannabis to varying degrees, businesses strive to upscale their online footprint to improve sales. Many consumers rely on delivery apps to order their favorite marijuana merchandise.

What do you look for when selecting a software application?

Some of the critical factors to consider in your selection of the best marijuana app are:

  • Product variety
  • Local delivery availability
  • Late-night delivery
  • Delivery person contact
  • Reward or discount programs
  • Real-time delivery GPS tracking
  • Simple payment options
  • Search filters

According to a survey by IBISWorld, the cannabis apps sector is now among the strongest industries in the United States, with a market value of over $8 billion. This is a perfect moment to make investments in marijuana apps and weed delivery apps for Android and iOS.

We wanted to discuss the crucial factors you must know while establishing your app as a leading on-demand weed delivery apps development firm.

You will learn the following from this blog:

  • Leafly, for example, is one of the most popular marijuana apps on the market.
  • In the United States, the cannabis apps industry is expanding.
  • Top 5 Cannabis or Weed Delivery Apps in UK

What Are the Best Weed Delivery Apps?

1. Leafly

Leafly is an award-winning weed finder app that lets you discover nearby legal cannabis for medical or recreational needs. It’s attracted a massive fan base because it’s more than a dispensary locator.

 The platform also acts as a marijuana resource hub where users learn about the herb and review different strains.

 The delivery portal is available via the web on iOS and Android devices. It allows you to place an online or phone order to a licensed store, confirmed through an email or text. From there, check your delivery time; when the order arrives, present your ID, sign, and pay.

 Leafly has a 17+ age restriction and boasts over one million app downloads. It’s among the most frequented, with more than 70,000 reviews. Consumers can easily find their best weed based on other users’ reported effects, feelings, and flavors.

The app stands out for its valuable, beginner-friendly information. It’s earned a star rating of 4.7 on Google Play and 4.9 on App Store.

2. Weedmaps

Weedmaps is more than just a marijuana delivery app, as the name would suggest. It offers a convenient guide to navigating the cannabis universe. Users access the one-stop shop for comprehensive pot information and the latest industry news and laws.

 The interactive platform boasts a unique discovery angle where everything vividly displays easy-to-follow pointers. Find licensed local dispensaries, delivery services, medical marijuana doctors, and different strains easily, thanks to the engaging graphics.

 The site gives you access to a vast selection of retailers across various jurisdictions that regulate herbal and recreational pot.

 Weedmaps is one of the top-rated marijuana apps thanks to its evolving product offers. It has over 80,000 reviews and more than 4.7 stars on both Google Play and App Store.

3. Eaze

Eaze is an on-demand weed delivery app that serves you a warm $30-off-your-first-order welcome. The platform stands out for its versatile inclusion of women and BIPOC-owned brands to help you spend with a cause.

 Shop from an array of high-quality products to suit any experience and price range and get it delivered anywhere that qualifies.

 Eaze classifies its commodities conveniently as flowers, concentrates, edibles, and all-in-ones. It lets you view the most recent merchandise with detailed particulars for informed buying.

 Track your order in real time and know the expected arrival time.

4. PotBot

With a 4.5-star rating on the App Store, PotBot delights its users with snippets of interesting information. It’s a medicinal marijuana application built to simplify the lives of patients uncertain of the best strains for their condition.

 It uses a science-backed cannabinoid algorithm to recommend products ideal for relieving a consumer’s symptoms in the local area.

 PotBot provides detailed information on optimal cannabinoid levels and consumption methods for personalized treatment, outsmarting many apps that employ a one-size-fits-all approach.

 Choose from over 750 strains, tinctures, edibles, concentrates, topicals, sprays, and vaporizers. The site has aggregated relevant medical research so you can compare all the facts in a single visit.

5. Vana

Vana only features cannabis brands and CBD products it has personally verified so you can safely discover, locate, and order. The app boasts a user-friendly interface to find nearby dispensaries and explore marijuana news, culture, and events.

 In addition to general updates, the software also lets you learn about the latest product releases from your favorite brands. View dispensary menus directly to browse their selections. Vana also sends you email notifications of new local deals.

 The interactive interface showcases recommended products for euphoria, energy, creativity, and other effects for easy selection.

 Using the app is free, but you have to sign up to access exclusive money-saving deals like rebates from licensed retailers. A built-in weed identifier gives you access to details about the different pot strains.

Here is the list of Top Online Cannabis or Marijuana Delivery Apps WorldWide

  1. PotBot
  2. Weedmaps
  3. Eaze
  4. Muncheez
  5. Duby
  6. Amuse
  7. MassRoots
  8. Leafly
  9. GreenRush
  10. Budly
  11. Weden
  12. Tokr
  13. Kushy
  14. Vana
  15. Simleaf
  16. Hey Emjay
  17. The Green Cross
  18. Bay Care Delivery
  19. Ganjarunner
  20. San Francisco Green Delivery
  21. Weedhub
  22. Proven

Following are among the best weed delivery apps, chosen based on user review sites, use, special features, and overall installs:

  1. PotBot

PotBot is one of the best medical marijuana apps designed to assist people unclear which variants will be the most beneficial to them. For the patient’s medical issues or difficulties, the app can guide selecting varieties and consuming kinds.

The software employs a scientific and research-based algorithm to identify which variants should be recommended to the patient. The idea is to give them something that will eliminate the entirety of their symptoms right away.

  1. Weedmaps
weedmap delivery app in usa 2022

This software not only delivers but also helps you uncover cannabis reviews and new firms to buy from. Through cannabis news, you may learn about the business and discover a variety of goods. This software also allows users to browse customer evaluations to precisely know what degree of stability to demand from a company. 

It has a lot of knowledge, including recipes, laboratory information, THC and CBD percentages, and chemical levels. The software is also updated often to make future features from time to time.

  1. Eaze

Eaze is a marijuana delivery platform that was created and is maintained by marijuana geeks with considerable experience in data, delivery, and dank. Eaze supplies to your doorstep in under an hour, so you can skip the wait.

Eaze has the highest-quality THC and CBD products for all budgets and skill levels. Plus, they provide the goods — support a much more fair cannabis market by purchasing stuff from BIPOC and Women-owned companies.

  1. Vana

Vana is a mobile app that allows you to shop at your favorite dispensaries and brands from your phone. You must first join up, after which you will acquire access to a wide range of excellent bargains and far more from the businesses you use most frequently. 

You can locate every one of the dispensaries in your area with only a few taps. You may also use the app to discover a little about the business and get updates on brands you like.

  1. Duby

Duby is considered to possess a wealth of knowledge in one location. Retailers and clinics may promote to you via the app, which means you’ll be exposed to a wider range of brands—some of which you may learn to adore and would not have discovered otherwise.

The app also makes it simple to locate a variety of Drug and cannabis items. Edibles, sweets, and liquids, for example, are all readily available.

  1. Amuse

 Amuse is California’s quickest cannabis apps service, providing the Bay Area with no delivery fees 365 days a year. Amuse offers you set for any high you’re searching for, with the widest range of floral, vaporizers, focuses, consumables, and pre-rolls here on the marketplace.

 Aside from the massive range, Amuse separates from the competition by always offering the greatest prices and offers across the board, ensuring that you’re constantly saving. 

  1. MassRoots

MassRoots is a well-known app in the weed and CBD industries. It supports customers in making informed selections when buying CBD and weed products by providing professional evaluations. This software is the most effective delivering app in the cannabis market. It’s one of the greatest places to go if you want to learn more about cannabis goods.

  • PriceFree App Store
  • In-App PurchaseNo
  • LaunchedSep 12, 201

  1. Leafly
top CBD delivery apps

Leafly is considered the world’s largest weeds database. This marijuana-finding software is recognized as Cannabis 101 and helps users explore and locate the cannabis that is perfect for them. Millions of people are using it. This app’s online or restriction level is 17+. Leafly has over 2.3 million visitors numbers, and 50,000 regular app installs.

  • Android rating: 4.3
  • iPhone rating: 4.9
  • Price: Free
  1. GreenRush

GreenRush is regarded as among the best cannabis delivery applications available. The interface design is clean and modern. This software allows the customer to order any cannabis, weed, or marijuana and deliver it to their home. 

Medical marijuana delivery, on the other hand, is dependent on the user’s present location and is ideal for merchants because it allows them to market their inventory.

  1. Budly

This is comparable to the Leafly app, which provides a modern way for medical cannabis users to acquire their medication effortlessly, fast, and securely. The functionality for placing orders is maintained as basic and straightforward. The app allows users to place and track orders from a nearby facility. They may also use the app notification to monitor when their order arrives.

  1. Weden

The major goal of the Weden app’s creators is to distribute marijuana-infused edible goods. Whenz is an easy-to-use software that allows users to select and order food quickly. They have particular aspects of the program that makes purchasing easy, and the thorough blogs provide essential cannabis information that can also be utilized as a marketing strategy.

  1. Tokr

Tokr is the potential of weed care if personalized medicine is the future of healthcare – although not without a significant lifestyle tilt. What type of marijuana experience are you looking for? Is it better to exercise or relax? CBD, THC, or a combination of the two? Is it better to use a vape pen or eat edibles? The software customizes high-end products and vendors depending on your responses.

  1. Simleaf

The first and only premium app on my list is SimLeaf, but dammit if it’s not worth three bucks. It bills itself as a “very sophisticated 3D grow simulator,” which is a nice way of saying it’s a place where you can practice growing before you mess up in real life. Plenty is going on here to teach you a lot about growth.

  1. Hey Emjay

Hey, Emjay is the marijuana delivery service of the future so you can expect nothing but the best. They are committed to their work, which means they have a larger selection and fast shipping times than the competitors. They have lower costs and want you to be confident that every product they provide is safe.

Professional couriers deliver your purchase to you, ensuring that you have a pleasant experience throughout. They shall take care of you from when you place your purchase online until the goods reach your doorstep.

  1. The Green Cross

The Green Cross’ main goal is to provide high-quality marijuana to its members at reasonable prices. TGC has developed itself as a champion in society and the public that provides membership counseling and sensitive healthcare that go above and beyond traditional dispensary services, showcasing the worth of cannabis not just to regular people but also to municipal and state government.

  1. Bay Care Delivery

Bay Care Delivery has happily served the Coastline since 2013 in an endeavor towards becoming your private marijuana expert, with the primary goal of providing everybody with the ultimate cannabis experience. The ‘herbologists‘ at Bay Care Delivery hand-pick the highest-quality marijuana products available, plus they take great joy in assisting you in finding what’s suitable for you while offering excellent customer care. 

  1. Ganjarunner

Ganjarunner has attracted many weed consumers since they provide free shipping with no minimum purchase. Ganjarunner offers a 60-minute shipping date and can handle next-day delivery with over 300 different high-quality cannabis items in their inventory. Their weed is pesticide-free and lab-tested, and their devoted customer service professionals are accessible seven days a week to answer any questions.

  1. San Francisco Green Delivery

San Francisco Green Delivery was developed to meet the growing demand for high-quality cannabis among individuals with little or no access to it. Individuals may receive their cannabis pleasantly and privately through their delivery service, which is welcome in contrast to the frequently crowded and unfriendly dispensary environments. 

  1. Weedhub

WeedHub is a weed delivery app service that emerged in San Francisco in early 2018. They regard all of their clients as neighbors since California will be as much their house as yours. Their goal is to build deep ties and become valuable members of a group that benefits everyone.

  1. Proven

Proven is one of San Francisco’s top cannabis delivery app services. They gladly provide the Metro Area with safe and prompt shipping, as well as exclusive deals and leading weed brands for medical and recreational customers. They are proven like mixing things up by partnering with industry experts to ensure that their customers get exposure to some of the most cutting-edge marijuana products available.

Top 5 Cannabis or Weed Delivery Apps in UK

Top 5 Cannabis or Weed Delivery Apps in UK

Cannabis delivery apps are doing great business in the USA and Australia-like countries, but will we ever see them in the UK? Cannabidiol (CBD) is a widely used component in various goods. There are many CBD delivery apps in the UK to get these items now, including CBD delivery applications.

  1. Canary
  2. Weedmaps
  3. Deliveroo 
  4. Meadow
  5. Grassp
  6. Eaze


To conclude, there are several weed delivery apps available. You may need to pick the most suitable location-based that meets most of your delivery requirements. Their items are sanitary, well-made, and supplied by a trained specialist to your doorstep. We believe these are all compelling reasons to use the weed delivery apps described above for your requirements.

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