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50+ Blockchain Blog & News Updates Websites | Get Blockchain News Today

The world of blockchain is rather complex, but with the right tools and information, it’s possible for anyone to understand blockchain technology...

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The two trendiest issues in the world right now are blockchain and cryptocurrency. It’s a reality that more and more individuals are becoming interested in reading blockchain news today. We’ll lead you through certain top websites for reading blockchain news and updates in this article.

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The blockchain sector is rising rapidly with new innovative techniques. When it refers to the blockchain, there will always be something unexpected for miners and crypto lovers to look forward to. Most of this data must be well addressed in order to provide correct facts to the rest of the world.

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top blockchain news website

Blockchain News Aggregator Website

10 Best blockchain News Websites to Read the Latest Blockchain Updates.

  1. MakeAnAppLike – The Best Blockchain News and Blog Website
  2. Coindesk
  3. CoinTelegraph
  4. CCN
  5. TodayOnChain
  6. NewsBTC
  7. Bitcoin Magazine
  8. Cryptoslate
  9. Bitcoinist
  10. Forbes
  11. Null Tx
  13. Cryptovest
  14. Invest in Blockchain
  15. Blockonomi
  16. Coinspeaker
  17. Coin Market Cap
  18. The CC Press
  19. Tezro
  21. Daily coin

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List of Best Blockchain News and Blog Websites 2022

1. Coindesk

CoinDesk becomes one of the most well-known blockchain news sites devoted to blockchain technology. Since its inception in 2003, CoinDesk has experienced significant growth. CoinDesk has done an incredible job of providing readers with up-to-date information about the bitcoin industry. If you want to know about the peaks and troughs of Bitcoin market rates, or you want to learn how to trade Bitcoin, the next cryptocurrency to enter the market, CoinDesk will provide every detail to you.

2. CoinTelegraph

If you’re searching for a comprehensive news outlet that covers everything about blockchain, Bitcoin, as well as other cryptocurrencies, CoinTelegraph is the place to go. It is a prominent and dynamic crypto news website that publishes a variety of articles and news every day. This site is great for anyone searching for a complete picture of the cryptocurrency.. It has a very good layout and it is an excellent spot to begin your study.

At CoinTelegraph, you can keep up with all the latest developments in the crypto sector. Coin Telegraph is also accessible in several languages, including English, Brazilian, Spanish, Japanese, Serbian, and several others. It is one of the best blockchain blog websites where you can find numerous details regarding cryptocurrency.

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3. CCN

CCN is a unique news site that offers the most up-to-date information on all of the main blockchains available. It is a Norwegian media firm that is so well because of its crypto journalism. If you need the most up-to-date news on all cryptocurrencies, CCN is the site to go. They often post articles on areas such as blockchain, NFT, mining, investing, and more to inform their audience!

CCN also has significant Blockchain insights as well as other market-related data such as an ICO Calendar, cryptocurrency news, market cap, and DLT events. Besides the headlines, the blog portion of the site can help you learn more about the sector.

4. TodayOnChain

It is a well-known blockchain news website that covers all aspects of blockchain and cryptocurrencies. TodayOnChain gathers news from a variety of sources, so you’ll find a wealth of information on the blockchain sector here.TodayOnChain draws inspiration from websites like as CoinDesk, CoinTelegraph, CCN, and others. TodayOnChain functions more like a news aggregator, bringing you the latest crypto and blockchain news.

best blockchain updates websites of 2022
best blockchain updates websites of 2022

If you really want an up-to-date list of successful coins by market cap, you won’t be disappointed with TodayOnChain or perhaps some business insider knowledge without sifting via other web resources. It’s ideal for everyone who wants to know what’s going on in the crypto situation at a given time!

5. NewsBTC

It is a well-known blockchain and crypto news platform that will keep you up to date on all of the industry’s latest developments. Technical analysis, evaluations, and other important details about the crypto and blockchain world are covered by News BTC. Each day, the website publishes a wide range of news and articles that can supply you with information about the sector. At News BTC, you can also find all kinds of educational resources, ICO listings, and event dates.

6. Bitcoin Magazine

As the name implies, Bitcoin Magazine is one of the best shops for the blockchain recent updates. This is one of the first publications focused only on BTC news.The founder of the magazine is possibly Ethereum’s creator, providing this site yet again another top media outlet. It started out as a Bitcoin-only news website, but it has now evolved to include all the cryptocurrencies. 

Bitcoin Magazine’s key emphasis is on assessing financial efficiency, assessments, and analyses. The information on Bitcoin Magazine’s site will keep up to date on everything related to cryptocurrencies and blockchain technology occurring all around the world. It’s perfect for both novices and experienced in this field!

7. Cryptoslate

CryptoSlate is a well-known news outlet in the cryptocurrencies and distributed ledger development industries, intending to provide open and genuine information.

It is a journalism and media firm based in Seattle formed in 2017. Despite being a small media outlet, CryotoSlate has recently gained industry prominence. Apart from crypto news, CryptoSlate also provides data on ICOs, cryptocurrency rankings, and events.

8. Bitcoinist

Despite popular belief, Bitcoinist includes all of the leading cryptocurrencies as well as their stories. Bitcoinist not only emphasizes cryptocurrency but also on providing readers with all of the required knowledge about the blockchain sector. It is treated as one of the best blockchain update websites. You can browse as many daily articles as you like since there are many great articles to view every day.

9. Forbes

Forbes is a well-known publication that has dominated the internet industry. Forbes is synonymous with entertainment and media. The magazine first appeared in 2017 and was quickly followed by a digital edition. Forbes is a well-known publication that encompasses all areas of the DLT business.

Forbes opted to follow their specialization further by launching Forbes Crypto, a series of digital news delivery for blockchain. Forbes Crypto has all you need to know about distributed ledger technology and cryptocurrency.

10. Null Tx

Null Tx, formerly known as The Merkle, is a focused news platform for the newest blockchain like bitcoin, Ethereum, and others.

Aside from the headlines, you’ll find interesting articles which will help you understand more about the field. Null Tx was launched in 2014 and has maintained a notable name in the greatest crypto news websites list since then. Regarding crypto news, Null Tx has a section dedicated to financial innovations. It isn’t a website full of opinion columns, but it is a perfect source for up-to-date facts and expert advice about investing your money. When you begin trading, check some excellent basic stuff here if you’re simply starting up with crypto.


As its title suggests, is only focused on a broad range of Bitcoin articles. has everything from headlines to information content. The website is more than simply a cryptocurrency media outlet; it is a comprehensive site that covers all aspects of Bitcoin, with news being only a minor part of it. It is one of the reputed blockchain digital newspapers where you can get all its details.

Nearly every day, information on Bitcoin wallets, miners, gaming, and other topics may be found on this website. The webpage is skewed in favor of BTC. As a result, unless they are rivals, they never include anything relevant to other cryptocurrency news.

12. Cryptovest 

Cryptovest is a blockchain news app that you might come across. It is a perfect place to receive all the data you need about ICOs and the blockchain business. They are primarily focused on breaking crypto news involving ICOs and any related material.

The website also publishes its thoughts and predictions on blockchain development, giving visitors a fresh viewpoint on the crypto industry. Cryptovest also provides a list of distributed ledger firms, individuals, and activities.

13. Invest in Blockchain

Invest in Blockchain is a trustworthy news website that strives to provide readers with accurate information on blockchain and cryptocurrency. It covers a wide range of current facts in the crypto market that has to be publicized for the benefit of investors.

Invest in Blockchain’s expertise is not confined to the most recent news; their websites include several sections dedicated to blog posts, stories, evaluations, analysis, technological modifications, and other topics. It has been one of the most well-established DLT news platforms.

14. Blockonomi

Blockonomi was formed in 2017 to cover all elements of fintech, cryptocurrency, and the blockchain economy.

While it is one of the latest cryptocurrency media platforms, Blocknomi has swiftly built a reputation for itself by providing a wealth of useful information that will guide you through the recent crypto developments.

If you’re new to the DLT industry, you can use the site to look for guides to aid you along the way. In a sense, it’s a one-stop shop for anything related to blockchain and cryptocurrency.

Blockonomi seems more than simply a news website; it offers expert guidance and analysis on all aspects of blockchain technology. There is plenty of stuff here suitable for beginners, so you may use this as a reference before investing. Blockonomi must be at the top of the list if you’ve been seeking an interesting blog that will provide you with a different outlook on the crypto world!

15. Coinspeaker

Coinspeaker covers every aspect of the cryptocurrency and blockchain markets. It cannot be classified as a news organization because it contains a wide range of financial information, such as BTC, stock market, fintech, cryptocurrency, etc.

Coinspeaker’s website offers a news page where you can find the most up-to-date news on distributed ledger technology and cryptocurrency.

16. Coin Market Cap

CoinMarketCap is, without a doubt, a great crypto news website, offering a plethora of info. They include graphical representations that show the prices of different cryptocurrencies on multiple exchanges. The site is almost always up to date because it is updated regularly. This site is ideal for finding important real-time information!CoinMarketCap can also be used as an ICO tracker, providing information on planned and recently finished token sales information.

The web page shows how so many tokens were traded during each session and what per cent of the total was collected. Visit CoinMarketCap today to learn everything you need to understand about your favourite currencies!

17. The CC Press

TheCCpress is much more than a website that offers bitcoin digital media and data services. The goal is to add worth to your cryptocurrency and blockchain learning by providing a current and thorough look at the overall industry. It is a non-profit journal covering all crypto, from the recent updates, rates, and developments to in-depth guides and lessons. This newspaper’s primary mission is to inform, educate, and link the worldwide crypto/blockchain industry.

18. Tezro

We can’t discuss the most acceptable blockchain online newspapers without mentioning Tezro. This website focuses on Bitcoin and blockchain-related articles and provides you with useful information.Tezro provides media stories and also long-form educational articles regarding numerous cryptocurrencies. There is enough to learn here! Tezro offers it all, whether you’re searching for advice from some of the industry’s most respected figures or would like to know how your cryptocurrency is doing in the market.

The site also provides ICO reports, which detail everything there is to learn regarding forthcoming token sales, like prices, deadlines, and other details.


Since 2020, seems to have been a multimedia portal, news collector, and investment tracker. Coinjoy is a trustworthy, easy-to-use, one-stop shop for the cryptocurrency world. The publication contains a wide scope of fintech subjects, including current events, progress reports, expert interviews, statistics, and much more.

Coinjoy brings together the most reliable and trustworthy sources of news, covering social networking sites. The team members choose the resources.

20. Daily coin

DailyCoin offers a comprehensive and up-to-date analysis of cryptocurrency and its latest updates. They offer articles on a variety of subjects, including investing, mining, and developments. It’s a one-stop store for anyone interested in learning everything there is to know about cryptocurrency. This website is constantly updated to fulfil the needs of its visitors.It has a number of characteristics that make crypto trading more easier by providing useful advice from traders who seem to be doing so for years. Check out the website because it has a lot of useful information for novices.

Top 5 Best Blockchain News Websites to Read and Write Today

There are a lot of websites claiming to be the best blockchain news website. I’m sure everyone has their favorites. Here, we wanted to share some more blockchain-related blog websites I’ve discovered and utilize on a regular basis. In no particular order, here are the following:

  1. Bitcoin Magazine
  2. Hackernoon
  3. TowardsDataScience
  4. TheBlockchain
  5. IBM Blockchain
Which is the best Blockchain News Aggregator Website?

These are the 5 best blockchain news websites, MakeAnAppLike, LifeWife, TechCrunch, Hackernoon, and TheVerge.

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