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Top AR App Development Companies in USA 2022

As we know customers today are getting pickier & more demanding, several brands are on the verge of losing their customers or facing...

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As we know customers today are getting pickier & more demanding, several brands are on the verge of losing their customers or facing a slowdown in growth with the inability to meet ever-changing needs. Most of the forward-thinking and successful organizations are the ones that have adopted the emerging technologies as early as possible, enabling them to deliver exceptional customer experience globally. One of the most trending technologies is Augmented Reality (AR) that helps in creating the connection between the real and digital world that customers find interesting. With the gaining popularity of this technology, many organizations are taking the help of AR App Development Companies to help in delivering a personalized experience with the capability to overcome challenges effectively.

The market for AR technology is rapidly growing, with projections for over 18 billion U.S. dollars by the year 2023, as stated by the research of Statista. Many brands are relying on Augmented Reality technologies to help customers choose their products quickly while shopping online, leading to an increase in conversions. If you are thinking to add an AR initiative for your business, find out the top Augmented Reality App Development Company in the section below where we have curated the list of companies across the world.

Leading Augmented Reality Development Companies in USA

Are you looking for top AR and VR developers for your Augmented Reality App Development Services? With so many AR app development companies available in the market today, it can be difficult to choose the suitable one for the innovative solutions for your business growth. Without wasting any further time, let’s go through the list of the top Augmented Reality App Companies in USA that can help in fulfilling the business goals with reliable services.

1. Rising Max — AR VR App Development Company in USA

The third in the list of the Augmented Reality Development Companies is RisingMax that has a bunch of expert developers with year-long expertise in developing a wide range of AR services. With the capability to deliver web & mobile apps for both iOS and Android platforms, the team ensures that they keep their major focus on understanding business requirements for building perfect solutions at an affordable price.

  • Founded in 2011
  • Hourly Rate — $25 — $49 / hr
  • Employees — 250–999
  • Location — New York, USA

2. Clavax Technologies — AR Development Company in USA

Known as one of the most prominent AR App Development Companies, Clavax holds an experience of more than a decade in building end-to-end app development services enabling clients across the globe to attain business goals faster. Being a leader in Virtual Reality & Augmented Reality development services, the expert developers have worked for many industry verticals starting from eCommerce, healthcare, education, and many more.

  • Founded- 2011
  • Hourly Rates- $25-$49
  • Employee Strength- 50–249
  • Headquarter- USA, Australia, Middle East

3. Juego Studio — Augmented Reality Development Company in USA

Another leading Augmented Reality App Development Company in USA is Juego Studio that is known for its development of interactive AR and VR Apps in a variety of verticals such as retail, manufacturing, entertainment, etc. Aligned with the latest platforms for the AR-based mobile app development, the expert developers of the company make use of advanced platforms like ARCore & ARKit to build apps for startups & enterprises.

  • Founded- 2011
  • Hourly Rates- $25-$49
  • Employee Strength- 50–249
  • Headquarter- USA, India

4. Soft EQ

Among the list of top Augmented Reality App Companies in USA, Soft EQ is the industry-leading firm that has been delivering innovative web & app services to create immersive Augmented Reality experiences. With the latest software frameworks & technologies, the development team of the company ensures that they build every AR project with services that provide engaging and accurate AR experience to customers.

  • Founded- 1997
  • Hourly Rates- $50 — $99/hr
  • Employee Strength- 250–999
  • Headquarter- United States, Germany

5. Orange Mantra — Augmented Reality App Company

Another top-notch Augmented Reality App Development Company that is giving the cutting-edge services to several organizations with diverse business requirements is Orange Mantra. Known for their technical expertise that drives excellence and interactivity, they offer scalable and secure AR solutions for Android & iOS platforms. If you are thinking to add AR in your business, get in touch with the skilled team for the best services that enable customers to elevate their experiences to the next level.

  • Founded- 2001
  • Hourly Rates- < $49/hr
  • Employee Strength- 50–249
  • Headquarter- India, Canada

Significance of AR Services in the eCommerce Market

Before moving further, let’s find out some factors that show the importance of AR in several scenarios and how they help in boosting sales-

· Great Engagement

Customers feel more connected through AR-enabled apps, which engages them to take a virtual view of the products and helps in making better purchase decisions.

· Shopping Experience

AR services help in offering a different level of personalization enabling customers to visualize themselves in all the clothes or shoes they want to try out & choose the best one among them.

· No Lengthy Queues to Shop

Customers don’t have to go to malls and stand in queues for the things they want. All they have to do is use AR apps to get a personalized experience sitting comfortably at home.

· Virtual Assistant

Another best thing about AR is that it helps in guiding customers while they shop and choosing the right products and provide recommendations based on their search history and previous purchases.

6. Skywell

Experienced in providing the most reliable Augmented Reality App Development Services, Skywell is the company that has helped businesses grow with their services offering interactive and customer-centric experiences across multiple devices. Whether it’s about transforming shopping experiences for eCommerce businesses, boosting branding efforts, or in-store experiences, the company offers everything that can help you succeed with AR apps.

  • Founded- 2008
  • Hourly Rates-
  • Employee Strength- 50–249
  • Headquarter- Ukraine

7. BR Softech

Being one of the leading Augmented Reality App Companies, the team of BR Softech specializes in AR development solutions equipped with robust technologies to meet evolving customer demands. With a track record of delivering many successful projects for businesses across diverse industry verticals, the team can be a trustworthy development partner to meet your needs. Consult with the skilled developers if you want to avail AR app development services & open new business opportunities.

  • Founded- 2010
  • Hourly Rates- $25 — $49/hr
  • Employee Strength- 250–999
  • Headquarter- India, United States

8. Appventurez

Konstant Info Solutions is one of the premium eCommerce development companies that hold technical experience of more than 16+ years in building scalable eCommerce services with top quality design. With a record of many successful projects that promote online shopping to B2B and B2C ventures, the expert developers have transformed the ideas of many global clients into outstanding business outcomes.

  • Founded- 2018
  • Hourly Rates- < $99/hr
  • Employee Strength- 50–249
  • Headquarter- India, United States

9. Nine Hertz

One name that is famous for its award-winning Augmented Reality App Development Services is Nine Hertz. Whether you need basic AR app development for startup or expert services for the well-established firm, their team has the expertise that helps in transforming the methodology of users to interact with the services and products. Talk with the team of Nine Hertz to convert your AR idea into a successful business solution at a reasonable price.

  • Founded- 2008
  • Hourly Rates- < $45/hr
  • Employee Strength- 50–249
  • Headquarter- India, United States

10. Sara Technologies

The last we have in the list of AR App development companies is Sara Technologies that holds expertise in transforming the shopping experience to a new level with eCommerce AR services. Equipped with AR libraries, the developers of the company use high-end tools and technologies to stimulate the environment for exceptional customer experience through AR/VR apps. You can rely on the team of this company to avail AR services for several industries like Real Estate, Education, VR games, eCommerce, healthcare, and many more.

  • Founded- 2007
  • Hourly Rates- $99
  • Employee Strength- 50–99
  • Headquarter- USA

Wrapping Up

Hopefully, we believe that you can go through the list of Top 10 Augmented Reality Development Companies in the above section and choose the right one for your app development needs. Your customers want their shopping experience to be centered around them across all touchpoints, whether it’s mobile, web, or in-store. Living in the pandemic era of social distancing, people have no option but to stay home and order products they want through the AR apps. This ensures that they feel like trying the product in real through VR before making the purchase just by sitting at home, which avoids any disappointment in the later phase. Make sure that choose the expert developers for reliable augmented reality app development services and avail the best benefits focused on customer satisfaction or increase in sales rate.

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