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Top 20 Web Development Companies In The USA

Looking for the top web development companies in the USA or specifically in California? Here are the top 10 website development firs...

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Top 20 Web Development Companies In The USA

For every business, it is a must to have a feature-rich and user-friendly website today. But it is not easy to find a reliable web development company to create your website as per your expectations and vision because of so many such companies. 

We’ve created a list of the best 20 USA-based web development companies by considering their notable projects and reviews/ratings on different platforms. Apart from the web development services, they also have expertise in providing different services like eCommerce development, PWA development etc. Keep reading this blog post to see the top USA-based web development companies and select the reliable one that best fits your business.

Top 10 web development companies in USA, California, New York

  1. HTMLPanda
  2. SemiDot Infotech
  3. XBSoftware
  4. Openxcell
  5. CSSChopper
  6. Rootstrap
  7. HQ Software Labs
  8. LaunchPad Lab
  9. Lanars
  10. Scopic Software

Now, let’s start exploring the USA-based web development companies.

1. HTMLPanda – web development companies in USA

HTMLPanda is a competent web development company that was founded in 2014 and has delivered 15k+ projects since its establishment. It has 8k+ happy clients, including major brands like Intel, Philips, HP, Drivania, and many others. 

The web development services that HTMLPanda offers are eCommerce web development, custom web development, web portal development, SPA development, and CMS-based websites. 

The web development professionals at HTMLPanda work on Agile principles to create an easily functional web solution. They ensure on-time delivery by maintaining high-quality standards.

2. Innowise Group – custom web development company in USA

Innowise Group is a competent well-established company with 15 years of market experience and 600+ successfully completed projects in 40+ domains, including AR/VR/MR, iOT, and business intelligence. Innowise Group is particularly good at creating unique custom-made solutions. The company’s pool of 1000+ experts handles full-cycle web solutions development, cloud-based web development, CMS-based websites, as well as back-end and front-end development.

3. SemiDot Infotech – website development company in USA

It is one of the top USA-based web development companies proficient in handling all the aspects of web application development. It offers technology solutions to startups, digital agencies, and enterprises. 

The specialties of SemiDot Infotech are custom web application development, CRM and ERP solutions, Python, ReactJS, Laravel, SEO, PHP, React Native, and many more. The clientele of SemiDot Infotech includes Reebok, Pearson, Colgate, Lipton, etc. Apart from the IT industries, SemiDot Infotech also serves various other industries such as education, healthcare, real estate, baking, travel, and many more.

4. XBSoftware – custom web development company USA

This competent website development company includes a strong team of IT professionals. With over a decade of experience in web application development services, it has enough expertise to transform complex ideas into perfect web applications. 

The custom web development services that XBSoftware offers are custom web application development from scratch, legacy application modernization, and progressive web application (PWAs) development. The web development technology stack of XBSoftware includes Webix, PHP, JavaScript, Laravel, React, Vue.js, and many more. 

5. Openxcell – web development company in California

With offices in the United States, Openxcell is an emerging company that offers web development services. They deliver the best-in-class web applications by meeting your high expectations and quality standards. 

The web development services that Openxcell offers are API development, Progressive web application (PWA) development, etc. Their web development professionals are experts in using major platforms or frameworks used for web development services.

6. CSSChopper – e-commerce web development company in new york

As a well-established web development company that was founded a decade ago, it has an exclusive network of clients and has 7500+ happy clients. Since its establishment, CSSChopper has achieved various milestones and has delivered 2000+ web development projects. 

The web development services that CSSChopper offers are CMS website development, custom web development, design to code, PWA development, AMP development, eCommerce web development, website maintenance, full-stack web development, and many more.

7. Rootstrap – one of the top 10 web development companies in the USA

It is a USA-based web development company that works with agile principles to deliver scalable web development projects. It offers a range of services, including web development, mobile development, machine learning, staff augmentation, quality assurance, DevOps, and many others.

Rootstrap serves different industries, whether healthcare, education, technology, financial services, media, entertainment, etc. It has launched 750+ digital products. 

8. HQ Software Labs – website developer in USA

It is an international organization that offers web application development services such as heavy-duty solutions, IOT web applications, Nimble mobile applications, booking systems, etc. The web application development technology stack of HQ software labs includes PHP, JavaScript, Vue.js, Angular, and many others. 

Since its establishment, the company has delivered nearly 450 projects, including 10+ professionals and 300 happy customers. The clientele of HQ software labs includes major brands like Canon, Skoda, BBC, HTC, etc.

9. LaunchPad Lab – custom web development company USA

LaunchPad Lab is a USA-based organization that offers web development services. It partners with businesses to transform their digital technology. They create custom web applications that are designed for all devices and built to scale. The professionals at LaunchPad Lab deliver impactful solutions on time to its clients by taking milestones and deadlines seriously. 

The technology stack of LaucnchPad Lab includes React.js, Angular.js, IOT, Heroku, Ruby on Rails, and others. 

10. Lanars – web design & development company in the USA

Lanars is a competent web application development company. Besides web development, the specialties of Lanars also include React.js development, PHP, Angular 2, Node.js, IOT, business analysis, and many more. 

The web development services that Lanars offers are enterprise and intranet platforms, SaaS and cloud computing, CRM and ERP systems, geo-based applications, high-load applications, and eCommerce solutions. Memento, HSBC UK, Defigo, etc., are some of the clients of Lanars.

11. Scopic Software – web app development company in USA

It is one of the leading software development companies that has been developing high-quality software and offering top-notch marketing services for over a decade. They have developed over 1,000 digital products and expertise to create engaging and user-centric interactive solutions as per your particular requirements.

The custom web development services that Scopic software offers are specialized web applications flash to HTML conversion, PWA development, third-party service integration, advanced front-end development, and many others.

12. Aspirity – ecommerce development company USA

It is a USA-based web development company that offers offshore web development services such as project management, product management, quality assurance, front-end development, back-end development, ongoing support, and many others.

Aspirity is specialized in providing software development, MVP creations, custom software development, web development, educational software development, etc. The technology stack of this leading web development organization includes React.js, Vue.js, JavaScript, Next.js, TypeScript, Node.js, and many others.

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13. 3 Media Web – website design and development company in USA

It is an award-winning web development company that focuses on mid-large B2B clients. They comprised a team of experienced and highly-talented developers, project managers, and marketing experts that helps to create top-notch websites and provides perfect web solutions to their clients.

The specialties of 3 Media web include web development, responsive design, digital marketing, UI/UX, informational architecture, and many others.

14. Cheesecake Labs – best website development company in USA

Cheesecake Labs is an established organization that focuses on delivering user-friendly and delightful solutions. It collaborates with a diverse team of experts with varied backgrounds and expertise.

They have included 100+ team members and have built 200+ products. The technology stack of this web development organization includes Python, Node, React, etc.

15. Kitely Tech – web design and development company in USA

It is a USA-based web development company who is specialized in providing various services such as mobile applications, custom software, web development, quality assurance, data analysis, graphic design, online marketing, etc.

The technology stack that Kitely Tech includes for web development includes Magento, Joomla, WordPress, AngularJS, CodeIgniter, HTML5, CSS3, and many more. The clientele of this leading organization includes top brands such as Philips, Discovery, Master Card, Periscope, etc.

16. Softermii – web application development company in USA

It is a leading web development company that provides a full cycle of software development services with the main focus on Python, mobile technologies, and Microsoft stack.

Since its inception, Softermii has served a diverse range of clients across many sectors. The web application development services that Softermii offers include MVP development, Technical consulting, and web software development.

17. Andersen Lab – ecommerce website development company in USA

It is a leading web development company that offers expert-level web development services to transform your vision into a high-quality web-based solution as per your expectations. Since its inception, it has cooperated with globally-known companies.

The web development services that Andersen Lab offers are cloud web, web optimization, web quality assurance, web app development, web integration, etc. Some of the other specialties of Andersen Lab are business analysis, IT security, software product development, custom software development, and many more.

18. MentorMate – website development services in USA

As a well-established web development company, MentorMate offers developing custom software solutions to deliver digital transformation at scale. They deliver web solutions that work smoothly and provide a consistent user experience across all platforms, whether a complex enterprise platform, data storage, and a responsive web application.

For over two decades, MentorMate has completed more than 1500 projects and has served 420+ clients. The clientele of MentorMate includes Cambria, UnitedHealth Group, Graco, Junior Achievement, and many others. 

19. WPWeb Infotech – web development agency in USA

It is a leading web development company that offers services across India and USA. It includes a team of experienced web professionals that are experts in trending technologies like PHP, Laravel, Angular.js, React.js, and many more.

WPWeb Infotech has 150+ clients worldwide and has completed more than 250 projects. The web development services that WPWeb Infotech offers are custom web app development, enterprise web development, back-end and API development, full-stack development, payment gateway integration, social media app integration, and many more.

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20. Phaedra Solutions – web development services USA

It is a competent software development company that has been offering its services for over a decade ago. The specialties of Phaedra Solutions include web development, mobile application development, eCommerce applications ruby on rails, and many others.

It has worked with various major brands and aims to take technological advancement to the next level via innovation, research, and standards. Phaedra Solutions offers web development services, including front-end development/software architecture design, back-end development – storage and hosting, and Automated and manual testing.

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21. Groovy Web – top web development companies in USA

The word “Groovy” means excellent, and as the name implies, this leading web development organization has been delivering cutting-edge digital solutions for more than six years. They have a team of more than 50 skilled and experienced professionals and have served 250 clients. 

Groovy web has worked on 500+ projects, and the retention rate is growing every year. The web development services that Groovy Web offers are front-end development, back-end development, database setup, enterprise software, eCommerce platforms, etc. 

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Moreover, the technology stack of Groovy web includes various front-end and back-end technologies like React.js, Angular.js, Node.js, PHP, etc. 


How much does it cost to develop a website in the USA?

The average website development cost in the USA is ~$10000

What is the average cost of e-commerce website development in California, USA?

$15000 is the minimum cost to develop quality e-commerce website in the USA

What is starting cost of WordPress website development in NYC?

$2500 is the minimum cost to develop a WordPress-based website.

Due to the intensive competition in the web development sector, choosing the best web development partner for your business could be a challenging task. So, the web development companies discussed in the blog post are suitable for startups to enterprises. But before finalizing one, you must be aware of your business requirements and project requisite. 

For a better selection, you must visit the company’s website and look at the portfolio they have presented. It will give you the right information about their previous projects, so you can ensure whether they are meeting your expectations or not.

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