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Top 10 Female Delusion Calculator Apps & Websites

“You are delusional,” We often hear this term in movies, series, and even real-life situations. But, we have never realized how serious...

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Female Delusion Calculator

“You are delusional,” We often hear this term in movies, series, and even real-life situations. But, we have never realized how serious the delusion can be. Delusions are mental disorders like schizophrenia and schizoaffective disorder. Also, these are more common in women than men due to societal factors, job, career pressure, and finding the right partner. Females don’t even realize when they start having delusions, so that’s where the female delusion calculators come in. 

The calculators help the womens to identify their situation and measure their level of self-delusion. It works on various factors like how women are feeling, the circumstances she is facing in their life, and the likelihood of a positive and negative outcome in dating life. Depending upon these factors, delusion calculators yield the core to gauge the protection for delusion in females. Based on how accurate the score the women delusion calculator provides, here we have selected the 10 female delusion apps and websites for you. Before you dive into the entire list, here are our top 3! 

Top 3 Female Delusion Calculators and Apps for You To Try

We have selected these 3 female delusion calculators based on their popularity and ease of use. However, that doesn’t mean that rest of the 8 are any less, do consider checking the entire list of selected calculators before finally deciding to use the one. 

I Got Standards Bro 

“What are the chances of finding the man of my dreams?” You will see this once you visit “I Got Standards Bro.” As the name suggests, it helps women keep their high standards and delusions low. As has been expected, it requires data like age, race, and color, and it will yield the results for you. It provides you with the results based on income and marital status using the status of the 2020 Annual Social and Economic Supplement (ASEC) of the Current Population Survey (CPS) conducted by the Census Bureau of the United States. Further, it uses the high and the body mass index from the 2017-2018 National Health and Nutrition Examination Survey (NHANES) conducted by the National Center for Health Statistics (NCHS) to provide you with as accurate results as it can and help you keep the delusion at bay while taking important decisions. 

Delusion Calculator

Working on the same basic details, has secured second place on our list due to its professional calculator platform and interesting content. Dedicated to providing a professional calculator, their team works day and night to provide visitors with an easy and interactive UI. Not for a surprise, but the site also has a male counterpart of the calculator working on the same basic details like age, race, income, and high. 

By fostering self-reflection and providing valuable resources, the Female Delusion Calculator empowers women to embrace authenticity, cultivate self-confidence, and navigate life with a clearer perspective. This website is a guiding companion for seeking personal growth and liberation.


Dating is a typical task, and it has never been easy for no one on this planet. But thanks to tools like this, you can now sort out your dating pool, saving time, emotions, and money. The calculator provides more accurate and efficient results using the latest data browsed from the 2020 CDC National Health Interview Survey (NHIS). 

Overall the only goal of this calculator is to help females better understand the demographics of their potential suitor. That’s not only it. The site also provides insights into various health and lifestyle factors affecting individuals’ preferences and behaviors. When it comes to data, it only requires you to enter simple data like partner gender preference, age range, height range, minimum annual income, and race and then click on “What’s my opinion?” to receive insights on your dating pool. The calculator then uses these variables to play a role in how people make decisions about relationships, health, and finances.


Finding the ideal partner is a tough game. Sometimes we all feel like we need help. While talking to our best friend is the one way to get through it, this delusion calculator can also help you with it. It can give suggestions and advice on how to meet people to find your potential partner. Unlike the other calculators, this website goes into little advance and provides links and suggestions for family planning and women’s health clinics. Using this tool, any woman can have a rough idea of challenges sailing onto a dreamboat and finding the right partner. 

Male Reality Calculator

This female dream calculator is a dream come true for any woman looking to find some answers to their partner’s choice. Using this calculator can be an absolute game changer for your dating game as it helps you put aside your delusions. With just a few clicks and primary information, it calculates the gauge of delusion you have or whether you really have grounded expectations. It provides you with live searches based on the US Census Bureau and the National Center Of Health Status. The thing that makes this calculator stand out from the other tools is the option it provides. While doing analysis, you can actually exclude the married man, which is the option you need here. 


Sometimes knowing, finding the right male to spend the rest of your life goes the male way. Using a male delusion calculator can give you insights into what type a female male prefers when dating. This tool is one of the best to help you with it. It gives a realistic assessment of the choices you enter. In turn, it will help you know what type of partner your partner might be looking for. It is a free tool with an interactive and easy-to-use UI. The basic idea behind this tool is to use advanced algorithms and calculations to consider a wide range of different factors. These factors can include age, height, income, education, & location to calculate the amount of delusion and provide the results. 

Opera’s Female Delusion Calculator

If you need something straightforward to assist you in your dating life, Opera’s this extension is here to assist you. It is a straightforward tool which helps people in dating-based decision-making. It takes the calculator beyond the limits of dating by helping you pinpoint the areas of gender biases that may influence your decision in your personal and professional life. 

While it’s important to note that the Opera Addons is not scientifically validated and should not be relied upon for medical decisions, it provides a unique avenue for self-reflection and growth. Remember, seeking professional medical advice for any health-related concerns is essential. The calculator also offers a special functionality for guys, allowing them to explore their own delusions. To improve reliability, the company regularly checks and updates the tool to ensure a glitch-free experience.


When you need more depth analysis to make clear your cloudy thoughts, turn to CalCulatorNest. One of the best tools in the yore of women’s delusion calculators, CalCulatorNest allows you to generate insights about mental wellness and also about your partner’s choice. While it’s not a qualified mental wellness professional, it can still help you with the necessary handling of the issues of your life. Also, it’s rather a simple calculator. You only need to give it two inputs for it to give you the total amount of delusion you have. Please note that you should not consider this female delusion calculator as a substitute for expert clinical guidance. It works as a gender bias assessment tool for individuals. If you encounter any issues with the women’s deception calculator, you can contact them via email. 

Reality Check Calculator

The female reality check calculator supports women in understanding their prospects of finding a compatible romantic partner making dating easy. It goes beyond mere guesswork and instead relies on real data obtained from reputable institutions like the National Center for Health Statistics (NCHS), the Current Population Survey (CPS), and the United States Census Bureau (USCB).

It harnesses the wealth of information gathered through national surveys conducted by these esteemed organizations. In addition, the female reality check calculator offers women a comprehensive analysis of their chances of meeting a suitable partner. It considers various factors such as income, age, and other factors so that women can understand what they can genuinely anticipate in their pursuit of a romantic relationship.

Female Delusion Calculator App

It is an innovative application crafted to assist women in navigating the realm of romance. This app guides females in determining their likelihood of finding their ideal partner. It saves you from enduring countless dating experiments and still being uncertain if you are spending your time with the right person. With this female delusion calculator app, you can uncover invaluable insights derived from up-to-date survey data in the United States. Using the data, you can gain a deeper comprehension of your prospects in the pursuit of love. Just like the other delusion calculators, it requires the data like location and age to deliver precise insights and done!

What is Female Delusion Calculator?

The female delusion calculator is an online tool that claims to judge a woman’s dating standards based on her age, looks, and other factors.

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