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50 Apps Similar to Airbnb | Top 10 Sites & Apps Like Airbnb But Cheaper 2023

List of other apps like AirBnb but cheaper. The biggest competitor of house rental apps like AirBnb. Apps better than Airbnb in...

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better apps like airbnb

If you are a frequent traveler, you must have heard about Airbnb. Websites like Airbnb can be beneficial for frequent travelers. 

It is a well-known travel accommodation website and app that is used worldwide. Airbnb is a residential property that rents out rooms to tourists on a short-term basis. It can be anything from an entire place, a single room, a boat, or even a treehouse. Airbnb is quite similar to popup accommodation since it can be considered a marketplace where people rent out their properties.

How to Start an Airbnb Business?

House Rental Apps Like AirBnb
Similar App to AirBnb in USA, UK, Dubai, Australia, India

Airbnb’s USA website is getting more popular, scheduling ahead of time is rapidly becoming both a necessity and a burden, and rates have gradually increased way too much than they were before. So if you find any trouble using Airbnb, you can try one of these alternative apps like Airbnb to make your trip unforgettable! Before getting on the alternatives list, let us first understand what Airbnb is and all there is to know about it.

Similar App to AirBnb in USA, UK, Dubai, Australia, India

  1. Plumguide
  3. HomeToGo
  4. FlipKey
  5. OneFineStay
  6. Vrbo
  7. HouseTrip
  8. Casamundo
  9. Luxury Retreats
  10. Wimdu
  11. Oyo

Why Finding Other House Rental Apps Like Airbnb is a Good Deal

In this blog, we will also discuss other websites like Airbnb, and we are going to cover everything that we must be looking for.

Joe Gebbia and Brian Chesky were living in San Francisco in 2007 when they were short of money. Every year, a design conference came to town, booking every hotel they could find. Being savvy entrepreneurs, they once thought, why not rent out their floor space in the living room?

So they went out and bought 3 air beds. They blew them up, advertised them, and promoted them on their website, Airbed, and Breakfast. They welcomed their first guests at $80 per night a week later.

And everybody knows what happened. Next, Airbnb was established!

How to Make an App like Airbnb

How much is Airbnb worth?

Airbnb has grown from a small lounge room with 3 air beds to a company valued at over $38 billion. Here’s where the jaw-dropping action begins.

In 2022, Airbnb is expected to make roughly 3.5 billion dollars. They currently operate in over 81,000 cities and have over 6 million properties on their home-sharing website. According to research, the company is worth over $31 billion.

Their most recent fundraising round totaled $1.08 billion, and the company is reportedly rumored to be going public. This will eventually skyrocket their stock price. Hence Airbnb is currently one of the world’s most valuable companies. 

Does Airbnb own any property?

With the above valuation and the astonishing amount of money that Airbnb is making. But no, the company’s entire profit comes from properties we own. Airbnb has been buying a lot of digital businesses in the tourism industry. They provide a better user experience with the latest technologies—for instance, split payments, pricing advice, and business trips.

They are growing rapidly with each acquisition and expanding into luxury and upscale buildings.

Did you know that you can earn money on Airbnb even if you don’t own property?

How does Airbnb make money?

You must be wondering how Airbnb generates profit. The answer is quite simple. Airbnb acts as a middleman between those who wish to rent out their homes (hosts) and people looking for a place to stay (guests).

A host can list their house for free, but Airbnb charges a 3% fee each time a guest stays at their property. 

When the guest reserves and pays the host, Airbnb adds an extra fee of around 5- 15%. The percentage depends upon the final cost. This is called a Service Fee.

So with 6 million active listings across the globe, the $3.5 billion payment is starting to make sense. And what about the good news? You can also make a lot of money from Airbnb!

The key drivers

4 key drivers affect the value of Airbnb:

  • Average guests arrival per listing
  • Airbnb’s share of rental income 
  • Average rent per guest arrival
  • the number of listings. 

We have a nice explanation of how this works. In short, Airbnb prioritizes the average price a visitor spends on every booking. They pride themselves on being a cheaper alternative to hotels, which eventually increases the number of customers. The average rent received by a host in 2017 was $174.

If you’re an Airbnb host, you need to ensure that your price is correct. You should also make your property as simple to book as possible, with a few restrictions. 

10+ Home Rental Apps Like Airbnb But Cheaper

The following is the shuffle list of the best alternative apps like Airbnb and websites like Airbnb, that can be used if you face any trouble using Airbnb.

1. Plum Guide

Plum Guide is a newer addition to the vacation rental space, but arguably one of the best. Specializing in private vacation rentals, Plum Guide offers accommodation in a wide range of countries and strives to guarantee a luxurious stay for every guest. Homes are carefully selected, with everything from Wifi speed to a home’s design aesthetic being rigorously tested – so no stone is left unturned.

For a home to be added to the impressive collection, it must sit within the top 3% of homes in its location, so there’s no doubting the quality. Premium accommodation doesn’t necessarily mean premium pricing either, so this is an excellent Airbnb alternative for anyone.

2. Vrbo – Apps Like AirBnb

Apps Other Than AirBnb
House Rental Apps Like Airbnb

It might not be as popular as Airbnb, but it has been operating. The concept behind this app is straightforward- you rent out vacation properties offered by homeowners in the region you’re visiting.

While Airbnb provides a wide range of property types ranging from treehouses, single rooms, and big luxuries. In addition, they offer entire houses. As a result, many users in groups of 4 or more prefer to use this app to book their reservations. In terms of the user interface, again, Airbnb leads its way. However, Vrbo’s listings are notably better in quality. If you are the homeowner, you can sign up for the app and rent your property for a nominal fee.

3. – Apps Similar to Airbnb

Undoubtedly, is one of the well-established sites like Airbnb, also considered the king of the online hotel booking business. The site is quite popular for offering the best deals on hotel booking across the globe. The website can also help you find a place to stay if you’re looking for a rental. Although it is not its primary function, this website allows you to reserve flats and vacation homes at affordable prices. But with the declining hotel culture, seems to be struggling to survive with the modern trends.

If you own a property and want to rent it out, you may join up for free on The website, on the contrary, will charge you for every booking you make. is the best option among sites similar to Airbnb.

 4. HomeAway – Other Apps Like AirBnb

Apps Other Than AirBnb
House Rental Apps Like Airbnb

HomeAway is among the well-known rental companies like Airbnb. Vrbo, the platform we mentioned previously, is a subsidiary of this company. As a result, you will find similar places on both portals. On the contrary, the parent company has many more features, listings, and offerings.

While Vrbo primarily focuses on vacation homes for small groups.HomeAway has smaller flats and cottages perfect for lone travelers or couples. If you can’t find what you are looking for on Vbro, you might be able to find it there on HomeAway.

HomeAway allows property owners to join for a fixed yearly cost and or sign up for free and pay interest on each booking. It may not be the best option for travel accommodations, but it’s a good alternative to Airbnb.

5. Flipkey – AirBnb Similar Apps

Home Rental Apps Like AirBnb
Apps Like Airbnb but Cheaper

You may or may not be familiar with Flipkey, but you have certainly heard of TripAdvisor, which owns this company. Flipkey, like Airbnb, offers a wide range of property listings, although it offers limited homes and cities, which is true for almost all other websites like Airbnb. Another major difference is that Flipkey does not provide dorms. Because there are no hostels on this platform, it’s not very cost-effective. 

Flipkey, on the contrary, has a really useful search filter. If you’re looking for something new such as a horse with an ocean view or a location near mountains, they have covered you. You may also look for pet-friendly accommodations if you have any pets.

Registering on Flipkey provides you with several benefits for property owners. Once your property is registered, your property will appear in the TripAdvisor search engine, ensuring that your property gets most of the exposure possible.

6. HomeStay – Apps Like Airbnb but Cheaper

HomeStay is among the finest vacation accommodation options available. Unlike Airbnb, HomeStay publishes both private and hosted properties and only displays places where the owners live. Staying at one of the listed places on this platform won’t give a fantastic experience, but it may be culturally enlightening.

Using HomeStay, you can live with a native who knows everything about the city. Mostly the properties listed are stunning, and the experiences are really rewarding. In addition, breakfast is usually included in the package.

Nonetheless, staying in HomeStay is an overall fantastic experience and a unique way to learn a new culture. Property owners can rejoice, too, because the software is entirely free to install. 

7. VillasDirect – House Rental Apps Like Airbnb

VillasDirect is an amazing website like Airbnb that locates properties best suited to one’s preferences since it seems more professional and efficient than other holiday rentals. The best part is that they are not linked to any big organization. Thus, their listings are frequently unique. VillasDirect is the place to go if you want many unique options that you won’t find anywhere else. 

However, the way this app functions differ from most of the other entries on Management than individual owners to ensure better quality and to ensure better quality and service. Also, when you rent a house on Villas Direct, there is no booking cost which is eventually the best feature provided by the company. 

Homeowners can still register their property here on the site, although it is no longer possible to do it directly. They’re frequently connected with a middleman who moves things forward. Of course, every successful booking requires the owners to pay a commission.

8. Outdoorsy – Rental Apps Like Airbnb

Outdoorsy offers unique business strategies compared to sites like Airbnb. Rather than renting out rooms and properties, the website publishes RVs and Caravans for rent.

You may travel and stay in your chosen RV for a single fee, which is a huge benefit for budget travelers. The caravans listed also seem huge, which is a plus point. On Outdoorsy, there are no middlemen or hidden fees because all of the homes published belong to real people who rent them out when they aren’t using them. Outdoorsy is unique, interesting, and fully private.

9. Onefinestay – Home Rental Apps Like Airbnb

Consider Airbnb, this site is similar to Airbnb but with a higher price point and super gorgeous properties, and that’s onefinestay. It is currently operating in a few places worldwide, but it remains the top priority for wealthy people. They aren’t 5-star hotels with expensive rooms and suite prices. There are no hosts on onefinestay, and all properties are real private homes. As a result, you get exclusive access to lavish luxury hotels in major cities worldwide. If money isn’t an issue for you and you don’t mind paying for the right places, onefinestay is the best option!

Homeowners may register their properties on the site to be rented out, but the company has very high standards for what qualifies as a good location. In addition, the booking charge is extremely high. However, this doesn’t come as a surprise, though. Onefinestay is a great option for anyone seeking a higher-end Airbnb alternative.  

10. Couchsurfing – Airbnb Apps Like

Are you looking forward to trying out something radical and equitable? Then go for Couchsurfing since it is among the best sites similar to Airbnb. It’s a fantastic way to travel and stay, especially if traveling alone. You may stay at your host’s house for free if you use Couchsurfing. Yes, you read that right; free!

However, the method to get this free pass isn’t simple. The platform also functions as a social network, allowing travelers to connect and make friends worldwide. If you’re looking to stay somewhere, you must complete your profile entirely, including essential information and interesting facts about yourself. The more creative you are, the better it will be. 

If you locate a place in a city that you want, you must first make a request and start a conversation with the owner. Finally, if both agree and click, the place will be yours!

11. OYO Rooms – Best Apps Like AirBnb

Home Rental Apps Like AirBnb
Apps Other Than Airbnb

When people think of OYO rooms, they generally think of hotels. The Indian- owned hotel network, on the contrary, offers a surprising variety of options which includes low-cost hotel rooms, service apartments, private residences, holiday rentals, and many more. It is the world’s third-largest vacation rental company. 

This is one of the best apps like Airbnb, which is quite simple to use and navigate and provides a list of affordable houses in a certain location, thus making it suitable for solo travelers, couples, and even small families. They usually give complimentary services and low prices to attract new customers. 

Millions of properties are published worldwide, so there are plenty of alternatives. OYO rooms may be found worldwide, from small towns to big cities. So, if you’re looking for a cost-effective and reliable place to stay, OYO rooms will be the best option for you.

10 Other House Rental Apps Like Airbnb But Cheaper

  1. Vrbo: Best US-Based House Rental Apps Like Airbnb
  2. Flipkey: Apps Other Than Airbnb
  3. TurnKey: Best Airbnb Competitors Similar App to Airbnb
  4. Plum Guide: This Luxury Website Like Airbnb is Perfect for Vacation Rentals
  5. Home Rental Apps Like Airbnb
  6. Outdoorsy: Airbnb Alternative for RVs and Campervans
  7. Homestay: Ideal for Living Like a Local, with a Local
  8. Sonder
  9. Onefinestay
  10. Hipcamp: Apps Like Airbnb but Cheaper


While it is reasonable to say that Airbnb will continue to be the leader in the vacation rental sector, it is also important to keep an eye on the applications and websites like Airbnb listed above because nothing is set in stone in this fast and ever-changing world of online services.

So, what do you think of the list? Were you aware of any of the sites or apps like Airbnb mentioned above? The ranking is accurately based on their customer review, services offered, affordability, and many more factors.

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