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In order to develop robust modern web applications, websites and mobile apps, developers are required to use a stack of various technological solutions to create something that could be rendered as interactive, safe and efficient.

One of the many stack of technological solutions that are used today to develop web applications and websites includes the MERN stack. 

When it comes to MERN Stack, developers use 4 powerful web development technologies (MongoDB, Express.JS, React.JS, and Node.JS), which allows them to develop websites or web applications that are efficient and effective when used. And because there are so many stack of technological solutions used today to develop applications, a lot of people are asking what the future of MERN Stack developers is as it only uses 4 technologies.

Not only that, but we will also talk about the salary, cost to develop, jobs, skills and the responsibilities that a MERN Stack Developer would need to have to land a decent job.

What Is MERN Stack?

MERN Stack is a collection of 4 powerful JavaScript technologies that are used to develop web applications and mobile apps that comprise a database, backend and front-end components. 

MERN Stack Developers use MongoDB, Express, React.JS, and Node.JS (JS technologies) to develop fast and easy full-stack web apps, websites and mobile applications. 

Lastly, MERN has a 3 tier architecture system, which can also be called as 3 layers. They are – Web (Front end), Server (middle) and Database (backend). With these 3, MERN developers are known for coming up with apps that are efficient, secure and affordable thanks to huge libraries, free templates and huge community support.

MERN Stack Components

MERN is an alternative to MEAN Stack, where 4 technologies are used (MongoDB, Express, Angular, and Node). But with MERN, Angular.JS is replaced with React.JS. 

Like what we said, there are 4 components of the MERN Stack (MongoDB, Express, React, and Node) and each one of them is unique on its own. Let’s talk about what they do and what they’re used for: 

MongoDB –  Developed by MongoDB INC., this technology is a source-available cross-platform document oriented database system that is classified as a NoSQL database management system. It is also known for using JSON-like documents with optional schemas. 

Express – Also known as Express.JS, this one is a backend web application framework for Node.JS. It is mainly used to develop or build web apps and APIs. 

React – React.JS, a free and open-source front-end JavaScript library that is used to develop user interfaces based on the user interface components. 

Node – Node.JS is an open-source, cross-platform and backend JavaScript runtime environment that allows the running or executing of the JS code outside the browser. It is designed to develop or build scalable network apps.

In short, MERN Stands for MongoDB, Express, React, and Node. When used together, these 4 key technologies make up a stack.

Uses Of MERN Development

Just like any stack of technological solutions, you are allowed to develop anything that you want with MERN Development, however, it is preferred that you use it to develop dynamic web interfaces.

Some of the main uses of MERN is to develop the following applications: 


MERN Development is used in calendars, particularly those that have in-built features such as add to do list along with reminders that would tell you why a specific date is special or should be remembered. 

The main reason why it is used in making modern calendar apps is because of its capability to design the front end and make it interactive thanks to React.JS. 

Forums and Social Media Platforms 

Social media platforms and forum websites are the new way to communicate with strangers or to reach out to your friends and family members that are living away from you, and thanks to the MERN development, it can allow interactive platforms to be developed.

Some of the best examples of MERN Development in real time apps include Instagram, Facebook and WhatsApp. 

Any App

In the upcoming years, the MERN stack is likely to be used more thanks to the fact that most applications are now being built in JS. This is all possible because of its capability to serve the frontend and the backend of web apps and mobile apps. 

Why MERN Stack? 

MERN Stack is an amazing option for those companies that are planning to develop high-quality web applications considering that this stack is known for using high-performance and amazingly customizable JS technologies. Also, applications made with the MERN Stack are known to be developed quickly, making it an amazing option for those that want to get customized safe apps at a decent time-frame. 

Here are some reasons why it is good to go with MERN Stack Development: 

  • Reduced server costs
  • Well optimized web applications, mobile applications and software programs 
  • You get to develop and deploy a computer application that was made in JavaScript only
  • Design a website with the help of a single HTML document
  • Ease in transposing web applications to a mobile applications and software applications with the help of React.JS
  • Better user experience thanks to mongodb, express.js, react.js and node.js 

Benefits of Using the MERN Stack 

MERN Stack is highly used in modern web applications and apps considering that the benefits that they offer are just amazing compared to the development costs that it has.

There are multiple benefits of using the MERN Stack to develop applications, and some of them include: 

  1. Open Source

The best thing about MERN Stack is that it is an open-source code, which means that it is constantly improved by tech experts or developers across the globe. Meaning, the quality of code, the assurance of security and the solutions to bugs are just going to improve from time to time.

Not only that, but because it is open source, it means it is free and the community that surrounds it is there to help one another. There are multiple forums across the internet, such as GitHub, that allows developers to improve coding efficiency and provide tools to fellow developers so they can build more apps in a faster time frame. 

  1. Fast App Development 

Thanks to the fact that MERN Stacks rely on open-source technologies, developers that use this are not required to develop anything from scratch. 

If you’re good at researching, the chances are pretty high that there is someone who has similarly developed a popular framework for the project that you’re working on. In case you do find one,  all you would have to do is set up instructions, customize as needed, and present it as a good product.

Remember, the thing with rapid projects is that your clients can save a lot of money, especially if you hired MERN Stack Developers on an hourly basis. 

  1. Free Templates 

Like what we said in point number 2, there’s a big possibility that someone has already developed a popular framework that is similar to the project that you are working on, which means you save a lot of time because all you would have to do is make some changes and customize the framework as needed.

But the thing is, it’s not only that.

With MERN Stack, there are multiple free templates that you can find on the internet, which means you get to save a lot of time. 

You can use that extra time to get more side projects while working as a freelancer. 

  1. Great Community Support 

MERN Stack is open source, which means the technology is well documented and there are multiple forums on the internet that are dedicated to help out those that are facing bugs, problems or any issues when developing modern web applications.

So if you’re an aspiring MERN Stack developer, make sure that you know where to look when you need some support from the community.

  1. Full-Stack 

Yes, MERN Stack does use the full-stack development approach, which means that you are going to get well-developed frontend and backend components. 

This is great if you are into having a well-designed app and strong backend technology. 

Examples Of MERN Applications 

A lot of people might not know this but some of the most used applications in modern history are actually developed with the MERN stack.

Here are some of the many applications that use the MERN Stack:

  • Facebook
  • Instagram
  • WhatsApp
  • DropBox
  • Netflix

Just for an overview on how big MERN Stack is and how it’s dominating the modern IT world, FaceBook, Instagram, and WhatsApp are just 3 of the most used social media platforms of this generation. These web apps alone accumulate over 1 billion users and thanks to how robust and dynamic they are, anyone who uses them can experience the evolution of modern-day coding and how far it has come. 

Also, thanks to the enhanced security features that are offered by MERN, these applications are very unlikely to get involved in data leaks, hence, the data that’s shared by users to these companies are in safe hands.

Career Opportunities For MERN Stack Developer In 2022

If you are planning to become a MERN Stack Developer in 2022 or are planning to take up a long and lengthy development course, there are a number of things that you can get into or do after you gain proper experience.

First of all, you can become the obvious, MERN Stack developer. If developing is not your stronghold, you can try out MERN Stack Designer and even a MERN Stack Architect. Lastly, if you want to take things up a notch, you can also learn other technologies and become a Full-Stack developer that works mainly on the MERN Stack. 

Remember, jobs across the globe are continuously opening for MERN Stack developers, which is why you shouldn’t be worried about career opportunities as it is likely that you will get something decent after gaining some experience in the field. 

7 Important Skills All MERN Stack Developers Should Have

In order to become a MERN Stack Developer, there are multiple skills that you need to obtain so you can become the best in your field. 

Some of the skills that you need to attain as a MERN Stack Developer include: 

  1. Well versed in the 4 JavaScript technologies (MongoDB, Express, React, and Node).
  2. Is capable of designing easy-to-understand UIs (User Interfaces).
  3. Has good communication skills.
  4. Keeps up with the latest trends in the IT industry.
  5. Keeps up with the latest techniques to ensure security and efficiency of modern web applications. 
  6. Can work fast with finding bugs and fixing errors that might pop-up while developing web applications.
  7. Should specifically have good knowledge with Node Debugging.

7 Important MERN Stack Developer Responsibilities To Learn

Once you land a job after finishing your studies, you, a MERN Stack Developer, will likely be responsible for handling a number of things before and after you develop mobile or web applications.

Some of the most important responsibilities that you will have as a MERN Stack Developer includes: 

  1. Handling both front-end and back-end web application or website development.
  2. Converting PSD designs into working websites or web applications.
  3. Assuring high-quality written MongoDB, Express, React, and Node codes. 
  4. Can ensure code quality before applications go live.
  5. Should know how to integrate data storage solutions.
  6. Well-versed in Git Repository.
  7. Should be capable of creating cross-platform and cross-device compatible codes while developing apps and web applications. 

Cost To Develop A MERN Stack Application

In order to develop a MERN Stack Application, you are required to have a pretty big budget as it requires a lot of time to build a basic MERN Stack App that offers proper security and convenience, particularly those that involve payment gateways.

A basic MERN Stack Application that is capable of making online payments safely and efficiently can cost you around $30,000 to $40,000 USD with a proper and relaxed time-frame. 

When it comes to a single platform MERN Stack Application that offers basic functionality and a decent UI, you will be required to have a budget of around $50,000 to $90,000 USD. 

Lastly, if you are planning to develop an advanced MERN Stack Application that uses modern solutions and security, you will be required to have a budget of around $90,000 to $160,000 USD. 

Note: Please do note that these are just rough estimates on how much it would cost you to develop a web application or app with MERN Stack. 

Future Of MERN Stack 

Technological advancements are increasing at an exponential rate in the 21st century, this means that we can certainly say that going with a career that is centered around MERN Stack is a good choice. The salary range is anywhere from $70,000 to over $120,000 on an annual basis and it is likely that the annual income will just keep on increasing.

MERN Stack Salary (USA) 

A MERN Stack Developer can make a lot of money after they graduate, particularly if they land a decent job at a major IT company. 

As of 2022, the national average salary for a MERN Stack Developer is at around  $76,284 in the United States. The numbers can exceed the $100,000 mark as your experience increases in the field. 

Hiring A MERN Stack Developer 

When hiring a MERN Stack Developer, there are multiple things that you would have to do so you can ensure that you’re getting someone that can actually do the job for you or develop apps and web apps efficiently.

The first thing that you would have to prioritize is making sure that the MERN Stack Developer you are hiring is well-versed in MongoDB, Express, React, and Node, which you can test out by asking them to develop something for you during the interview and testing phases.

Also, try to get them to fix bugs so you can see how well they are fixing issues that they might face while developing apps.

The next thing that you would have to do is look at the amount of experience that they have, see which apps they have developed and how well they are with working along other developers for certain projects, no matter how big or small they are. 

MERN Stack Developer Background 

A MERN Stack Developer usually has a background that consists of a Bachelor’s Degree in Computer Science, IT, or any related field. Along with that, they are well-versed or are knowledgeable with MongoDB, Express.JS, React.JS, and Node.JS. 

Their roles include developing and designing front-end web architecture, building interactive consumer data from multiple systems, defining code architectures in order to support performance-based products, translating PSD Designs into real-time functional web apps, and managing back-end features of a website for seamless usage. 

To get hired, they are required to have skills such as the ability to bind UI elements to JavaScript object models, amazing knowledge in the 4 technologies in this stack, efficiency in OOP, and have access to open-source frameworks that would help them ease their job to save more time and reduce budget costs. 


Starting a career in MERN Stack is a good option if you’re planning to go with the developer route. Like what we have mentioned above, the community is increasing exponentially and the salary for MERN Stack Developers has seen a huge growth in the last 3 years, with entry-level jobs going at over $70,000 annually and experienced developers earning more than $120,000. Therefore making it as one of the safest routes to take for a better future and a well-paying job while staying in the IT field.  

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