Top 10 Most Popular Frontend Frameworks For Web Development 2023

Best 10 Popular Frontend Frameworks For Web Development. List of all most popular web frameworks 2023. Front end Javascript Frameworks

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With each passing day, new technologies and frameworks are emerging in web development. It has become challenging to keep pace with the latest changes and trends in the industry. 

You won’t believe it, but around 100+ frameworks & languages are available, making it even more challenging to choose the best. Some frameworks are open-source, and some are not. Wordpress is an open-source PHP cms that is prone to wordpress viruses. So custom CMS development with these frameworks in the best solution.

best backend framework 2022

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But as it is said, each framework has advantages and disadvantages, so it depends on the project requirement which framework to choose.

In this article, we will be discussing some of the best framework for front end web development used for web development. So, without wasting any time, let’s start!

According to Stack Overflow, developer interest in React has steadily increased since 2015, while interest in jQuery and AngularJS has decreased.

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most popular backend frameworks

1. React – Frontend Framework

react front end javascript frameworks of 2022

One of the most popular front-end frameworks used for web development is React. It was created by Facebook in 2013 and has become very popular in a very short time. 

Top 10 Best Mobile App Development Frameworks in 2022

React is used for building user interfaces and is known for its performance and flexibility. It allows you to create reusable components so that your code is easy to maintain. React is an open-source cross-platform framework available for use under the MIT license. 

Moreover, there is a continuous demand for React in the market, and it will stay in the coming years.

most popular web frameworks 2022

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Business Benefits of Using React For Frontend Development:

  • Faster Web App Development

Web development is faster and more efficient when you use a framework like React.  Instead of building up all your HTML from scratch, React lets you describe how each piece of your app should look by assembling individual parts from reusable components. 

These components will then be rendered as needed in various places throughout your app—saving both time and effort for designers and developers alike.

  • Modernize Legacy Apps

Legacy apps are often a tangled mess of spaghetti code. They’re slow, can’t scale, and are generally unmaintainable. But that doesn’t mean you need to rebuild your app from scratch completely: with React, you can update an existing app while maintaining its legacy state.

  • Accessibility Support

As a frontend library, React is used in conjunction with many other libraries to create web applications. The accessibility support built into these libraries’ components (such as routing and form management) can be extended through your application’s use of them, making your application more accessible. 

As a bonus, when you move your application to production on our platform or others like it, such as Heroku or Google App Engine, you’ll see additional accessibility benefits come standard with these platforms.

  • Mobile Compatible Design

According to a study by Google, nearly 6% of users expect a site to load within 2 seconds, and about 57% abandon sites that take longer than 3 seconds to load. 

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Many visitors will leave if your site doesn’t display correctly on mobile devices before it even loads! With React, you can build your frontend mobile-first without worrying about impacting performance.

  • Save Money Through Open Source Technology Adoption

Technology costs can get out of hand quickly. Implementing open source technology like React offers a cost-effective alternative. It’s also generally more accessible to onboard new employees with it. 

Plus, if you don’t need to keep track of third-party vendors, you can reduce expenses even further—at least when it comes to cutting down on costs associated with integrating new developers into your team.

2. Angular – Top Web Development Framework

angular the most web development framework of 2022

A popular front-end web development framework, Angular is maintained by Google and was first released in 2009. It is an open-source framework that uses TypeScript and JavaScript and is famous for creating single-page applications. 

Angular has become very popular with web developers due to its ease of use, large community, and comprehensive documentation. Companies like eBay and Airbnb use Angular, which reflects how well it is built to scale.

According to w3techs, Angular is used by 0.4 percent of all websites that use the JavaScript library. This represents 0.4 percent of all websites.

Business Benefits of Using Angular For Frontend Development:

  • Improved Performance

Angular applications are faster than non-framework apps. This not only saves your end-users time but also improves SEO rankings. Google has even stated that one-third of mobile visitors will leave a site that takes more than 3 seconds to load.

  • Faster Testing and Debugging

Angular applications are much easier to test and debug for developers. Developers can use built-in tools such as the Angular CLI, Karma, or Jasmine to run tests while the app is in development mode. The improved architecture also makes testing after building the app much more reliable.

  • Less Maintenance

Angular applications are also less maintenance-intensive, thanks to the use of modules and code splitting. This makes it possible to update only certain parts of the application without affecting the rest.

  • Improved Scalability

Angular enables developers to create large-scale applications with ease. This is due in part to the use of Typescript, which helps to define and enforce types.

3. Vue.js

vue.js the most web development framework of 2022

Released in 2014, Vue is an open-source progressive JavaScript framework that has gained significant popularity due to its scalability and ease of use. It is also known as the “The Progressive JavaScript Framework,” so if you want to create a website with this framework, you don’t need to download anything else.

As per the research, the overall popularity of Vuejs framework was more than React and Angular; more than 150,000 people used Vuejs for their project in 2020.

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Business Benefits of Using Vue.js For Frontend Development:

  • Easy To Start With

Vue.js allows developers to create a web application with basic knowledge of HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. They don’t need to learn a new language or technology stack to get started. However, you can easily hire Vue.js developers from top-notch web development outsourcing companies.

  • Rapid Development

Applications built with Vue are typically faster to develop than those built with React. This is because Vue is designed to be incrementally adoptable, meaning that new features can be added without affecting the entire codebase.

  • Scalable

Vue is also scalable, which makes it a good choice for large-scale applications. It is capable of powering everything from a simple SaaS app to an entire e-commerce storefront.

4. Svelte – Write less code

best frontend framework 2022

Svelte is a new JavaScript compiler that is designed to create performant user interfaces. It was created by Rich Harris in 2017 and is still in its early stages of development.

It is unique in that it doesn’t use a virtual DOM. Instead, it uses a custom JavaScript Virtual Machine that is specifically designed for building user interfaces. This makes Svelte up to 10x faster than other frameworks like React and Angular. Moreover, in 2020, over 47% of people will be interested in using Svelte.

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Business Benefits of Using Svelte For Frontend Development:

  • Smaller File Size

The initial release of Svelte will be able to compile programs down to JavaScript that is under 1 KB. This makes it an ideal framework for websites and web apps since it will lower the file size and load time.

  • Faster Loading Time

Since Svelte compiles your app into a single function, loading times are faster than frameworks like React and Angular. This is because there is no need to download any additional libraries or frameworks.

  • Better Performance

Svelte provides better performance than other frameworks due to its use of a custom Virtual Machine. It can also compile down to very small file sizes, which results in faster loading times.

5. Preact – Fast Alternative Framework to React

most popular front end frameworks

Originally created as a “3kb React alternative”, Preact is a JavaScript library designed to offer the same functionality as React, but in a smaller package. It was created by Jason Miller in 2014 and is still in active development.

Preact has many of the same benefits as React, such as virtual DOM and server-side rendering. It can also run iOS and Android, making it ideal for building apps designed to work across multiple platforms.

Moreover, the interest in Preact is steadily increasing time by time.

Business Benefits of Using Preact For Frontend Development:

  • Best Performance

Preact is known for its high performance and small file size. It is one of the smallest frameworks available, weighing in at just 3 KB. This makes it ideal for websites and web apps that need to load quickly.

  • No Need For Additional Libraries

Preact doesn’t require any additional libraries or frameworks to be used. This makes it a good choice for developers who want to keep their project’s file size down.

6. Ember – Framework for Ambitious Web Developers 2022

ember the best framework of 2022

Ember is a full-featured JavaScript framework created by Yehuda Katz, Jeremy Ashkenas, and Tom Dale in 2011. It is designed for building ambitious web applications with a focus on productivity and ease of use.

Ember has many features that make it popular for large-scale applications, including templates, data binding, and routing. It is also capable of handling JSON Web Tokens and installing add-ons from npm repositories.

Business Benefits of Using Ember For Frontend Development:

  • Easiest Framework To Learn

One of the main reasons they are so popular is that it’s one of the easiest learning frameworks. It has a large community and plenty of resources for developers who are just getting started.

  • Highly Scalable

Since Ember was designed for building ambitious web applications, it can handle anything from small SaaS apps to large-scale e-commerce storefronts.

  • Built-in Support For Authentication

Ember comes with built-in support for authentication, which makes it a good choice for applications that require secure login functionality.

7. Foundation – A Framework for Any Device

foundation frameworks for web development

Foundation is a robust front-end framework from Zurb that was created to help developers quickly prototype and build websites. It offers all of the functionality needed for building modern web applications, including HTML and CSS components, JavaScript plugins, and Sass variables.

Unlike other frameworks, Foundation focuses on creating prototypes rather than production code. This allows teams to quickly go from a design to a functional prototype without spending time writing code.

Business Benefits of Using Foundation For Frontend Development:

  • Rapid Prototyping

Since Foundation was designed for prototyping, it’s ideal for rapid application development. It also allows developers to iterate while creating proofs of concept rapidly.

  • Highly Customizable

Since Foundation is built with Sass, it can be easily themed and customized to suit any project’s needs. This makes it a good choice for designers and developers who want to maintain complete control over their code.

8. jQuery – Fastest Frameworks for Web Development

best frontend framework 2022

jQuery is a JavaScript library that was created by John Resig in 2006. It is designed to make web development more accessible by providing a simple API for working with DOM elements and AJAX requests.

jQuery is used by millions of developers worldwide and is one of the most popular JavaScript libraries available. It is compatible with all major browsers and can be used for both basic and complex web projects.

Business Benefits of Using jQuery For Frontend Development:

  • Cross-browser Compatibility

jQuery is compatible with all major browsers, which makes it a good choice for websites and web apps that need to be used by a broad audience.

  • Ease of Use

jQuery is one of the most popular JavaScript libraries available because it is easy to use. It has a simple API that makes it easy to use for beginners and veterans alike.

9. LitElement – Web Development Frontend

best backend framework

LitElement is a new JavaScript library from Google that makes it easier to create web components. It is designed for use with React and offers all of the functionality needed for creating reusable components.

One of the main benefits of using LitElement is that it provides a simple API for working with HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. This makes it easy for developers to create complex components without having to learn a new language.

Business Benefits of Using LitElement For Frontend Development:

  • Reusable Components

Since LitElement is designed for creating web components, it makes it easy to create reusable components that can be used in multiple projects. This saves time and reduces the amount of code that needs to be written.

  • Easy To Use

LitElement is quite simple to use due to its built-in support for JavaScript and HTML. This makes it a good choice for developers who want to create web components without learning a new language.

10. Stimulus – Modest JavaScript Framework

best backend framework stimulus

It’s not just the big players who are benefiting from front-end frameworks. Stimulus is a new JavaScript library from Basecamp that made it easier for small teams to build web applications.

Stimulus offers a minimal API that is highly customizable. It also has built-in support for dependency management. This makes it possible to split front-end functionality into different packages that can then be imported as needed.

Business Benefits of Using Stimulus For Frontend Development:

  • Customizability

Stimulus is designed to be customizable and easily themeable, so teams can modify the framework’s look and feel as needed. This is a good choice for teams that want a framework that can be customized to suit their needs.

  • Modularity

It also has built-in support for dependency management, which allows teams to split front-end functionality into different packages. This makes it possible only to include the components needed in each project, which reduces file size and speeds up performance.

Wrapping Up

Front-end frameworks are an essential part of front-end web development. Their main benefits include increased performance, ease of use, and cross-browser compatibility. 

When choosing a framework, a business person should consider the needs of their project and team before making a final decision. This is because front-end frameworks vary significantly in terms of features, implementation, and licensing. 

The ten front-end frameworks listed above are some of the most popular choices available today. All were chosen for this list based on feature set, availability (free and commercial), and level of popularity. 

However, you can consult any Vuejs development company, Angular development company, React development company, or web development company to get precise and relevant suggestions for your project.


Q1: What is the best framework to build a web application?

A1: Some most popular web application frameworks to use in 2022 are:

  • Django
  • Express
  • Laravel
  • Ruby on Rails
  • CodeIgniter

Q2: Is Vue JS good for web development?

A2: Yes, Vue JS is a popular JavaScript framework that is often used for developing web applications. It offers several features and benefits that make it an attractive choice for developers.

Q3: What are the benefits of using front-end frameworks?

A3: Some key benefits of using front-end frameworks include:

1. Performance– Front-end frameworks optimize websites and web applications so they can run efficiently and smoothly.

2. Usability- Framework users do not need to be experts in HTML, CSS, and JavaScript, so it is easy to create new components and features. 

3. Cross-browser compatibility- Framework support makes it easier for developers to create components that work across all browsers and devices.

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