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Mobile and social media are two of the largest marketing forces right now. As of today, there are 3.96 billion social media users worldwide and of these, 99% access social media through a mobile app whereas only 1.32% users access these platforms through a desktop. This growing trend suggests that mobile phones have become the primary mode of customer interaction for brands globally. 

Despite an exponential growth in unique mobile users, many small businesses continue to ignore mobile friendly social media strategies — often shooting themselves in the foot. At a time when social media dominates the marketplace, the best way of increasing your brand awareness is to build a strong online presence. 

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Mobile content marketing is a great way to showcase your small business on a global level and helps you keep up with the relevant internet trends. 

A powerful mobile social media strategy can significantly grow your small business by expanding your outreach across various locales. It also enables you to carry out personalized campaigns to capture a wide variety of pertinent audiences. A bigger, more relevant audience increases your chances of product engagement and feedback. With the right feedback and smart marketing strategies, small businesses can boost their sales and meet their yearly targets. 

Share of worldwide mobile web traffic

Mobile content marketing across multiple social media platforms is a cost-effective way to achieve fast and positive bottom-line results. 

Best Strategies for Mobile Content Marketing Includes

  1. Keep it short and catchy
  2. Making emails mobile friendly
  3. Make it concise, yet engaging
  4. Use images and videos, but do it properly
  5. Prove your point with statistics
  6. Optimize your landing page
  7. Focus on the right audience
  8. Make use of localized content
  9. Bring out the best call to action
  10. Internet of Things

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This article discusses 5 ways to grow your business with the right mobile social media marketing techniques.

1. Choose the right platform

The first step to building a successful mobile content marketing solutions to select a suitable social media platform. There are no right or wrong social media channels. However, some platforms have a higher chance of yielding positive results than others. Discover your audience to choose the right social media platform for your small business. Small businesses cannot afford the luxury of failing in marketing campaigns so they need to conduct an in-depth market analysis. 

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The key to landing a suitable social media channel is determining where your audience spends the most time. If you are a small B2B company, then your audience will most likely spend time on Facebook, LinkedIn or Instagram. You can further narrow your study by linking your business product with the social media platform. Have you defined your brand’s personality? LinkedIn is your best choice if you have established a sober and professional outlook. For example, take a look at this website for asset tracking software. As their customers usually include industry leaders, a suitable marketing platform for them is LinkedIn or Twitter. 

Remember that your mobile content strategy will only work if it is launched on a suitable platform. Look into what your competitors are doing? Align your business goals and objectives with your content strategy but most importantly, let your product guide you. Small consumer-building brands have a higher chance of getting customers from Instagram. However, if you want to attract high-quality enterprise-level leads, switch to LinkedIn. 

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In case you already have a brand presence on some social media channels, you need to figure out if you are getting the desired results. If you are unhappy with the performance, you may need to reevaluate your social media platform choice.

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2. Optimize your content for mobile 

The Global WebIndex research shows that 54% of browsers use social media to search for a product. Therefore, the best way to redirect traffic to your small business is to design an appealing social media channel. 

The above chart shows something interesting. Between 2013 and 2014, the mobile user-base has stalked past the desktop user-base.

One important aspect to understand is that desktop and mobile social media content are different and need to be optimized for best results. Your focus should be to create mobile-friendly content that is short yet captivating. Due to a smaller screen size, people are more intrigued by interesting images with precise descriptions. Lure your audience to explore more by generating relevant content for each platform. 

Keep in mind that the image used for mobile content has to be high resolution so that it doesn’t get distorted when screen sizes change. Also try to have a clear bright image with less text on the picture itself. This makes it easier for the audience actually to notice your business posts. Learn to implement responsive web design practices as each social media mobile app has different image sizes that must be followed for successful customer engagement. 

3. Post short videos 

As mobile social media users grow, it becomes critical for business owners to post desirable content that attracts the most traffic. According to Wordstream,  video content on social media gets 1200% more user engagement than photos and text combined. Fascinating right? The key lies in posting short 2-minute videos that discuss popular product 

features. Such video posts are more likely to retain an audience on your page than lengthy text-based posts people don’t want to read. 

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Video marketing is a great tool for small companies that want to grow their business through social media. Some of the popular video ideas for businesses include ‘How To’ videos where you simply introduce a product and its usage guidelines to the audience. You can also create an exciting news feed by putting together a teaser of a recent business event or a conference that your employees attended. 

A great way to increase customer engagement is to post user-generated content. Such posts add value to your business by displaying positive customer feedback and testimonials. You can even run video contests to develop the best mobile content strategies and get your business hashtag trending. With the right mobile content campaign, there are endless possibilities for your business to grow and progress. 

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4. Leverage Call To Action approaches

An effective Call To Action (CTA) button can significantly impact your mobile content strategy for social media. However, it is important to note that the CTAs for desktop and mobile applications are designed differently. To attract mobile traffic, post optimized content on the business social media channel. It might not be a good idea to put CTA on the header image as it may get distorted due to changes in screen size. 

On Facebook, for example, you have the option to set up a CTA for a mobile URL. Depending on the nature of your business, you can add a contact number for instant customer service. 

With an active business account on Twitter, all attention should be directed towards the image with a small description containing the CTA. On the contrary, to boost your Instagram page you can add a link in the bio to redirect traffic to your business page. Be sure to put a link to your best product or service so that the audience does not lose interest. 

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5. Stream live updates 

The best part about mobile social media apps is that you can post content anywhere. While it may be inconvenient to go live from the desktop at events, mobile streaming has always covered you. As a small business, connecting with your audience in real-time is a good idea. Your customers feel connected if they join a live event at the office. 

Live streaming can be about anything — a product launch, celebrity endorsements, charity events or customer feedback. If your small business channel has not gotten much attention lately, it’s time to go live! Creating a live post gives the audience a chance to engage with your brand and even bring up any queries they may have about the business. 

You can post live on almost all popular social media channels. Just remember to organize the event timely and have a backup plan in case of technical issues. This way you will be able to reach customers and connect with them on a personal level. 

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Pro tip: Combine desktop and mobile social media marketing for a greater impact 

The key to a successful online marketing campaign is to match the content you post with the medium. This basically means to differentiate desktop content from mobile content. Design content strategies that cater to your desktop and mobile audience for maximum impact. This will help ensure that your audience interacts with the right content at all times. 

Mobile content marketing is on the rise and will continue to grow in the future. Just remember to make it an essential part of your content strategy. The right combination of social media marketing for all mediums will enable you to reach a maximum audience and expand your business globally. 


In the future, brands will raise their mobile content marketing budgets. The device-independent strategy is becoming obsolete. In respect to devices, brands must consider probable viewability and user-experience obstacles.

They can use the tactics outlined in this article to identify and eliminate bottlenecks. In a multi-screen environment, they can also benefit from content marketing.

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