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Top Mobile App Development Companies in Los Angeles

Levin Riegner, ISBX, Overturn Technologies are the best mobile app development companies of 2023. See the full list of App developers of...

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mobile app development los angeles 2023

Mobile apps are growing at a great pace and the Los Angeles app developers collaborate and take great pride in playing a significant role in mobile app development. App stores generate billions of dollars in revenue in the coming years. A successful mobile strategy includes both overarching goals and well-specified targets. And app developers can help you find these strategies and develop effective apps that work across several platforms.

Los Angeles Based App Development Companies 2023

#Company NameLocationRateEmployeesFounded In
1Levin RiegnerBrooklyn, NY$200 – $300 / hr10 – 492012
2ISBXLos Angeles, CA$50 – $99 / hr10 – 492009
3Overturn TechnologiesLos Angeles, CA$25 – $49 / hr2 – 92015
4Frenchy DigitalLos Angeles, CA$25 – $49 / hr10 – 492019
5UtilityNew York, NY$100 – $149 / hr50 – 2492013
6Ripe MediaLos Angeles, CA$100 – $149 / hr2 – 92003
7RootstrapWest Hollywood, CA$100 – $149 / hr50 – 2492011
8Topflight AppsIrvine, CA$100 – $149 / hr2 – 92016
9Nextware TechnologiesSanta Monica, CA$100 – $149 / hr50 – 2492006
10AnyalphaWalnut Creek, CA< $25 / hr50 – 2492013

The app developer in Los Angeles can help you strengthen your brand while also conserving your money and time. With that said, here are 15 of the best mobile app developers in Los Angeles. 

1. L+R

Levin Riegner or L+R is a multinational mobile application development firm. They are the best for businesses looking to maximize their security and integrity. 

The company’s three pillars include integrity, empowerment, and harmony. And the following technique is used at L+R to produce basic new products. You can expect all the core IT services from the company like mobile development, branding, strategy consulting, and much more. Their experts are always willing to help the business as you drive to their growth path, so if this is something you are looking for, L+R is your choice. 


Since 2003, the ISBX team has created a wide range of websites and applications for customers in the automotive, action sports consumer packaged goods, and lifestyle areas. ISBX has become an industry-leading web and mobile competence for its competitors due to the world-class services it provides. You can expect a whole lot of the services that can define your business success and deliver your clients, actually what they need. 

3. Overturn Technologies

If you want to consider the team of a company, before investing time and money, Overturn Technologies is second to none. Their team consists of founders of startups, designers, full-stack engineers, free thinkers, & strategists. Along with being an excellent company in mobile app development, they can also help you to develop fresh ideas and develop mobile apps that can serve your clients as you intend.

4. Frenchy

Since 2019, Frenchy is here for businesses like you who need creative ideas and cutting-edge technologies to help their clients. If you like collaborating with a business that shares value with you then, Frenchy is the choice. 

They can deliver you the perfect services to suit your needs whether in mobile app development or web app development. Frenchy digital is here to be your partner. Also, they are known for not tagging their services with an over-the-top budget. 

5. Neon Roots

Neon Roots is a venture studio situated in Los Angeles that provides design, strategy, & coaching services to early-stage entrepreneurs and assists in the development of high-performance firms through focused investment.

According to them, you can determine your success by outcomes, which they have consistently delivered by implementing lean startup concepts. They are constantly ready to create exceptional mobile apps for a global clientele. Their adaptability and willingness to adjust enable them to provide high-quality enterprise solutions.

6. Utility Nyc

Utility NYC is a team of top product experts, engineers, designers, and product managers who approach each client project as their own. With a combination of strategy, design, & technology, Utility can provide your end-user with an award-winning mobile experience

It is a full-service service and product agency. It can assist you with all steps of the product life cycle, including strategy and design through engineering & growth. To finish projects on schedule and within budget, firm authorities use agile approaches. However, they do not leave the boat from there. They assist their clients in making informed choices by learning from real-world customer feedback.

7. Ripe Media 

Full-service design and marketing firm, Ripe Media led by a group of world-class creatives & producers. Their goal is to meet their clients and understand everything in terms of brand management and communication and take their client business to the next level.

They embrace the expanding technical perspective first so that they can deliver you the mobile apps that you desire. Which allows them to deliver the projects of your expectations. You can trust Ripe Media if you only want the best projects. Each mobile app they create is the result of extensive study and development. So with that, you can say that their major quality is “Quality.”

8. RootStrap

Rootstrap is one of the best mobile app development companies in Los Angeles. The company is known for its fresh approach to producing surprising outcomes. They combine their industry expertise, experience, and viewpoint. So, if you’re searching for someone to help you build a new product from the ground up, Bootstrap’s extensive expertise in designing hundreds of apps can assist you in refining your product.

Having said that, Rootstrap collaborates with organizations wherein they believe. According to the pros here, for a successful partnership, all sides of the business should be inspired by each other.

9. Topflight

Situated in Los Angeles, Topflight is one of the top companies in the mobile development industry. With them, UX/UI designers, product designers, full-stack developers, and full-stack developers, they can deliver your project with remarkable accuracy and evolve according to your client’s needs. 

Topflight is on a mission to help nonprofits with software development and app design. As a result, they must design a wide range of applications for non-profit organizations at a low cost. For a business like you, the top flight can make the best choice due to their high-end team, before-time product delivery, high-end speed, and much more. 

10. NextwareTechnologies

Nextware Technologies provides a comprehensive spectrum of software development, IT services, and application development. Because the firm’s team specializes in developing all types of digital products, including custom web applications, mobile apps, and IoT products and solutions.

With their software implementation, process management automation, software integration & cloud hosting, consultancy, and quality assurance and testing services, you can run your organization smoothly. You can receive both a custom application and an off-the-shelf product, depending on your needs. Nextware’s expertise can develop solutions for any platform, so you’re in good hands.

11. AnyAlpha

In the recent past, AnyAlpha has expanded its commercial reach, from startups to market leaders. To produce industry-specific bespoke mobile apps, they can provide you with custom software application development services that integrate advanced technologies such as AI, Machine Learning, IoT, Blockchain, and AR/VR.

They start the project by understanding the client’s demands to continue their growth in a highly competitive industry. This is why their professionals use cutting-edge programming languages, advanced technology, frameworks, platforms, and tools to create powerful digital projects for small businesses and enterprises alike. Their custom software development services assist enterprises in attaining immediate market growth and increasing brand value.

12. Creative27

The next company on the list is Creative 27. Creative 27’s project has evolved from cutting-edge design and user interfaces to visually spectacular masterpieces. They have established a new standard for excellence. Mobile app development, copywriting, web app development, UI/UX, and more services are available. You can check the company’s impressive clientele to be sure of your choice. 

13. Expedition

With Expedition, you can expect a close-knit group of designers, developers, & strategists. The company professionals believe in solving complex problems at their best. They are one of the best companies in the town to develop mobile apps.

The Expedition offers uniqueness to their client’s preferences. They think that straightforward communication and tremendous hard work are the keys to providing exceptional results to their clients. The team’s capacity to prioritize the user journey is a defining feature of their work.

The company’s professionals have always put forth significant effort in generating solutions. This results in a speedy turnaround time making them the best mobile app development company. With their industry understanding, they have been able to meet any client’s needs. 

14. SlideBench 

One of the mobile app development companies, SlideBench is on a quest to explore unknown territory. You can expect all the bundle of services that you can expect from any reputed company like the Slide Bench. 

SlideBench’s legacy in the industry will outlast any product. They act on a larger picture for their clients, utilizing great abilities and talents.

This award-winning company situated in Los Angeles provides mobile applications, UX/UI designs, and customized software solutions with distinct value and skills to radically revolutionize industries.

15. VisionWebPPC

If along with a mobile development company that can also provide good SEO to your website, then VisionWebPPC is the choice. They provide services like mobile app development, SEO, PPC, and much more for their clients. The company has a solid vision about the web PPC strategy, as well as strong ongoing human relationships, which are the keys to success.”

A team of software and internet entrepreneurs runs Vision Web PPC. Vision Web PPC is renowned as one of the most inventive search engine marketing organizations, offering digital marketing goods and services to thousands of clients worldwide. Its integrated product package comprises SEM, National and Local SEO, and PPC to assist businesses in succeeding online.

Wrapping Up!

These were 15 top companies in the Mobile application development industry. All of these companies offer various technologies that are beneficial to mobile consumers. The Mobile development Industry is thriving. Growing with a great number of mobile users will only help the mobile industry to grow further.

If businesses wish to take advantage of it, they must locate an appropriate technology partner. This partner can assist them in achieving their business objectives very fast. The list of top mobile app development businesses in Los Angeles can assist you in your search, and we hope that your search for Top Mobile App Development Companies in Los Angeles has come to an end here.

How much does app development cost in Los Angeles (LA)?

The app development cost in LA is approx $45 per hour. So a basic app cost something near $45000. Blockchain app cost $90000 and gaming apps cost $125000.

What are the best app development framework of 2023?

The best mobile app development framework of 2023 is Swiftic, Native Scripts, React Native, Xamarin, Ionic, Flutter, Corona, JQuery Mobile.

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