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Confused about whether to go with MEAN or MERN technology stack for your next big development project? Here’s a comprehensive guide that...

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Confused about whether to go with MEAN or MERN technology stack for your next big development project? Here’s a comprehensive guide that compares MEAN VS MERN: which is a better technology stack to go with, in 2022. This blog consists of answers to all the below question.

  • MEAN vs MERN: Which technology stack should you go with? 
  • MEAN vs MERN stack: Which one should you choose in 2022? 
  • A detailed comparison between MEAN & MERN stack in 2022 
  • MEAN vs MERN stack: Make the right choice with this comprehensive guide

MEAN Vs MERN stack rivalry has been there for a long when it comes to developing powerful projects. If you too are in a fix whether to hire MEAN stack developers or hire MERN stack developers, this blog can help you clear the dilemma.  

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So, you’ve decided to build your own feature-packed web application? Well, that’s a great way to amplify your business growth in 2022. 

But the challenge- With so many technology stacks available, how do you ensure that you go ahead with the right one for your development project? 

“Technology stack comprises of the set of technologies that an organization uses to create and run their web or mobile application project. This may include programming languages, development frameworks, UI/UX development tools, support libraries, etc.”

Well, to help you come out of this puzzling decision, we’ve outlined some of the major variations & differences that lie between MERN and MEAN stack, which is the most picked choice among the numerous businesses & developers. 

So, before we get into spotting out the differences, let us first take a quick glance at their basic introduction. 

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Fundamentals of MEAN stack: Basic things you should know

This stack comprises four technologies and is an acronym for M- MongoDB, E- Express(.js), A- Angular(.js) and N- NodeJS. This full-stack technology stack is based on JavaScript and is widely used for the development of robust web and mobile apps. And the best is- It comes with great plugins & is loaded with tools, that help you fulfill numerous functionalities.  

MongoDB MongoDB is responsible to take care of all the NoSQL databases, where the data gets stored as JSON files for the backend. 
Express This technology helps in creating & running backend applications on top of Node.js. 
Angular This is the frontend framework that is used to run the JavaScript in the client’s browser 
Node Node offers a runtime environment for the app backend, making the use of JavaScript
Difference between mean and mern stack

What makes MEAN is a preferable choice for your next web app project? 

  • Quick & easy mobile/web app development process 
  • Cost-effective & feasible solution for business as it is open-source & free 
  • Comes with great flexibility 
  • Compatible with cloud 
  • Comes with immense support from a worldwide community 
  • Interactive user interface, etc. 
  • Offers you a flawless switch between the client-side applications & the server  

Interesting fact: Do you know some of the most popular apps using the MEAN stack? These apps include PayPal, LinkedIn, Upwork, Forbes, among others. 

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Basics of MERN stack: Fundamentals you don’t want to miss out

This is a JavaScript stack that also consists of four major technologies. But the only difference is, it uses React in the place of Angular. And so, it consists of MongoDB, Express.js, ReactJS, and Node.js. MERN is widely being accepted to develop fully-functional and feature-rich websites & web apps. This makes an ideal choice if you are keen on making your development quite simple and speedy. 

MongoDB It is primarily used to handle all the NoSQL databases, where the data gets stored as JSON files for the backend. 
Express This technology helps in creating & running backend applications on top of Node.js. 
React It is a great & one of the most well-known and used front-end JavaScript libraries,. It is also used for developing excellent user interfaces. 
Node It is used for providing a runtime environment for the application backend, which also happens using JavaScript

What makes MERN a preferable choice for your next web app project? 

  • The stack is continuously evolving 
  • Simple and faster development 
  • Reduced severe costs 
  • Ease in transposing web app to a mobile app 
  • Easy code maintenance & bug fixing 
  • Testing tools are pre-installed 

Interesting fact: Do you the most popular apps using the MERN stack? 

 These are Facebook, Netflix, among others. 

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MEAN Vs MERN Stack: Which is better in 2022? 

Let the compare both the stacks based on the following parameters: 

Between Mean & Mern which of the two is easier to learn & use? 

If you are wondering which of the two technology stacks are more easy and simple to use, here’s the answer: 
MEAN stack is relatively more complex and difficult to learn and work on, as Angular has a lot of things to learn about. If you are looking forward to building your application on this stack, it is recommended to leverage quality MEAN stack development services and hire experienced developers. 
Since working on React is not rocket science, it makes MERN stack simple and easy to use. This is mainly because React is simple to learn & cope with, unlike Angular. Here, developers also get detailed documentation and data to get a quick understanding of the stack. 

Who is the clear winner Mern or Mean?

Considering the ease of use & learning, MERN seems to be a go-to option. 

Between Mean & Mern Which stack offers better third-party integration & support?

MEAN stack already comes loaded with backend connection functionalities & HTTP requests. This implies that your development team will be able to effortlessly use and add libraries. 
MERN stack holds a restriction here. As this stack is still evolving with time, it may not be possible to deliver your all development request, especially if they are complex. In the case of adding third-party integration, you will have to configure additional settings. 
Hence, for better third-party integration & support, MEAN is a better choice.

Mern vs Mean which technology stack delivery greater productivity? 

Coming to which technology stack offers you better productivity, here’s an answer: 
MEAN stack definitely beats the MERN technology stack, the simple reason being that Angular itself is a complete framework that allows you to perform various functionalities. Hence, using this stack will save you a great deal of money, time & effort. 
Though it will be wrong to say that MERN is the deficit in terms of productivity, it offers slightly less productivity than MEAN. This is mainly because when you go for MERN stack development services, the developers will face the difficulty of using several third-party libraries as React is not a fully-organized framework, unlike MEAN. 
Who wins?
It can be said that the MEAN stack offers slightly more productivity. 

Mean stack vs Mern stack choosing which stack will ensure better performance? 

When considering the performance, both the stacks are capable of delivering high performance. of both the stacks, In fact,  MEAN is a pre-configured framework, and so, the performance of the app won’t be a problem. However, it uses native DOM, unlike MERN. which makes the use of virtual DOM. 
Though using the MERN stack, you will be required to configure everything individually, but the good part is, it uses virtual DOM instead of native DOM, which increases the rendering time, thereby having a slight edge over Angular. 
Who wins?
Comparing the performance of the two, MERN is considered slightly better than MEAN. 

Which technology stack is more popular? Mean vs Mern Stack

If you have been wondering, which stack is more popular, here’s the answer: 
Throwing light on the popularity of both the technology stack, it is hard to say which one has the upper hand, as both of them are evolving and hold great popularity. However, since the Angular framework is a part of the MEAN stack, and is extremely popular, it makes it a go-to choice when you are building a large-scale web or a mobile app. 
Keeping MERN stack at focus- this stack is somewhat new but is gaining traction & evolving rapidly. This is becoming very popular among businesses and developers, for the number of benefits it offers. This however is more suited if you are looking forward to speedy delivery of your project. This stack goes well when you have a small application development project. 
Who wins?
So, basically, it’s a draw! Both are popular technology stacks and hold their own set of advantages. 

Mern Stack vs Mean Stack which stack offers better architecture maintenance? 

If you are wondering choosing which technology stack will help you easily manage & upgrade the codes, here is an answer:   

In recent years MEAN stack has gained great traction. Do you know the reason, why? It is mainly because it has been delivering promising results, provided that AngularJS supports MVC architecture instead of MVW architecture. Above all, it also supports a variety of tools that makes it an ideal choice for enterprise-level architecture. 

Though UI rendering is extremely simple when using the MERN stack, it is just a library; wherein AngularJS is a well-established framework. 

Who wins?

Considering maintenance of architecture, then MEAN should be your go-to stack. 

Which of the two stacks premises better security Mean or Mern? 

The security of your application and the users is indeed a primary concern for all businesses. Isn’t it? But the best part is, both the technology stacks promise top-notch security and are reliable to use. However, if you have to make a definite choice, it can be said that the MEAN stack holds an edge over the other one and is considered to be slightly more secure. 

Now the question is: How do I choose? 

To make the right choice, here are a few things to consider: 

  1. Project size: If your project size is huge & complex, it is better to go with MEAN. On the other hand, if you have a small or a medium-sized project, MERN should be your go-to choice as it will get your project developed faster & will help you drive your project to its goal in the best way. 
  1. Development Time: If you want to get your project completed faster and want a quick entry to the market, using the MERN technology will help you attain that. 
  1. Your budget: The cost of hiring MERN and MEAN developers may differ. It is better to avail of website development services, have a consultation, and see which one suits your budget. 

Concluding thoughts

Well, now that you’ve had a deep comparison of the two, it is hard to say which technology stack has an upper hand. Since there are several parameters that need to be considered before making a choice, it is better to chalk out the requirements of your project clearly. Based on what your business needs the most, you may decide which technology stack best solves your purpose. 

Still confused? 

How about you speak to the experts? 

Having experts by your side will help you understand your project better, put forward your requirements, and assist you in deciding which stack can best fulfill your needs. This way you will not just know which stack is ideal for your project, but will also be able to come up with the best outcome.

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