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How to Hire App Developers in Belgium

The moment businesses & enterprises decide they need a mobile application; they start planning their mobile app strategy. No wonder, with grand...

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The moment businesses & enterprises decide they need a mobile application; they start planning their mobile app strategy. No wonder, with grand plans in their minds, they have numerous expectations to build better connections, up their game, and reach a wider audience. 

The entrepreneur usually has a basic idea of the features he wants and how he wants the app to be. 

But to implement it the way it is planned and to make it look appealing and exciting is the task which should be undertaken by a skilled professional.

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In this scenario, the best thing to boost your business is to hire an app developer.

Here are some points by app ontwikkelaar Belgiëthat shed light on why we need to hire an app developer. 

So, why should you hire app developers for your app development?  

App developers Belgium say that if you’re an entrepreneur with hands-on programming skills, you should try developing your app. 

However, the issue that might arise is that you wouldn’t have a programming computer or programming tools. Sometimes, the scope of the work would require 2 or more people to do the action, which will eventually lead you to hire an app development team.  This is where the need to hire skilled professionals becomes obvious. 

The developer population is in abundance, and choosing the best app developer is quite a mission. Here are 3 result-driven ways to hire the best suitable app developers. 

3 ways to hire an app developer 

  • Hiring an in-house developer
  • Hiring a freelancer
  • Hiring an outsourcing team 
  • Hire an in-house developer

The first reliable option you have is to hire an app developer as a team member itself. Hiring app developers from Belgium who can be a part of your team can work as a convenient solution for you and your team. 

This hiring method primarily works when you’re in a shortage of a particular skill for your app development project. So if you have an existing team, then the hired app developer can fill in that gap.  

Post a job ad, scrutinize the candidates, conduct interviews, and cherry-pick the best candidate, and have them work for your team. 

App developers in Belgium state that hiring an in-house developer has many pros, including the developer’s deep understanding of the project. While it might also be a costly affair but its pros make it worth every penny, I bet. 

  • Hire a freelancer

With the pandemic in place, hiring a freelance developer has become a popular option these days. EurecaApps, a leading mobile app development company in Belgium, affirm that hiring freelancers from popular freelance websites is becoming a cost-efficient solution for many entrepreneurs and startup owners. 

If you hire freelancers, the primary advantage you get is the contractual agreement. You don’t have to pay for the extra bonuses that you pay to an in-house developer like social security, vacation days, etc.

With many benefits in your stride, there’s also a negative side to hiring a freelancer. Some developers are not what they show and are simplify less qualified for the job. Hiring them is a cheaper option, though but with no guaranteed results. 

  • Hire an outsourcing team 

Hiring an outsourcing developer is the right way if you want to get the best of both worlds. It’s best suited for startups who have moved out of the starting phase and are ready to successfully breakthrough into the market.

Hiring an outsourcing team means outsourcing your project to a team of experienced app developers. Less expensive than an in-house team, you can go with hiring an outsourcing team on a contractual basis. 

Another significant advantage you get with outsourcing is scalability. You can increase or decrease the outsourcing team size as per your project requirements, and as a result, you can save funds in the long run.

Along with that, most of the outsourcing app development companies offer a project manager that can help your team to be led successfully. 

Now that we know the 3 types of ways to hire app ontwikkelaar belgie let’s move to the factors which should be considered while hiring app developers. 

Factors to consider while hiring an app developer

Imagine you hired an app developer and found that the app developer does not know your field. You don’t want it to happen, right? Yep, so you need to consider some factors while hiring an app developer. 

  • Experience

How much experience the developer has in that programming language is a must-ask question. Prior experience of the developer and the number of projects he has worked on play a pivotal role in determining the developers’ expertise. 

Also, another thing that counts is the developers’ ability to work on different programming languages. Accordingly, check whether the developer has expertise in the technology you need for your project. 

  • Portfolio/works

Has your prospective developer working on a project related to your field? Does he have many works to his name? Is your developer familiar with your app development platform? All these questions define whether your prospective developer knows your field or not. 

You need to check their portfolios and see if they have a good number of projects to their name. Additionally, ask them if they could give the contact number of their previous clients to cross-verify & get feedback. If they support it, the developer can be shortlisted to your list.   

  • Outlook to testing

Along with coding, your developer should also be well versed in testing. They shouldn’t be laid back when it comes to testing. 

It’s rightly said that the ability to test cases can help to foresee the product’s workflows. Thus, don’t underestimate a developer’s testing skills because a tester will likely make only a few errors.

  • Soft skills

What if your hired app developers are not able to express themselves well? Wouldn’t that be frustrating to you? Or let’s say your developer is not able to comprehend your requirements well? Can you imagine the number of mistakes it would lead to… 

Soft skills vary from person to person. There can’t be something like more soft skills or fewer soft skills. What a developer should have is the right applicable soft skill. He/she should be a good listener. A person with a good sense of understanding. A problem-solver in itself and a skilled developer who can be versatile as per the project demand. Along with the above skills, good communication skills top everything.

Now, let’s quickly dive into the steps of hiring an app developer in Belgium. 

Steps to hire an app developer in Belgium

Here are the steps you can follow to find the perfect fit for an app developer for your project. You can also consult us if you need any help.

  1. Post a job ad mentioning all your requirements
  2. Spot the red flags on the resumes
  3. Scrutinize their portfolios
  4. Check testimonials
  5. Check their experience
  6. Note their development process
  7. Ascertain their expertise
  8. Interview them
  9. Test the technical skills
  10. Watch out for their goals – do they seem long-term?
  11. Discuss with your team
  12.  Take the final call
  13. Onboard


Mobile apps have become the backbone of any business. And to nail your business sales report, you need to hire a match whose goals align with yours. You must put out a clear vision to your hired developer so that they can comprehend it well and build a project that par excellence. Follow the above steps, and proceed on with your journey, and you will rock it. 

All the best 🙂

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