Extracting Telegram Contacts (Collecting Telegram Mobile Numbers)

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What is Social Trading?

Extracting the phone numbers or IDs of people from a Telegram contact list is one of the actions business owners need to take to send bulk promotional messages on Telegram. Extracting Telegram contacts is a very important step in targeting advertising because the information you have saved in your Telegram contact list will likely be your customers or people interested in your field of work.

There are many methods on the internet to obtain Telegram contact information, but not all of them are practical and often do not work properly. In the following, we will teach you two reliable and tested methods.

Method of obtaining Telegram contact information manually

In this method, you must first log in to your Telegram account and open the contact list. Then click on the profile of each of the saved contacts in the list and copy and save the phone number and ID of each.

This method is undoubtedly responsive in cases where there are a few contacts in your list, and in cases where the number of your contacts is high, this method will require much time.

Method of obtaining Telegram contact information through backup

Another way of extracting contact information in Telegram is to back it up. Telegram has provided this feature for its users to back up some of their data. You can only back up your contact list.

To do this, log in to your account. From the Settings section, select the Advanced option. Then, click Export Telegram data or Extract Telegram data, as shown below.

On the page that opens for you, select the Import or Export contact option, and in the next step, click on the Export option to back up your contact information. At the end of this method, you will have a folder containing your Telegram contact information.

Method of Obtaining Telegram Contact Information Automatically

A tool has been designed to extract your contacts’ phone numbers or usernames in Telegram, which does this automatically and does not require human intervention to copy and save the information. These tools automatically enter your contact list, perform the process of taking and storing data, and finally provide it to you in the form of a file such as an Excel file.

One of the best tools available is the v-User Telegram Contacts Exporter Bot. Besides saving Telegram contacts, this bot is a very useful tool with other uses, such as extracting group members, sending bulk messages, etc.

You can visit the v-User website for more information about this tool.

Is there a limit to the number of contacts the Telegram contact-saving bot can extract?

No, the bot automatically enters your Telegram contact list and performs the extraction operation from the first contact to the last contact.

Can the phone numbers and IDs of contacts be extracted from Telegram channels?

No, since the information of channel members is only visible to the channel administrator, it is impossible to extract its members’ information.


In this article, we reviewed the methods of extracting Telegram contacts, which are possible both manually and automatically. Since the manual process is very time-consuming and requires much patience, the best option is to use the Telegram contact-saving bot.

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