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How to Buy First Property in Upland | How to Earn UPX in Upland & Trade property Upland

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The increasing popularity of Metaverse is causing Upland to rise. Have you ever heard of Upland? If yes, you must be aware of the process of buying real estate in Upland. Are you looking forward to buying a property? Worry not since we are here to assist you with your first property purchase in Upland. Buying property isn’t the only thing you can do here, instead, you have a variety of exciting stuff to do. Furthermore, Upland allows its users to earn money while playing games. Gone are the days when you invested your money and time in something but received nothing in return. Here you can actually earn real money while playing games, having fun, and adventure. In addition, you can participate in property auctions and events as well as convert your digital assets into real money in Upland. Yes, that’s correct!

Quick Note: Are you getting the below error while buying property on Upland. “Marketplace Transactions Are Only Available for Uplanders” Read in detail how to fix this error by clicking the URL.


How to buy first property in upland

People are fascinated with the Metaverse because of its popularity and adventure-filled existence. If you don’t want to be left behind and are planning to buy property here, but are uncertain where to begin, don’t worry this blog will cover everything that you need to know about how to buy first property in upland and many more topics that will help you understand more. So let’s get started!

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What is Upland?

Upland became our favorite word once we started researching it. We are not going to guarantee or promise that Upland is going to be the next great thing and that it will bring you millions of dollars. For now, it’s a guessing game that will earn you money. Upland is a game in which you may purchase pieces of land based on real-world plots of land.

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Not only can you buy plots of land but also make a return on those plots, similar to the real-life rental property. Each piece of land makes a 17% commission on the base price that Upland sets. Furthermore, you may also sell off your property once you get its ownership at higher rates. For instance, you can even construct apartments or houses on your property. Upland has a number of homes for sale in some cities around the United States

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Steps to Buy Property in Upland

The parcels in the Upland are color-coded so as to differentiate them among other parcels.

  • Bright Green: 

These are those parcels that have not been minted and can be minted or bought by anyone and are thus available for sale.

  • Dark Green

These symbolise the minted properties and can be purchased through UPX or USD. Their prices are set by the owners.

  • Blue

The blue parcels are those lands that have been minted by other players. These lands are not listed on the secondary markets but bids can still be made on these lands and the owner can decide whether to accept or reject the offer.

  • Grey

Grey parcels are the unminted lands that are locked and not owned by anyone

  • Dark Blue

Dark blue parcels are owned by you.

Choosing the Property on Upland Marketplace

Now that you have a proper understanding of various colors related to properties, you may purchase the land that you wish to. You should begin looking into cities with lower property prices and FSA properties. As mentioned before FSA properties are usually for the new players and the number of players would be less and so would be the price. Once you have finalized the property you want to buy, then it’s time to move on to the next step.

How do you buy property in Upland

To buy the land in Upland, all you’ll need is UPX i.e the official currency of Upland. If you wish to buy the minted properties that are already owned by someone then it would be easier. You’ll just need to follow these steps:

How to buy the Minted Property in Upland?

If you are looking forward to buying minted properties in Upland, then follow these below mentioned steps on how to buy minted properties in Upland:

  1. Click on the minted property.
  2. A menu will appear providing important information related to it.
  3. If you are satisfied with the seller’s price click on ‘buy’.
  4. Click on ‘Make an Offer’ in case you are not satisfied with the seller’s offer and have something better to offer. 

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How to buy the Unminted Property in Upland?

If you are looking forward to buying unminted properties in Upland, then follow these below-mentioned steps on how to buy unminted properties in Upland:

  1. These properties will be marked grey.
  2. Your explorer must be near the property.
  3. If the explorer is within the radius, then the parcel colour will turn bright green.
  4. Click on the property.
  5. Then, click on buy.

This was a guide on how to buy a first property in upland and do you know there are many ways to earn UPX in Upland. Let’s check them out.

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How to sell Property in Upland?

Don’t know how to sell property in Upland? Don’t worry the following information will help you to sell your property on Upland just by following the below-mentioned points:

  1. List property for sale

Firstly, list your property for sale in the marketplace in order to get maximum investors’ audience and then decide whether you want to sell your property for USD or UPX.

  1. Create an account

If you are selling your property on Upland for the first time and want to get paid in USD, you will require a USD account for your transactions.

  1. Service Fees

USD and UPX properties are visible in the same way. Due to certain limitations such as 30% service fee charged by app stores for transactions while the real purchase would be done either through mobile web or desktop through an in app link. In USD transactions there are 10% market transaction fees, similar to that in UPX operations.

  1. Manage USD balance

Now that your USD account has been created, you may manage it under the USD balance part of your Upland profile page. You may check your account status, account balance, and easy methods to buy UPX currency. In addition, you can also withdraw your USD transactions directly to your PayPal account for a 5% transaction charge.

Property trading in Upland

Property trade is Upland’s backbone. All the properties in the game resemble those in the real-world site that can be observed by using Google Street View. If you have just started, it’s recommended to start your trade-in in Brooklyn and Fresno before going onto the expensive areas. So, how to trade property in Upland? To trade in here you must know the basics of buying and selling properties on Upland that are already mentioned above. For instance, try buying some cheap properties and sell them off at higher rates once you master them you will find no difficulty in trading properties on Upland.

UPX a Just Like Cryptocurrency?

Upland’s ecology is largely based on the EOS blockchain, which means that nearly all of the game’s actions are genuine transactions that are pushed to and recorded by the blockchain. Despite this, by definition, UPX is not a cryptocurrency. The token is solely a utility token used in-game to buy NFTs, despite its existence on the blockchain. This means that UPX can only be traded within the Upland ecosystem. However, all in-game NFTs are totally marketable.

How to earn UPX in Upland?

How to earn UPX in Upland?
How to earn UPX in Upland?

The following are some ways you can earn UPX in Upland. Go through them and earn money out of them.

  1. Yield on Property

The best part of owning a property in Upland is that you may receive a 17% annual income on your property every 3 hours. It is always available to you and there is no need to gather it. Moreover, you can sell your property for cash on Upland.

  1. Visits to Properties

A minimal charge is paid to the owner and he receives a portion of the fee if you send the explorer to see properties or if someone else sends their explorer to the property.

  1. Daily bonus

If the user logs in more often and plays on Upland, they will eventually gain small bonuses on a daily basis. This will keep on increasing with the visits to Upland.

  1. Referrals

If you refer Upland to others then you get a 50% bonus when they purchase tokens used in Upland i.e UPX.

This is how you can earn UPX in Upland and a complete guide for how to buy property on Upland and how to earn on Upland.

Upland’s Future NFT Portal

Upland's Future NFT Portal
Upland’s Future NFT Portal

Conclusion to earn money in Upland

Now that you have the knowledge of how to buy property on Upland, you can purchase lands on Upland by following the steps mentioned in the blog. The choice to buy land is completely yours. If you are planning to buy one, we encourage you to gather information and make a wise decision. We hope that the information in the blog covered everything that you were looking for.

How to Earn UPX in Upland?

UPX can be bought with fiat money, specific cryptos, or gained through the sale of real estate. Treasure hunts and successfully finished collections can also earn you UPX, which we’ll go into later. According to the Upland roadmap for 2021, as the game develops, there will be many more ways to get UPX.
You will be able to receive UPX interest on each property every three hours. The normal amount is 17 percent of a property’s mint price per year, though active collections see higher earnings.
The amount of interest earned is determined by the size and location of the property. Your UPX earnings will continue to accumulate even if you don’t collect them immediately away, so there’s no need to collect interest every time the game allows it.

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