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Opensea Minting Fee | How Much Does it Cost to Mint an NFT on Opensea

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What Does Minting NFT Mean?

What does minting an NFT mean? Buying a product before it sells out. Our buy any product with early access from platform A and then sell the same product on platform B at a higher price is called NFT Minting. You can replace the word “Product” with NFT. Some platforms are charging a commission to sell products on their platform; this commission is called a Gas fee in the NFT world.

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How To Mint NFT On Opensea For Free – No Minting Cost

This section will cover how to mint an NFT on the Opensea for free with zero gas fees. So before we begin, we want to make sure that our account is linked with our Metamask wallets. If you have linked your Metamask wallet, then let’s go ahead and get started with creating new collections.

how much does it cost to mint an nft on opensea
  • Click on create and then my collection. And the reason we’re putting it into a collection is that generally, NFT’s and collections often do better than entities that are not in collections. So it’s just good practice to do this if you have a variation of an NFT like different styles, or colors or whatever have you. But generally, you want to put it into the collection.
opensea minting fee
  • Give any name to your collection. we can customize the URL of our collections. So we could say, I don’t know Sun moons check if that’s available. And it is. So we’re going to take that.
  • And of course, we can add a description of our Sun moons collection.
  • And we can also add a category. So we could just say either art or collectibles.
  • Let’s just go with collectibles. And we can add our websites and social media to be attached to this collection.
  • Now down at the royalties section here we can specify if we want to get a percentage cut of every transaction of this NFT. And this can be I’m pretty sure this is maxed out at 10%. Yeah, so it can’t be more than 10%. So you can have a maximum of 10% royalty fee for every time someone resells your NFT now your payout wallet address this is going to be the wallets that is attached to either your open sea account here or whatever wallet you want to use.
  • But let’s just use our wallet from our meta mask here and go ahead and paste that in. So again, whatever while you’re using just paste in your own wallet code here and this will be the payout address that crypto goes to now for the blockchain.
opensea minting cost
  • In order to have a gas-free transaction, we have to use the polygon network and you’ll notice it says a fast gas-free blockchain experience that works with Aetherium. So in order to have zero gas fees, we have to use the polygon blockchain otherwise we are subject to the Ethereum gas fees, which we do not want in this case.
  • Alright, now that we have done this, let’s go ahead and click on Create. And now we have our Sun moons collection here. Now we can actually go ahead and add an NFT to this collection. And just for this example, I’m using the Sun-Moon image that I created. And we’re just going to call this basic Sun Moon. Of course, once again, we can have an external link. We can also add a description of this NFT. Specifically, we can add properties.
  • We can add levels, stats, unlockable contents, and we can specify if it is explicit out here is where we can actually create a number of copies that can be minted. And of course, because we’re on the polygon blockchain, there is no guest fee. So we can have let’s say 100 of these.
  • So there are only 100 of these basic Sun moons out on the blockchain of course again, we’re using the Polygon blockchain here and if we go ahead and click on Create so now the basic Sun Moon is on the polygon blockchain if we want to go ahead and sell this, we can click on the sell button here.

Remember, we’ve created 100 of these, and let’s sell them for, let’s say, 32 cents; now open see is still going to take a 2.5% fee, but there are zero gas fees that you normally would get with Aetherium.

So that’s the upside of using the Polygon Network that you don’t get those expensive gas fees. So let’s go ahead and click on the complete listing, and to complete your listing, it’s going to ask you to unlock a currency, so all we have to do is open up our meta mask notification here click sign now we have to sign a message with our wallets.

So let’s click on sign again. And now we have listed our basic Sun Moon. So if we go to our sun moons collection here, we can see that we have our Sun Moon, and of course, we are selling it for 32 cents. So that is basically how you can mint an NFT on Opensea with zero gas fees.

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Minting fee of NFT marketplace for selling an NFT

  • Opensea NFTs marketplace allows creators to list digital assets for free, as compensation they charge 2.5% as Minting fees.
  • OpenSea takes 2.5% of every final sale price.
  • Rarible charges 2.5% of the as a minting fee.
  • Nifty Gateway takes 5% and 30 cents of every secondary sale.
  • SuperRare charges 3% of all fees paid by buyers of an NFT.
  • – 1+ NFT minting: 15% of final sale prices

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How Much Does it Cost to Mint an NFT on Opensea

As the world of non-fungible tokens (NFTs) evolves, more artists and innovators are flocking to the sector in the hopes of reaching a larger audience. NFTs, give talented people the opportunity to give their work the exposure it deserves while also establishing ownership, provenance, and royalties.

On the other hand, getting artwork or a collectible on the blockchain necessitates the creation of a token. While this process is becoming more straightforward, hidden expenses may catch some people off guard.

1+ NFT lazy mintingFree / 5% of final value fee
1+ on-chain mint$55-$200 + 5% final value fee

A senior strategist at Kapwing, Robert Martin, said he attempted buying and selling NFTs but realized it wasn’t as simple as it seemed after losing more than $200 in NFT minting costs. He purchased a $30 Ethereum NFT on Rarible but lost $200 after a customer offered three times the token’s original price in less than 24 hours. He also discussed the conversion cost he was paid by Rainbow wallet while converting (WETH) to USD (ETH). The cost to mint NFT is not the same on every platform and NFTs. It depends upon the process follows, buying and selling price, etc.

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Cost of minting NFT in 2022

As you can see, calculating NFT minting cost is a little bit complicated. When it comes to minting costs, marketplaces are quite open about them and will clarify them during the procedure. Some platforms offer a free minting service but take a percentage of the final sale price as a fee. Others charge the consumer a fee up the advance, which normally ranges from $50 to $150, though this figure varies.

On the other hand, Mint prices are a factor that many people overlook. These are the costs associated with transacting on the Ethereum blockchain.

A Mint fee is a charge for the energy used in processing any NFTs transaction. Because of the amount of energy necessary to transfer and validate transactions on the blockchain, the gas fee is one of the key issues that NTFS faces. Gas prices are frequently exorbitant, to the point where the gas fee of a transaction may be greater than the actual price of the NFT. The price of a gas transaction varies according to the time of day and network traffic at the time of transaction.

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A significant amount of CPU power is required whenever something is written or changed to the Ethereum blockchain’s digital ledger. Gas fees are a means for the network to reward the “miners” that help with the cryptographic legwork. The user is usually responsible for this.

A gas price is usually involved during minting because a smart contract is written to the blockchain. Minting at quieter periods of the day and week when the network is quieter can lower rates. Early Sunday mornings are typically the quietest, as miners’ computational power isn’t as demanded.

The average gas price on the Ethereum blockchain is around 8 Gwei. You can wait for the price to drop until around 12 Gwei. “Why is minting NFTs so expensive relative to other sorts of transactions?” a Reddit user asked. Is the cost of minting different depending on the NFT’s unique characteristics? “I just generated an XYO World Geotoken (ERC-721) at 43 Gwei for roughly $50 in gas” (r/ethereum, 2021).

Gas costs can also be reduced by employing blockchains like Binance, which are designed to reduce costs and increase the speed at the expense of centralization.

The marketplace charges a fee for listing an NFT item on their site. Opensea, the largest NFTs marketplace, allows producers to sell their things for free in exchange for a 2.5 percent commission on each item sold. Rarible, like Opensea, charges a service fee of 2.5 percent of the item sold, Nifty Gateway takes 5%, and 30 cents of every secondary sale, and SuperRare takes 3% of all fees paid by NFT purchasers.

Why Ethereum Minting fees are so expensive?

As previously stated, the bigger the demand and popularity, the higher the gas fee. Ethereum is one of the most widely used blockchain networks for NFT minting and cryptocurrency transactions. The graph below depicts how Ethereum gas fees have changed over the last three years.

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