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Hire a Developer To Make An App For You

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Hire Someone to Make An Aapp For You in 2022

Here we will help you with

  1. Proactive advice to hire someone to make an app for you
  2. Cost to develop an app for you
  3. Best programming language to get the app developed in 2022
  4. Is A App Development Company Or A Freelancer Right For Your App?
  5. Top companies and developers to hire for your app development

Want to hire someone to make an app for you? How will you find the right programmer to make an app for your business? This is the question that every startup or entrepreneur is confronted with. In 2022, The digital economy will be dominated by mobile apps, thus tapping into this sector is critical. NFT, crypto, digital trading, buying, and selling all are having over mobile apps.

Everyone has a smartphone these days, Having a mobile app for your business is like you can carry your business in your pockets. Your customer can carry shop in their pockets too. Having a mobile phone for your business is allowing your customer to buy, shop or let them do anything that you want with your business. In this situation, hiring someone to make an app for you is the greatest way to grow your business.

Let us help you on how to hire someone to build an app for you and the one that can meet the needs of your growing business, and also one that fits in your pocket.

1. Proactive advice to hire someone to make an app for you

Do you want to hire someone to create an app for you? First, read this. What do you hope to achieve with your app? Your response to this question will have a significant impact on who you can recruit to develop your app.

You have a revenue-generating app concept. And you’ve made the decision to get it developed. Before hiring someone, MakeAnAppLike advises all the entrepreneurs or startups to find the answer of the below-listed question before you hire someone to make an app for you.

  1. Cost to make an app.
  2. Is it better to have MVP or it is fine to fo for a fully working app?
  3. Top technology stack for your application.
  4. On which platforms do you want it to test first —Android, iOS, or Windows?
  5. Freelancer or Company? Who is most fit for your app idea?

Here we will answer all the queries mentioned above. Unfortunately, there isn’t a straightforward answer to the question but we will reply as much precisely we can.

  1. The cost to make an app depends upon the type of app you are looking for. The complexity of functionality. Choosen technology stack. Its freelancer or company. There are many aspect that are responsible to increase or desccrese app development cost. “Cost to setup an app” click on the link to read in detail how app cost veries and how to reduce it.
  2. MVP vs Function app for your idea? If your app development project is too big and costing of it $50000+ than going with MVP is always a great idea.
  3. Here is the list of top mobile app development frameworks that will rule in 2022.
  4. Its easy to answer. Android – Anytime and for any project. The two reason behind this. Android app development is more affordable and you can test your UI and UX too.
  5. The answer for the fifth question is similar as third one. If you are planning big project than its good to goo with the company. Otherwise hiring a freelancer or small company will be good option. Here we have listed the world’s best mobile app development companies.

2. Approx Costing & Factors That Influence App Cost

A hybrid programmed app operates on both Android/Google and Apple/iOS it cost less than a specific apps for android, ios. You’ll have to pay even more if you want a Windows-compatible app on top of that.

If you hire someone to make a restaurant app for you. The cost ranges would be $25000 to $55,000, depending on the number of features you want. Table bookings, location-based services, social media integration, and loyalty benefits are just a few of the essential elements.

A real estate mobile app might cost anything from $30,000 to $65,000 to develop. User onboarding, auction/listing services, filters/advanced searching, mortgage calculators, maps, and push alerts are just a few of the tools that can help you grow your business.

The cost of developing an educational app for kids with basic functionality and a reasonable design ranges from $30000 to $65000. (if the development happens in India). However, if you hire a programmer to make an app in the United States, the budget may reach $140,000. The range is determined by the company’s skill and experience with projects similar to yours.

3. Best Programming Language For to Develop An App

  • HTML5, for web apps (or web-fronted mobile apps);
  • Java, for Android apps;
  • C++, for Android and Windows Mobile apps (especially heavy-duty ones);
  • C#, for Windows Mobile apps;
  • Objective-C, for iOS apps; or
  • Swift, for iOS apps.

Custom animations, elements, and other visual components necessitate the use of additional programming languages, which might raise the cost. You may need to hire someone to create an app who is familiar with, depending on what you’re searching for.

most popular programming language for app development in 2022
  1. JavaScript
  2. Kotlin
  3. C++
  4. C#
  5. Python
  6. PHP
  7. Swift
  8. Objective-C
  9. JAVA
  10. HTML 5
  11. Ruby
  12. Rust
  13. Lua
  14. Action Script
  15. SQL

In this section, we’ll go through which programming language is best for getting started with your own mobile app. and how to choose the best one for your project. The one will you hire to make an app for you, make sure they have expertise to work on chosen technology. Java is the official language of Android, there are a variety of other languages that can be used to develop Android apps. Above we have put up a list of the top 15 mobile app programming languages that are the best make an app for you.

Hiring a Freelancer Vs. Agency App Development

If you don’t have the resources in-house to create an app, you’ll have to hire someone to build an app for you. Large app development organizations and freelancers are your two primary possibilities.

App development agencies, on average, charge higher hourly prices for their services. It’s possible that they won’t even accept requests for lesser apps. However, if you are willing to pay $100,000 or more, an agency can provide you with numerous advantages.

You will be part of a larger group. Designers, user experience specialists, front-end and back-end developers, and a dedicated development team will be on hand to help you with all you need to finish your project. These experts have worked on a wide range of apps, which can significantly impact the final product’s quality.


Developing a mobile application is a time-consuming and frequently costly process. However, it may be the key to your company’s success (or a new business in itself). Yes, you could be looking at a six-figure payout. However, if you’ve ever seen a shoddy app, you’re well aware of the implications of cutting corners. If your app is only for affiliate or adsense purposes, hiring a freelancer to develop it is an excellent idea.

List of Top App Developers To Make An App For You

Mtoag Technologies  Designing technology for today’s mobile generation
Promatics  Top Rated Mobile App Development Company
Apadmi  Restlessly Mobile
Cleveroad  Proven Mobile App Development Partner! 
CodeStore Technologies  Design | Innovate | Create
TopDevs  Mobile apps and Web development team
The NineHertz  Smart & Robust Mobile App Development
Tech Exactly  We translate your ideas into futuristic apps and immersive mobile experiences.
360 Degree Technosoft  Mobile App Development Company You Can Rely On
NIX United  Software Engineering Company
Simform  Your Extended Team of Tech Experts
Emizen Tech  Mobile app Development Company
Fresh Lime Soft  Fresh Lime Soft (FLS) is an outsourcing software development company that covers end-to-end implementation.
Rantmedia  Think. Make. Innovate.
Mutual Mobile  End-to-end development, strategy and design
Intuz  Consulting Beyond Technology
Uinno  Trusted Extended Team that Solves Technology-Related Challenges. 
ScienceSoft  Professional Mobile Application Development
Sonin  A Decade of Award-Winning Apps
Light IT  Reliable technical partner for more than 500 companies since 2006
App Maisters  Trusted Digital Transformation Partner for Startups, Growing and Enterprise Companies
Konstant Infosolutions  Top Mobile App Development Company
OpenXcell  Build your own offshore software development team
Intellectsoft  Engineering Your Vision
Arka Softwares  Creating Next Big Thing for You
Netsells  Building Something Better
Quy Technology  Mobile Apps for Startups and Enterprises
Michigan Software Labs  We make apps
Orangesoft  We build mobile & web apps that people love
eleks  Your Technology Partner for Software Innovation and Market-leading Solutions
Fortnight Studio  Award-Winning App Design & Development Studio
hedgehog lab  We help global brands solve their problems with digital products on mobile, web and connected platforms.
The Distance  Leading UK Mobile App Development Company
SEM Nexus  Startup App Experts
JetRuby  We listen to Clients and then Build Great Apps
RV Technologies  Your Trusted Mobile App Development Partner

Here is the list of top worldwide app developers to choose from

#App Developer # App Developer # App Developer # App Developer
1Messapps2Dot Com Infoway3Krify Software4RisingMax
5IT Craft6Orases7Skelia8InApps Technology
9Suffescom10Valuecoders11Exyte12Softuvo Solutions
13ScienceSoft14Carmatec Inc15OpenSource Technologies16Digit Bazar
17WillowTree, Inc18ChopDawg.com19Blue Whale Apps20MSApps
21Fueled22Robosoft Technologies23ENO824KBA Systems
25Rightpoint26AndPlus27Railwaymen28IT Solution24x7
29Atomic Object30MLSDev31Vipra Business32SegWitz Tech
33VironIT34Credencys35Sunflower Lab36Lemeor
37Konstant Infosolutions38SAG IPL39Umbrella IT40InnovationM UK
41Itexus42Droids On Roids43DxMinds Technologies44Fluper
45Zco46Evon Technologies47MyAppGurus48ArcTouch
49Cleveroad50Concetto Labs51FOONKIE MONKEY52hedgehog lab
53Intellectsoft54iMOBDEV Technologies55IPHS Technologies56Dom & Tom
57Exadel58Rootstrap59Nimble AppGenie60Appinventiv
61FATbit Technologies62Simpalm63Enozom64Hakuna Matata
65Scand66RipenApps67Alphonic Network68Softeq
69Algoworks70Indus Net Technologies71CTinformatics72MOBIKASA
73Blue Label Labs74Fusion Informatics75Queppelin76ARKA Softwares
77Uptech78Quytech79Cubix80App Maisters Inc.

You can use this list to identify the developer to make an app for you in the globe for your particular business.

Step By Step Process Of Finding App Developer

If you don’t know where to begin, hiring an app developer can be difficult. Just because a résumé appears excellent on paper doesn’t indicate the person is qualified developer to make an app.

Ask A Friend Or Colleague For References

Research The Hiring Platform 

Quickly research through online platforms that allow you to hire app developers:

– Freelance platform Upwork

– Design communities Dribbble and Behance

– B2B platforms like Clutch and Goodfirms

Step By Step Process Of App Developer Verification

android material design for developers
  • Examine The Apps Developer’s Portfolio
  • Check Testimonials
  • Find Their Development Approach 
  • Discover Technologies What They Use
  • Look Into The Culture Of The Company 
  • Talk With The Team
  • Keep Communications Open 


Mobile apps are now a critical component of any business’s backbone. The good news is that you won’t have to reinvent the wheel if you hire someone to make an app. All you have to do is contact the developer from the provided list, tell them what you need, and wait for them to deliver.

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