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Designing and developing a mobile application or web app with .net technology necessitates a high level of expertise. It’s also hard to convince decision-makers to engage a full-time developer. That’s why we have created a list of Top 20 .net development companies in the USA for your consideration. To find the perfect match to your requirements, go through the companies descriptions, rankings, and significant projects and then make a wise decision. So let’s get started!

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What is a .net Technology?

Before moving to the list, let us first understand the .net technology. A .net technology is a Microsoft Developed software framework that runs exclusively on Microsoft Windows. It has been the most common implementation of the common language infrastructure until the cross-platform took over. 

Here is the list of top dot net software development companies in USA.

1. Belitsoft – Dot net software development company

Since its foundation in 2004, Belitsoft is a reliable partner for the clients in the US, the UK, European Union, Israel, Canada and other countries. The major software development specializations are eLearning, Healthcare, FinTech, and many more.In 2015, Belitsoft .NET programming company got an official Microsoft Gold Application Development company status. This status reflected not only the highly qualified staff and software quality of Belitsoft, but also proved the significant experience as a Net app development company.Their 50+ Microsoft Net development team (talented project managers, business analysts, dotNet developers, QA and support engineers, system administrators) are ready to share their expertise. They have big experience of .NET development including ASP development: web applications, web portals, custom SharePoint-based solutions for EDMS and eLearning, applications for Office 365, etc. Each .NET / ASP based custom solution receives support during a warranty period: 6+ month warranty with SLA (Service Level Agreement) and on-demand prioritized support.

2. HirefullstackdeveloperIndia: Experienced .Net Development Company

Leveraging 8+ years of excellence in designing and developing top-notch solutions, HirefullstackdeveloperIndia has established itself as a trusted and experienced .Net app development company globally. They offer flexible engagement models and are recognized for their business acumen, values, and commitment to quality. Their development team comprises a wide range of technology specialists under one roof. They perfectly know how to dominate software development with the power of Microsoft .NET tools by capitalizing on the key features of this ever-growing platform. Their technical proficiency in .NET Application Development covers modern technologies like .Net Core, MVC, HTML5, Bootstrap with strong backend databases such as MS SQL, NO SQL, or Azure / AWS Cloud-based Infrastructure.

3. Innowise Group — .NET Development Company

Innowise Group serves businesses of any size from various industries delivering top-notch software development services. With over 1000 professionals on board, they leverage comprehensive technical expertise in .NET to create cutting-edge digital solutions. The company keeps a full-fledged .NET department consisting of senior and middle-level software engineers. Innowise Group provides its services based on several outsourcing models, including turnkey product development, dedicated development team, staff augmentation, and IT consulting.

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4. WebClues Infotech – Hire Dedicated .Net Developers in no time

WebClues Infotech is a well-established web & mobile app development company based in India & USA with two additional offices in Chennai & Rajkot in India. With a team of qualified and experienced .Net developers, it ensures the best solutions to the clients at the most affordable rate. To date, they have successfully delivered 850+ web and mobile app solutions to almost 650+ clients globally. WebClues development team consists of some of the industry’s best .Net developers who are dedicated, experienced, skilled, and certified professionals. Along with their programming skills they also bring in their knowledge of various business domains and good consulting skills to help businesses take advantage of the best .Net development services and solutions.

5. TatvaSoft – One of the Best Dotnet Companies

TatvaSoft is among the famous .net development companies in California which is CMMI Level 3 certified. Besides .net, the company specializes in SharePoint, BizTalk, PHP, Mobile apps, Big data, Business Intelligence and Java and other technologies. Tatvasoft has become the .net development company that helps small startups to big MNCs to reach their business goals with 17 years of experience in software outsourcing services. TatvaSoft has its offices in the United States, United Kingdom, Canada, and Australia as well as a development center in India, providing highly efficient, cost-effective, and high-quality solutions to clients all over the world.

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6. Ayoka Systems – Dot Net Development Service Provider

Ayoka Systems is a custom .net development company in the USA that specializes in database design, web development, .net framework software development, security, and assessment development. Ayoka is a Texas-based company that specializes in designing, developing, and delivering enterprise systems and mobile apps for the industrial and healthcare industries. The company has clients across the country ranging from fortune 500 companies to medium-sized companies with experience of 10 years.

7. Oxagile – Dot Net Application Development Company

Oxagile is a Microsoft gold certified company that has been providing experienced technical engineers to SMEs and high-profile companies across all key platforms and tech areas since 2005. They are aiming to develop stable platforms for video streaming, webRTC, big data, business intelligence and AI-powered machines. Oxagile is a .net development company that provides end-to-end custom software development services with their prime focus on online video management, real-time communication, adtech, Ecommerce, Elearning, big data, and business intelligence.

8. Miracle Group – Dot Net Web Development Company in UK

The Miracle Group is a dot net development company in California that promotes Agile Techniques and continuous delivery. The company offers professional application development and custom software development services. They are well known for their quick and effective services being offered by plus building long-term fruitful partnerships with their clients and partners. They are a team of skilled experts. In addition, they provide a dedicated team of developers that can work with you to discuss your business objectives. Their main mission is to assure businesses gain profit from their services in terms of profit and productivity.

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9. Peerbits – Microsoft Net Development Services

Peerbits is a forward-thinking, tech-savvy, online, mobile, and .net development company with clients from all over the world. Their prime services aim to provide government, corporate, and SMEs with high-quality end-to-end business solutions. Their experience lies in creating customized and custom solutions with cutting-edge technology and resources. The company has received more than 250 customers and reached out to more than 35 countries with a team of 65+ dedicated designers and engineers. They offer a wide range of custom mobile app development services, ranging from business mobility solutions to startup applications, on-demand mobile apps, and healthcare mobility solutions all with a goal of providing creative mobility solutions.

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10. Konstant InfoSolutions – Asp Net Enterprise Application Development

Konstant InfoSolutions is a top-notch web and mobile app development company. The company is among the top 10 .net Development Companies in the USA. With more than 2500 satisfied clients globally and 3500 successful apps launched. Konstant InfoSolutions has spent the last 16 years focusing on long-term relationships with clients. Furthermore, they have worked with companies across 30 sectors large and small, to create fast and dynamic apps that are both high performing and cost-effective. They have worked with well-known sectors and businesses across the world, such as Amazon Web Services.

11. iTechArt Group – Asp Net Mobile Web Development Company

iTechArt Group is a .net development company in New York with branches in Mariette, Georgia, and Iselin and New Jersey. The company has been supporting small startups and fast-growing IT companies by developing powerful online and mobile solutions. The company has a team of 1600+ skilled engineers with expertise in the most cutting-edge technologies. Furthermore, their strength is dynamic devoted teams of great minds who are experts in online, mobile, big data, and .net frameworks.

12. HeyPayless – One of the Best Dotnet Companies

HeyPayless is a tech-driven .net development company in California that focuses on next-generation products, technologies, and software that are always striving for a better result. They are a passionate and innovative creative technology agency that creates impressive digital platforms, products, and integrated experiences. Clients all across the globe benefit from their high-quality software solutions. Furthermore, clients can obtain a high-quality custom software development service with customized software solutions such as IoT apps, CRP/ ERP software.

13. Existek – Dot Net Development Services

Existek is among the leading dot net development companies in California that focus on innovation. The company provides a dedicated development team plus specialized software development services for a wide range of sectors like Business Intelligence, Healthcare, Oil & Gas, and Education. In addition, they have a track record of providing IT and remote development services to small startups. Their team of skilled software engineers with years of experience provides best-in-class software products as well as safe, secured desktop and cloud solutions for companies as well as online and mobile apps created on the .net framework.

14. Belitsoft – Dot Net Application Development Company

Belitsoft can help you with your .net development needs. Their dot net development experts have been providing services across the globe since 2006 (USA, UK, Canada, European Countries, Israel, and others). They have successfully completed projects of varying complexities and for a variety of sectors as one of the best .net development companies in the USA and moreover, their .net developers are always up to date on Microsoft’s latest product developments in order to provide their customers with excellent business solutions. Belitsoft can thus create .net applications, internet, and intranet-oriented websites, and also powerful and multi-purpose web apps.

15. Moon TechnoLabs – Dot Net Web Development Company

Moon TechnoLabs, with the expertise of 10 years, has completed over 3000 successful projects. The company specializes in delivering cutting-edge custom software web and mobile application development solutions in the .net framework. They are considered to be the best choice for many small startups, medium, and big MNCs since they won GESIA 8th Annual Awards for the top mobile app development company. They are a team of skilled people with the same ambition. They are well versed in Cross-Platform App,, Ionic, React Native, Native Mobile app, and cognitive technologies.

16. Door3 – Microsoft Net Development Services

Door3 is among the best .net development companies in the USA it was founded in 2002 and has expanded its staff to over 60 skilled professionals that mostly serve corporates and mid-market companies. On the .net framework, they offer software, online and mobile app development plus UX/ UI design, and corporate app modernization. Furthermore, clients benefit from the award-winning design approaches, which include hyper-competent software development, insight-driven approach, and award-winning design. In addition, the USP is its unbeatable ability to provide solutions safely and reliably on time and budget.

17. Arctouch – Asp Dot Net Development Company

Arctouch, has its headquarters in San Francisco, California, with offices in New York, Florianopolis, Brazil. They specialize at app development on the .net framework, blockchain, and UI/UX designs. They help their corporate clients with the app development process by creating a user experience strategy, designing the visual design, creating and testing the concepts. As a service company, they may take care of your complete project from beginning to end. They have a team of skilled experts who can assist you by creating lovable apps, websites, and digital products.

18. Icreon – Asp Net Enterprise Application Development

Icreon being amongst the leading .net development companies in the USA specializes in custom software and web development using the .net framework. The company has its headquarters in New York which is a perfect fit for mid-market and business companies looking for IT and development expertise. The company was founded in 2000, and works with non-profits organizations, mid-market companies, and fortune 500 companies in a variety of sectors.

19. Finoit – Dotnet Development Outsourcing Partner

Finoit is a dot net development company and a software engineering company that creates affordable, accessible, and secure software, web apps, and mobile app products. They help their customers in building MVPs for innovative ideas and the development of those MVPS into full-fledged software solutions. They have produced attractive digital experiences and scalable solutions while solving business challenges for over 250 customers worldwide with their technical consulting and implementation services via the web, mobile, and IoT development platforms.

20. Fingent – Asp Net Mobile Web Development

Fingent is among the leading dot net development companies in California, which has its branches in Dubai, Australia, and India. With a team of 250 skilled professionals, they primarily focus on web development and specialized software development. With 16 years of experience, they are all working for a common goal. They have completed over 700 successful projects for customers across 4 continents. They offer the following services- web app development, mobile app development, product development.

21. XB Software – Asp Net Application Development

XB software is among the leading dot net development companies in the USA that specializes in web development, plus online and mobile application development with React.js, Marionette.js, Webix, Node.js, PHP/Laravel and .NET. They are skilled experts in business analysis and software quality assurance. They use cross-platform frameworks and technologies such as- PhoneGap, webix and Javascript UI toolkit to create consumer and business-oriented apps for a variety of sectors. In addition, they have ISO 27001 and ISO9001 certifications. 

22. Iflexion – Dotnet Development Outsourcing

Iflexion is a well established .net development company in the USA with over 20 years of experience in providing full cycle online and custom mobile development services. The headquarters of the company are in Denver, Colorado. Iflexion has been using .net software solutions to help companies in a variety of sectors to improve their business processes. The company supports its clients across the globe with a well-coordinated team of 850+ IT specialists. They are working hard to get along with popular technologies like Blockchain, Artificial Intelligence, AR, VR. 

23. Netsolutions – Dot Net Development Company in USA

Netsolutions is led by creative thinking, developing solutions using world-class engineering practices across a range of platforms, and using insightful analytics to help drive growth. Netsolutions is a dot net developing company in California that has won multiple awards from technology partners such as Kentico, and Adobe plus industry bodies like WMA and Brandon Hall and furthermore, a leading partner for solution enablers such as Adobe, AWS, Microsoft, Acquia, and Google.

24. Octal Software – Dot Net Development Companies

Octal IT Solution is a worldwide IT service provider and .net development company with branches in the United Kingdom, United States, Singapore, and India. The company has a record of delivering solutions in the areas of web and mobile app development based on .net technologies. The company primarily focuses on providing high-quality services to its clients. Octal has earned important connections from technology leaders such as Microsoft, NASSCOM, Amazon Web Services, Acquia, STPI, DUN and Bradstreet during the course of a 10-year career.


We hope that the above list of Top Development Companies in the USA will help you in your wise decision-making. We have created the list with deep research and analysis. Moreover, we have considered all aspects while ranking the companies. Go through the list and choose the company that is best suited for your business.

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