Top 7 Digital Marketing Challenges SMBs Face In 2023

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Digital marketing is an inseparable part of a successful business presence on the market. The new year is coming, and it means that it is high time to revise the old market trends and consider the upcoming digital marketing innovations that are expected in 2023. In this article, we outlined the marketing trends that every business needs to consider in its digital marketing strategy. Also, we covered the top challenges SMBs may face in their marketing journey.

Digital marketing trends for businesses in 2023

Most of the expected trends in 2023 are not innovative but upgraded from the previous years. So keep reading to get to know them closer.

Creating video content

Video content is expected to predominate in digital marketing, as short videos are supposed to catch the eye of customers much more effectively than text publications and nice images. The more complicated the video looks to your followers on social media, the more probability of them to start following your brand and getting to know what your company deals with. The reason for that is simple—Internet users see that the video is made up of different short videos that look great together. It means this company invests much in digital marketing and cares about its customers, just like writing services review  Rated by Students invest in writing quality content in the top lists.

Influencer marketing 

We all see lots of advertising on the pages of social media influencers, and their impact on digital marketing is much more than you can even imagine. Several years ago, if influencers could promote only online businesses with products that can be easily purchased online, then nowadays, businesses of different directions and specifics should think of cooperating with influencers with relevant audiences. Your potential customers will trust the people they follow on social media much more than paid advertising on Facebook or Instagram.

Email marketing is to consider

Email marketing will always be one of the most efficient marketing methods for businesses of any size and industry. This is one of the easiest ways to reach your regular and potential customers when you launch a new product or service in your company, start a loyalty program, prepare special offers for your regular customers, and so on. So if someone who is your potential client doesn’t have a social media account, then he or she will probably have an email you can reach them with.

Top digital marketing challenges for SMBs

Lead generation becomes more complicated

As the users’ expectations regarding digital content are evolving, digital marketers, similar to writers from the writing services review Top Writing Reviews need to think of more effective ways of engaging their target audience in advertising in order to convert sales-qualified leads. As the expenses for paid advertising are expected to grow rapidly in 2023, digital marketers need to become proficient with various approaches in organic promotion like creating video materials for advertising, recording podcasts, webinars, and other methods to supply the target audience with valuable and insightful content. It will promote the brand, and also be useful for potential clients.

Know exactly who your customer is

Digital marketing activities require a lot of investment, which is why marketers need to precisely choose the marketing strategies and methods they apply to the company they work with. It’s not a secret to any professional, somehow related to digital marketing, that the key to a successful marketing strategy is being aware of your end user or target audience. 

It’s not some general overview of your ideal customer profile. You need to outline your potential client’s journey when meeting your brand online, what needs and pains this client has, what this client is looking for, etc. Also, you have to care about users or potential customers that retain your social media and website for a long time in order to reveal what kind of content they prefer more and what is lacking in your content to make it even more valuable and qualitative for them. 

Content quality and engagement 

Providing your target audience with high-quality and engaging content will always remain one of the core challenges in digital marketing. It becomes harder and harder to attract attention from new users, due to the high competition in various business industries, plenty of different types of content they look through every day, and therefore, rising expectations of readers regarding the content. Writing short and long text posts on your social media or writing simple long articles on your business website will not be enough to cover the needs and preferences of new users due to the content and digital activities. You need to make a massive effort to create really creative and unique content like video marketing materials, podcasts, webinars, online conferences, virtual guides, and many other types of content.

Become mobile optimized

Nowadays, the online presence for a business in any sphere and industry is a must, meaning you cannot grow and develop without having an active online life of your brand. The first thing to consider for business is ensuring your website is accessible on different devices, particularly smartphones. 

Modern people tend to scroll down the required sources of information via their mobile phones, no matter what the point of this search is. Ensure every menu bar, link, and button work correctly in the mobile version to make it maximum convenient for your regular and new users. This is related not only to the text on your pages but also to visual content like images and videos as they need to be responsive, meaning be optimized according to the screen size of different devices.

Apply a multichannel marketing approach 

The trend of applying various channels your potential clients can reach you online becomes a real challenge in digital marketing as your marketing strategy needs to cover all possible online platforms where your target audience is active. This is much more than providing new content on your business website and social media accounts, as you need to explore the online resources where your potential customers are present in order to reach a broader audience.

 You need to make your brand accessible. Meaning you need to show what platforms your brand is active on, for example, you can put the links to all your social media profiles on a business website or add the links to the platforms in your emails, etc. It’s not obvious to build a phase of your brand on all possible online resources but you need to define the key websites relevant to your target audience.

Build brand awareness 

No matter what marketing activities you apply for your business strategy, all of them will be useless until you build a strong brand face on the market, and this process includes not only creating the website and social media accounts. Your online presence needs to prove the reliability and credibility of your business in order to convert qualified leads relevant to your services or products. 

To name a few examples of how you can back up your brand is to put your company name into the top list on credible websites like Clutch, Good Firms, HubSpot, and so on. Also, you can use guest posting as one of the working marketing methods to build a strong face for your brand. You need to precisely outline what your company values and aims are, what achievements you have made, what changes you’re planning, how you’re growing, what you offer to the audience, and how you are different from others. 

Assessing the results is pivotal

Digital marketing has two main points, the first one is to build brand awareness in the market and the second one is to attract sales-qualified leads who will become new clients. However, If you see that your digital marketing strategy doesn’t bring the expected results then it is due to poor assessing the results, and no changes applied. Using a multichannel marketing approach, measuring what channels work correctly and need to be upgraded or deleted becomes harder. 

Thus, you need to analyze each channel separately for instant website blogs using Google Analytics, social media profiles commonly have their own analytic pages, and so on. Also, you need to collect all marketing and sales results in order to compare them with initially created plans and define whether the number of sales-qualified leads corresponds to the plans. 

To conclude

Despite the huge range of business industries, the methods used in digital marketing look quite similar. It is important to keep building the online presence of your business in order to keep up with competitors, a strong face of your brand to customers, and grow your business in general. It is crucial to consider and apply a digital marketing strategy that is relevant to the target audience and meets the demands of your regular and potential clients. The more specific and narrow your business, the more effort you need to make to build brand awareness and show your company’s value to your potential customers.

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