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Exact Difference Between Play To Own And Play To Earn | M2E vs P2E

In traditional gameplay, the player unknowingly or knowingly follows the free-to-play or the play-to-play model. However, players were only getting entertained in...

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play to earn vs move to earn

In traditional gameplay, the player unknowingly or knowingly follows the free-to-play or the play-to-play model. However, players were only getting entertained in these two and in other methods like that. They don’t earn anything because most traditional games are based on a centralized system. 

Move-to-Earn to move to earn
Move-to-Earn to move to earn

However, now the gaming industry has been changed with the help of creative innovation on the blockchain. Now while playing the games, the players can also earn some benefits. Blockchain or decentralized games have introduced new methods of gameplay. And such two methods are the play-to-own and play-to-earn methods, which this guide will look through.

This method follows an approach to solving the problems with traditional games. While both methods aim at the same goal of providing the players with benefits along with entertainment, both of these methods also have significant differences. 

This guide will look into the brief of both the play-to-earn and play-to-own models and analyze the models on play and earn vs play to own basis. So, let’s get started. 

P2E Game for Passive Income

Example of Plat to earn and move to earn

STEPN is the best example of Move to earn. And Axie Infinity and Decentraland is the best example of Play to ean.

Play To Earn Model Explained 

The play-to-earn model brings back the value to the players. The games offer the polymers an opportunity to earn rewards as they improve their performance in the game. The players can earn rewards like crypto tokens, virtual land, avatar accessories, and NFTs for completing the tasks or levels in the game. Also, unlike traditional games, play-to-earn games let the player transfer in-game assets outside of the game into the virtual world. 

The players can cash in the rewards earned using different platforms depending on what the game allows. 

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Play To Own Model Explained

The play-to-own method is a little different from the play-to-earn, which this guide will briefly discuss later. The concept is made famous by the Upland game. The game lets its players own the digital prosperity like their homes, and as the players can earn the rewards in the game, they can improve the condition of their digital assets. The digital items a player will accrue will carry a tangible value that the player liquids later in the secondary market. The play-to-own model allows players to thrive in the game and the digital economic system. 

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Difference Between Play To Own And Play To Earn Gameplay

Here are the significant differences in both of the gaming models. 

The Impact On The Gaming Community:

The play-to-earn or P2E games have some of the most robust and active communities in the gaming world. For example P2E games, the Axie community has 106,000 daily active users. While the play to own model is relatively new in contrast to the latter model, this community is still growing. The reason behind the growing community is that most of the play 2 earn games let the player come together to tackle the quest and mission in the game and also allow them to split the award among them.

The play-to-own model majorly focuses on the single-player mode, which means the model revolves around the single player growing in the game and improving its assets by winning and conquering the tasks in the game. 

Proportional Value Among The Player and The Operators:

The Play-to-Own method distributes a superior value proposition among players and the game operators. Players can choose these games over the traditional ones because of the game’s benefits like ownership security and the long-term use from the value creation. 

Through the play-to-own business mode, the operators have more chances to observe happier and more loyal customers. 

In contrast, the P2E method focuses more on the players’ earning benefits in the gameplay. The operator of the P2E games can have a long-term player, but the chances are less in comparing the play to own method. Also, there are several P2E games; The business model has more distributed player groups than the play-to-own model. 

Helping In The Adoption Of The Blockchain:

The gaming industry has grown thanks to the different games available in and for the industry rapidly. The report of Mordor intelligence suggested that the gaming industry will increase to $173.70 billion in 2021. Not only that, but the experts have also predicted that by 2027 the number will peak at $314.40 billion. The play 2 Earn games have subsequently helped the blockchain to grow in its nascent stage and promote the most comprehensive adoption of the blockchain in the gaming industry.  

However, the play-to-own model is still comparatively new. So, the game developers are still analyzing its potential, making it stay behind the P2D model in blockchain growth. 

Entertainment Factor: 

The play-to-earn games are widely weaved around the earning model, which has compromised the entertainment factor. The developers might concentrate more on delivering the game’s economic model than adapting the model that offers more engagement to the packers. 

However, the play-to-own model takes the points in this play to own vs play and earn royal rumble as the developers must create more engaging gameplay to bring the players around it. The players of Upland have more enjoyed their time in the game than the players of Sandbox.  

And due to the money factor, it becomes much more challenging for the players to unlock the assets in the game, making it an exciting feeling for the player. Most of the time, all of these unnecessary difficulties in the match mar the player’s enthusiasm for the gameplay and kill the game’s entire purpose. 

Assets Utilization:

The major difference in both of these models is asset utilization. As the P2E model is more focused on earning, the players can use the game assets to earn digital currencies to pay cash in the real world.

In contrast, the assets of the play-2-own model focus more on winning the currency and utilizing that money to improve the digital assets. 

These were the differences between both of the models. Now last but not least, let’s look at some of the famous examples of both of these models. 

3 Play-2-Earn Game Examples 

  • Axie Infinity
  • Sandbox
  • World Of WarCraft

3 Play-2-Own Game Examples 

  • Upland
  • Monkey League
  • Plutonians

Both the gaming models have their advantages and factors. So the players can choose according to their preferences. No model lays behind one another as the Play2Earn model provides more benefits to the players, while the Play-To-Own method provides the engagements. 

The guide has attempted to cover everything about these two models in brief including their differences for the readers. Further after analyzing everything the readers can choose their preference. 

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