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Top 20 Blockchain Game Development Companies in US & UK

List of 20 experienced blockchain game development companies in United States and Worldwide. Review this firms for blockchain game development services

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Metaverse and Play-to-Earn Crypto Games

Blockchain games have taken the world by storm with their unique features, engaging gameplay, and play-to-earn services. This new gaming revolution has birthed and enhanced the services of different organizations around the world. 

And with that note, here is the list of top 20 blockchain game development companies in the US & Uk that offer blockchain development services. 

  1. Juego Studios
  2. Sara Technologies
  3. Kevuru Games
  4. Tokyo Techie
  5. Blockchain App Factory
  6. Quilhash
  7. QSS Technology
  8. IdeaUsher
  9. DevelopCoins
  10. Unicsoft
  11. Boosty
  12. Technoloader
  13. PixelPlex
  14. Rising Max
  15. Gamix Labs
  16. NadCab
  17. Softik Technologies
  18. Quy Technology
  19. Games Dapp
  20. MonkHub

1. Juego Studios


Embrace the technology like no one else, this blockchain company has provided the industry with award-winning blockchain games and services. JUEGO STUDIOS, founded in 2013, has grown from a game design company to a full-fledged innovation venture dealing with AR/VR, IoT, AI, and other emerging technologies. Their team includes some of the industry’s top game developers, AR/VR specialists, artists, designers, animators, and technology experts. 

Their clientele includes a list of 80+ successful clients and has deployed more than 500+ projects in the industry. 

2. Sara Technologies – Blockchain Game Development Companies USA

Sara Technologies

The company offers a comprehensive platform for blockchain game developments. Founded in 2017, the company is situated in San Diego and Oakland. Throughout the years in the industry, they have mastered blockchain gaming. And provide their clients with exceptional services of game development. 

They help their clients with exceptional game development services. Focusing on true blockchain gaming, the company helps its clients with minting custom tokens and galvanizing their audience. Also, the company ensures their clients bring complete transparency in the within-game transaction by implementing their robust techniques. 

2. Kevuru Games – Blockchain game development service provider

Kevuru Games

For a long time, the Kevuru Games team has deployed successful NFTs and blockchain games to their clients. With more than 10 years of experience, this blockchain game development company provides a complete solution to developers and gamers in the form of a transparent blockchain-based gaming environment. 

Their portfolio includes clients like Epic Games, Foxnet Games, Electronic Arts, Say Games, Techona, iOne-Games, and other renowned tech companies. 

They have a full-fledged team on board to design complex games from the very scratch, as well as blockchain game developers ready to offer advice and the most reasonable solutions for the execution of the projects.

3. Tokyo Techie

Tokyo Techie

With the tagline of “Toward Better Future Together”, the company has been doing an exceptional job in the area. They work on understanding the problems in the gaming industries and then providing the core solutions to these issues. One of the best blockchain gaming companies in UK, Tokyo Techie provides a wide range of services including blockchain game developments, decentralized application development, smart contract development, wallet development, and cryptocurrency exchange.

Their services are compatible with various platforms, including Bitcoin and Ethereum. With these experiences, Tokyo Techie is a worthy organization. 

4. Blockchain App Factory

Blockchain App Factory

A secured blockchain company, the Blockchain app factory, offers blockchain game development with its comprehensive strategic approach. While on their way to building a strong foundation for the company they have partnered with already well-known tech companies like Citrix and Bitmart. Name a blockchain platform, the company has explored it all.The company worked with a dedicated team to deliver every of the client projects to their expectation and within all the time limits.  

5. Quilhash


Blockchain Technology is poised to fundamentally disrupt the gaming world, which is enjoyed by over 2.2 billion people worldwide, with companies like Quillhash making it possible for every client to achieve their blockchain goals. Quillhash Technologies is a blockchain development studio. They investigate and develop Blockchain products and services to improve existing services and concepts and to create new ways of interacting with technology and others. Using blockchain technologies, we are creating an ecosystem of consumer items and enterprise solutions. From Private as well as Public Blockchain technology platforms to Smart contract audits and token sale platforms, they stay at the forefront of the technology of each service they offer. Their clientele includes well-known names in the list like Elmachain, Zeptagram, and Playcentre. 

6. QSS Technology

QSS Technology

From the responsive application to offering complete blockchain solutions through the Dapps, QSS Technosoft is a worldwide provider of high-quality software development services focused on data analytics, blockchain technology, desktop and web solutions, e-commerce remedies, mobile applications, and digital marketing services. QSS provides businesses with industry-specific and specialty technology solutions.

8. IdeaUsher


The company is a leading app development company that has a flexible approach towards having proficient and dedicated custom web app development and mobile development services. 

The company has designers, developers, engineers, marketers, and pretty much everything else a business requires. They have a huge client base with a hundred successful clients on their list.

9. DevelopCoins


DevlopCoins are professional blockchain gaming designers who provide a complete platform for developers and gamers to hone their skills. The two most important aspects of their working system are transparency and accuracy. All of their Blockchain-based business projects have transparent codes that any developer can easily modify to meet the client’s future business needs. They always provide robust strategies and methodologies to maximize the short-term benefits that a gamer can achieve.

Also, they provide ongoing support and maintenance for all Blockchain Gaming projects developed by our professionals, ensuring that they remain responsive to gamer needs. They follow the goal to build a cutting-edge gaming platform where players and developers can enjoy complete ownership of their digital assets.

10. Unicsoft


Unicsoft creates unique games to fair economies built on publicly or privately blockchains. Game development, NFT investments, crypto wallets, and online payments are all examples of this. Their clients can work with a dozen of the most famous blockchain networks as Unicsoft has mastered the development skin and knows the environment of almost every company. 

Founded in 2005, the company, now the blockchain based game developers, was started by Aleksey Zavgorodniy and a team of professionals who wanted to explore the technology. They are globally available in countries like Australia, Singapore, USA, along with the other countries of the world. 

Unicsoft was awarded by the Afternoon as one of the 10 companies in the world. 

11. Boosty


The Boosty Labs squad has been involved in NFT blockchain gaming development for a long time. We are a world-class financial technology and cloud engineering team with a proven track record in consulting, strategy, design, and engineering at scale.

They are one of the most successful companies in the world to offer blockchain game development along with other exceptional services. Along with the blockchain they provide various services in the field of UI/UX and app development. 

12. Technoloader


Technoloader is the next-gen company that follows blockchain game developments with the help of the ERC721 protocol. The offers a more impervious gaming portal to any hacking attempt. 

Along with being blockchain game developers, Technoloader offers web and mobile application development services. The company’s client records include the names of global firms like Coin IBT and Rightpoint, a genpact company. This reputable company offers its clients, an expert team, on-time delivery, cost-effective services, and 24×7 hour support. 

They claim to deliver safe platforms for gamers, making them within game transactions, and to help gaming websites and gamers both to achieve effective consensus.

13. PixelPlex


The pioneers in blockchain development, the company has been active in the technology industry since 2013. With their trusted blockchain gaming platforms, they built games that are hack-resistant. 

The company offers various services along with blockchain AR, VR, Metaverse, AI, and IoT services.

They build blockchains games that let the players enjoy the game while winning tokens and NFTs along with the other rewards in the cryptocurrency. Throughout the development process, they focus on monetization and creating a marketing value for their gamers and the owners. The games follow the features of the blockchain-transparency and security and have an environment where the player can discover the new world of NFTs.

14. Rising Max

Rising Max

One of the best blockchain game development companies in  USA, as their tag line suggests, Rising Max offers a realistic game experience for the users. 

They build the games that allow the users to build the technology to allow the game players to have unique avatars, vengeance, and other essential non-essential accessories. 

As the top NFT game development company, they provide a wide range of game development with a 100% bug-free and anomalies-free environment. They develop various NFT games like board games, arcade games, education games, card games, and more. 

15. Gamix Labs

Gamix Labs

Gamix Labs delivers the best game development services that can help any business to achieve its desired goal. By offering the post-release services, Gamix Lab’s vision is to form good relationships with their clients. 

The company attributes the full-cycle and the best game development. They also utilize the NFTs as the gaming rewards and gaming assets ( through tokenizing the NFTs). When it comes to the range of game development, Gamix labs are second to none. They can build games like fantasy games, board games, racing games, sports games, battle games, and even so much more. 

16. NadCab


For the variety of services, the NadCab development services are the choice. They provide exceptional services like smart contracts to increase transparency in the gameplay, especially in the RPG game. 

NadCab also embeds the blockchain games with in-game assets like swords that are NFTs. Players will collect them to survive and thrive in the gameplay. Founded in 2017, working with the help of a remarkable team, the company provides its clients with 24×7 customer support. Just working with the NFTs and blockchain, the company also provides a wide range of smart contracts.

17. Softik Technologies

Softik Technologies

The company provides users with blockchain game development services. They deploy the highstand games to meet their clients’ expectations. Claiming themselves as one of the top game development companies, they keep their word with their rust-proof services. 

In-app transactions, security, and amazing graphics, the company puts its all when developing the games of their client’s vision. Their games stand out in all the gaming worlds with distinctive lending factors and secure and leveraging attributes. Making secure games and keeping the hackers away Softnik Technologies have created amazing NFT projects.

18. Quy Technology

Quy Technology

Since 2010, Quy Technology Pvt Ltd has been providing Mobile app development services. But as blockchain technology is gaining momentum, the company has decided to explore the wide area of blockchain game development. And very soon they become pioneers at it. The clientele reaches across the globe with clients from the UK, USA, and Canada. 

They offer scalable real-time, secure, and engaging blockchain games with an experienced team of more than 200+ developers, and non-disclosure agreements, the company delivers projects on time.  

19. Games Dapp

Games Dapp

Games Dapp helps clients to launch their unique blockchain games on every platform. They deliver the Solana blockchain game app development, Solana-based NFT app development, and Ethereum Dapp game development. 

With uncompromised security, experience and investment opportunities, decentralization, and transactions they build the future of gaming. 

They support a wide range of Blockchain platforms like Ethereum, Tron, Eos, Tezos, ripple, and more. Along with blockchain game development, they also offer the metaverse game clone development making them one of the blockchain game development companies. 

20. MonkHub


As the blockchain is here to change every player’s gaming experience forever, the MonkHub is catching up with the blockchain pace, with their development services. 

Monkhub offers the Ethereum DApp game development to help their clients make some money and sock properly to unlock the new levels in the gaming services. Utilizing the smart contracts, the MonkHub ensures that there is no third-party interference. Also, they offer EOS ultra-fast and secure games on the EOS network along with Toron Dapp game development.

That’s all this was the list of the 20 companies that offer blockchain game development services. All of these companies provide affordable and quality services. So any small-scale to large-scale business can explore their services.

By partnering with these agencies the business can explore the exciting development process, and collaborate with a proven team of experts and professionals. All of the companies have a great portfolio to replicate the experience and services they have provided. 

The development process can take time as needed to go through the various processes from understanding the clients’ needs to blueprinting a design that is going to be a real-time game. However, working with a professional always makes the process easy.

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