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List of Best 5 Blockchain Based Web3 Browsers

List of Best 5 Dapp Web3 Browsers to use for maintaining your privacy. Brave, Web3 Opera & Puma is the most used...

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Top 5 web3 browser

Web browsers have been the primary way for users to extract information from the internet. And the chances are they will always stay this way. Most users search through hundreds of websites with few clicks on the browser’s search bar. 

But, many of the users don’t know that a web browser can track and record all of the activities that one can do on the internet. Yes, that hard truth. According to some sources, Google Chrome, which is also one of the most famous browsers so far and occupies almost 65.12% of the market, was caught in a data breach in 2018. That was the time when its user started to lose trust in it. But nowhere soon can the users abandon this browser as there were no other alternatives available. The substitutes that were available back then were not much different from Chrome. 

What Is A Web3 Browser

However, things have changed with the fast pace emergence of web3. Now users have reliable alternatives. Web3 browser works on transparency, security, and decentralization principles. So, if you are using web3 to go find something on the internet, no one is recording anything. Your activities will stay limited to you. If you are fascinated enough by the idea of a web3 browser, here let’s look at the top 5 web3 browser. Who knows you may end up using one.

#Web3 Browser NameFeaturesToken
1Brave BrowserLegacy Crypto WalletBAT
2Opera Crypto BrowserNative non-custodial crypto walletSolana
3OsirisAccess to dApp marketplaceNA
4PUMAAccess to Blockchain-based P2P networks – HNS & ENSCoil
5BeakerMake Websites from inside the browserHypercore

Top 5 Web3 Browsers – 2023

1. Opera Crypto Web3 Browser

Opera Crypto Browser
Experience the Web3 browser for crypto users. Get crypto-oriented security enhancements, manage multiple crypto wallets simultaneously, and access Discord, Telegram and more directly from the sidebar

You may already have used Opera several times as this browser has perfectly survived the web2.0 era and now it has stepped into web3.0. 

  • Opera web3 browser is a crypto-friendly avatar of its previous version.

It offers a pleasant, private, and secure Web3 experience if you are a crypto-curious and crypto-savvy user. You can expect a unique as well as safe Web3 experience with features such as a secure clipboard, a malicious-address checker, and phishing protection. Also with it, you can have the industry’s first multi-wallet management tool: the Wallet Selector, thanks to its web3-centric features. Talking about the features let’s explore more about the features it can provide to you. 

  • Seamless Interaction With Web3 Dapps 

You will have activities with Web3 DApps and numerous wallets. The Wallet Selector makes it simple to switch between your Opera Wallet and your preferred wallet extensions, such as Metamask. On top of that, every day new dApps are added to Opera’s special dApp store, so you can have a one-stop shop for Web3 exploration.

  • Native Multichain Non-Custodial Wallet

You can sign in to DApps and access your coins and NFTs without installing any addons. Opera’s built-in crypto wallet supports ETH, ERC-20, and ERC-721 tokens. Not only that, but it also supports a variety of blockchains like EVM-compatible chains, Bitcoin, and Layer 2 solutions. Also, you can purchase, sell, swap, or send tokens directly from your Opera wallet without any hassle. 

  • At Its Heart, Security And Community Connection 

For a secure Web3 experience, you can use crypto-dedicated safety features such as Paste Protected on the browser. With the VPN, ad blocker, and tracker blocker built directly into the browser, you can improve your privacy and security. Besides improving security, it also improves connectivity with extra built-in functionality, such as instant access to Telegram, Twitter, WhatsApp, Discord, and Messenger

2. Brave 

Undoubtedly one of the best web3 browsers, Brave, has over 25 million active users. All thanks to its open-source nature, you will not see those annoying ads as its free-to-use commercial model. It provides the maximum privacy to your identity as a user. Like the Opera web3 browser, you will have features like ad-blockers and an integrated crypto wallet. With that said, let’s see some of the most notable features of the Brave. 

Speed Past Chrome from Brave on Vimeo.

  • Own Native Token 

Brave has its native token, BAT, or in other words, the basic attention token. BAT is a native Ethereum-based ERC-20 currency and is also one of its most notable features. 

  • Offers Passive Income 

You can earn passive cash in the form of BAT tokens by watching carefully crafted adverts. Furthermore, it allows you to decide how much focus you want to give to adverts. You can also adjust the level of focus or even turn it off at any time to suit your needs. As a result, publishers, customers, and advertisers can all benefit from one another. 

  • IPFS compatibility

Another notable feature of the Brave web3 browser is the incorporation of IPFS compatibility, which allows for in-built decentralized file storage. IPFS can help to reduce data concentration by distributing file storage across a worldwide network.

3. Puma Web3 Browser

Yet another best web3 browser is Puma Brower. This browser is your call if you want to access the peer-to-peer and ownership-based web3, Defi, and NFT economy. 

Puma is a mobile browser and wallet for the Web3 ecosystem. Private by design.
Puma is a mobile browser and wallet for the Web3 ecosystem. Private by design.

It is an excellent mobile browser that provides noticeable features like monetization tool integration, which directly incentivizes creators without the participation of third parties. You can have a consistent web browsing experience with the features it has to provide you. Features that you will access with the puma browser goes as follows:

  • Coil, The Monetization Tool 

The coil is a subscription-based monetization tool. It uses a creative and effective strategy, Interledger, to incentivize artists. Interledger is a simple, ledger-independent, and currency-independent technique for transferring tiny amounts of money. It allows you to stream money-making web monetization practically. You can access premium material for $5 per month and turn off adverts entirely. Moreover, you will have a versatile platform for accessing all sorts of web3 apps from a single location.

4. Osiris Browser – Private Web3 Browser

Osiris Browser - Private Web Browser
Osiris Browser – Private Web Browser

It has established itself as a web3 power browser. It follows the same path as any other web3 browser, which provides a user-centric experience.  

You can consider a combination of a blockchain-based Web3.0 browser and token. It allows for the adoption of numerous blockchain networks and you can access it on all main platforms.

You can expect an integrated crypto wallet and a better user experience with it. If you want to switch to it from a web2.0 browser, you can prioritize it for smooth web3 usability and user privacy. The features of this browser make it stand out in the web3.0 market. Its features are as follows: 

  • Built-In Crypto Wallet

The Metawallet crypto wallet is embedded into the Osiris web3 browser. It truly functions as a layer-2 solution in addition to a cross-chain bridge that facilitates the worth of scalability and interoperability. It is also a well-known name among dApp browsers for providing faster transaction speeds at lower rates across many blockchain networks. 

  • Ad Blocker

Osiris’ functions include an ad blocker to protect against internet trackers and data collecting. Interestingly, the Osiris browser’s dApp store integration is also a promising feature for allowing users to explore web3 apps with minimal risk. 

5. Beaker

Beaker is a new web3 browser that lets you create and host websites from within the browser itself.
Beaker is a new web3 browser that lets you create and host websites from within the browser itself.

If you are an internet searcher, you already know what Beaker is and how it works. It is one of the default browsers for Windows 11 and 10, it uses the Chromium engine, so it, too, can use all of the chrome extensions and add-ons available in the Chrome Web Store. It is compatible with Windows, Mac OS X, iOS, and Android. But, why are we discussing it in the section of the web3.0 browser? Well, it’s because it also compatible with the reputable crypto wallet Metamask. 

It is compliant and completely supported by reputable crypto web3 websites. However, it runs a bit behind in the game of the web3 browser because it does not have all the characteristics that a web3 browser should have. 

What are Main Features of Web3 browsers?

  1. Immutability.
  2. Integration with blockchain networks and crypto wallets.
  3. Decentralization to give complete control to creators.
  4. Complete user privacy and anonymity.
  5. High-end security and transparency.
  6. Faster browsing experience.

How are Web3 Browsers Different From The Web2 Brower? 

Web3 Browsers Different From The Web2 Brower
Web3 Browsers Different From The Web2 Brower

The web3 browsers are not much different from the web2.0 browser if you only look at the search perspective. They are simple and normal browsers. You can download or access them as you can with any other browser. 

The main difference slips in when it comes to compatibility with web 3.0, web2.0 browser does not offer you many of the features. Many web2 browsers, such as Chrome, Firefox, and Safari, provide simple access to web 3.0 applications. 

But to access the dapps, you need a web3 wallet, or trade NFTs web3.0 browser delivers an excellent search value. The web3 brewers follow the integrated functions with the web3 wallets. The integration comes with the flexibility to access decentralized applications, which are the core of entire web3 use. 

Plus, you don’t require any KYC or AML Compliance to obtain access to the web 3.0 economy. You keep entire ownership of assets without third-party middlemen’s involvement in the system’s operation. How great is it? You can have your data protected and search through various websites without being watched. Privacy and data security are what web2.0 browsers don’t provide you. 

List of Best Web 3.0 Browsers

Comparison of Top 3 Blockchain Web Browsers
  1. Brave Browser
  2. Osiris Browser
  3. Opera Browser
  4. Crypto Browser by Opera
  5. Beaker Browser
  6. Puma browser

Wrapping Up!

Web3 browser facilitates the searching capabilities of the users without compromising their data. The guide has shared the 5 common web browsers with you that you can use to explore your web curiosities. Lastly, we hope you have liked this guide, and it has given the answers you were looking for. 

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