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List Of 20 Best Unity Game Development Companies

Looking for unity 3d game development agencies near you or around the world, See the list of unity 3d game development company...

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3D games are the new market norm and it has become possible with the help of development platforms like the Unity engine. Unity engine provides the developers with the cutting-edge technology to develop the interacting 2D and 3D games.

But no technology is complete without its experts. The same applies to the Unity engine. The game market has seen the emergence of powerful newcomers as well as established tech giants that used the Unity engine to deploy exciting games that quickly created a loyal fan base of them. 

This guide will look at the 20 of these firms that have been providing the game market with interactive, engaging, and unique games. So, let’s get you started. 

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Best Unity Game Development Companies

  1. Whimsy Games
  2. Juego Studios
  3. Cubix
  4. Logic Simplified
  5. Quytech
  6. Visartech Inc
  7. TekRevol
  8. Queppelin
  9. N-iX
  10. Starloop Studios
  11. South Game Studio
  12. Tintash
  13. BSD
  14. Silicon Graphics
  15. Digital Dividend
  16. Agnito
  17. MetaDesign Solutions
  18. Kevuru Games
  19. ZATUN
  20. Arengentics
  21. Capermint Technologies Pvt LTD

1. Whimsy Games

Whimsy Games

The first company that this guide has on the list is the Whimsy Games. The company is an ideal choice for users who want to bring the 3D and the game’s ideas to life.

It provides game development services for mobile, desktop, 3D/AR, Console, and more. The company has been serving the industry for more than 2 years now and has deployed more than 150+ successful projects. They can create games with top-notch graphics and can build complete solutions of any kind. 

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2. Juego Studios

Unity Game Development Companies
Juego – The best unity game developer

Juego Studios is an esteemed game development company, offering end-to-end development services. Unity3D game development is one of Juego’s key service offerings. 

The company has a core team of certified Unity developers who can take upon any game development challenge. With Unity, Juego’s developers have created games across mobile, web, desktop, console, NFT, blockchain, metaverse, AR, and VR platforms. The genres covered range from casual and puzzle to MMORPGs and MOBAs. Juego also is the preferred development partner of numerous clients worldwide hailing from diverse industries.

3. Logic Simplified

Logic Simplified

Immerse games? Creative or iOS games? Then this company is second to none. It is one of the best unity game development companies. The company has a team of experienced professionals who work hard and smart to provide cost-effective solutions with high-quality Unity games. They consider the client’s convenience, budget, and flexibility, and then use one of the two engagement models they have for the Unity games.

Now after 12 years in the industry, and throughout their time in the industry, they have served the different genres in the game industry and met the client requirements like no one else. 

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4. Quytech


An expert team of Unity3D mobile app developers at Quytech provides a versatile game development platform. They provide highly scalable optimum performance for 3D and 2D games that can be easily deployed across multiple platforms. Their Unity Development Team includes top-tier field experts who provide solutions.

 Also, the Unity Game Development team has extensive experience in game design and development, having created vastly engaging 3D games. They have more than 10 years of experience and throughout their time in the industry, the company has served the industry with scalable and robust applications.

5. Visartech Inc

Visartech Inc

Visartech Inc. is a high-tech product 2D and 3D game development firm that also assists businesses in transforming their operations through technology consulting, cloud services, and full-cycle software development. From game development to solid backend development as well as interactive frontend implementation, the game development provider’s core product-focused services include it all.

The company has more than 10 years of experience in the industry and has created eye-catching games with interactive environments that users can try along. 

6. TekRevol


The company is based in California and was established in California. 

With so much competition inside the gaming industry, even minor glitches or low-effort gameplay can cause users to lose interest in a game and TekRevol knows this fact very well. So they focus to ensure not only technical perfection but also that what they create is supported by current trends.

So, whether it’s Android or iOS game development, TekRevol generates the highest quality, with amazingly detailed characters, background scores, and progression in-game graphics. It is a great achievement for TekRevol as the company is still young as it started operating in 2008. 

7. Queppelin


Queppelin believes in creating games with appealing user interfaces that will pique the interest of users’ target audience. They create games for the two most popular mobile platforms, Android OS as well as iOS. Furthermore, they are a game development company that explicitly aims at bringing users’ wildest game-changing ideas to life with the help of their unity game development service bundle.

The company was founded in 2010 but has ample experience to deliver what its clients expect.

8. N-iX


Sniper Ghost Warrior Contracts 2 is one of the remarkable projects done by the company so far. The N-iX is a reputed unity 3d game development company that has achieved many milestones throughout its career in the industry. They have partnered with supermassive games and Paradox Interactive and many other platforms to deploy amazing and buzz-worthy projects. 

Along with being a 2D and 3D game development company, N-iX is one of Europe’s most dynamic IT companies, as evidenced by numerous industry awards, including Inc. 5000 Europe, CRN Top Solution Providers, Forbes Top 10 IT Employers in Ukraine, Inspiring Workplaces EMEA, Software 500 ranking, multiple Clutch awards, and so on. Furthermore, N-iX has been named to the IAOP’s Top 100 Global Outsourcing Companies for six consecutive years, beginning in 2017.

9. Starloop Studios

Starloop Studios

Starloop Studios is a Spanish full-cycle game development studio. The company has been providing high-quality game art as well as game development services to publishing houses and game developers since its inception in February 2011. ​

Starloop Studios was named a finalist for “Best Service Provider” at the Pocket Gamer Mobile Game Award in 2020. Their games have also earned Editor’s Choice, Best New Games, as well as Games of the Year awards, as well as being ranked first in the App Store and first overall.

They are on a mission to increase our client’s revenue without adding significant overhead to their internal studios. So, they design games to be world-class performers!

10. South Game Studio

South Game Studio

Whether it’s about a WebGL platform, Android, or iOS, the South Game Studio has mastered the art to deploy interactive 2D and 3D games on all of these platforms. They have an amazing portfolio which shows their remarkable work on the 3D blockchain games. 

The company provides its clients with full-cycle game development plus outsourcing services. So, for the business or users looking to bag these services, South Game Studio is the perfect option. 

11. Tintash


Tintash has created several Unity games and applications over the years, some of which were featured on the iOS App Store as well as the Google Play Store. Their games cover a wide range of genres, including, educational, adventure, hyper-casual, puzzle, platformer, and others. In addition, they developed several Unity applications, including Decorist Room Builder, a photorealistic 3D interior design application.

Tintash’s team of Unity tech leads, senior engineers, and architects with a wide range of Unity skills. Because Unity is cross-platform, the Tintash developers can quickly create and deploy games on multiple platforms at the same time, such as iOS, Android, WebGL, and others, using a single codebase.

12. BSD


BSD stands for Bit Space Development. The company is an interactive innovation studio enhancing the development of solutions that engage users through the use of immersive technologies. The company offers 3D game development through the unity engine, but that’s not the only field they have been known for. They also provide services in training, education, marketing, and other applications. 

13. Silicon Graphics

Silicon Graphics

The company is one of the most celebrated unity 3d game development agencies in the UAE. Silicon Graphics provides high-quality games developed on the Unity engine. So, for the ones looking to find game development services around the region of the UAE, it is the choice.

The company has created over 2300 iOS and Android app games for clients in the UAE. Developing captivating games using cutting-edge technology, engaging game growth, and rewarding outcomes for their clients, Silicon Graphics is the choice.

14. Digital Dividend

Digital Dividend

The company has a proven track record in the game development field. Digital Dividend works in mobile gaming whether it’s 2D or 3D and tries to meet the interactive demands of its clients. They presently work on two game development engines and one of them is Unity. 

By utilizing the potential knowledge of its technical staff, the company has delivered stunning graphics and eye-catching visuals. 

15. Agnito


Agnito Technologies caters to our client’s game development requirements in a friendly manner. Using the Unity 3D Game Development tools and technologies, their team of experts generates highly interactive and impressive gaming visuals.

They provide exceptional end-to-end expert support and help from start to finish. Agnito’s 3D Game development platform includes world-class features that work across all devices. So, their clients can anticipate a rich experience because the certified developers have extensive knowledge and expertise in Unity.

16. MetaDesign Solutions

MetaDesign Solutions

The company provides class-leading Unity development services and gives life to clients’ imaginations. 

They have already deployed successful Unity projects like the first person unity paintball game, Unity-based language learning platform, card games, and 3D-rich golf games. All of these projects have a proud mention in the MetaDesign Solutions portfolio. 

So, the company works as a seasoned Unity 3D Development Firm where the clients can hire Unity developers to create rich gaming experiences on consoles, PCs, or mobile devices, VR/AR devices, or even 3D learning or processes on mobile and desktop devices.

17. Kevuru Games

Kevuru Games

The company focuses on Projects that stand out in the big market of game development. Till now the company has a total of 10 years of experience and has deployed successful game development projects like Range of Realms, Juicy fruits, Crazy Roosty, Ink Ninja, and more. 

With all of these projects, Kevuru games have emerged as a seasoned Unity development company that helps its clients bring their vision to life, regardless of the platform they prefer. Their clients can hire Unity developers to create rich gaming experiences on consoles, PCs, or mobile devices, VR/AR devices, or even 3D learning or processes on mobile as well as desktop devices.



Refining the development process, Zatun has become a name among the Unity game development agencies. They not only provide their clients with amazing graphics and amazing games but also with competitive prices in the market. 

Since its establishment, the company has housed many clients and has delivered them projects based on their expectations and areas of work. Their clientele includes clients like Playwig, Slitherine, and Disney. However, the list goes long, so the clients can check their portfolios. In the field of 3D game development, the company works on 3D characters, vehicles, and objects. 

19. Arengentics


Over the years, Unity has remained a popular game engine. Arengentics game development team utilizes the power of the Unity engine to create all simple cartoony games for android and ios, as well as stylized AAA titles for PC. They can turn clients’ ideas into the top drawing video games so that millions of individuals can play the games all over the globe on various platforms.

Argentics provides full-cycle development services, which include, but are not limited to, creating a game design document as well as concept art, 2D as well as 3D modeling as well as animation, coding, and post-release maintenance. This engagement model is ideal for users who have no prior game development experience with the project’s development.

20. Capermint Technologies Pvt LTD

Capermint Technologies Pvt LTD

Capermint is a one-stop shop for Unity game development services. The company is a group of skilled Unity3D developers who specialize in customer game development tailored to the needs of the client. They provide their clients with an unrivaled unity gaming experience.

It is a pioneering Unity Game Development Company that can assist in turning any abstract ideas into an exciting and amazing game. Their licensed Unity Game Developers can create stunning cross-platform unity games with elevated graphics using the most recent trends and technologies. Also, they have developers to create engaging smartphone games that are more than just a visual treat; they make the gameplay so compelling that users will be unable to stop playing your game. 

21. Cubix


With more than 500+ deployed game projects and 12 years of experience, Cubix is a company that services all types of clients, from large-scale business organizations to individual clients. 

They have been constantly improving as well as mastering the industry progression. They have worked with the Blockchain, E-learning, IoT, ML, and SaaS projects, so the game development company has really good command over the other technical fields too. 

This is the list of the 20 companies that anyone can choose as their game development partner based on their requirements and budget. 

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