5 Best Snapchat Tracker Apps for Effective Monitoring

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Social media apps have taken the world by storm. Snapchat is one of the leading apps, with over 397 million active users in 2023. Since its launch in 2011, Snapchat has seen explosive popularity, which is attributed to its unique features. Youngsters aged 15-25 commonly use this app to capture memories with their friends or partners. It is also a popular tool for socializing and shopping. On the flip side, it is also used for cheating.  

Due to its popularity among teens, the chances of the app being misused are high. To prevent misuse or abuse of the app’s features, a Snapchat tracker can come in handy. Here is more on the popular Snapchat trackers in the market now and how to choose and use them effectively.

What Are the Features to Look for in a Snapchat Tracking App?

The messages and photos on Snapchat are removed after 24 hours, making tracking difficult. A Snapchat tracker app can help in such a situation. Here are the important features:

  • Ability to view the exchanged videos and photos
  • Access to the messaging history with timestamps
  • Location tracking feature that helps parents know where their children are
  • Block access to Snapchat remotely or lock the device using remote access
  • Easy installation and use
  • Provide alerts in real-time when specific words or a phrase is used
  • Compatibility with the monitored device

5 Most Popular Snapchat Tracker Apps in 2023

If you want to track all Snapchat activity on the target device, using the best Snapchat tracker is essential. In addition to meeting all the requirements mentioned above, the app should be budget-friendly. The presence of monitoring capabilities like tracking other social media apps, emails, viewing browsing history, SMS, phone calls, etc. would be even better. Here are the 5 top Snapchat tracker apps:

1. Mobile Tracker Free: Best Free Android Snapchat Tracker

While quality equals money, exceptions like the Mobile Tracker Free app exist. This free mobile number tracker has the essential tracking features to meet your Snapchat tracking needs. 

Feature highlights

  • Easy to install and use
  • Can track incoming and outgoing messages on social media apps like WhatsApp, Facebook, Snapchat, and more without rooting the device
  • Provide real-time monitoring information
  • Provide location using GPS tracking feature
  • Make a phone capture, take a photo, and record ambient sound

If you are looking for a phone tracker free online, this app has the basic features that you need in a Snapchat tracker app. But it is only for Android devices. Further, the support will not be as good as offered by the paid apps.

2. uMobix: Efficient and Reliable Snapchat Tracker

Reliability and trustworthiness are vital in a tracking app. uMobix ensures reliable mobile device tracking features. It takes a few minutes to set up and offers the best value for money. The Snapchat tracker app costs almost half the amount of similar tracking apps. Moreover, uMobix monitors more than 40 social media platforms and apps.

Feature highlights

  • Uses stealth mode to monitor and retrieve information from the target device
  • Automatically updates data reports every five minutes, providing you with every little detail
  • View all the outgoing and incoming calls and messages with timestamps, caller info, and duration
  • Retrieve all media files stored on the target device and use local storage if necessary
  • Provides real-time location with visited places’ history
  • Logs all the keystrokes and passwords typed by the user

With numerous potent features, uMobix offers comprehensive tracking of Snapchat on Android. You can also keep various online activities of the target device under control remotely. The app functions as a location tracker by mobile number online with its Geofinder feature that allows no installation for remote tracking. At just half the price of similar apps, it is a perfect tracker to use.

 3. SpyBubblePro: For Real-Time Tracking

With over 25 tracking features, SpyBubble Pro offers multiple tracking functionalities. This online mobile tracker app provides reporting using screenshots, which enables you to take note of every little detail on the target device. 

Feature highlights

  • Check browsing history and view YouTube views
  • Track the GPS location of the device and monitor calls and texts
  • Monitor all social media apps on the device, including gallery access to photos, videos, and images
  • View the contacts and Notes app 

While the app has many favorable tracking features that make it viable, it does not provide instant alerts or geofencing features. Still, it’s worth considering, anyway, the choice is up to you.

4. Cocospy: Best Location Tracking Features

Cocospy monitors all the popular social media apps like Snapchat, Whatsapp, Facebook, and more. This mobile IMEI tracker provides a precise location-finding feature using SIM location tracking. 

Feature highlights

  • Does not use internet connectivity for location tracking
  • Uses advanced tracking of outgoing and incoming calls
  • Does not need jailbreak or root to work on iOS and Android devices

Many functionalities are not available for iOS devices. Since it doesn’t offer jailbreak, the Snapchat location tracker is available only for Android OS. So keep that in mind. In contrast, uMobix also offers to monitor Snapchat only on Android, but it ensures full access to Facebook and Instagram on iOS without jailbreak at the same time; none of its competitors can boast it. So, to each their own, make the choice up to your needs.

5. Hoverwatch: Camera Tracker App

Hoverwatch can monitor all the commonly used social media platforms. It stands apart from other spy apps with its camera tracking feature. It can capture the selfies taken on the target device even if they are not shared on social media.

Feature highlights

  • Can record phone calls 
  • Detect change of SIM card
  • Available for Android, Mac OS X, and Windows

While this is advertised as a free tracker, it is available for a 3-day free trial only. It is not available on iOS devices.

How to Use Snapchat Tracking Apps: Steps to Follow

Using a Snapchat tracker needs just a few steps and can be done as follows:

  1. Pick a subscription plan from the official site and make the payment to receive further instructions.
  2. Take the target device and install the tracker app with the instructions you receive in your user account.
  3. Log in to your account to receive data from the target device.


Can I track a person’s Snapchat account without their knowledge?

By installing the app on the target device, you can track a person’s Snapchat account without their knowledge. However, you may need informed consent before the installation. 

Who will benefit from Snapchat tracking?

Parents worried about their children being susceptible to cyberbullying or exposed to inappropriate content will find the tracking feature useful. The tracking feature is also useful to find out whether a spouse or partner is cheating.

Is it possible to track a person’s Snapchat activity?

Yes, you can track a person’s activity on Snapchat, including messages, videos, and photos. However, a majority of the spy apps offer Snapchat tracking on Android devices only. For iOS devices, jailbreak is needed.

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