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Best Mobile App Development Framework Trends For 2022

Here is the list of top mobile app development frameworks that will rule in 2022. Our experts sorted the best fronted &...

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Mobile App Development Frameworks 2022

Mobile app development is one of the widely growing sectors. A survey predicts that mobile application development companies will be anticipated to earn 935+ billion US dollars in revenue in 2023 via paid downloads and in-app advertisements.

Article Outline

  • Best Mobile Development Framework Trends For 2022
  • What is a Mobile Application Development Framework?
  • Importance of Mobile Application Development Framework
  • Types of frameworks for mobile app development in 2022
  • Top 10 Mobile App Development Frameworks for 2022
  • React Native Framework
  • Why React Native in 2022?
  • Who can use React Native?
  • NativeScript Frameworks
  • Why Native Script Framework 2022?
  • Who can use NativeScript Framework?
  • JQuery Framework
  • Why JQuery Framework in 2022?
  • Who can use JQuery Framework?
  • Framework7 Framework
  • Why Framework7 Framework 2022?
  • Who can use Framework7 Framework?
  • Flutter Framework
  • Why Flutter Framework?
  • Who can use Flutter Framework?
  • Xamarin Framework
  • Why Xamarin Framework in 2022?
  • Who can use Xamarin Framework?
  • Meteor Framework
  • Why Meteor Framework?
  • Who can use Meteor Framework?

Businesses beyond 2022 will not only attract the target audience but can also gain monetization benefits from the apps. With this, you cannot deny that app creation is not an easy job. There can be lots of details that can trouble you unless you have adequate knowledge and experience. The most daunting task is to think about a mobile app framework that can work effectively in 2022 and beyond. Plus, it must be robust, easy to navigate, and embedded with all the latest mobile app features. So, thinking about it is not a wrong choice!

Don’t fret if you are planning to build a mobile application and are worried about the above-mentioned facts. Here we came up with a complete mobile app development framework guide for your assistance.

Let’s have a look for your most obvious questions;

  • What is a Mobile app development framework?
  • What are the advantages of the mobile app framework?
  • What are the most common types of frameworks for mobile apps available in the market?
  • List of mobile app frameworks that your company can use.

Without further ado, let’s begin.

What is a Mobile Application Development Framework?

A mobile app development framework is a software framework that creates back application development. In other words, mobile development companies use software libraries to structure Android and iOS mobile apps and the final product can meet your business needs and expectations.

Importance of Mobile Application Development Framework

A few years back, there were more than 24,000 android mobile phone models, and you can also add various iPhone models. Unfortunately, most of them are different from one another in context with app downloads features. Hence, it was a tough job for developers to build different apps for each phone. Later, maintaining them was another challenge.

Now, thanks to technology and open-source mobile app development framework that changed the way of creating applications. Developers have a cross-platform to build apps in less time. Therefore, mobile app industry leaders like Risingmax are using these mobile frameworks and serving customers globally. Let’s discuss the key benefits of the mobile app development framework for your business to elaborate more.

  • Code Reusability

The cross-platform allows professionals to use a single code that can run effectively on various platforms. It assists in eliminating repetitive tasks and boost mobile application creation speed.

Code’s reusability also helps the developers to address day-to-day challenges than focusing on learning different operating system codes. Reliability enables experts to resolve bugs instantly and add enhancement on all other platforms.

  • Cost Reduction

During the native app development process, businesses need to hire more people or professionals with more than one skill set. It was a hectic and cost consuming process. Besides, companies have to provide staff training before embarking on a project.

On the other hand, cross-platform experts require fewer team members to handle projects. And, experts need fewer skills and cross-platform frameworks. So, learning JavaScript-based frameworks such as React Native is enough to develop a business application.

  • Broader Market Reach

Developing an app on cross-platforms broadens your market reach. Today there are more than 3.5 million smartphone users around the world. Out of these, nearly 34.99% of smartphones run on iOS and 74.43% on Android. Considering all the data, you will have multiple opportunities to improve your brand visibility, engagement and strengthen your market presence.

Your one set of applicable business applications can benefit you to broaden your market reach.

  • Faster Application Development And Time-To-Market

Every business needs to think one step ahead of customers. Otherwise, it will take one second for the customer to change their mind. To win this cutting-edge competition in 2022, a mobile app development framework is a perfect solution. Businesses get the opportunity to instantly change anything, and the results show on all platforms.

In addition, updating devices and fixing bugs can be synchronized easily, pushing notifications on all devices is a matter of a few seconds.

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Types of frameworks for mobile app development in 2022

Basically, there are three types of mobile app development frameworks. These include;

  • Native Mobile App Development Frameworks: This platform is used to design native apps only. For instance, you want to develop apps for specific systems like Windows, iOS, or Android. You will need to work on a native mobile app development framework.
  • Mobile App Development Frameworks: If you want to build an app cross-platform. Then you must choose frameworks like React Native or Flutter for responsive apps.
  • Hybrid Mobile App Development Frameworks: If you plan to develop apps in HTML5, JavaScript, and CSS, you can pick Hybrid Mobile App Development Frameworks. These apps are compatible on all platforms and can deliver a native app experience in terms of UI/UX, push notifications, etc.

Top 10 Mobile App Development Frameworks for 2022

Let’s explore the top mobile app development framework trends for 2021 and beyond. These will assist you in developing your mobile app or in knowing what resources your company is using for development;

React Native Framework

Today, React Native is one of the sought-after mobile development frameworks and used by mobile app industry experts. React, across-platform app embedded with JavaScript library codes assists in building highly responsive apps. One can utilize it for iOS and Android-based projects and build fresh applications from scratch.

React Native framework assists in filling the gap between native app performance and developers’ efforts. Therefore, many organizations such as Netflix, Apple, Paypal are users of React Native framework. Besides, industry leaders such as RisingMax also use React Native apps to build apps for customers.

Why React Native in 2022?

If this question comes to your mind, do remember;

  • React Native works well on every app, including high load.
  • The reusable components improve work competence.
  • Experts need to put less effort and wait for long hours to judge performance.
  • Features are SEO friendly
  • Easy to use functions can complete tasks quickly.

Who can use React Native?

Experts who have proficiency in Java Script can use it. Best of all, there is no need to learn Android, Java, or iOS executively to begin work on it.

Examples of apps built on react Native

Some of the top industry users of React Native apps are Instagram, Facebook, Airbnb, UberEat.

NativeScript Framework

NativeScript Framework is an open-source framework used to build apps for Android and iOS devices. Applications made from this framework are embedded with JavaScript coding. Native Script Framework contains a common selection of features necessary for building mobile apps.

NativeScript bypasses the headache for professionals to write different codes for mobile and web. You can also use the same code for both platforms.

Why Native Script Framework 2022?

  • It supports futuristic mobile strategies.
  • It makes tasks much simpler.
  • It includes excellent tooling for enhancing productivity and developer consistency.
  • It saves time, cost and is easy to adopt by newbies.

Who can use NativeScript Framework?

NativeScript Framework is an ideal choice for developers who want native applications with a single code base and have compatibility for all platforms.

Examples of apps built on NativeScript

App industry leaders such as Workbox, Navadra, Radrat, Beachy, and GreekyAnts are the top models of Native Script framework users.

JQuery Framework

JQuery Framework can turn your highly functional and complex applications into an easy process. Therefore, developers around the world use this cross-platform to develop HTML5 mobile apps, compatible with all latest mobiles, desktop, and tablet screens of iOS, Android, Blackberry, Windows, etc.

Applications created with JQuery Framework are easy to navigate and assist the customers from all ends. Hence, major players such as Facebook, WordPress, Google, IBM are the users of this platform.

Why JQuery Framework in 2022?

  • Compatible with all major mobile platforms such as iOS, Android, WebOS, Symbian, Blackberry, Windows Phone 7, and more.
  • Easy to optimize an app for SEO
  • Striking effects and animations keep the business easy to interact with customers.
  • Convenient to create a website for all categories of browsers and versions
  • Limited dependencies and lightweight

Who can use JQuery Framework?

JQuery Framework is a perfect choice for e-commerce applications that require a landing page. So, if you’re dealing in an online product business, you can use it for quick prototyping and animation effects.

Examples of apps built on JQuery Framework

Mobile app industry trendsetters such as net, Slideshare, Dodge, Disney world, Stanford, and many more are the major users.

Framework7 Framework

If you want an application with a native appearance and feel, Framework7 is an excellent opportunity. You can build applications for iOS and Android devices. This app also comes with extra tools such as Electron and NW.js that assist in building native apps.

The frameworks come with HTML, CSS, and some basic JavaScript, so you can begin if you have little knowledge about these. Besides, UI elements and exclusive widgets are some of the eye-catching elements.

Why Framework7 Framework 2022?

  • It’s a faster and more responsive framework.
  • You can use it with React, Angular, and other templating engines
  • A beginner can also develop apps for iOS and Android without learning them.
  • One can also use built-in helper libraries.

Who can use Framework7 Framework?

Mobile app developing beginners or professionals can use this framework to build apps. The biggest advantage, you can use its free version without a licensing fee.

Examples of apps built on Framework7 Framework

Companies such as Wappler, Kidoverse, Cyberbrain, HICAPPS, and more useful applications built-in Framework7 Framework.

Flutter Framework

Flutter is regarded as the best framework for developing mobile applications. It’s Google’s free and open-source UI framework used for building Android, iOS, or both devices.

Flutter has a single codebase and programming language like JavaScript that focus on high-quality front-end development.

Why Flutter Framework?

  • The same codebase for Android and iOS makes the development task faster.
  • It helps to save both time and resources.
  • You can access real-time application performance.
  • Easy to handle and use functions.

Who can use Flutter Framework?

For businesses who are looking for app development solutions that can showcase products quickly, Flutter is an ideal choice.

Examples of apps built on Flutter Framework

Alibaba, Cryptograph, Google Ads, Reflectly, and more are the leaders of using Flutter framework applications.

Xamarin Framework

Xamarin is another top-rated open-source mobile app development framework. This framework has a diverse range of libraries. Therefore, developers can use the present codes and share them on various platforms.

Xamarin framework for mobile app development combined with Microsoft’s IDE and Visual Studio for the .NET framework. So, if you are developing mobile apps for macOS, Windows, tvOS, watchOS, or iOS – it’s a perfect platform, to begin with.

Why Xamarin Framework in 2022?

  • You can create highly responsive apps that are easy to market.
  • It provides extensive maintenance support, frequency, and community support
  •  95% of the written code can be easily reused
  • You can test the application on multiple devices without buying them.

Who can use Xamarin Framework?

Projects that have customer user interface priority should use this framework. It is more reliable and delivers effective results in less time.

Examples of apps built on Xamarin Framework

Apps such as Captio, CA Mobile, The World Bank, Fareboom, APX, MRW, and Picturex are the major examples of Flutter Framework.

Meteor Framework

Meteor or MeteorJS is one of the sought-after and free JavaScript mobile app development frameworks. It is based on the isomorphic model and written in Node.js that assists in creating cross-platform mobile applications for your Android and iOS platforms.

Meteor framework provides access to wide-ranging libraries that can turn the prototyping of difficult applications into a simple appearance. This framework comprises less coding, therefore leaving fewer chances for developers to commit mistakes. Therefore experts use it with front-end JS frameworks, including React, Vue, Blaze, Svelte, and Angular.

Why Meteor Framework?

  • It allows Single Language Usage.
  • The framework offers the facility of Real-Time applications by default
  • You can get extensive support from a large community
  • For beginners, it is faster to Build and Easier to Learn

Who can use Meteor Framework?

Meteor is a perfect platform for responsive applications. Its easy-to-use functions can help the new developers in quick app building.

Examples of apps built on Xamarin Framework

Pintask, Telescope, Reaction Commerce, Wishpool, and Hagglemate apps are working on this framework.

Wrapping Up

So, these are the TOP 5 Mobile application development frameworks. Before that, you must consider which type of framework will suit your needs and why?

If you aim to increase market reach, do not forget to research well and how you can create a most valuable app.

Above, we have mentioned why and who can take benefit of these frameworks in 2022. You can also check out your competitor for better assistance.

While creating, make sure you must use a simple and easy-to-navigate framework. Otherwise, do not hesitate to take professional’s assistance.

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