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Best Metaverse & Web3 Consulting Companies WorldWide 2023

Table of Contents hide 1 So, here is the list of 20 companies that offer metaverse consulting services. 1.1 1. CodeZeros 1.2...

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Metaverse is essentially a virtual 3D connection with different social media sites and portals in which users can develop any hypothetical thing using AR/VR devices. Metaverse aims to create a separate digital space for users based on their thoughts and augmented reality.

The global community has united to make the technology more advanced and explore its features. As a result there, metaverse development companies have emerged worldwide, which this guide will explore.

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So, here is the list of 20 companies that offer metaverse consulting services.

  1. CodeZeros
  2. Juego Studio
  3. Inventive Byte
  4. SoluLab
  5. BR Softech
  6. Meta
  7. Unity Software
  8. Interxy
  10. Bloq
  11. LeewayHertz
  12. Decentraland Foundation
  13. Pixel Plex
  14. Capgemini
  15. Infosys
  16. Talentica Software
  17. Accenture
  18. TCS
  19. Mobiloitte Inc
  20. DxMinds Technologies
  21. Spot Dot Infotech
  22. Wipro

1. CodeZeros


CodeZeros, one of the top Web3 consulting company popular for developing websites and mobile applications, assembled the knowledgeable team for a board that supports the creation of blockchains. Their team of multi-disciplined subject experts makes use of open documentation, libraries, SDKs, and APIs to deliver a precise and comprehensive client experience for the blockchain development lifecycle. They assist their clients in creating a blockchain service platform that successfully integrates AI, data analysis, IoT, and online security. CodeZeros provide a wide range of other services, including the creation of smart contracts, bitcoin wallets, exchanges, and more.

2. Juego Studios

Juego Studios develops custom metaverses based on client requirements. The designers and developers at Juego conceptualize and build immersive virtual worlds using leading game engines and decentralized technologies such as blockchains. The team’s expertise in metaverse extends to building gaming spaces, e-commerce platforms, social media, etc. Juego’s developers also have a proven record of developing custom NFT marketplaces, decentralized storage systems, and more.

3. Inventive Byte

Inventive Byte

Founded in 2018, Inventive Byte is a member of the Forbes Technology Council and the top, metaverse, software, and app development venture studio in Silicon Valley. 

They have the most competitive prices and timeliness to provide businesses with the best quotes and beginning and end projects faster because they have a large code library and local and global talent.

They only hire the best people. They build the dream team based on client’s project requirements and budget by looking for relevant work experience, coding standards, interaction, passion, and other important factors. They can charge anywhere between $50 to $100 per hour, depending on the complexity of your project.

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4. SoluLab


SoluLab was established in 2014 to provide next-generation IT solutions through a diverse set of outsourced product development and project management skills.

SoluLab’s top-rated Web3 consulting company uses the best tech stack to create custom Metaverse elements-based apps. In addition, they offer blockchain-specific Metaverse, 3D Spaces Development, Gaming Metaverse, Metaverse Social Media, dApps & Smart Contracts, Metaverse NFT Marketplaces, and Metaverse 3D Spaces Development.

They are experts at establishing a distributed gaming, socializing, and advertising environment. Their charges can vary according to the complexity of the code. 

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5. BR Softech

BR Softech

BR tech assists companies in bringing innovation, advancement, and creativity to artificial intelligence, machine learning, cryptocurrency, and software development. BR Softech encourages businesses to find the right opportunities through digital transformation.

BR Softech is a world leader in next-generation software development and exceptional application development. They have deployed 2000 + clients and have worked with more than 1500 clients. Businesses looking to find seamless solutions can trust the BR Soft

6. Meta


Meta is the primary company and still, the best among metaverse business consulting companies; behind Metaverse is the connectivity of real-time 3D virtual worlds that allow users and gamers to interact while concealing their identity and payment history. To power the Metaverse, the Meta has announced the development of a world-record-breaking mainframe capable of performing quintillions of operations per second. 

They argue that the metaverse is the next step in the evolution of social connections. It provides a 3D environment where users can participate, study, collaborate, and play in ways never seen before. They’re already creating new technology to help their vision come true, and they’ve amassed the most wealth in the metaverse. 

7. Unity Software

Unity Software

“Technology” rules the economy in the modern world. Technology has altered virtually every aspect of modern life. In that world of technology, individual Unity designers at Unity Software have developed over 60% of the top 900+ mobile games of all time, demonstrating that the program is already an effective platform for developing 3D content. By allowing everyone else to contribute to metaverse content development, Unity has the potential to provide artists and creators with the tools they need to thrive in the metaverse.

8. Interxy


With a famous client base like SAP, Pampers & Square, Interexy is the best metaverse consulting company. It has headquarters in Miami and a European developer center. They develop solutions for blockchain, NFT, healthcare, fintech, marketplace, social software solutions, retail, e-learning, food delivery, and other industries.

Their clients value the high responsiveness, adaptability, and proactivity they provide at every process stage. As a result, the product will be created according to the client’s specifications while maintaining quality and adhering to industry standards. 



NVIDIA offers an omniverse that is a physically realistic, real-time simulation for users like artists, designers, engineers, and researchers who must work in a virtual environment.

Also, NVIDIA is the world’s leading manufacturer of computer graphics hardware, specializing in products for gamers. They now have the processing power and deep neural networks required for today’s artificial intelligence. Professionals from over 500 organizations evaluate the platform, including SHoP Architects, South Park, and Lockheed Martin. Since its open beta launch in December, over 50,000 individual artists have downloaded Omniverse.

10. Bloq


Bloq built the Defi protocols to perform mining and create metaverse for its clients. Bloq provides enterprise-grade blockchain technology to renowned companies around the world. As blockchain-enabled technology is changing how businesses approach commercial activity, trading, accountability, security, identity, supply chain, auditing, and so much more, Blog helps its clients power the world’s most significant and valuable business systems.

It has a strong open source ethos that stems from generations of open source experience. It delivers enterprise-grade key software infrastructure layers to power blockchain applications while providing productized, hardened, tested, and documented blockchain scaffolding. Bloq aims to reduce companies’ cost and operational barriers when developing and innovating with blockchain-enabled technology.

11. LeewayHertz


LeewayHertz offers solutions for every business scale, from a startup to a well-established technology giant. They have worked with partners like Hyperledger, Ethereum, R3Corda, and Hashgraph. LeewayHertz has over ten years of experience developing over 100 enterprise-grade online platforms that millions of users use worldwide. A seasoned blockchain development firm with a comprehensive understanding of IoT, AI, and cloud services. They work with tech geeks and enthusiastic technologists trained by Apple and Google experts and are always on the cutting-edge technology.

It offers extensive experience developing numerous blockchain solutions for global supply chains, identity solutions on blockchain, and utility bill generation on the blockchain.

12. Decentraland Foundation

Decentraland Foundation

Decentraland Foundation offers Decentraland, a web 3D virtual world platform created by one of the major corporations as a platform for media companies and businesses seeking a new artistic channel or any type of business opportunity. It allows users to create and sell a variety of apps and content, as well as Metaverse, using Metaverse Technology. 

Their clients can purchase virtual plots of land on the platform as NFTs using the MANA cryptocurrency centered on the Ethereum blockchain. The project is available to the public in February 2020. It allows users to build and sell while also gaining virtual land in the Metaverse and a variety of apps and content.

13. Pixel Plex

Pixel Plex

Pixel Plex is a metaverse consulting company that offers exceptional services in Web3,0 technology. It is a custom software development firm dedicated to providing high-quality solutions to businesses of all sizes worldwide. They have assisted global corporations and established brands in improving their market performance and presence since 2007. They deliver modern tech expertise in custom web and mobile advancement, blockchain, artificial intelligence (AI), IoT, software design, and user experience. They get to the heart of their customers’ needs and strive to make every endeavor a success.

14. Capgemini


Capgemini is the largest global metaverse development consulting company that can use its Metaverse development services to build user-friendly apps with blockchain-specific characteristics like automation, confidentiality, transparency, and user sovereignty, allowing them to connect with the Metaverse platform more effectively. Furthermore, Capgemini helps customers create and develop virtual worlds through which businesses can interact with customers. They employ 270K people across 50 countries. They specialize in AI solutions, cloud computing, SAP solutions, application development assistance, cryptocurrency solutions, and the Metaverse and serve almost every industry.

15. Infosys


Infosys has announced the launch of the Infosys metaverse foundry. It will assist businesses in navigating the unprecedented integration of technologies such as 5G, AI, IoT, XR, DLT, and others. IT is India’s second-largest IT firm, after TCS. The company has 82 marketing and sales offices and also 123 development centers around the world.

It also provides business consulting, augmented reality (AR), and virtual reality (VR) solutions. Enterprises can use this platform’s on-demand flexibility to create a metaverse environment that allows them to respond to changing priorities and objectives market trends safely and efficiently. 

15. Talentica Software

Talentica Software

Talentica Software is a forward-thinking outsourced product development firm. It provides developer remote teams to assist startups in developing their products. For 17 years, they have helped 140+ startups create their own success stories. With an average client tenure of 2.5 years or more, they guarantee a strategic and valuable tech partnership for startups.

They have 400+ problem solvers spread across 9 Technology Excellence Groups. And their group includes BigData, DevOps, UI/UX, Mobile, AI/ML, Blockchain, Wearables, and more, bringing both experienced remote teams and a vast portfolio of Tech Expertise at a low cost.

16. Accenture


Accenture is a Fortune 500 company specializing in Metaverse, cloud computing, app development, and blockchain. Oracle/Salesforce/SAP/software engineering and supply chain/operations management offers. Accenture offers metaverse development services to connect humans to the digital world. Accenture, for example, employs Metaverse technology in conferences, learning meetings, and team gatherings to improve recruiting knowledge. Accenture offers Metaverse Development Services for a variety of concepts.

The company employs over 492K people and operates over 200 facilities in 120 countries.

17. TCS


TCS has a long history in computer technology and has only recently begun to expand into Metaverse development services. It is one of India’s best-known IT firms and one of the world’s most valuable IT services brands. They are primarily concerned with giving the Metaverse work experience to individuals who join the company through virtual platforms.

The business provides mobile applications. It also provides services such as the Internet of Things, Metaverse, Blockchain, Enterprise Apps, Cloud Solutions, Automation and AI, and others. It first opened its doors in 1968 and now operates 149 locations in 46 countries.

18. Mobiloitte Inc

Mobiloitte Inc

Mobiloitte is a Premier, comprehensive software development company specializing in Metaverse, Blockchain, IoT, AI, BOTS, Mobile, and Web Development. It adds a special emphasis on timeliness, stability, scale, and performance in their project.

Mobiloitte is equally at ease working with Start-Ups, Small & Medium Enterprises, Large Businesses, Development Sector, Public-Private Partnerships, and Governments, thanks to its skilled workforce of 500+ team members. More than 5000 designs in the last ten years attest to this.

19. DxMinds Technologies

DxMinds Technologies

DxMinds Technologies is the fastest-growing Web3 development consulting company. They have offices in Silicon Valley, India, the United Arab Emirates, and Australia. They have mastered the art of creating competitive digital products and solutions by leveraging cutting-edge technologies and best industry practices. 

They are located across various countries, ensuring that end customers receive precise and complete products on time. The company present a diverse range of engagement models to fulfill customer requirements to the core with the help of a team of over a hundred experts. The team includes in-house engineers who are experts at crafting the best solutions by leveraging technologies. They provide the service in Mobile App Development and Artificial Intelligence, blockchain technology, and IoT.

21. Spot Dot Infotech

Spot Dot Infotech

DOT InfoTech is a top-rated IT company for metaverse development and mobile and web application development. They strongly believe in putting the client first and prioritizing assisting them in developing their applications using cutting-edge technology. What sets DOT InfoTech apart isn’t the 500+ effective apps and websites. They have delivered excellent projects since our inception. 

21. Wipro


Wipro assists its customers in realizing their tremendous potential for growth in the digital arena. It assists them in creating and designing their Metaverse platform, which may add value to a company. Wipro provides Metaverse development services to customers in all industries, assisting them in achieving their goals.

Also, it offers Metaverse design services on a variety of concepts for every industry, assisting clients in meeting their business objectives. It has been in the IT industry for a long time. And now it has begun to take small steps toward Metaverse development services.

These were the companies that offered metaverse development and consulting services. Any business can take help from these services to explore the new technology according to their budget, needs, and goals. 

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