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6 Best Explainer Video Production Companies in Australia

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Explainer videos are essential to the success of businesses because they can increase audience engagement by over 200%. Therefore, producing engaging explainer videos for market campaigns should be your topmost priority.

If you’re looking for the best marketing video company in Australia to help you create video marketing campaigns with a high conversion rate or give your business identity a positive self-image, then you’re at the right place.

What is an explainer video?

Explainer videos are short videos for marketing campaigns or promoting brand identities. They are helpful in promoting interaction with your audiences, projecting a positive image and brand identity, and creating strong brand awareness amongst your audiences.

Criteria for making a good explainer video

When making a good explainer video, you should focus on meeting the following criteria.

1.  An explainer video should be short in length because you have 30 seconds to capture your audience’s attention.

2.  A good explainer video should have a style and tone that targets specific audiences based on age categories.

3.  A call-to-action informs your audiences on what to do. A good explainer video should include a call to action that tells your audiences what to do.

4.  Solving your audience’s problem should be the central theme of your explainer video.

5.  A good explainer video should include a little humour that helps convey your message.

6.  An explainer video should have high-quality graphics with a mix of videos and images.

7.  Have a promotion strategy for how you will broadcast your explainer video.

X best explainer video production companies in Australia 2022

1. Vidico

Vidico, founded in Melbourne, Australia, is one of Australia’s most respected explainer video production companies. It is known for producing explainer videos with unique characters that audiences can relate to. Video produces stellar, simple-styled explainer videos that can simplify complex ideas into fascinating, engaging, and educative explainer videos across a broad range of niches, such as business, fashion, medicine, cryptocurrency, etc.

Vidico focuses on its clients by having you in every step of the way, from briefing to production and delivery, ensuring your idea is aptly conveyed to your audiences most appropriately.

2. Explanimate

Explanimate, found in 2007 in Loganholme, Australia, is a video production studio specialising in producing high-quality videos for marketing purposes.

Explanimate focuses on creating engaging videos that convey your messages in ways that captivate your audiences by carrying you along every step of the way. The team of creatives comprising experienced animators, strategists, writers, and other skilled members at Explanimate focuses on creating a solid connection between your brand and your audiences and positive memories of your business in your audiences.

3. Lumeo Explainer Videos

Lumeo Explainer Videos focuses on creating short videos that unravel complex topics in clear, entertaining, and concise videos that boost ranking on search engine result pages. They have produced amazing videos used as TV commercials.

Lumeo has an in-house team of experienced managers, writers, designers, animators, and other skilled personnel who delights in producing engaging videos that remain indelible in the heart of your audiences.

From start to finish, Lumeo carries you along every step of the way by engaging in direct communication with you every step of the way; hence they do an excellent job of delivering your message to your audiences in the most effective way.

4. Jumbla Explainer Videos

Jumbla Explainer Videos, founded in Melbourne, Australia, in 2011, focuses on producing fun, educative, and engaging explainer videos. They have a team of more than 40 skilled artists and professionals who delight in collaborating and working with you and your team members to ensure you get the right type of video that conveys your message in a unique way that creates lasting impressions. Their services cut across marketing campaigns, adverts, educational, etc.

Jumla Explainer Video company is well known for its sound studios that have produced some of the best-known soundtracks in Australia.

5. Motion story

Motion Story, established in Byron Bay, Australia, is known for its ability to convert complex ideas and concepts into simple, engaging, and explanatory short videos. They are known for their explainer videos in niches like e-commerce, cryptocurrencies, fashion, fundraising, etc.

The team at Motion gives special attention to details by ensuring that your business/brand identity, ideas, values, and other vital aspects are conveyed to your audiences using clear, entertaining, and concise videos that focus on storytelling to deliver your message.

6. Chello

Chello is a branding and content-creating company founded in Redfern, Australia, in 2014. It is best known for its marketing videos, which have helped businesses in Australia and beyond to meet and exceed their target conversion rate. The company specializes in creating animated, fun videos of all categories that integrate infographics and other explainer types to drive home your message and engage and influence your audiences to take the right action.

Chello has a team of highly skilled professionals and experts in voiceovers and translators in different languages that make your videos appealing to a broader range of audiences that transcends language barriers.

Final thought

All of the explainer video production companies discussed above are sure to boost your conversion rate up to 5X and project your business and brand positively in your audience’s hearts. Irrespective of your choice, you will be working with a team of highly skilled managers, directors, skilled designers, animators, writers, and producers who will always carry you along every step of the way to ensure you get explainer videos that give your business the right type of exposure that drives home business profitability.

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