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Top 40 Crypto PR Agencies In USA, India, UK, 2024

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Public relations help a business to survive and thrive in any industry. If a business wants to be regarded seriously and to have serious business ties and operations, the first step that comes ahead is to build public relations. The same rule goes for the crypto industry. 

There are trustworthy and exceptional companies that help businesses to establish public relations to increase their brand value and customer base.

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Any industry must have public relations to survive. To be regarded completely, businesses, service providers, and innovators must make their offerings accessible to the general population. The cryptocurrencies, DeFi, NFT, metaverse, and blockchain sectors are linked to a substantial number of crypto public relations firms, but only a select few have the knowledgeable personnel and connections to really enable a cryptocurrency business to sparkle.

A leading public relations firm will be important to help you stay ahead of the competition in the highly saturated bitcoin market. Crypto public relations services are necessary for maintaining your business at the very front of consumers’ thoughts when they are trying to determine which coin to purchase or which business to support.

More than a dozen distinct crypto PR agencies serve the industry today, helping marketers connect with their target demographics. Let’s find out more about the leading bitcoin PR firms that are well-known in the industry.


  1. Blockwiz

A worldwide crypto branding company called Blockwiz focuses on providing operations for brand recognition and crypto PR. Blockwiz has indeed carried out more than 800 effective data-driven initiatives with more than 150 customers. Blockwiz’s marketers are dedicated to offering entire crypto marketing services and aiding their customers to achieve complete growth across channels. For the provision of top-notch crypto PR services, they have teamed with industry heavyweights like Coindesk,, Benzinga, and many others.

  1. MarketAcross 

A cryptocurrency PR agency called MarketAcross has developed relationships with journalists from major publications, well-known bloggers, programmers, and authors of small blogs who all are eager to work together. They’ve also worked with a few of the major cryptocurrency businesses in the world, like BitTorrent, NEO, and Simplex, amongst many others.

  1. SlicedBrand 

SlicedBrand, a global crypto pr firm with an award-winning team that concentrates on and excels in innovation, might well be known to you. As a consequence, you may have faith that they would not only provide outcomes but also have a thorough understanding of your company’s goods and target market. The group’s core personnel has been employed in the bitcoin and blockchain industries for a number of years, therefore they have extensive knowledge in these domains. SlicedBrand encourages a systematic story plan to connect companies, the press, and their audience.

  1. Foxtail Advertising

Both bitcoin and non-crypto companies can benefit from the services offered by Foxtail Marketing. Foxtail Marketing can execute nearly all of the organizational requirements for blockchain-related enterprises in addition to offering a full array of advertising services like news releases, online reputation management, and digital marketing. It is known as  one of the top crypto PR agencies. 

  1. CryNet 

Another comprehensive cryptocurrency PR firm with a solid track record of effectively leading PR initiatives is CryNet. They are based in the Czech Republic and have collaborated on cutting-edge solutions with companies including The Divi Project, HOQU, Earth Token, PlayKey, and BetterBetting.

Instead of depending on conventional advertising strategies, the company is taking delight in creating genuine ways to communicate with its customers. Furthermore, reports have suggested that CryNet has worked with more than 400 businesses in the sector.

  1. FINN Partners 

In addition to being one of the most effective cryptocurrency PR companies in the world, the team leading FINN Partners has put a big emphasis on the human aspect. This improvement will provide FINN Partners’ clients with the best outcome possible, procedure, and result.

Among other activities, FINN Partners offers branding, marketing development, corporate communications, influencers, public affairs, and other facilities. The crew also has expertise in several different fields, like computing, cryptocurrency, and bitcoin, among others.

  1. Melrose PR

Melrose is a public relations company that is solely focused on various blockchain and cryptocurrency startups. They help businesses develop campaigns that comprise magazines, conferences, as well as other types of media in order to launch new products. They offer a variety of services, including the development of sponsored posts, social media planning, and raising brand recognition.

  1. Token Agency 

The Netherlands-based Token Agency seems to be a cryptocurrency and blockchain advertising company specializing in these two fields. Companies like Bancor, Decent, Wings, and Mainframe, have collaborated on a range of PR initiatives. The company acts as an advisor for customers, helping them to carry out profitable product releases and initial coin offers (ICOs).

  1. Guerilla Marketing

Using communities, social networks, and publishers, Guerrilla Buzz, a blockchain public relations and development marketing agency, specializes in generating interest in bitcoin networks.

Common media include Quora, Reddit, Telegram, and internet forums like Bitcointalk. They have used the strategy in efforts to support companies like Bancor to raise their brand recognition.

  1. Byzantium

Advertising agency Byzantium was founded in Scotland and has extensive knowledge of blockchain and cryptocurrency PR. The business has already collaborated with organizations like Bankex, NagaCoin, CryptoPing, and HumanIQ. A large portion of their work is focused on financing, where they develop tools for digital currencies (ICOs) and help companies locate their target market.

  1. DaPixel

This is a brand-new digital marketing company that will increase revenue for your company. This agency’s free appointment with a 30-minute consultation is one of its primary benefits. This is sufficient to create a customized digital marketing strategy plan for your situation. In the end, finding a unique strategy and developing a unique advertising campaign for each company, good, or service is the key to a marketing firm’s success.

Key Advantages:

Compile a list of your own objectives and a plan for achieving them.

To apply only the effective tactics that are present in the leading companies, evaluate your competitors and research their effective and unsuccessful strategies.

Getting the most out of your money requires careful planning and strategy development. DaPixel performs this.

  1. NinjaPromo

A comprehensive Blockchain marketing company is Ninjapromo. Ninjapromo establishes competitive approaches via content development, efficient public administration, targeted network promotion, content marketing, PR, and more to boost all facets of SMM initiatives. Your ICO, DeFi, STO, or NFT would be effectively handled if you work with NinjaPromo.

Important characteristics:

focuses on social media advertising for cryptocurrency businesses has a fantastic staff with a solid client base responds to your contact when using a website chat function where they address all of your inquiries

  1. ICODA

This company offers complete crypt marketing. To increase a marketing company’s worth globally, ICODA employs a computation methodology. This company provides a wide variety of services in relation to its expertise in digital and cryptocurrency marketing. They have a group of supporters and enthusiasts for cryptocurrencies and the blockchain who have worked on several fruitful projects in this field.

Important characteristics: 

They specialize in Chinese, Korean, and Russian marketing, promoting your company to local markets, and locating financial investors from these nations.AI analytics and other added personal characteristics, they interact with genuine liquidity on well-known cryptocurrency exchanges. Additionally, they have special plans for expanding the token market and boosting liquidity in their toolbox.

They offer a broad array of marketing-related services, from website design and content generation to analytical review.

  1. Coinbound

Coinbound is everything you need if you would like to start your own cryptocurrency brand or if you already have a cryptocurrency but just don’t know about making it popular. Because it is regarded as being the most successful form of digital outreach, they concentrate on advertising and crypto influencers.

The collaboration with influencers takes place via social networking sites including Twitter, YouTube, TikTok, and Instagram, as well as others. They are the global leaders in the number of followers in the cryptocurrency and blockchain fields. You probably even registered to several of them or occasionally read about them.

Crucial elements:

Prepare for a first-quarter rise of more than 300%! The majority of their clients see exactly this indicator on their Twitter accounts. They assume total management of your account and make every effort to fill it with fantastic content that the audience will find interesting.

optimization for search engines. But not everything is that easy; there is a great number of competitors, and it gets harder every year to get your website to the top. But not for Coinbound, which choose a strategy that is solely centered on producing high-quality material in order to draw in genuine lovers of the blockchain and the cryptocurrency industry.

To examine your marketing strategy, Coinbound provides professional guidance. Perhaps you are succeeding and merely require minor adjustments. You can employ an expert by the hour to complete this.

  1. Crowd Create

Leading full-service cryptocurrency and NFT marketing advisory Crowdcreate. Since 2017, Crowdcreate has led the way globally in the development of influencer marketing, community building, fundraising, paid to advertise, and PR growth techniques which have helped launch and scale several of the most popular blockchain and Web 3.0 enterprises.

Important characteristics:

  •  They manage one of the leading providers of crypto entrepreneurs, investors, influencers, and innovators.
  • They started working on blockchain in 2017. Crowdcreate produced social media material for prestigious initiatives like The Sandbox in 2021. In 2018, they assisted in the launch of Asia’s quickest token sale. They established an Expert Network in 2022 to assist projects in connecting with prominent financiers, influencers, entrepreneurs, and significant thought leaders in cryptocurrency and NFTs.
  • Additionally, they are assisting projects with capital raising, M&A consultation, legal advisory, and NFT creation.
  1. ICO Speaks

ICO Speaks is a leader in the crypto marketing arena. In our opinion, one of the top crypto marketing firms in 2022 will be ICO Speaks. ICO Speaks was founded as an online community for shareholders, brokers, and cryptocurrency enthusiasts interested in knowing more about blockchain technology and cryptocurrencies. In latest days, the community has acquired a strong public image for assisting with the launch and promotion of numerous ICO/IEO startups projects.

With more than 600k followers on social media and undoubtedly some of the most crypto-savvy employees in the business, ICO Speaks has been effective in assisting numerous crypto projects to become popular. The business has a track history of assisting cryptocurrency businesses in reaching their targeted audience.

Through crypto twitter services, crypto PR in the media outlets, WhatsApp pin post-marketing, crypto social networking sites promotion, and crypto promotional strategies, ICO Speaks disseminates a cryptocurrency project to the globe. To promote your project to the appropriate audience and aid in helping you establish a solid reputation in the sector, you might wish to collaborate with ICO Speaks.

  1. Lunar Strategy

This is really a digitized crypto marketing firm that employs cutting-edge strategies to advertise products and services and boost company earnings. Their group consists of experts that have a wealth of important results and also many decades of expertise involved in the field of Facebook and Google marketing.

Strategy is their primary instrument. Three months in advance, they have a strategy for an advertisement campaign. Additionally, each of your business objectives has its own digital indicator—a number that will be attained gradually. At every phase of your collaboration, Lunar Strategy follows you with data and maintains continual communication.

Key Advantages:

A top-notch group of experts in the fields of Facebook and Google marketing who are familiar with all the resources available to you. Additionally, they have solid experience running legal advertising campaigns that adhere to all internet regulations.

Your website will rise to the top of search engine results with their group of experts’ assistance. Amongst the most important aspects of promoting your business, company, or service is SEO optimization.

You could also use them as a resource to improve the performance of poor content. Lunar Strategy will assist you in producing expert online content that is both extremely instructive and search engine friendly.

  1. Re Blonde

The ReBlonde marketing company employs a group of skilled public affairs specialists with expertise in promoting the goods of crypto firms.They provide a huge variety of PR activities and may assist your company in securing top cryptocurrency media coverage on prestigious websites like Mashable and the BBC.

Additionally, the business provides NFT advertising services to other companies and creators that wish to develop in the NFT industry. ReBlonde covers a wide range of topics, including antiquities, visual photography, gaming, music, movies, and sports.

  1. CryptoVirtually

Located in Romania, CryptoVirally is a full-service crypto marketing company that provides a range of PR services to the industry. The business provides assured program coverage on Cointelegraph as well as other authoritative media in the sector, like CryptoPotato, CryptoDaily, ZyCrypto, CoincoDex, DeFi Times, etc. Additionally, they provide outstanding crypto capacity building on popular social media sites like Telegram, Twitter, Facebook, Instagram, Reddit, and Discord.

They provide a variety of service packages at different price points, and you can schedule a free 30-minute session to talk about your next bitcoin marketing procedure.

  1. TOP

The well-known cryptocurrency and blockchain marketing company TOP has branches all around the globe, including Chicago, Dubai, London, Miami, and Los Angeles.

TOP has top-tier PR specialists with experience in corporate communications, strategic communications training, and the development of PR resources. They have award-winning innovators, architects, content providers, online storytellers, and programmers on their group, as well as technical experts.

As a comprehensive blockchain marketing company, TOP has perfected the art of using blockchain initiatives to stimulate your company’s development. They have vast experience working with cryptocurrency businesses and understand how to gain credibility via innovative thinking and collaborations.

List of USA, India, and UK-based Crypto PR companies that help businesses

  1. MarketAcross
  2. Blockwiz
  3. Amazix
  4. CoinBound
  5. SlicedBrand
  6. CryNet
  7. CaphIQ
  8. Caliber
  9. Finn Partners
  10. Blockchain Press Media
  11. The Relevance House
  12. Melrose PR
  14. MAPR Agency
  15. Token Agency
  16. GuerillaBuzz
  17. Foxtail Marketing
  18. Byzantium
  19. Crowdcreate

1. MarketAcross

First, in this crypto PR agency list comes the MarketAcroos. MarketAcroos delivers premium content marketing for new businesses and cryptocurrencies. They started working on blockchain in 2014 and since then they have been providing the best services in content marketing and amplification. 

The list of their services goes from PR, content marketing, social promotions, influencer outreach (KoL), brand reputation, SEO, to community growth. They work both with Journalists from top-tier publications, webmasters, influential bloggers, and editors of small blogs. They use strategies like pitching, ghostwriting, videos, OP-Eds, press releases, and interviews to help achieve their customers’ desired platform. 

2. Blockwiz

Next up on the list is Blockwiz, a global crypto pr firm. It specializes in crypto PR and brand awareness operations. As the industry needs more data driver solutions, they are on the mission to bring crypto into marketing.   

With a 150+ client base, Blockwiz has already deployed over 700+ data-driven campaigns and is still counting. Blockwiz’s marketers use their full-stack crypto marketing solutions to bring clients comprehensive growth across different and valuable channels. 

Throughout their journey now, they have partnered with well-known crypto giants like, Benzinga, and Cointelegraph, till now. In the future, Blockchain will bring more solutions to the industry and drive its customer base to the next level. 

3. Amazix

Amazon has got all that a new expert business needs. From branding to marketing they also provide crypto PR services agencies. Amazon believes to shape the crypto world with its exceptional services. With its great team which has 1550 blockchain professionals, Amaziz helps businesses to achieve their desired results. Its services include crypto PR, blockchain marketing, NFTs, crypto exchanges, and wallets. They also help the brands to improve their community management. 

Along with Amazix businesses can also avail lawyers of documentation and legal advisory. .which means that businesses can head to Amazix and find useful legal assistance for all their commercial needs and to solve complications. 

4. CoinBound

Coinbound has extensive experience in the crypto and Web3 PR industries. This allows businesses to create comprehensive ad campaigns that reach a massively large audience.

Coinbound’s PR team works with the largest influencers, crypto publishers, and media to secure organic coverage from the blockchain industry’s biggest names.

Their team can carefully build and deploy coverage-securing releases, pitches, and announcements that will draw attention to their client’s business. Due to their efforts and hard work, they have been featured in NewsBTC, AMBCrypto, CoinTelegraph, Finance, Blockworks, Decrypt, Yahoo, Benzinga, Market Watch, and other publications.

5. SlicedBrand

SlicedBrand is yet another worldwide cryptocurrency pr agency with its award-winning staff it focuses on providing services to all startups, and celebrated firms. Slice brands to deliver results according to a brand’s business and product. Besides PR, their services include AI, blockchain, mobile, cybersecurity, MedTech, fintech, and many more. They have a professional team that comprises the understanding of the blockchain technology and cryptocurrency fields.

Throughout its years in the industry, the company has worked with clients from Microsoft and Google to stealth startups.

6. CryNet

CryNet is just another full-service marketing firm with a long history of managing PR projects successfully. When it comes to advertising, the company takes pride in creating genuine opportunities to engage with its audience instead of relying on traditional advertising methods. Finally, according to news stories, CryNet has partnered with over 400 industry companies.

They have collaborated with companies like the Divi Project, Earth Token, PlayKey, HOQU, and BetterBetting to create innovative solutions.

7. CaphIQ

CapiqIQ offers PR solutions along with other investments and business strategies, legal advisory and governance solutions, and full-stack digital marketing services. CaphiIQ empowers ambitious businesses (from small to large businesses) and helps build good brand awareness.

They offer their large-scale services in the following domains: high-converting paid search, social media, advertising, and PR campaigns to get the business in front of their audiences. Till now they have worked with over 92 happy clients and have deployed over 23 successful projects to prove their potential. The business turning to CaphIQ stands a good chance to achieve its goals. 

8. Caliber

Currently working in the USA, the Caliber is the best cryptocurrency pr firm in FinTech and Blockchain solutions. Their services are highly dedicated to PR solutions. They do it in the form of articles, whitepapers, and other crucial documents. Along with content marketing, they also help businesses with their public reactions to the advances of digital marketing. This includes online display ads, paid social media, and search. Calibar is a well-known name to acquire fellow PR agencies, so the business can trust this new tech rookie for PR services. 

9. Finn Partners

FINN Partners is a rapidly growing global independent PR agency with a heart and a conscience. They serve clients by combining hands-on collaborative efforts, highly specialized knowledge and experience, and values-driven culture that promotes integrity, cooperation, and innovation. As a result of this development, FINN Partners clients will profit from an ideal knowledge, process, and outcome.

It provides advertising, brand-making preparations, marketing communication, digital advertising, public affairs, and other services. Furthermore, the team has expertise in a variety of fields, including technology, cryptos, blockchain, and others.

10. Blockchain Press Media

Blockchain Press Media is the world’s leading cryptocurrency PR company with offices in India and Singapore. It provides full-stack marketing solutions, large-scale expertise, and comprehensive and innovative strategies. 

It aims to create and sustain industry leadership positions for its clients through relationships, marketing intelligence, and presented execution. 

They offer substantial press releases, news, authored articles, and editorial services for Blockchain, and crypto businesses pitched at producing huge customer experience for exceptional projects and business. They make sure that the company gets good exposure and successfully builds a brand reputation. Besides all these services, Blockchain Press Media provides crisis management to prevent any type of damage to the crypto firm’s reputation.

11. The Relevance House

Founded in 2018, The relevance house is one of the perfect crypto pr agencies to provide full service for firms in the crypto industry. They focus on helping technology start-ups and projects build and communicate a relevant brand and story. 

The team at this company strives to live up to its name, believing that relevance is the most essential factor in project PR. They provide a wide range of services, including customer targeting, website design, social media management, content marketing, branding, and more.

The Relevance House model put limelight on preparing clients for their fundraising/goals. Then, when it is ready and an audience has been built, it will go live. Once funding is secured, it will expand further.

12. Melrose PR

Founded in 2012, Melrose PR is a blockchain and crypto-centered PR agency based in the heart of Silicon Beach, California. 

They have always been the champions of innovative, decentralized technologies that are suspected to change the world. Long-term strategies are at our core, they leverage the industry relationships to gain brand awareness for our clients in crypto, mainstream media, and other technology. 

Their PR relation services are completely dedicated to various crypto and blockchain projects. They assist startups, small scale and large-scale businesses in launching product releases by guiding them with campaigns that include social media planning, and brand awareness improvement.


Flexe is one of the top crypto PR agencies that support businesses in their PR relations and promote crypto projects using multiple social networking sites and search engines. It also delivers an extensive range of PR options and lays a powerful base for the brand one for all. 

They use services publications, interviews, and press releases to grow established business PR reactions. They have direct access to the contributors of 150+ businesses and Crypto media manage their PR services. 

14. MAPR Agency

MAPR Agency is a crypt public relations firm based in Boulder, Colorado that was founded in 2009. 

It has worked for various companies such as NREL, ValyantAI, CableLabs, and Vaisala, and they’ve also successfully partnered with clients featured in high-profile publications. They are an excellent agency to work with if a business wants a well-rounded PR experience.

They function in the fields like SEO, strategy, design, content, video, and other PR and marketing services. The company covers a wide variety of industries along with Cryptocurrency and blockchain

15. Token Agency

Journalism in the Crypto space can be tricky, and the company knows that well. That’s why they are known as the largest cryptocurrency pr agency. They have their commercial relations with Bloomberg, WSJ, and CoinDesk, just to name a few. Just side by side the PR relations they have created and brands’ voices, names, and guidelines for some multi million crypto firms. 

The agency works with clients as a trusted consultancy, guiding them in launching projects and initiating IOCs. 

16. GuerillaBuzz

GuerillaBuzz is yet another blockchain public relations firm. The team provides blockchain marketing services such as public relations, content marketing, SEO, branding, and community growth. 

It makes no difference what aspect of public relations a business requires assistance with, as businesses can obtain support for IDOs, DeFi, and IEOs—all of which will propel a project to the next level. Link building and SEO are accomplished through trusted partners in the blockchain and cryptocurrency markets. The group has collaborated with the brands like CoinGecko, AAX, Polyswarm, and Bancor, and has successfully deployed buzzworthy projects. 

17. Foxtail Marketing

Foxtail marketing delivers both crypto PR and non-crypto services for the business to grow. 

FMG is made up of marketing professionals who specialize in revenue generation and brand planning, primarily for defense contractors in the sports and entertainment industries.

FMG partners have more than 15 years of experience with defense contractors and navigating DoD policy and procedure. Furthermore, they have over 25 years of combined experience working with different industries and institutions. 

18. Byzantium

Byzantium provides comprehensive marketing and PR services to the Crypto and Blockchain business. It is a group of blockchain experts with extensive experience in business development, consulting, investment, marketing, and public relations.

They have committed to the development of blockchain technologies, the decentralization of traditional institutions and business models, and the widespread adoption of innovative technological marvels.

The company has associated business ties with companies like NagaCoin, Bankex, CryptoPing, and HumanIQ in the past. Mainly they aim on fundraising and assist businesses to find their targeted audience. 

19. Crowdcreate

Since 2017, Crowdcreate has built a network of the most influential names. They’ve invested hundreds of thousands of dollars over these 5 years.  

They claim to be the agency to have the best relationships and growth that no other agency has. 

For the business, they build the PR relations from the ground up. They gather hundreds of influencers every week with the help of email marketing and other effective strategies. They have worked on several blockchain projects by using their driver methodology. But mainly the crowd creates focus on PR outreach, influencer marketing, video design and productions, media management, and crypto projects. 

Relying on cryptocurrency public relations firms to raise awareness of this cryptocurrency and blockchain-based, as well as crypto exchange brand among mainstream users is critical. 

PR relations are adaptable to a wide range of use cases. As a result, With the help of these crypto public relations firms, spreading the word about cryptocurrency becomes much easier.

Finding the best crypto PR services that provide excellent service while also having established relationships with top news organizations is critical for new companies entering the crypto sphere. With its wide range of services and marketing arsenal, a reputable crypto PR agency can help businesses scale their projects. A PR agency must be able to offer a wide set of services even while reaching suitable target audiences. 

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