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Best Free Fasting Apps For iPhone and Androids | Top 10 Apps to Track Intermittent Fasting

Whether you're developing a regular schedule or fasting intermittently for the first time, these helpful apps will keep you on track.

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best free intermittent fasting app

Fasting can potentially reprogram your metabolism, lower your weight, and burn heavy fat calories, along with other health benefits. Fasting can help to control excess eating habits for a specific time period. However, doing it on your own can leave you overwhelmed sometimes. But, to not face it at all, take help from an app. An app can be your best buddy in fasting that always encourages you and keeps you on track. To kick start your journey with fasting, here are some best free fasting apps that you can try. 

The Best Intermittent Fasting Apps
The Best Intermittent Fasting Apps

Best Free Fasting Apps For iPhone and Androids

1. Lasta – Best Intermittent Fasting App

Best Intermittent Fasting App
Best Intermittent Fasting App

Intermittent fasting with Lasta is the best way to lose weight healthily. You can choose options such as the 5:2, 16:8, alternate day fasting, or the warrior diet. However, following the schedule can be pretty challenging. The intermittent fasting app Lasta is quite effective and is a robust tool to ensure you stick to the diet and achieve your weight loss goals.

2. Do Fasting – Fasting Tracker

The DoFasting app is available for both Android and iOS devices. It is one of the best free fasting app for iPhone. Starting with a simple quiz allowing you to tailor your app to your specific needs and aspirations. You can download the “Do Fasting” app for free to try for Android and iOS devices.

You can choose your fasting plan from six free templates based on the plan’s complexity. You will receive workout recommendations with the whole lesson plan based on your fitness level perspectives. Finally, in your profile area, you may keep track of your fasting, weight, & workout statistics.

3. Simple – Intermittent Fasting

The app’s name is “simple” though, it can solve your fasting complexities. This simple intermittent fasting app, as the name suggests, offers fasting time alerts and recommendations all day long and it makes an excellent alternative for beginners. 

It can help you keep detailed records of your meals and your hydration and exercise levels.

You can choose from goal programs ranging from weight loss to thoughtful eating and stress reduction. Further, if you want to go with the app, you can buy a premium plan with inspirational content, customized insights, and other benefits that cost $29.99 for twelve weeks or $49.99 per year. You can download this app on iOS and Android. 

4. Fast Habit – Best free intermittent fasting app

Supper adaptability, Fasthabit fasting monitor, has a flash feature, and the free edition of the app includes information on prior 10-day fasts.

It allows you to select times and days for fasting reminders and receive notifications on your continuous fast. However, one crazy aspect of Fast habit is that you have to pay to use it. You can download it from the Apple App Store, and the Google Play Store. Luckily for the users, its android version has been recently released, before that, the app was only available to the iPhone user. It is a free program and free fasting app for android, and premium users must purchase it once. 

5. LIFE Fasting Tracker

This IF app emphasizes teamwork. It lets you form circles of friends to share your fasting experiences. With the app, claims will keep you more accountable. This program also employs visual graphics to indicate and let you know when you enter the fat-burning portion of your fast. It can provide you with significant motivation for some users.

You can join for free, but personal sessions without coaches will cost you between $30 and $60 for 30 minutes. Here, you can also get group tutoring at a discounted rate. Having a visual help to a fasting schedule feels incredibly nice and it helps you focus more than usual. 

6. Fastic – Free fasting app for android

Fastic app offers you a vast community of intermittent fasters to help you on your path. The free app includes basic features like a fasting timer, hydration tracker, and step meter, but to get the most from the app, you’ll need to subscribe to the plus version, which starts at $4.60 each week. 

You’ll have access to a slew of including recipes, premium features, challenges, and more, to help keep you focused on your IF journey. For the people who are having trouble meeting their goals, it helps you to maintain your schedule and rest 

7. Fastient – Free fasting app UK

The Fastient app is one of the greatest fasting smartphone apps. It features several fasting plan settings as well as the option to make a custom fast. You can monitor and browse a record of the two primary sections: fasting times and weight.

You may also use this app to track your diet. Including a few key features, the app offers you a simple fasting monitoring software with only a few functions. Of course, you can check the best option. The app is also available for Android and iOS devices.

8. Zero Calories – intermittent fasting app

For the tailored fasting events using the Zero Calories, Fasting Tracker can be 2X more effective than anything. This app will give you notifications to inform you of your fasting schedule. You can even modify the color of your app’s theme.

You can use the Zero Calories Fasting Tracker App to track your bodily parameters such as weight, water intake, ketones, and so on.

You might form a fast group to practice irregular fasting in a more comfortable environment for you so that you can further share your findings with peers. You can download this app on Android and iOS devices, both.

9. Vora – Fasting Tracker

The Vora will display a graphic representation of all your previous fasts as a simple tracker. It also exists for you to share your fasting experiences on social media. It provides the graphs from your previous restful too, which will turn out deeply invertible. You can how 45 pounds will likely be found b

The app can make notes that you can check later on to find out the motivation for your success.

10. Zero – Intermittent Fasting

Zero: Best Fasting App
Zero: Best Fasting App

With Zero Fasting, you can unlock the benefits of intermittent fasting for better health. It is a free intermittent fasting app that offers compatibility with the Fitbit watch.

The Zero fasting app lets you choose from traditional irregular fasting styles as well as construct your own bespoke fast.

Unlike other apps, with the help of this app, you can track your fasting & weight statistics and leave post-fast remarks. Zero fasting will assist you in discovering articles, studies, as well as videos concerning the intermittent fasting cycle. You can download the Zero fasting app from Android and iOS devices.

11. Sunrise Fasting – Intermittent Fasting on the App Store

Zero fasting uses your location to calculate an appropriate start and finish time based on dawn and sunset in your area. You can also select from several alternative fasting options and a custom fast setting that allows you to enter your routine. The app allows users to take notes & track their moods effortlessly.

The app is free, but if you don’t like the ads, you can go for the subscription edition to remove adverts. It enables fasting presets and advanced metrics and offers a decent variety of features as well and does not promote the premium version like many other IF apps do. 

You will love how this app records your daily fasts and allows you to modify the fasts, & tracks your body weight. You see the percentages you have accomplished, it will be encouraging for you to make it to the last hour. You can get this app for iOS.

12. MyFast – Best Fast Tracking App

MyFast App offers two fasting tracking options: manual and weekly. Using these options, you can schedule your fasting hours ahead of time for the entire week. This fasting app also allows you to attach configurable fasting hours and update them in real time. You can use the carts to check your fasting tale and weight loss. There are primary reasons to use this app if you can access it on both: the AppStore as well as the Google Play Store. 

13. My Fasting Diet – Fast Tracker

You can tailor fasting your fasting events using the Zero Calories Fasting Tracker for Fast Weight Loss App. This app will give you reminders to inform you of your fasting schedule. You can even modify the color of your app’s theme.

You can use the Zero Calories Fasting Tracker App to track your physical parameters such as weight, water intake, ketones, and so on.

Through the app, you can also contact the fasting community and form a fast group to practice irregular fasting in a more comfortable environment and share your findings with peers. For you to download the app is available on android and iOS.

14. Window – Fasting tracker

Window - Fasting App
Window – Fasting App

Though this app is the best app to track intermittent fasting. You won’t be able to do anything unless you upgrade for $39.99 each year. However, it does provide a wide range of fasts, including–Easy Start, Leangains, The Warrior, and OMAD– as well as several useful tools. The weight tracker is perfect for tracking weight loss advancement over time, and the healthy blog includes articles from prominent nutritionists.

It is the only Intermittent Fasting app that enables users to select between fasting & eating window durations in the calendar overview and when viewing user stats. As well as the fact that it also functions as a weight monitor… is a bonus. This app has been vital in success with intermittent fasting. Finally, if you like well-organized clean apps, this app is one choice for you.

15. BodyFast – We ❤️ fasting

With over 23 million installations, this German-based app is the best free intermittent fasting. It permits you to vary often the sort of fast you’re on based on your objectives and requirements for the day or week. 

To further keep you motivated, it also provides weekly challenges and trophies. It provides you with several fasting possibilities that are extensive and mind-boggling. But, you’ll need to upgrade to a premium membership to access most of them. 

Gaining access to private coaching is ever easier, as you only have to pay $16.99 monthly. You will enjoy this app with a few eating schedule alternatives, so you can adapt when things become crazy instead of sticking to a certain window. It includes an alert feature that will help you stay on track. 

Whether you’re developing a regular schedule or fasting intermittently for the first time, these helpful apps will keep you on track.

Fasting App LogoApp to track intermittent fastingDownloadsTop FeaturesPrice
Transporter AppZero1,000,000+Easy to customize your own FastTrack your fasting progress and fasting goals.Free
Transporter AppLIFE Fasting Tracker10L+Adjust the time as per convenience, long weight, waist circumference, glucose, and ketonesFree
Transporter AppBodyFast10,000,000+No Notification alerts and no advertisementFree
Transporter AppAte Food Diary100,000+Stay accountable via friends or coachFree
Transporter AppVora100,000+Track daily fast and diet planFree
Transporter AppFastient100,000+Dark mode, progress pictures, quick-tag emojis featuresFree
Transporter AppFastHabit50,000+Set reminders for fasting and get notifiedFree
Transporter AppWindow1,000,000+Great tool for monitoring weight. Check the progress in a timelineFree

These were some of the Intermittent fasting apps that can help you start your fitness journey through fasting. 

What’s the best app to use for intermittent fasting of 2023?

Zero and Fast Habbit is the best fast tracking apps.

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