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Top 25 iOS Android Mobile App Development Ideas for 2022

Coming up with a killer mobile app idea for a business start-up or growth is not easy. Unquestionably, one fantastic mobile app...

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Mobile App Development Ideas 2022

Coming up with a killer mobile app idea for a business start-up or growth is not easy. Unquestionably, one fantastic mobile app idea can turn you into a millionaire overnight. But the success of every mobile app depends on these three aspects: concept, motive and demand. So, before you prepare a list of the best mobile development companies in USA, you need to focus on these aspects.

This post has listed the top 25 mobile app ideas for 2022 that may help you and your business. So, without further ado, let’s kick off with our first mobile app idea.

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  1. A mobile app that lets you design your room virtually

When buying furniture or interior decoration for any room in your house, we sometimes doubt whether the product will suit the room and where it will look best.

mobile app development ideas 2022

A well-structured augmented reality (AR) app lets you design your room by allowing you to place various 3D models of furniture and other items virtually using your smartphone or tablet camera. You can even partner with other online shopping platforms and promote users to order it through the app.

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  1. The app that converts your entire document into PDF     

Picture this: you visit a cyber cafe to scan your documents and then convert them into a one-single page or multi-page PDF. Don’t you feel that it is quite long-winded and annoying?

mobile app development project ideas 2022

An image to PDF converter app can help you manage all important records and documents on your smartphone securely. The app will use your smartphone’s camera to scan the document (single and multi-page), convert them into a PDF and store them on your phone’s local storage, or you can send them to anyone.

  1. A mobile application that checks your health and plans your diet

     COVID-19 has now become one of the toughest challenges for humanity. Governments take all the mandatory precautions and actions to keep their citizens safe and sound. It’s also our responsibility to support our higher authorities in this fight. An app that can check our immune system and other body functions as well as manage our diet and medication can help us stay fit.

  1. A mobile app that tracks your rail     

People in urban cities depend on public transport, like trains, to get from point A to point B. It can be      annoying if trains are delayed and you have no idea what to do next – wait for the train or find an alternative method to reach your destination.

mobile app development topics 2022

     A live rail tracking app can be a life savior. It helps track your train’s live location and the exact time it      will arrive. So, if you have an emergency and your train is late, you can hire a taxi.

  1. An app that teaches you different languages     

It is one of the most outstanding app ideas you should consider introducing in 2022. A language learning app can help users learn different languages, from beginner lessons through to more experienced language courses, using a voice to help with pronunciation of words. Plus, you can add games to make learning more interesting.      

  1. Food and restaurant recommendation/review mobile application     

A food and restaurant review app shows different restaurant suggestions in the location of the user and can be trusted for reviews and recommendations of cuisine.

  1. Real-time car sharing application     

A real-time pool/car sharing app lets users list their car and put in their journey destinations for other users on that app to check who is going the same way and can split the bill.

2022 best ideas for app development
  1. Contact tracing mobile application     

A real-time contact tracking app lets users view COVID-affected areas as well as global and local statistics. If someone is infected with the coronavirus, they can update their details in the app, which helps the government track and deliver essential goods to them.

  1. Parking space locator app     

The parking space finder app helps people find an available parking space in malls, hospitals, airports or any public location. The app can use GPS and local authorities parking data to find an available parking space. In addition, you can book a parking space for a specific time slot.

  1. Virtual group study app     

With the help of this app, students can meet up, share their notes, discuss important topics and prepare for their exams with other students and their friends. As a developer, you can also offer free and paid study material, guides, quizzes, and more to help students.

  1. A checkout app for the supermarket     

We are sure no one likes to wait in a long queue, especially at a supermarket. Contact your local supermarket and develop an app that helps their customers quickly checkout. This app scans the product barcode with the help of a mobile camera while shopping and lets the user make the payment via UPI or internet banking.

  1. Logistics app     

     Many empty trucks will pass near your pick-up and your delivery location. In such cases, this app can help you transport goods quickly, at a minimal price.

  1. Virtual clothing app
project ideas for mobile app development 2022

This app lets users see if the clothes they want to buy online will fit them. In addition, it will give them an idea how they look wearing it. With the help of this mobile application, users can save time on returning      clothes.

  1. Finished item from refrigerator alert app

If you run out of milk or certain food items that should be present in your refrigerator, this app can alert you that item is finished and give you the option of ordering it online.

  1. Food donation mobile application     

This app will let restaurant owners donate leftover food in their local area to homeless people.

  1. Period calculator and birth control app     

This app can prove helpful for women. They can put in the start and end date of their monthly cycle and alert them about their next menstrual start dates, ovulation days, highly fertile days and if periods get missed. In addition, as a developer, you can introduce a birth control pill reminder module.

  1. Pregnancy assistance app
mobile application development ideas this year

This mobile application helps pregnant women with all pre- and post-pregnancy related advice. It will help women in their pregnancy trimesters. Contact professionals and add them to your application to answer      questions related to pregnancy. To make the application more interesting, add a baby and kids shopping segment with recommended retailers.

  1. Tutor searching mobile app     

This virtual tutor finder app can be for students and tutors. It helps tutors teach more students virtually. The categories can be defined by subject specialization, location, fees, or another specification.

  1. Groceries/clothes/hotel/flight tickets price comparison app     

An app that has all the details to compares prices items and fares and show the user the available best price. 

  1. Gift suggestion mobile application     

This gift suggestion mobile app will check the history of your friend’s online social media feed to suggest      the best gift options based on the content they usually post.

  1. Credit card payment app
android development ideas 2022

This mobile application lets users pay their credit card payments online and once the payment is settled, they can earn rewards points to use for shopping, booking movies or air tickets, and many more.

  1. Doctor consultation Android and iOS app     

The app allows users to consult doctors online. In addition, as a developer, you can provide the latest information to users related to the medical science industry and add an option to book an appointment with a doctor.

  1. Warranty-expiry alerts app     

This app lets users know if the electronics goods in your house are about to reach the end of their warranty period.

  1. Business suggestion app     

Young entrepreneurs in tough conditions can use this business forum app to discuss different techniques and plans needed to grow a start-up and take it to the next level.

  1. Subscription alert mobile application     
ideas for making android apps 2022

Today, every second person is on OTT (over-the-top) platforms, like Amazon Prime, Netflix, Spotify and other utility or entertainment apps. Your designed subscription app will help users track all their subscriptions, as well as bills, and notify them when they are due for payment.

26. An app that virtual styles your pet.

This “pet styler” app lets you virtually check how your pet will look in different costumes, hairstyles, and accessories. All you have to ask from user to click and upload or upload your pet photograph. Moreover, you add funny backgrounds and share them with your family members and friends.

27. Pill reminder

You might have noticed that our family members or friends sometimes forget to take their medications and vitamins. This same might happen with others too. So, you can develop a mobile application that helps users remind themselves about their medication. The application sends them multiple notifications.

28. Free Wi-Fi finder

This mobile app lets you scan all free Wi-Fi spots around you within a specific range. It can prove a great mobile application for those traveling to a new location.

best app development ideas 2022

29. Hair Styler

An app that uses AI technology to analyze users’ uploaded face photographs and suggests the best haircuts and styles suit their faces. You can also add which hair color suits them the most.

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Wrap Up

It doesn’t matter what app idea you pick for your business or start-up. The success of your designed app is determined by the capabilities of app developers, their knowledge and skills in that particular field or platform.

A basic but user-friendly, useful app can attract more users. So, if you are looking for experienced app developer hands, reach out to application modernization services in the USA.

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