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List of Top 50+ Free Cattle Record Keeping Apps & Software

List of top Free Farming & Cattle Record keeping Apps & Management Softwares is available for anyone. Have Features In Your Cattle...

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free cattle record keeping app

Cattle Record Keeping & Management Has Never Been Easier for Any Cattle Farmers.

Here is the list of top free cattle record keeping app and management software

App NameCost TypeRating
AHDB BeefFreeManagement information4.4/5 stars
YagroFreeInput management4.8/5 stars
HerdwatchFreeLivestock management App4.7/5 stars
Farmwizard Beef ManagerFreeBeef herd management3.6/5 stars
RB209 AHDBFreeFertiliser management4.7/5 stars
FarmGRAZE £5.99Grassland management2.8/5 stars
Stock Move Express£30/yearStock movement management4.5/5 stars 
Forage BudgetingFreeFeed managementNo ratings
iLivestockFreeHerd management4.8 out of 5
Calving CalculatorFreeGestation cycle calculator4.3/5 stars
Breeding managementFreeBreeding management App 4/5 stars
Foot Looker LiteFreeHoof treatment guide5/5 stars
List of top 10 free cattle management mobile apps

Farmers will find the Cattle Manager app to be a useful tool for tracking their cattle herd. This eliminates a significant quantity of paperwork that would otherwise be associated with this time-consuming operation. The software allows users to submit information about each cow and view previously entered information about the animals. It will notify the user when key dates and times have come up, such as when the animal’s injection is due. This program collects all of your data in one location, providing an efficient and effective record-keeping mechanism for the user.

Cattle record-keeping apps help you prevent unnecessary cattle loss and improve profitability across your entire operation.

Get advanced analytics and data that work in Cattle Management operations with Cattle Record Keeping Apps. Plan finances, breeding, grazing, record keeping, and herd management with a custom cattle management app.

Farming or Cattle may be stressful, especially if you have a variety of animals on your property. Gone are the days when farm managers would wander about with a pen and paper collecting statistics and information about the animals they were raising. If you want to run a cattle farm as a business, you’ll have no choice but to leave the old way of doing things and start using top cattle record keeping app or software. To keep up with the current trend and remain competitive, most livestock farmers have implemented the use of cattle record keeping apps into their operations.

Farming & Cattle Record keeping Apps & Management Softwares are Available

Livestock Management App

Livestock management software is an integral part of cattle record keeping apps that is a customized solution for centralized operations involving cattle, poultry, horses, and other dairy herds. Give users full access to administration systems and the ability to retrieve data by scanning an ID tag. Many cattle management app comes with livstock management that enables tracking of animals and breeds, ranch administration, bookkeeping, and more.

Ranch Management Application

Ranchers and farmers can customize dashboards to track herd-wide propagation and gestation statuses. Decision Support Systems (DSS) to aid in the optimization of breeding operations in order to reduce breeding costs and produce high-quality offspring. Integrate Cattle Record Keeping Apps with customized animal breeding features.

Apps for Keeping Track of Livestock

Ranchers can use a livestock management app to see and change data (pedigree, origin, health metrics, and pending events) for any animal in the herd utilizing the database management tools. Utilize Radio Frequency Identifiers (RFID), Electronic Identification Devices (EID), and embedded ear tag sensors in livestock management software with third-party GIS/GPS mapping interfaces for tracking animal locations.

Software for Ranch Management

Financial planning software includes Business Intelligence (BI) engines that calculate animal herd values based on breed, pedigree, location, age, and market circumstances. For analytics and report generating, get livestock management software. Few modules are tools for cattle, animals, herds, and other custom-defined livestock breeds. This is the most amazing and helpful feature for farmers. Nowadays most cattle record keeping apps are power by this facility. If you are already a part of any cattle management app then you definitely have to ask your IT partner to add on this feature.

Pasture Grazing System Solutions

Software to track and optimize individual field yields and annual pasture growth for pasture and grazing management. For providing detailed field views and organizing herd movements, Pasture mapping apps using Geographic Information Systems (GIS) and geo-fencing technologies. It works with weather tracking systems that send out alerts when severe weather is approaching. It seems a wonderful feature for me. I am in the cattle farming business since the 90s. And earlier I was using the free cattle record-keeping app but the grazing system was missing. In late 2016, I moved to custom cattle record-keeping system just harness the power of the grazing system.

Automation of Feed Mills

Feed management software tools to ensure that farm and ranch cattle get the best nutrition possible. Central livestock management system, software users can monitor testing batches, set feed schedules, and automate ingredient reorders. With audit trail software integration, Secure industry feed compliance by maintaining supplier-level traceability and Veterinary Feed Directive (VFD) compliance.

Animal Management Software

Farmers may handle day-to-day care, selective breeding, and livestock production with Custom-designed animal husbandry software. Husbandry software that incorporates soil fertility, fertilization, and nutrition levels into GIS mapping. Add this module to your cattle record-keeping app.

Below Are The Must Have Features In Your Cattle Record Keeping Software


We give you information that you can interpret quickly and act on.


Access your information from the office, truck, or field.


Manage each animal based on its unique characteristics, history, and more.

100% YOURS

You own your data, and we keep it secure, private, and protected.


We don’t push specific inputs; we’ll help you maximize profits from the inputs you choose.

List of Top Free Cattle Record-Keeping Software

Cattle record-keeping apps on a mobile phone or tablet device can make some of this easier, whether it be keeping track of herd performance, comparing prices, or calculating grass growth and fertilizer requirements.

1. Farmbite – Cattle Management App

Farmbrite is a comprehensive record-keeping and management system for farms and cattle. Designed to assist you in running a more productive, efficient, and lucrative agricultural operation. We’ve created a robust, simple, all-in-one farming software solution, not just a record-keeping system. Farmbrite has all of the features you’ll need to get more organized, keep better records, manage your resources, track productivity, detect trends, acquire important insights, and boost efficiency and profits. Farmbrite was created with one objective in mind: to assist you in running a more efficient, productive, and lucrative agricultural operation.

2. Ranchr – Cattle Record Keeping

Ranch Manager is Ranchr is a cattle management software that eliminates the need of carrying around a pen and paper by bringing the power to your fingertips with a mobile app along with an online dashboard for your computer. Keep meticulous records of your cattle. Organize your identification, pedigree, and breeding. Multiple actions, such as treatments, sales, and animal locations, should be recorded. Track the performance of your animals and herds and basic accounting functions for managing expenses, profit, and loss. To stay organized, keep a ranch calendar with unlimited notes. In one tailored livestock program, keep track of animal-specific records. Cattle, Sheep, Goats, Horses, Donkeys, Deer, Elk, Alpaca, Llama, and Dogs– you may handle any combination simply activating the modules you require.

4. Cattle Manager

Farmers will find the Cattle Manager app to be a useful tool for tracking their cattle herd. This eliminates a significant quantity of paperwork that would otherwise be associated with this time-consuming operation. The software allows users to submit information about each cow, as well as view previously entered information about the animals. It will notify the user when key dates and times have come up, such as when the animal’s injection is due. This program collects all of your data in one location, providing an efficient and effective record-keeping mechanism for the user. This app also earned Dell’s “Power to Do More – Getting the Most Out of Your Time” award in 2013. Cattle Manager is available for Android operating systems and is free to download.

5. Yagro – Cattle Record-Keeping Software

App function: Allows individual farms to compare prices and receive quotes from multiple suppliers for feed, fuel, fertilizer, seed, chemicals, and equipment.

Suppliers respond with competitive quotes within minutes and any transactions are carried out through the app.

The app logs transactions and displays them graphically, showing expenditure and savings made.

Cost: Free

Provider: Yagro

Rating: 4.8/5 stars from 11 ratings

6. 365 Cattle

Farmers can use these cattle management apps to keep track of herd information like medical information, vet visits, breeding information, age, sex, and more. Keep track of each animal’s history, including any treatments, health issues, or other pertinent information. Any herd or inventory changes can be easily entered and tracked. The program can be used completely offline, and data will be delivered once internet connectivity is restored. 365 Cattle integrates with 365 Farm Net on the desktop.

7. My Cattle Manager

Because of the streamlined cow, milk, and transaction record keeping for his or her dairy farm produces, this software is perfect for anyone pursuing agriculture/dairy farming.

This tool simplifies the operation of dairy farms. It aids in the management of cows, bulls, heifers, weaners, and calves. It can also be used to manage beef cattle. The software can assist you in tracking and changing cattle phases, such as calf to weaner to the heifer, till the cattle reach the cow stage.

The ability to track both individual and mass cattle events such as cow insemination, pregnancies, abortions, treatments, vaccinations, castrations, weighing, spraying, births, and attaching calves to their dams and sires is another essential aspect app. The software generates a report for these livestock events after tracking them for any specified/ desired time period.

The software also allows dairy farm owners to manage cattle breeds, allowing them to access information on how many cattle they have with a specific breed at any one time, as well as easily add and remove breeds from their dairy farm operations.

8. Herdbase – Cattle Management

Herdbase is a dairy farm management application that will assist you in optimizing your herd’s performance and increasing farm productivity. Herdbase provides you with quick and simple solutions that are cloud-based and allow you to operate offline.

With the herd-based livestock management Android application, you need to access your data right now. It’s all right there at your fingertips.

You can now add, examine, and amend farm data remotely, from anywhere, to increase your efficiency, record pregnancy, check breeding, calving, and more while you operate on the farm, and receive notifications and alerts in real-time.

9. Cattle Expert System

Livestock produces food such as milk, meat, and other value-added products, aiding poverty eradication and food security self-sufficiency. It also provides agriculture with important organic manure, which improves soil fertility and productivity. Livestock offers draught animal power for a variety of agricultural applications, as well as transportation and fossil fuel conservation.

The TNAU Cattle Expert System is a smartphone app that covers Cattle and Buffalo Feeding Management, Cattle and Buffalo Breeding Management, and Cattle and Buffalo Management. Cattle and Buffalo Disease and Control Management, Cattle and Buffalo Production Technology Cattle and Buffalo Calf Management Cattle and Buffalo General Care and Management, Cattle and Buffalo Management and Practices, as well as Cattle and Buffalo Farm Machinery

10. H Livestock Record

The 4-H Livestock Record app is a great tool to keep 4-H members organized in preparing for show day. This app allows users to easily track all their livestock project animals, including animal weights, feed, health, as well as project income and expenses. 4-H Livestock Record app is free to download and available for iOS operating systems.

Few more list of 35 top free cattle management apps for Android and iOS mobile

Cattle Management apps
List of 35 Free Cattle Management apps
S. NoApp DetailsBasic DetailsLivestockCattle Management
1App Name365 CattleYesYes
Developed by365FarmNet GmbH
CountriesCanada, US
2App Name4-H Livestock RecordYesYes
Developed byLearning Games Lab,  NM State University
CountriesCanada, US
3App Name4-H Livestock RecordYesYes
Developed byLearning Games Lab,  NM State University
CountriesCanada, US
4App NameAGvisorPROYesYes
Developed byAGvisorPROInc
CountriesCanada, US
5App NameAngus Mobile AppYesYes
Developed byAmerican Angus Association
CountriesCanada, US
6App NameAPHIS MobileYesYes
Developed byDepartment of Agriculture and Rural Development
CountriesUnited Kingdom
7App NameBCS SowDitionYesYes
Developed byAnimal Health GmbH
CountriesCanada, US
8App NameBeef Cow BCS AppYesYes
Developed byRidley Block Operations
CountriesCanada, US
9App NameBeef Market CentralYesYes
Developed byiNet Solutions Group
CountriesCanada, US
10App NameBlue Team WethersYesYes
Developed byEDJE Technologies,  Inc
CountriesCanada, US
11App NameCalf BookYesYes
Developed byEDJE Technologies,  Inc
12App NameCalving Calculator Ad FreeYesYes
CountriesCanada, US
13App NameCattle ForumYesYes
Developed byOutdoor Hub
CountriesCanada, US
14App NameCattle ManagerYesYes
Developed byCDI – Apps for Good
CountriesUnited Kingdom
15App NameCattle Market MobileYesYes
Developed byMichael Whitt
CountriesCanada, US
16App NameCattle VisionsYesYes
Developed byEDJE Technologies,  Inc
CountriesCanada, US
17App NameCattlemen’s ToolboxYesYes
CountriesCanada, US
18App NameCowCalfYesYes
Developed byUniversity of Nebraska – Lincoln
CountriesCanada, US
19App NameCowManagerYesYes
Developed byAgis Automatisering
CountriesCanada, US
App NameDairy Farmers of Canada
Developed byCanada
21CountriesDeLaval FMC AppYesYes
App NameLUDA
Developed byCanada, US
22App NameDrought Feed CalculatorYesYes
Developed byDigital Services NSW
CountriesCanada, US
23App NameEspiga LivestockYesYes
Developed byOktana
CountriesCanada, US
24App NameFarm Track Livestock ManagerYesYes
Developed byDustin Rerfvik
CountriesCanada, US
25App NameFarmMed AppYesYes
Developed byAberystwyth University
CountriesCanada, US
26App NameFeed for GrowthYesYes
Developed byVolac International
CountriesCanada, US
27App NameFodjanYesYes
Developed byfodjan GmbH
CountriesCanada, US
28App NameGESDATE SwineYesYes
Developed byGESDATE LLC
CountriesCanada, US
29App NameHerd – Animal and Livestock ManagementYesYes
Developed byJohn jr scout
CountriesCanada, US
30App NameHerdAppYesYes
Developed byAgrinet
CountriesUnited Kingdom
31App NameHorseBCSYesYes
Developed byeXtension
CountriesCanada, US
32App NameiCalve Mobile AppYesYes
Developed byMeyer Cattle,  Inc.
CountriesCanada, US
33App NameiCattleMgrProYesYes
Developed byiSimpleTypeApp
CountriesCanada, US
34App NameKingsway Dairy SpecialistsYesYes
Developed byKingsway Farming and Conservation Limited
CountriesCanada, US
35App NameIntake CalculatorYesYes
Developed byRidley Block Operations
CountriesCanada, US
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